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  1. what do you mean by an angle on the flag? I emailed Blue Tees CS and this was their response… ”To lock onto your target press the power button once, aim at the flag, and press the power button again to lock on the flag.” I’m playing Tues so will try a few different things out to see what works better.
  2. Really like the “To-the-tar-get.” idea. Definitely going to give that a shot.
  3. So back in April I left my Precision Pro NX7 Slope mag clipped to my golf cart and it was never turned in to lost and found. Recently replaced it with the new Blue Tees Series 3 Max. Anyone else gaming the new Blue Tees yet? The optics are way better than the NX7, but I do find I have to shoot the target 3-4 times to get a good number. The first couple readings are about 25-30 yds longer (maybe background tree interference?) before I get a number that is more in line with what I see on my garmin watch. Just curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue with their rangefinder?
  4. So I recently came to a point where I feel like my swing is completely broken. I have found myself in the take away being so slow and deliberate focused on path and then really aggressive in transition and gripping down to trying to rip it which completely wreaks havoc on tempo. Last round I was able to say F* it no thoughts and just swing naturally with my driver and got that back to the 260yd avg. Irons not back yet (same tempo issue plus steep/plane issues). So I am curious, what's your go to swing thought for tempo?
  5. I’m going to try a few things. I have the Caddie Link clipped to my front pocket and my shirt is tucked so I know it’s not covered. A few rounds ago I left my Precision Pro NX7 Slope rangefinder magnetic clipped to the golf cart. But magically, it was never turned in to the shop lost and found. Seeing as the carts are “disinfected after every round”, had to be one of the volunteer course employees that took it. So now I have to use the phone/app to look at distances to traps/hazards etc. I was relatively ok changing shots (chips/putts) after the round, but of course after a few drinks might no
  6. So my work competition round earlier this month in GA didn't happen as I had to head home early. Finally was able to get out last Friday to play. So it was a month between rounds with no practice in between. Really frustrating I can't even get out to practice even in my yard. So I played TPC at Eagle Trace in Coral Springs FL. The place used to host the Honda Classic back in the late 80s. It's a pretty wide open course with Bermuda fairways and rough. Played from the Blues (72.6/139 6655yds). Overall, posted a 99 (52 front/47 back, 21.5 differential), not great, but I've played worse. Th
  7. One of the reasons I stayed away from the Rukket is it's only about 5' tall. I went with a sports net 10' wide x 7' tall. My little side yard area is a little too cramped to hit driver with my Mevo setup to get the setup distance right when hitting into a net, but no issues with 5-9 irons. I can hit driver if I move closer to the net but then I'm not sure if I can trust the data. Mevo recommends to have at least 10' at least of travel distance into the net with the Mevo unit at about 6' behind the ball. (Also did you check your altitude setting? Not sure how much of a difference that makes tho
  8. Never heard of Edel before. Love the customization ability. SL irons are very intriguing as well.
  9. All training aids have been sold. Thanks.
  10. I still have the Perfect Impact Training Club - $40. Message me if interested.
  11. It’s hard, but I try to go into a round with no expectations or goals. Like Vince Vaughn said in Dodgeball, “I find it’s better to not have any goals, that way if you miss there’s no disappointment!” I just remind myself I’m on a golf course instead of sitting in an office and enjoy the time I have out there. The more aggravated I get at bad shots the worse it gets. When I play I go and just play. I find trying to fix something/try something new or make adjustments mid round usually just makes it worse. So I head back home and hit the net or the range when I can to work on changes and imp
  12. Next round coming up next week at Cherokee Run in Conyers GA (72.8/139) Business round we have 3 foursomes. There is an office bet going. The bet is if my best round of the year beats my coworker’s worst round of the year. Straight up head to head score. Rounds only count when we play together. First round was at Cherokee Valley SC (70.1/131) in March. I posted a 94 and he set the bar with an 89 which was a bad round for him (we were actually tied on the front before I blew up on the back). I don’t know exactly what the pot is but there is some good action going in the office. My coworker said
  13. Balls hot in South Florida already!!! Like my golf game, temp in low 90s already. 60-70% humidity. It's going to be a nasty summer. Push cart is stored away and back to riding for the hot months.
  14. Were you playing or describing my game??? How do you like the Arccos? Do you have any issues with missing shots? I played 6 rounds so far and seems like every hole it misses a drive or a pitch. I also feel like it doesn't track putts very well for me even when I mark the hole location with caddie link. I use it for the GPS too so I feel like I'm getting distracted by it making sure shots are logged when getting ready for my next shot.
  15. I'd kill to be less than thrilled with a 79!!!!!
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