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  1. 3 over today on a sunny day in the valley: only 3 fir’s and 6 gir’s. 28 putts and 6/10 on up & down.
  2. I feel like it’s grips more so than shafts: my ping order was very stock and I got it in 5 weeks
  3. Not learning this lesson sooner is why I have 3-4 slightly used wedges in each loft sitting in the garage .
  4. 2021 Goals: Break par: Failed - Shot even par 12 times Lower handicap: achieved- 3.6 to 2.1 Higher FIR % w/ Driver: achieved - 35% - 38% (50% last 15 rounds once I switched to a lighter weight in my driver) Fewer avg putts: achieved- 32.7 - 30.7 Higher GIR: achieved- 50% - 57% (9gir-10.7gir) Always interesting to review your stats at season’s end: I didn’t feel like I improved at all but the arccos numbers say otherwise. I did enjoy playing more as I don’t golf solo much anymore. My wife playing more allows us to go out together: and my playing clique has grown too. So golf is more casual, and I spend less time obsessed with my scores. 2022 Goals: Break Par Break 70 win my regular 4 some annual BB tournament watch my wife break 80( she broke 90 twice this year) Improve my FIR %
  5. Figured I’d give my fellow spies 1st crack at these: For sale are my used Titleist 718 AP3 set(8pc) 4 iron - 48 degree gap wedge. Project X 5.5 shafts with mcc align midsize grips. Shipped anywhere in the lower 48 for $650. PayPal or Venmo accepted.
  6. My wife plays zx4’s and has 6 degrees between the set P wedge (44) and her Cleveland Smart sole Gap wedge (50) and her SW(56)
  7. Tough one today at the Revere GC Lexington course in Las Vegas: 14 over 86. Which included a triple bogey and 6 3 putts.. Fast greens and mandatory 3 shot par 5’s did me in. But it was good looking course, I’ll have to play it again next time I’m here…
  8. 1st round of ‘22 was a 9 over 81 at the Ledges in St George, Utah. Managed to 4 putt a par 3 that I hit in regulation. 7 firs 8 girs and 6/9 on up & downs. Still only 30 putts…
  9. Not knocking: see my 1st post. Just wanting to see anyone gain something. You said Michael newton gained? Cool I’ll check out his video: just wanted to hear/see someone quantify with actual data…
  10. Eliminating penalty strokes, double chips, and 3 putts will get you to a single digit without a swing change. if you are going to implement a swing change, be realistic about how long it will take to ingrain and what you can reasonably expect to score while going thru it: last season was a “lost” season where I felt like I didn’t improve as I was going thru a grip and swing change. I played 6 strokes worse for about the 1st month. But it’s all worth it in the end, I think. Good luck!
  11. Yeah I’ve seen these: Rick doesn’t see a single yard of difference between the stealth and the sim 2, so the question remains, where are the gains?
  12. Anyone seen any videos on YouTube with the aforementioned distance/ball speed gains? It looks nice and a bigger, deeper face suits my miss, but is it faster/longer?
  13. Up in the SLC valley it’s bent grass and soft fairways: down south in St. George the resort courses more closely resemble what your describing. Since I almost always take a divot or at least bruise the ground, I’ve come to the conclusion that more bounce is the way to go.
  14. I’ve always been a vokey guy: Sm6 -Sm8. Latest set is a 50* (F grind 12 bounce) 54 (F grind 14 bounce) and 60 (K grind 14 bounce)Each set that I buy, I seem to add more bounce to my gap and sand wedge. I’ve always had 14 degrees of bounce on my 60 degree, and it’s always been my favorite/ most dependable club. So I’ve departed from my previous idea of having different grinds and bounces on each wedge to aid versatility, in favor of more consistent striking and distance control. Anyone else gone down this rabbit hole?
  15. I just received a 50 degree and 54 to match the i59’s: 50 degree has 12* of bounce and the 54 has 14 like yours: indoor testing only so far, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.
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