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  1. three putts are like masturbation, it's embarrassing but you know you will do it again
  2. i believe sun mountain did make one, not sure if it is in the current catalog
  3. sorry for your loss, let us know in the future with a follow up review how it's working out, although a bit eccentric I was always curious about these bags.
  4. have a jenny 12 that somehow always makes it back in the bag
  5. 983 was just as I remembered absolutely bombs with hits on the screws, doesn't seem as small as it is, always loved the titleist driver shape of this era. May try a 905r just for the fun of it.
  6. just got a 983k in the mail, will be taking it out tomorrow for a test run!
  7. just ordered a 983k off the bay to try, same shaft ys6 which I have always gotten along with, scouting a 905r now, just when I thought my bag was set.........
  8. Went even older school yesterday, dusted off my old 905t and man this thing was a bomber, I do believe shaft does help a lot but now looking for a 983k to try out!
  9. Strangely enough I just picked up a 270 classic yesterday and hit some absolute bombs with it today, the epic flash could be in trouble, the other contender is a 43 inch wishon 919 that I somehow bought but man that thing is a fairway finder and forgiving.
  10. g-off


  11. Had a new one to me and my group last week at local muni, ranger comes up to us on 18 tee chatting about the weather and such asked how the day was going pointed out this was the first we'd seen of a ranger all day and that we'd been waiting behind this group since the third hole, saw them teeing off when we got to the course. He asked our tee time and pointed out that we just unfortunately are playing quicker than the pace of play. I told him that I never knew you were supposed to abide by the recommended pace of play as they are more of a guideline to keep things moving. He "suddenly" got a radio call and had to go.
  12. Geoff/Virginia 17 never used a putting trainer before
  13. Don't be afraid to try all sl irons, remember you have to give it time and be a little patient, I still occasionally find myself overswinging my 5-6 irons. Easy swing gets the ball in the air with plenty of stopping power.
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