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  1. Geoff, virginia mixed bag foot joy, mizuno played outskirts of hurricane rain bands a few times
  2. g-off

    Ping's new adjustable length putter

    I've had two of the previous gen adjustable putters from ping, as a tinkerer I love the ability and also learned that 32 inches is about perfect length for me. The test of course finding putters that length, most of the time even at large stores pgass and the like 33 are hard to find at well under 6 feet tall I appreciate the adjustability. my .02
  3. It quit uploading via usb november/december, had no issues could transfer via bluetooth to phone and then transfer to mac, I've hard reset phone at their advice deleted app repaired via bluetooth. If plugged in via usb I get a usb not detected gg cs pointed me to upload via bluetooth to phone as it was apparently an apple mojave issue. I've reset numerous times and still no joy, got another email today so maybe there's some hope. I really like the system it does what I need but something shouldn't be a brick after 6 months.
  4. What I don't know is what helps, had live since last may worked great until november, couldn't update to mac via usb. I contacted cs and was told to upload via bluetooth to my iPhone. They update the app in january and now I can't upload through iPhone, they recommended a hard reset of my phone and try again. I did that and still no go, last email tried to explain how to pair device to phone, sadly disappointed and hope you all have better luck with the "pro" system. I liked the information provided but in this day and age not being compatible with apple updates are sad, asked about mac mojave compatability was told they have the code and are working on it.....
  5. Just to chime in on game golf, I've been using live since last may and since November have had nothing but problems. It's to the point now that I can't even upload any of my rounds and have been round and round with customer service and keep hearing there will be a new app update each time it updates I still cannot use my product. I guess I would be leary of waiting for game golf pro when they cannot even support the current line of equipment that they sell
  6. g-off

    sun mountain C130 bags

    If i'm spending that kind of change, I'm gonna order from vessel and be done with it, the battery issue with airlines will be interesting also
  7. g-off

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    callaway divine nine senior shaft, just can't get rid of it
  8. yes, and shortly after that they end up back on eBay where they came from
  9. Geoff Virginia big bertha fusion /recoil 450 56 gram regular 90
  10. anyone else play with people/courses that have a cell phone app for scoring and find it just takes a little too long between holes as they play with the phone? I guess I may be too old school and realize that a pencil can still do the same job without slowing things down. Curious if anyone else has thoughts on this? rant over
  11. Geoff virginia titleist vg3, Nippon Zelts 8 s 7 iron 145
  12. g-off

    are you sure you need a hybrid ?

    callaway divine nine 24*