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  1. My condolences to you and your family, may your brother be at peace and in a better place with GOD. Nobody really thinks about depression being a serious illness but tragically it is a severe disease that takes many lives every year. Many people I knew ended their short lives because of it, sending out my prayers to ya.
  2. Congrats fellow spies, great bunch of testers there. Looking forward to your take on this program and if it's worth it for tinkers like me
  3. Brand New Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2, asking $350 + shipping CONUS ONLY.
  4. Like I previously mentioned, my fitting took all of 38 minutes compared to my fellow spies. I had watched all of David Edel’s YouTube videos on his putter fittings just to get an idea of what to expect. I was expecting my fitting to be more geared towards David’s fitting methodology, but I believe each fitter and location has their own method in using Edel’s fitting cart, but overall my fitter was great to work with, he briefly touched on each of Edel’s fitting points. My fitter asked what putter I had brought in with me and I showed him my Scotty Cameron M2 mid-mallet putter and what my tendencies were and I told him I usually leave it short and left of the hole. He attached a mirror on the center of the face and we proceeded with the laser test to see if I was left or right bias, I was left bias. He mentioned that my putting stroke was good and on point just needed a slight adjustment. Initially my fitter set me up with a 2.0 putter which had a similar head shape head as my Scotty M2 mid-mallet at 33 inches and proceeded with the laser test again and this time the ball was on a better line, we rolled a few balls at 5 feet and saw that I was still going left and short. He changed the shaft to a more offset shaft and flattened out the lie to 68 degrees because he noticed that the putter toe was slightly up and also suggested that my left hand be more under the grip to allow for a more fluent straight back and forward stroke. I hit more putts at 5 feet with this new setup and made all the putts. He asked if I preferred lines which I did so he drew a single line on top and bottom and had me putt a few more putts which I made them all at 5 feet. We had few more putting session now at about 10 feet which I left most of them short but more online. He suggested that I put a counter weight in the grip up. The putter felt great, it was definitely on the heavy side but when making strokes with it, it felt smooth. We made a few more putts and the distance was on par with the hole but was still little offline. He changed the lines to double lines on the top and bottom which allowed me to have better aiming guidelines. I asked to try out the 4.0 putter with the same shaft and counter weight configurations and we rolled a few putts and I loved the feel and the putts I was making from 10 feet distance, he said that I could go either way putter wise because my lines were all perfect and online towards the hole. Now on to the field test…
  5. Christmas in July!!! Can’t thank MyGolfSpy and Edel enough for this opportunity to be fitted for the first time for a putter or any other cub for that matter. Although I didn’t get a weight kit or hat or even a specs sheet in my pretty Edel box, I did receive this awesome fitted 4.0 putter, BAM!. I can’t wait to put it to its paces and report back. Initial thoughts when at looking down at the putter, I noticed I could see a lot more of the face even though the loft was not altered during my fitting. So that is something I will be looking at carefully during my testing. The lines and design looks very clean, although maybe in the distant future a paint job might be considered.
  6. Awesome group of testers! Looking forward to your reviews on this shaft, as we already know Evnroll putters are hot!!! If the shaft don't work out you know who to DM
  7. I finally went through my fitting this past Sunday and for the most part I was expecting the same, some sort of an analysis of my putting stroke via video or putting programs which was not the case. I had watched all of David Edel's YouTube fitting videos before hand which I probably shouldn't have because I was expecting a similar fitting but best to describe my fitting experience as a VERY condensed version, my fitting process took all of 38 minutes. Expecting delivery of my putter hopefully by early next week. More to come...
  8. Wow what an amazing opportunity to test one of the hottest putters with one of the hottest shaft makers in the market, now that's what I call a BONUS. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on using a graphite shaft in a putter. Good luck fellow spies!!!!
  9. Happy Canada Day and Independence Day fellow spies
  10. Congrats fellow spies!!! Looking forward to your review on this beautiful rangefinder.
  11. Great bunch of testers for an awesome test, can't wait for your reviews on these secret test balls.
  12. I have smaller than average men's hands no pun intended (I wear a M/L Cadet glove) and I feel that the glove gives me more gripping power not to say that I put on a dead grip on the club. I feel with a glove on I can grip the club lighter and also keeps the club secure and voids twisting. I tried going gloveless but just didn't care for the feel as my hands would start to get red and hurt....imho
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