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  1. I received my Sub 70 005 Wide Blade Center Shaft putter and have now used it for four rounds and all I have to say is, WOW!!!. I am not sure if my results are based on playing a center shafted putter or not but I have never putted better in my life. The feel of this putter is amazing, the milled face is perfect, I know exactly what is happening with the face and the ball and I have excellent pace and am either holing it or just missing for an easy two putt. The build quality is outstanding and these guys really know what they are doing. Best decision I have made in a long time.
  2. So I got mine on Monday and I have to say, it is a beautiful putter and looks more more expensive than it's cost. Just hit a few in my office and it feels really good. Love the muted tone from it and how it sets up at address, was able to get a few nice rolls with it. I will be trying it out soon at my muni.
  3. Called and heard that my order would take about two weeks but they asked me to call them for an update in two weeks.
  4. Just ordered a Sub 70 005 Wide Blade Center Shaft putter, can't wait to give it a roll or 10.
  5. I am considering it. I have been looking at it for quite some time but unsure about the do it your self fitting.
  6. Cobra King F9 irons here. Got them this year and it has changed everything about my game. Utter confidence with my irons. I absolutely love them and going forward will only purchase one length irons.
  7. Santosh / Palmyra, NJ Handicap 19 Current Models: Cleveland RTX 4 Raw I have always been drawn to a raw finish on my wedges due to multiple factors. I find it aesthetically pleasing due to the lack of any reflection from the face. Also, it just inspires confidence that the despite my inconsistent swings and angle of attack, I can always trust that the raw finish wedge will always get me the spin I require. I consider wedges like tools, they are meant to get used and sometimes a bit dinged up. I also own Mizuno raw wedges that I have re-grooved to almost as good as new that I game sometimes. Just love using my wedges.
  8. Absolutely love this, how does it actually perform? I have never heard of this company but love this idea.
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