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  1. Testing product is cool, but what I enjoy most is the wealth of knowledge/experience on the forum.
  2. My stealth 5 wood goes 15 yards past my ping 3 wood: stealth fairway woods are just rocket launchers!
  3. Gave up on mine: my instructor didn’t like how it encouraged an early wrist set for me, nor how vertical I got the shaft during takeaway. For me, it made me too concerned with what my arms where doing in the backswing.
  4. Totally agree, I too can be swayed on occasion. Probably not on a driver(see previous post), but I did swoon for my i59’s. And I know plenty of people who balked at that price. But they came out when I was already looking, and once at the fitting, they didn’t deter me from pulling the trigger. Timing is everything, right?
  5. I hear ya: my wife’s a 6’1 lefty which makes her tough to fit.
  6. Yeah and I totally get the numbers game the OEM’s play: they just won’t get my money for anything that is still full price. I actually operate the exact same way for my 2nd love, snowboarding: tent sales in august before OEM’s drop new gear force retailers to liquidate everything from the season before. Hard goods, soft goods, you name it. Ebay remains the superior alternative market for used/prior gen clubs: as long as you buy from a reputable seller with a return policy.
  7. I’m sure someone has mentioned this already, but I’m on a 2-3 year “after market” cycle. What I mean is, I end up fitting into an expensive, after market shaft for driver and woods. Sometimes as expensive as an off the rack head and shaft from a retailer. So I keep my after market shaft for 2-3 years and keep buying 2nd hand or season old heads from eBay. Can’t wait to snag an Aerojet LS around xmas to replace my LTDx LS head. Same goes for my wife, she’ll snag a cheap stealth head to replace her sim2. But would I buy a full price new driver? Not a until there’s no such thing as a “made for” shaft.
  8. I was thinking, “I’m not sure I want to try the ‘23 for a while: I’m still all in on the ‘21 X. And since I have 2 full cubes in the basement, I’m not sure I’ll have to for awhile…” Then @chisag mentions that he returned some ‘21 for the new ‘23… If all they changed was the alignment/cg stripe I’m sure I’ll love this version too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ll be playing this ball until it’s as expensive as a ProV1x.
  9. So I’ve begun to track it from practice to practice: my thought being that perhaps I had just been in a weird place swing-wise for a session or two. But it keeps shaking out the same way…
  10. How shafts feel is widely subjective: how you react to the weight and kick(or lack thereof) of any shaft is pretty unique to the individual. Being able to try and not buy will keep your garage from looking like mine, lol. I’ve gone from the Tensei ck pro in my old driver to the Hzrdus RDX blue in my new setup. Both are low launch and low spin, but wildly different to me. My transition is aggressive and I do better(deliver the club more consistently) with the RDX blue. I currently game the yellow in my 5 wood; I like the soft midsection with a very stable tip. What makes the difference in the 2 clubs for me is that I swing a driver much more aggressively than a 5 wood.
  11. Most people with big hands use a bigger grip. I wear a xl glove, but the thicker the grip the more I can’t turn it over: knowledge I use throughout my bag. In my woods where I fear a big left miss, I like the mcc plus 4 + 2 wraps. Makes me feel like I can go after it as hard as I want, and not hook it. For my irons, I like the exact opposite: skinnier grips(standard Tour velvet) that make me feel like I can aim right and turn it over slightly.
  12. My wife uses a Sim2(200g) with a 47g aldila nvs pink: she gets absurd distance numbers for someone swinging 75mph on avg. Not sure if a 280+ gram driver qualifies as lightweight, but it ain’t heavy either…
  13. I have a U-505 2 iron that is in a platoon with my 5 wood. For me, it’s really a tee shot only club that doesn’t really offer me much except for tight, tree-lined courses. But since my league course is tight and tree lined, it stays in the rotation. Not consistent enough to hit it off the deck, and when I do catch it, it’s not gonna stop rolling out. Bit of a one trick pony…
  14. Haven’t hit the G430 yet, but imo the 425 sounded worse than the 410. I gamed the 410 LST for 2 years; sound was ok on centered strikes, but sounded like hitting a steel drum with an aluminum bat on off center strikes. I got over it because it kept my drives on the planet, lol.
  15. Period, end of sentence. I can hit a “forgiving” driver off the planet. No club will “forgive” your bad delivery/strike. Be honest with yourself: how often is your delivery/strike poor? Personally I want to be fit for my good swings and coached/practiced out of my bad ones.
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