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  1. PgaTour superstore will do one for free: you pick the balls you wanna try, and they show your dispersion/stats. I did one 2 years ago and was fit into chrome softs.
  2. Does your swing speed vary a lot? 105 mph is the dividing line, but if you swing right around 105 the lower compression ball might suit you better: have you played both?
  3. Bought a box of BX a couple days ago: just been putting/chipping with them so far, but I like what I’m seeing! Can’t wait to try them during a round...
  4. I dropped my handicap 5 strokes last year by ditching the driver: I didn’t replace it with the 3 wood because it’s just as unreliable for me. Someone wiser than me said, “there are no pictures on scorecards” so if you’re all time low score came sans driver, than save the driver for the range/practice. You only want weapons in your bag, not liabilities...
  5. I was fit into the BX as well; currently I play Srixon Z star XV. What is interesting to me is that the new line of Bridgestone balls all have relatively low compression ratings (85 for the BX & BXS) I’m curious how much distance I’ll be giving up if I switch...
  6. I bought a Titleist U-510 3 iron to help me out this year: I’m only giving up 50 yards this way...
  7. Timo te answered my question: I haven’t played that long and I want sure if modern irons were any easier to hit...
  8. What I mean is, if a modern 7 iron is really last generations 5 iron, is today’s 7 iron any easier to hit than last generations 5 iron? Good swings are good swings, are you saying besides the loft they’re just easier to hit?
  9. I find my first shot just sucks, period. I just like to get it out of the way and get on with my round. I’m really good at recovery shots; probably because I get to try them so often...
  10. Dude seriously! Especially driver, but it doesn’t seem to matter if I club down either
  11. I wouldn’t, but it depends on what a particular person wants out of the game. If it helps my buddies that can’t break 100, than I’m all for it: but I won’t be betting while we play. As far as players distance irons, aren’t they just de-lofted? I realize that a 7 iron now was a 5 iron 30 years ago, but isn’t it just as hard to hit?
  12. Micah T

    Tee shots

    My 3 wood has yet to leave the garage this year: I don’t see any improvement in accuracy with it, just lost distance
  13. Micah T

    Tee shots

    I've been there my friend: putting away the driver got me down to a 7 handicap, and I too suffered from a 2 way miss. It was as simple as eliminating penalties for hitting OB. I've got a new driver, and I'm committed to playing it this year: thankfully its adjustable and I can play a cut/fade with it, but I'm playing to a 10-11 right now...
  14. Micah T

    Tee shots

    Why aren’t you hitting driver, and how much yardage are you giving up? Is it a dogleg par 5, or can it hold a 2 way miss? In play is important, but if you’re giving up 70+ yards , I’m not sure it’s worth it. Have you played both ways and tracked your scoring average? I’ve had days where I’ve stopped hitting driver and gone 4 iron, but only when I’m completely out of sorts...
  15. Hey Chris, where have you played so far? Have you checked out the city/county courses yet?
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