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  1. Tiger, Rory, and Fowler Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  2. Congratulations! Awesome group of spies to review these hot clubs. Looking forward to reading your reviews [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  3. Happy Birthday [emoji482][emoji482][emoji482] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  4. I'm a android guy all the way, had a Nokia with the flashing battery pack, HTC 3D which was a joke, and then Samsung Galaxy phones rest of the way. I stopped upgrading my phone after the Samsung Galaxy S8+ because well I just couldn't afford to. Phones are ridiculously priced, as much or more than a laptop. As long it can browse the internet and make phone calls, I'm a happy camper. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  5. Happy belated Birthday guys[emoji482][emoji482][emoji482] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  6. I have yet to try out the new Speedzone, current gamer is the F9 in yellow and black and it just screams confidence off the tee. Coming from the Taylormade M3 430CC the larger head of the F9 gave me more confidence to let it go. The F9 will stay in the bag until I try the Speedzone which I doubt will make a big difference in yardage and accuracy. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  7. My primary gamer is a 6 year old Ogio Chamber Silencer (stock picture) cart bag. It has served me well and still use it on my push cart even though the red color has faded a bit. The reason I purchased this bag was because back then I wanted to protect my clubs from dings and hated the chatter also hated using iron covers. It has slots on the bottom of the bag that grabs a hold of your grip so your club doesn't move around. Great bag with a lot of pockets for couple of drinks and accessories. 6 years forward and with wear and tear, the slots on the bottom have loosened so some of my clubs rotate and doesn't stay secured. My second gamer is the Vessel/ My Golf Spy colab carry bag (picture of actual bag when first purchased) from a few years back. Purchased it when it first came out and it is a beautiful bag. I use it when I play 9 holes or when I feel like carrying versus pushing a cart. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  8. [emoji106][emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  9. No golf games on any platform peaks my interest. Rather hit the range if weather is a factor. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  10. Congratulations on reaching 8K [emoji869][emoji41][emoji869] Here's to the next 8K [emoji482] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  11. Happy Birthday fellow spies [emoji512][emoji512][emoji512] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  12. Great story, I'm glad they made it right for you and hopefully they'll check for quality control issues [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  13. Breaking 80 twice, once shooting even par 72 it was euphoric. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  14. Allan / Leonia, NJ 15 Srixon Z565 Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  15. Just pains my heart to hear news of this nature. I can't imagine what the family is going through. Prayers go out the family [emoji1317][emoji1317][emoji1317] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
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