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  1. Geoff Virginia ping anser 3 both strength and weakness
  2. Ben Hogan shorts and shirts straight from walmart, hat and shoes vary
  3. Geoff/Virginia cally fusion 11.5 paderson reg flex 16/90-95/no lm never played tour edge before, willing to try anything
  4. Congratulations to all selected, looking forward to reading all the reviews!
  5. Start earlier than you think you need to, get as many people involved from the start, by this I mean do not try and do everything by yourself, assign and split up tasks, door to door for as many businesses you can get to. Once you get solicitation letters put together it up as many places that you can think of.
  6. Geoff Meirose, Newport News Va. 65+ facebook, twitter, instagram 16.7 95 mph edel als 01 irons, callaway fusion driver woods f9 driver fairway, f9 one length irons wedges
  7. rear pockets empty left front short tees, ball marker, coin right front long tees, chapstick, ball
  8. I guess the bummer for me is they can offer 33.5 as an option, I like mine at 32 and I know I can order and get it cut down, just hard to believe you can't get more options
  9. Geoff/Virginia nike method concept quality and feel
  10. Played wishons for two years, also spent time with the forged tec one and f8, went back to wishon and then hit the edels, for me and my toe miss the edels won out hands down, they are a smaller head and very little offset but they just work, for me they are much more consistent with height and gapping, still need to tweak a couple of clubs but these will be in the bag for a while.
  11. Just curious how many sl players we have on here. I played sterlings for two years and got fit for edel sls in december, couldnt really find any threads that are ongoing just curious if you've tried it and stayed with it or not? It has helped me cut down with my club ho'ing ways due to limited choices......so now I am collecting putters..........
  12. I wonder about this also, kinda like the jt caddy issue a few weeks back, almost bet the first slow play penalty will be against a fringe player and not a top 10 player. At least the USGA managed to get more people talking about the rules than any year I can remember. Pace of play is a whole other ball of worms, at pga level they need to fix it, like any other sport it trickles down to the amateur level, european tour haas the shot clock masters and personally I like that format. my .02
  13. Geoff-Virginia handicap 18 92-97 mph Callaway fusion g410 plus please
  14. finding online golf forum.................................
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