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  1. Yeah I was getting too caught up with a specific yardage, and the horrible idea that only one club could hit that yardage. Learning to hit a couple of clubs the same distance has just helped me control my shots and my score better.
  2. After initially replacing both my 56 & 60 degree Sm8 with a TM high-toe 60 and a TW 56, the 60 degree sm8 has gone back into the bag, as I’m so much more accurate on short partial shots and chips with it. It dawned on me that maybe I shouldn’t be hitting my most lofted wedges all out, and sent me to the range to practice/learn how to hit knock-down and partial shots with my 56 & 52. The taylormade TW series wedges are amazing and I actually prefer it to my sm8, so I’ll bring the high toe back to Uintah golf and get the TW 60 degree, and test that head-to-head against my sm8 60 degree.
  3. I’m a pull-fader; so my miss is the dreaded straight shot, left of the fairway. Ironically, the better swings are the ones that miss the fairway. Fixing set-up issues are the key for me...
  4. This is what I’ve discovered as well; teeing higher has just widened dispersion. I’ve started teeing it lower again and my AoA hovers around -1.0 - +1.5. Don’t hit it as far but I’m hitting more fairways than ever before.
  5. I hit the sim2 considerably farther on good strikes than the 425, or my 410Lst; but I’m not consistent enough to game it. I game ping drivers because they offer the most forgiveness in my opinion. So what matters to you? Max distance? Fairways hit? For my game, I just want to see the same shape/flight on every swing, and ping gives me that. So I’d ask the OP what matters most to their game, and pick whichever driver offers that.
  6. I bought a M craft IV off @jlukes a couple months ago and it immediately became my starting putter. Love the feel!
  7. Exactly my dilemma: should I wait for new offerings from Mizuno and Ping? I bought my G410 LST at the end of its cycle, and I was a little bitter about it until I hit the 425 and realized it wasn’t better than my 410. So I’m not sure if I’d have sour grapes about buying the “late” model Mizuno or Ping.
  8. I’m getting fit for irons in September, 90% sure I’ll end up with one of the following combo sets: TM P770(4-6) P7MC(7-Pw) Mizuno Mp20 HMB(4-6) MMC(7-Pw) Ping I-blade (4-7) blueprint (8-Pw) Srixon Zx7 (4-7) Z forged (8-Pw)
  9. It is; this is a safe space for the many among us who suffer from chronic club ho-ing. Please don’t post about your venture into becoming a non club-ho
  10. Yeah mine is the “private course/country club” speed, but I like it; my speed and line are better this year. It’ll be interesting what arccos says about my putting by the end of the season...
  11. I have the 4x12; when my wife saw it, I said, “it was this or a pool table”. It’s all about perspective...
  12. I have played vokey’s since Sm6; I’ve had 52, 56, & 60 in the Sm6 - Sm8. The Sm8’s stay in the garage. Do they spin more? Oh yes, they do. Fly lower? Debatable, but I’d say yes. Do they carry less? Absolutely; the more the ball spins, the less it carries. For me, adding 500-1000 Rpm’s in exchange for a wedge that flies 8-17 yards shorter wasn’t worth it. I have observed that this phenomenon is ability-based; a smoother swing gives me more distance and less spin, and a more aggressive swing creates more spin and less distance. I don’t notice a difference on partial shots at all.
  13. Bounce back 79(41/38) after my worse round in over 2 years(92). 5 Fir’s, 10 Gir’s and 2 birdies. 2 stupid 3 putts and not taking enough club on windy par 3 tee shots got me on the front 9. Lately I’ve been adding 2 extra clubs when I think it’s a 1 club wind...
  14. Replaced my 56 & 60 degree sm8’s with these 2...
  15. @juspoole Seems like a 1 off: I tripled bogeyed all 4 par 3! It was a windy day, and I wasn't taking enough club to carry all the water hazards, which is a feature of this course. There is water on virtually every hole; on the par 3's its mandatory carries, on the 4's and 5's its usually along one side, or both.
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