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  1. three putts are like masturbation, it's embarrassing but you know you will do it again
  2. i believe sun mountain did make one, not sure if it is in the current catalog
  3. sorry for your loss, let us know in the future with a follow up review how it's working out, although a bit eccentric I was always curious about these bags.
  4. have a jenny 12 that somehow always makes it back in the bag
  5. 983 was just as I remembered absolutely bombs with hits on the screws, doesn't seem as small as it is, always loved the titleist driver shape of this era. May try a 905r just for the fun of it.
  6. just got a 983k in the mail, will be taking it out tomorrow for a test run!
  7. just ordered a 983k off the bay to try, same shaft ys6 which I have always gotten along with, scouting a 905r now, just when I thought my bag was set.........
  8. Went even older school yesterday, dusted off my old 905t and man this thing was a bomber, I do believe shaft does help a lot but now looking for a 983k to try out!
  9. Strangely enough I just picked up a 270 classic yesterday and hit some absolute bombs with it today, the epic flash could be in trouble, the other contender is a 43 inch wishon 919 that I somehow bought but man that thing is a fairway finder and forgiving.
  10. Geoff/Virginia 17 never used a putting trainer before
  11. Don't be afraid to try all sl irons, remember you have to give it time and be a little patient, I still occasionally find myself overswinging my 5-6 irons. Easy swing gets the ball in the air with plenty of stopping power.
  12. I actually play a 36" 58* along with all the rest of my irons are single length, I have the edel sand wedge but i use that as more of a 10 iron for full swings. Haven't tried sl woods so I carry driver, 7 wood,9 wood in variable length 4 sl irons, 58*, putter been playing 9 clubs since the beginning of the year and enjoying it.
  13. If you really want to have fun go out with a half set of sl irons, I've been playing minimalist 9 clubs since january and having a blast!!! Stroker I absolutely agree with you about getting fit it will make a huge difference for most people.
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