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  1. I'm in the Charlotte area, did you hear back from your friend here to see if he has any recommendations? I got fitted previously at Club Champion but in the market for a new driver and potentially new irons as well. Appreciate any insights.
  2. Has anyone bought this and used it since Mygolfspy tested this out? I bought it and waiting for it to ship but very nervous about the reviews I've seen especially since I'd use it mainly indoors.
  3. It looks like hudl discontinued technique at least from what I can see.
  4. I recently got a tripod and started filming my swing. I'm trying to implement the following video by Athletic Motion Golf: When I do the drill to start the downswing with my hands apart it lines up perfectly on plane and in line with my trail arm like it should. I've tried to move slowly and even at half speed but I continue to get steep anyway. As soon as I do the drill I can repeat the perfect position every time but adding any speed it gets steep again. Do you have any advice on how to implement this change? Is it continue to do very slow movements to try and engrain the feel then speed up a little? Any advice on how to make this change would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation for a Mac/Iphone based software system to do swing analysis on? The only one I've seen is Analyzr and it looks decent but seeing if there are any other options out there like V1 or Swing Catalyst which are only for PC versions.
  6. Anyone else having this issue when checking out at Golf Galaxy based on the email that was just sent? I just did pick up and it says Promo code MGS40OFF does not apply to your items.
  7. Thanks everyone. So far, I'm going to switch to the Golf Pride CP2 grips to hopefully help out some. It's weird, I just recently switched to the Nippon Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts over the past year or so. I never got this elbow issue playing with the stock shafts on my other other irons. I'm also starring at a Theraband sitting next to me as I type those so I appreciate that suggestion and hopefully that helps. Thanks for all the adivce.
  8. All, I’m a right handed golfer and have really been suffering from golfers elbow. The inside of my right elbow is killing me after a round. Does anyone have any advice on what is causing this and any swing advice to help put less stress on my right elbow? I appreciate any advice! Thank you in advance.
  9. Time for an update from my end (I'm using the red swing speed radar). I'm through 11 sessions and the results are pretty incredible so far to be honest. Here are some numbers to show the progress so far: I did take one lesson during these sessions which just helped with my take away and don't know if it had any impact on speeds but I've definitely made some nice gains for myself. I don't have a trackman or haven't been fitted recently to see real gamer speeds on a radar but I did play golf this week and there were a couple holes with my driver that I hit past bunkers that I traditionally couldn't carry at all. I noticed a pretty big difference in overall length with the driver (irons weren't having a great day) compared to a couple weeks ago. So far, seems to be working very well.
  10. I just wanted to post a quick update as I finished my first real week with the stack. It’s interesting to see how the app changes and the training exercises it wants you to do. So far, I’ve actually made pretty good progress in the first week. Here is the baseline and the results after session 4. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next couple weeks go and will continue to post updates. The one thing I’ll have to inquire on is the Drive eSpeed. I actually swung my driver after the session today and the app is telling me I should be swinging the driver 90mph but I actually swung it 99mph. Just curious what others have seen with this.
  11. I got mine earlier this week and finally had time to complete the baseline today. Overall, the app is very easy to use as others have mentioned with recorded instructions and built in rest etc. I’m not a long hitter compared to some of the numbers others are posting here so really looking forward to hopefully seeing some progress here. Here is my baseline for tracking purposes.
  12. Well your posts made me buy one. I can try and post on here to keep people updated as well (and to keep myself accountable) if people would be interested even though it doesn't ship for a couple more weeks.
  13. Thanks for the opportunity! Ryan Charlotte, NC Cobra Speedzone Extreme 16.0 index 95 mph TSi3
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