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  1. I’m currently using the Rypstick: it’s helped me get back to my top end ballspeed. So I started about 12 -14 weeks ago, and I’m back at 170 ballspeed, from 160 before I started.
  2. Add me to the Nay list too: none have been custom fit to me, but I have never liked the look feel or roll of any of the models I’ve tried. I thought the link would be the one for me, but no. I’m always drawn to try them whenever I see one, but the weight always feels odd to me, and I don’t make any putts with them either. (anecdotal I know)
  3. Handicap posting season just started here in Utah: posted my 1st 3 scores of the season and to my surprise my handicap went up from 1.7 to 1.9. The scores were 1 over, a 3 over and a 4 over. So I looked at the differential for these rounds: to my surprise my diff for a 1 over round was a 2.3! So I checked the course rating -70.6. So, I tell myself I need to play some harder courses around the valley, and to my shock, they all have around the same slope rating, between 70.3 and 70.6, except for the course I play my men’s league at.(which is at 73) What really blew me away was how wildly the slope rating changed at all these courses: even when the course rating was identical! So courses I would view as “harder” the slope goes up, but the course rating does not. Really made me think about the difference between being scratch and a traveling scratch….. Your thoughts?
  4. This will be season 3 for the Cobra LTDx LS: I will definitely try some new drivers next year, but won’t be shocked if nothing beats this setup!
  5. I want my opponent to play well. The last thing I want is to watch my opponent scuffle all day.
  6. I really don’t have a limit to what I spend for a gamer: considering what I spent on my driver & 3 wood, I could see spending a stack on a custom LAB putter, if the results justified it. Considering you could theoretically use for the rest of your golfing career, the cost per season would be pretty low if you used it long enough.
  7. @walkerdb7 what’s your tee height? I didn’t look at the most wanted thread, but if you’re hitting down, those numbers are pretty optimal. If you have an old driver, you could practice teeing it up higher until you get comfortable with it. You’ll never maximize your speed unless you at least get neutral with your AoA. I don’t hit up much on my driver either, and use a 10.5 static loft driver.
  8. For ‘24 I’m switching from the Maxfli tour x to the tour: I’ve been training with the Rypstick this offseason; and the x is spinning too much/ launching too low off the driver.
  9. Just switched from the Mizuno Mcraft IV to an odyssey 11 tour line with a double bend neck.
  10. I laughed when I read that: describes me exactly. My swing tops out at 118 but I try and swing around 110 on course. I game a 60 gram x stiff Hzrdus blue RDX. Before that, I had a tour stiff tensei white that I couldn’t time: I pull down on the handle much too aggressively for a tensei or a Ventus: shouldn’t be surprised since my iron shaft is also project x (LS 6.5) No one swings it exactly like you, but for those of us with aggressive transitions, Hzrdus might be worth a try.
  11. I game both 3 wood and 5 wood(lofted up 1 degree) both with Hzrdus blue RDX x stiff. I love them both, honestly they’re both rocket launchers, and I rarely hit my 3 wood off the deck due to the 5 wood being so long. That could be a pro or a con depending on your bag setup. But they both are easy to hit , and can be set up differently depending on what you need. Distance and spin and ball speed are very consistent for me with both woods: I imagine they’ll be in my bag for quite some time.
  12. 2024 Goals 1. Get down to Scratch (ended at 1.7 last year) 2) Break 70 (lowest ever is -2 70) 3) Keep up with my flight in men’s league (seriously, these guys are sticks)
  13. I’ve had both the Titleist u-500 3 iron and a U-505 2 iron: both were great weapons off the tee, but lost their spots to my Aerojet 5 wood. It’s just so much more versatile: hitting 2 iron off the deck is a 60-40 proposition for me at best, so adding a 5 wood that launches higher, lands softer and is easier to hit was the right choice for me.
  14. Jet Black Vokey wedges for me, all SM9: 46 f grind 12 bounce 50 f grind 12 bounce 54 s grind 10 bounce (switching from f grind 14 bounce) 60 m grind 8 bounce (switching from d grind 10 bounce)
  15. Still gaming the LtDx LS, but I need to try this! My bag is all cobra woods, with the aforementioned driver and Aerojet 3 and 5 woods. I don’t need new clubs. I don’t need new clubs….
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