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  1. That's the basic principle with the single plane swing I'm working with. Ball position remains constant (about club head inside front foot) and the stance width adjustments is what changes the position relative to center sternum. Narrower width just inside shoulders with wedges/short irons, shoulder width stance with mid/long irons and fairway wood. Driver is the only time I change ball position in line with front foot and stance slightly wider than shoulder width. I found like you experienced when ball is too far back more fat shots from either back shoulder dropping or getting too much forward weight transfer resulting in then coming in too steep.
  2. So I’ve had a new driver (G425 LST) for about 2 weeks now and have not hit it once. Instead for the last 3 weeks I’ve been hitting 100 balls or so every other day in my net with the rest of the bag. Not using the Mevo flightscope just a good ol can of spray powder to focus on contact through the bag. Really working on finding a consistent setup routine and ball position to give me better center face strikes. Wow what a difference practice makes. Much better impact and even picked up a few mph swing speed. Finally pulled out the flightscope yesterday to redistance my clubs. Started at 147yd avg 9i and gapped about 11-12yds per club though my 3h. So overall consistently gained about 5-6yds carry distance per club. Now have to work on the woods!
  3. Western Birch tees are great! They also have them at Dick’s/Golf Galaxy. I have used 1 tee for multiple rounds (par 3s I usually look for a broken tee).
  4. Just went for a driver fitting at my local Club Champion. Current setup is Ping G400 Max 10.5 deg (set to 9.6) with Oban Devotion 6 shaft in stiff. I tend to have a high launch, high ball flight and steep descent angle with this setup so maybe at best I get 10 yds roll out. Been averaging about 245 carry and 255 total. Pretty much neutral 0 deg AoA. SS avg 107mph. Tested the Rouge Triple Diamond which brought spin down only a little. TSi3 not too forgiving for me with wider dispersion but solid strikes were nice. Stealth Plus 8deg but hated the appearance of the clubhead at address and just couldn't get comfortable with it so didn't see any noticeable improvements. The Winner: Ping G425 LST dialed down to 7.5 deg and set to draw with Mitsubishi C6 Blue Stiff shaft. Dropped my spin and launch enough to pick up about 15yds on average. Good dispersion and very forgiving for me so mishits didn't have a huge distance penalty. Hit a few with 260 carry 280 total distance. Fingers crossed it actually arrives in 3-4 weeks like I'm told!!
  5. I've really been struggling with finding that consistent address routine and comfortable setup. Recently purchased the 5star Perfect reaction mat to hit off in my yard. It has been awesome. Feel is great, easy on the hands, and can still feel if I thin or chunk one (saw a difference of about 20yds on my Mevo Flightscope with a fattie). Been trying to swing for an hour and half or so at lunch time each day the past week. Stocked up on a few cans of foot spray and been working through the bag. First focus was honing in on consistent routine to get the right distance from the ball at setup more consistently. With the spray, I was able to play around with setup and see what the effect was on clubface strike location. Initially, I noticed I was hitting really high on the club face...so too steep. Worked on combination of stance width with various clubs in conjunction with tempo and hand path. After a week now I've settled in on a comfortable routine and am finding the center of the club face more often than not. Not perfectly consistent yet, some strikes a little towards heel or little toward toe in center of face, but no more blatant heel or toe strikes! With more consistency, next I'll go back through the bag to re-benchmark carry distances. Now that I'm getting settled in with my setup and swing finally, I plan in the near future getting a few different sleeves of balls doing my own ball fitting testing to find the best ball for me and compare results with the MGS Ball Test data. Playing a round or two next week so we'll see how much this work has paid off so far. Also scheduled a driver fitting since I'm up about 10mph in swing speed. Currently sitting at 17.5 hdcp and goal this year is to get down to around a 13.5 hdcp.
  6. Can you please send me the the review template? I'm working on a few unofficial reviews I'd like to post in the near future (5 star hitting mat, Mizuno T22 wedges, and some golf ball testing compared to the MGS ball test).
  7. Here’s a ball from the box I just picked up from the PGA Tour Superstore. No chevron on the 2022s like the picture….box matches though. I’ll have to see if I still have a prior Gen in the bag.
  8. I search and look at the box. There are slight changes. Here is the previous generation box vs the new 2022. You can see the graphics are different. Just looking at the balls themselves, I don't think you can visually see any differece.
  9. Just picked up a box today.
  10. Hmm didn’t see the other thread. I saw the MGS review. I plan on buying a box of each to go along with some ProVs and Maxfli Tour X I already have and look at some numbers on my home setup.
  11. I've been an X LS guy last half of last year. Excited to hear fellow Spie's experience with the 2022 models. Are us "amateur hours" - Manolo - good enough to notice the claimed improved spin performance? I plan on playing some of the X LS vs Bridgestone Tour B X.
  12. I wear a lot of ECCOs both golf and dress shoes. I wear a 43 in ECCOs which is 9/9.5 US but with other shoes I'm more around 10.5. Best thing I found with shoes is to measure your foot in inches. Put a piece of paper on the floor against the wall. Then put your heel against the wall and draw a line at your big toe and measure that length. I then look up the size chart for the specific shoe I'm looking at to see what the actual measurement in inches translates to their shoe size. Hasn't failed me yet when looking at shoes I can't physically try on.
  13. For me, I spent a lot of time in the scoring aspect during COVID. I bought a chipping net so I can hit 20-30 yard pitches and work on chipping. Also picked up an indoor putting mat that I can work on 10 footers and in. Now I feel very comfortable making those short 5' and in putts. Also when you lag putt from long distance imagine the hole is 3 ft diameter, that's the target with long putts to get it within that 3 ft.
  14. I hit in my backyard, but have used a mat just in the strike area. So tore up my lawn (St. Augustine grass) with my stance and rotation. Just dropped on a new mat to try. My post is here.
  15. Would love to have went that route. But with working from home in Florida and my 17 month old naps right around lunch time, I can easily be out there every day. My prior mat was just a little 12"x24" so I was standing in my grass, and after 3 days last week, I really dug through the grass. Just too damp down here.
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