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  1. I agree with CNOSIL, the Mizuno Optimizer is a great tool and a great place to start. I was fitted with the Mizuno Optimizer and then I started hitting balls with the suggested shafts. I found which one provided me with the flight I was looking for and went with it. Incidentally, it was the first shaft on the list but I can tell you the next three were not providing the flight I wanted and then the 5th one would have worked also. I say this to point out that you definitely need to get in the hitting bay and determine which one performs the way you want. To make certain the results were consistent, I used the Optimizer at the beginning of the session and again at the end. My results were very close and the shaft suggestions were identical. I was really impressed with the way the system worked. Has anyone else done this to verify the results and the consistency of the suggestions?
  2. I too am short. I am almost 5’6”. I have had shorter clubs for about 25 years or so. Distance hasn’t been effected because of it at all. It sounds like we hit our 8 iron about the same distance. I would encourage you to get fit because the lie and the length work together to get you on the proper swing plane. It is more about the dynamic lie during your swing rather than the static lie when you are standing over the ball that determines what fits best. As you know, every club manufacturer has different specs (lie, loft, length). With that said, you can go to most big box stores (e.g. PGA Super store) and get fit using the Mizuno shaft analyzer. I have done this, it was really helpful. They take static measurements, then have you hit 3 balls with the club that has the analyzer attached, it processes the data, and let’s you know what your head speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle, and release factor. Then it tells you the top shafts that are for you, the flex, length, and lie they should be. Now the lie (i.e. + .5 degrees) and length (i.e. + .25”) are in relation to Mizuno’s club specs so you may need to adjust accordingly. I think this would be a good place to start. Let us know how it works out for you.
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