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  1. I went to the club today and practiced chipping and putting. Would chip to different hole locations and would try to make the ball in the hole in two putts or less. Then I went home and worked on contact drills into the net. Started with a half swing and worked on making good contact, then transitioned to a 3/4 swing, then full swing.
  2. Hey bro! Great post. I’m about where you are, my kids are a bit older so getting out to play. I wasn’t playing more than 3-4 times a year before this year. I have a 27 handicap and really only started scoring legit. I live in Bend so let’s keep in touch and get a round in one of these days.
  3. Thanks for sharing this drill video. I feel like I always miss putts on just the left edge of the cup. I’ve never actually done any putting mechanics drills so looking forward to giving these a try.
  4. Sound Sounds like a great experience and well worth it. Great outcomes. Hope it’s a game changer for you!
  5. Hey this is great stuff. Not too familiar with WA golf. My buddy and I talked about taking a trip to WA. Gonna have to make sure this is on the list.
  6. Hi everyone. Great to connect on here. My name is Jacob as you can see from my username. Not sure how or if I can change it lol. I live in Bend, OR and a member of Broken Top. Just joined this year. I really got into golf in the last couple of years. Took my first lesson this year and completely hooked now. My handicap is 27, but my goal is to be consistently shooting in the 90s next summer. Still have some work to do. Looking forward to connecting with folks.
  7. Jacob Fain Bend, OR Right Handed 27 hcap 1st Choice - VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 2nd choice - GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular Currently use hybrids instead of long irons 22* and 26*
  8. Jacob Bend, OR Mizuno ST 180 27 handicap 95 mph swing speed Tsi3
  9. Jacob / Oregon 27 hcap Mizuno 50° and 56° I’m interested in seeing what the difference is between my current wedges and raw wedges to see if it might have an improvement on my shots around the green
  10. Jacob Bend, OR USA current putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line face balanced putter Interested in trying: Ketsch - I’ve always appreciated the weight and alignment on a mallet putter and the alignment aids on the Ketsch look like they could be game improvers.
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