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  1. Mark Lake Suzy Odyssey White Hot #3 I've been testing numerous putters on my own to determine which style helps me keep my face angle between plus or minus 0.5%. I'm very interested in testing the Impact #3.
  2. Mark / Lake Suzy, Florida iPhone 12 I will be using it primarily Outdoors Yes I will be using a Net
  3. Mark B Lake Suzy, Florida Bridgestone e12 speed When I was a beginning golfer I played whatever ball was inexpensive, therefore, Top Flite golf balls were regularly in contention. We used to call them “Rock” Flights because of how hard they felt. I am interested to see how they compare to other golf balls. They look a lot like some of the more expensive Bridgestone balls with the dimple in a dimple design.
  4. Mark Lake Suzy, Florida Cobra King F7 with Fujikura stiff flex 20 Handicap 105 mph I would like to review the TS2 driver
  5. Mark from Lake Suzy, Florida 20 Handicap Cleveland CBX 50, 54, 60 degree wedges I previously played Titleist Raw wedges that rusted before gaming my current model. I really liked playing them, therefore, I would like to see if the new Cleveland Raw wedges react similar to my old Titleist Raw wedges but with a bit more playability due to the relocating the CG.
  6. 1. Mark from Lake Suzy, Florida 2. Living in Florida, I get to play year-round however, I practice at home on my putting mat regularly after work. 3. I have a 9' x 3' putting mat that I use at home. 4. I would prefer to test a "Medium - 10-11 Stimpmeter - Private Course" mat, however, I would be glad to test any of them.
  7. Mark / Lake Suzy Florida / USA Odyssey White Hot #3 Anser 2, I have been using blade style putters for years and I think it would be great to compare the firmer face Ping to the Odyssey putters I have gamed.
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