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  1. Have not: I honestly have tried to forget about them for about 2 months, haven’t even called the shop yet. Was quoted 6-8 weeks…
  2. Love fall golf: my wife shot her all time low of 87 Sunday, and I was no slouch myself! I took a bogey on 18 for a tidy score of 1 over on the day. Short game was on point all day including going 7/7 on up & down opportunities. Followed that up with a roller coaster round of +2 that included 2 doubles and bogey against 3 birdies. Why does it always take all season to score well? And then it snowed here today…
  3. 5 over 77 today: got away from me a bit on the back 9. But 11/14 fairways is ridiculous for me! But just a gorgeous day to be outside…
  4. I59’s (5-PW) plus I210 4 iron, orange dot(2* flat) with project x ls 6.0 shafts and arccos grips ordered! $1700 out the door, wonder if I’ll get them by Christmas
  5. Ordered I59’s Monday: if they’re here by Christmas it’ll be a miracle….
  6. Swinging fast and swinging hard are 2 different things. I find it difficult to sequence properly if I’m not swinging close to all-out. It’s what makes my driver essentially a driving range only club.
  7. I can hit driver OB in either direction(currently learning a draw after 2 seasons of hitting fades) 3wood I can shape both ways depending on the situation Irons are a baby draw Generally the driver only makes an appearance on par 5’s where I can afford to miss either side
  8. I see no correlation in my game between hitting more fairways and scoring better. But hitting more greens? Absolutely. If I hit 9+ GIR, I’m gonna break 80. For me to gain a tangible accuracy increase, I have to club down to 3 iron, so hitting 3 out of 4 fairways comes at a cost of 30-50 yards. Like everyone else, I’m much more accurate with a wedge than a 7 iron; whether it’s in the fairway or rough is of almost no consequence to me. I want to hit my tee shot as far as possible, and give me the shortest approach shot possible.
  9. @fixyurdivot just got back from my iron fitting: the I59 are legit! They are plenty forgiving for such a compact blade like shape. Feel? Amazing. Great launch and spin numbers as well. The only club in the running against it is the Titleist T-100. And since the project x ls 6.0 is a no up charge shaft in the ping, but not in the T100, for me the price difference 4-W would be $140. If comparing stock offerings the difference is $60 a club… but for what I’d be getting, (I210 4i, I59 5-W) vs T100(t100s 4i, 5-W t100) it’s $1629 for the Ping and $1490 for the Titleist. Granted, what closes the price gap is shaft up-charge, but $140 isn’t the end of the world for a set of irons you love.
  10. As far as why this cycle of current players favors team Europe, I think it’s more about familiarity with match play. Don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’ve never played match play with my golfing buddies. If euros grow up golfing in this style, I’d say it is a natural advantage. Will that advantage continue with a new generation coming up for the American side? I’m hoping no…
  11. I would think Reed would have to be included if Brooksie is a no go… Otherwise Webb Simpson
  12. Driver stays in the bag when the hole cannot hold a right miss 265-300 yards out: OB, water hazard, trees, etc. If that trouble extends farther back towards the tee, then 3 wood is out. My miss with woods is to the right, so if both could find trouble, I’ll go to my 3 iron. I used to “play to a go-to yardage” but find I’m actually more accurate on partial shots inside of 100 yards than full shots from 110-160 yards.
  13. @GolfSpy MPR if I was longer and more accurate with my 3 wood, I wouldn’t even carry a driver! I’ve come to accept that my length with the driver, comes with at the expense of my accuracy. I’m 10% more accurate with a 3 wood, but 25 yards shorter. You? You’re LONGER AND MORE ACCURATE with your 3 wood. Save the driver for the off-season and the driving range. Late summer/fall golf is about translating the lessons you’ve learned about your game into lower scores.
  14. That’s why these bad boys are right up my alley. Considering that you can buy I-blades 3-pw for $1000, paying double for the new model seems unlikely for me. That being said, I have an iron fitting in 2 weeks, and the i59’s are on the “hit list”
  15. I’ve added a Ping g410 LST 3 wood, but I still have 5 wedges
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