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  1. My condolences to you and your family, may your brother be at peace and in a better place with GOD. Nobody really thinks about depression being a serious illness but tragically it is a severe disease that takes many lives every year. Many people I knew ended their short lives because of it, sending out my prayers to ya.
  2. Happy Canada Day and Independence Day fellow spies
  3. I have smaller than average men's hands no pun intended (I wear a M/L Cadet glove) and I feel that the glove gives me more gripping power not to say that I put on a dead grip on the club. I feel with a glove on I can grip the club lighter and also keeps the club secure and voids twisting. I tried going gloveless but just didn't care for the feel as my hands would start to get red and hurt....imho
  4. The Good: Driving distance has increased due to miraculously finding a shaft and head combo that works for my swing The Bad: Iron play has gone down hill. Short irons are okay, but from my 8 thru 5 irons...just rubbish The Ugly: The dreaded $h@nk I am definitely going to take some golf lessons this winter season.
  5. Haven't seen hats with terry cloth sweatbands lately but I use No Sweat hat liners in 100* real feel temps and it has kept sweat from dripping down my face or on to my putter when putting. https://nosweatco.com/products/golf-hat-liners
  6. I've been gaming the TP5 Pix balls so no I have no issues with branding. This ball just makes it faster to recognize my ball when near other balls and I don't line up my putt so it does not bother me at all.
  7. Fun contest, should be a great US OPEN.
  8. Congratulations @GolfSpy_APH well done and looking forward to your incites on this game we all love.
  9. I carry a 44* PW, 52* AW, 56* SW, 60* LW and seldom use my 60* unless I am behind a bunker and need to flop it on to the green but I can simply open up my 56* wedge so I am thinking about getting rid of my 52/60 wedges and replacing them with a 50* AW, so I have a 44PW, 50AW and 56SW. For my short game I think this will fit me better than having more wedges I probably won't use as much.
  10. Love MyGolfSpy swag: MGS Vessel bag, headcovers, alignment Sticks + cover, ball, divot tool, ballmarkers, pouch, tees, bag tag + putting disc, towel, and hat.
  11. Definitely some huge shoes to be filled. Good luck in your new endeavor and great to hear you are sticking around. Well done Sir!!!
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