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  1. Geoff/Virginia 17 never used a putting trainer before
  2. Don't be afraid to try all sl irons, remember you have to give it time and be a little patient, I still occasionally find myself overswinging my 5-6 irons. Easy swing gets the ball in the air with plenty of stopping power.
  3. I actually play a 36" 58* along with all the rest of my irons are single length, I have the edel sand wedge but i use that as more of a 10 iron for full swings. Haven't tried sl woods so I carry driver, 7 wood,9 wood in variable length 4 sl irons, 58*, putter been playing 9 clubs since the beginning of the year and enjoying it.
  4. If you really want to have fun go out with a half set of sl irons, I've been playing minimalist 9 clubs since january and having a blast!!! Stroker I absolutely agree with you about getting fit it will make a huge difference for most people.
  5. i was all in with sterlings until i found a killer deal on the edels, I've hit all of them and really feel the edels and the wishons are leading the pack at this point, two different approaches but both seem to work, it almost seems like cobra is still searching for the answer when wishon and edel have settled on different approaches to the issue, just interested if they catch on with other oem's or not.
  6. I played the sterlings before I got the edels, had a brief moment with the forged tec one lengths, I really love the edels, my miss is towards the toe and nothing has compared to the edels for toe hits for me, I may for once sort of have my bag set for more than three months, had the edels since december.
  7. Enforcement seems to be a big issue, one of the muni's near me had a younger guy last year who tried to enforce slow play, the key word was try. He had one group pick up and go to the next tee box on the third hole to speed things up on a saturday, we never saw him at work again. The other "marshalls" pretty much just drive around and wave at people, apparently when you have three open holes and two groups on a tee box that is normal? The crazy thing is its also an etiquette thing, but I believe ego is worse, playing from the tips, stalking each putt before you three jack from 10 feet. Heard some of the older players sticking to the time on the scorecard as the reason for not allowing faster players through, not sure what the best answer is.
  8. @Jollygreensin my mind well worth it, I was really amazed to learn the things about my stroke and actually swinging a putter that had been adjusted to fit and seeing the difference was truly educational.
  9. g-off

    Glass Putter

    Never hurts to try it out, I'd swing a putt putt pink plastic bullseye if it improved my putts per round!
  10. I'll second the heavenwood, I have a steelhead xr and hit it better than the fusion 5 wood that I had prior, for me it's about filling gap distances don't care what number is on the club.
  11. Just had one wednesday and what an experience it was, learned a lot about my stroke that made sense and figured out I don't caulk as much as putting as I think I do, now waiting for some more options to come in before I pull the trigger, I agree with you the fitting makes the putter even better
  12. Here's the 2019 set up, 9 clubs putter may or may not make the cut
  13. Just had a putter fitting at club champion va beach with Caleb and have to say it was absolutely well worth it. With the sam lab I learned more about my alignment and stroke along with some things I didn't realize. Worst part was I align 3.2 degrees open at address, explaining some of my misses. Best part I actually had found the right length for myself through trial and error, 32 inches seems to work for me. After rolling a bunch of putters we picked an anser voss and Caleb bent it to my recommended specs. After a flatter lie and taking some loft everything was rolling straight and my deviation at alignment was down to 1 degree. Now just waiting for them to get some kronos putters in before I put my order in.
  14. Geoff/Virginia 17, 92 driver vice pro neon never played srixon
  15. Geoff Newport News, va. 95 driver, 16 handicap callaway steelhead xr heavenwood callaway steelhead xr 9 wood
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