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  1. Have you looked at Wired Golf in Santa Monica? They do not use Trackman or GC Quad, they use Full Swing, but you can still get all of the data you are looking for except for angle of attack. Who knows, maybe you can get AoA and I just don't know. You can see the data that is available here. I've only gone once but felt like I got what I needed. You can book by the hour or half hour. They have memberships or you can just pop in for a single use. You just need to bring your own balls, which I actually prefer.
  2. Still haven't gotten out to the current new course. Hopefully when the other one opens up it will make tee times easier to get. I see you are in Dublin. I'm part of a team in the Dublin Ranch Thursday twilight league, at least pre-COVID. No league last year. Used to be in the Tuesday night Calippe league as well. Tri-Valley native here.
  3. So that's how you do it! Been trying to get on Corica for a while. Was never sure when the online system opened up.
  4. Just joined the forum and added myself to the map. Looking forward to being part of this golf community!
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