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  1. Brian Minocqua, Wisconsin I currently use the Ping Ketsch putter. I would like to test the Impact 1.
  2. Brian Minocqua, Wisconsin Titleist TS3 + 0.8 101 TSi3
  3. Brian, Minocqua Wisconsin In the winter I have used putting mats on and off for the last twenty years. Four years ago I did some research to find the best putting mat that was still affordable. At the time the Big Moss seemed to be the best option. It worked better than the cheaper mats but it still did not give a true role. The medium speed mat would be my preferred option.
  4. Brian/Minocqua/Wisconsin/United States My current putter is the original Ping Ketsch, with their first generation of adjustable shafts. I would love to compare new Ketsch with the original. This has been a great putter but does the new technology make a difference? This would be one of the questions I would like to answer.
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