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  1. Phil is cool [emoji41][emoji106] Phil and Rickie Fowler was the only ones that took the time to sign everyone's autographs and spoke to people like they were their friends, compared to a few others that looked at you like you had a disease. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  2. That's some serious distance. Great playing!
  3. Absolutely! Wish I can improve my eye sight to see where the ball lands instead of worrying about ball color
  4. I keep my score cards to motivate myself and see where I need improving.
  5. Congratulations fellow spies! Looking forward to reading your reviews [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  6. I love my Vessel bag Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  7. Hole in one and shooting 72...still searching for that zen moment to shoot 72 again. Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  8. Welcome to the greatest addiction for golf geeks like us. Great setup [emoji109][emoji41] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  9. Putting the ball while on a slight upward path or just straight back and through... sorry for the sloppy drawing.
  10. I would say it does have it's advantages versus a course that is not well kept. Having a patchy fairway, hard pan bunkers, and weedy greens certainly urks the hell out of me.
  11. Just curious, what color ball do you use during Fall Season when the leaves turn orange and red? Is white the best color to use?
  12. Do you putt with a straight back and through motion or do you putt with an up stroke? Does it make a difference? I see most touring pros with an up stroke method.
  13. Congratulations sir [emoji106][emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  14. Happy Birthday fellow spies [emoji512][emoji1635][emoji898] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
  15. Great setup [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from MyGolfSpy mobile
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