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  1. How many WGC Mexico promo 30 second spots did you see during last week's Genesis Invitational? I lost count after about 50. Frankly these are the most godawful promo videos too, because the music is absolutely horrible, and the graphics are just disgusting to me. The people that producing these promos should be fired as it makes me NOT want to watch any WGC event just to spite the people producing these promos. Kostis is spot on in the fact that PGA Tour only cares about promoting it's product, and the broadcast itself continues to suffer and is borderline worthless.
  2. thank you for clarifying. Kostis' take on the behind the scenes of the broadcast was most of the interview. Then they got bored near the end and went off on Reed. Listen to the podcast mostly for the CBS/PGA Tour comments. The Reed comments were just a bonus to me honestly.
  3. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nlu-podcast-episode-282-peter-kostis/id880837011?i=1000466022413 You can read Geoff Shackelford's blog about this as well at https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2020/2/18/kostis-the-pga-tour-doesnt-give-a-rats-ass-about-the-quality-of-the-telecast-they-dont-care-about-the-quality-of-the-viewer-experience with the best quote from his interview being...Kostis: "The PGA Tour doesn't give a rat’s ass about the quality of the telecast. They don’t care about the quality of the viewer experience." Go to 45 minutes in this interview for Kostis' take on Patrick "Cheater" Reed. "I've followed Patrick Reed 4 or 5 times when it was obvious he was improving his lie. He'd put 3 or 4 clubs behind the ball in what was originally a sand wedge shot, where he eventually hit 3 wood. It was so blatant at times that when he was done doing what he was doing I could easily see the Callaway logo on the ball." I'm paraphrasing what he said, but man, if anyone has any doubts that Patrick Reed was a full fledged cheater, I think it's safe to say we can put that doubt to bed.
  4. I always ask myself why I have a specific club in the bag for. For example, obviously driver and putter answer their own questions, but beyond that, everything else should be examined. In my situation, I play the same course several times every week, and I know what clubs I will typically need on most holes. I typically look at the par 3 holes on my course and analyze what clubs I need to hit into those greens, and on the two front ones it can be anything from PW to 7 iron, depending on wind, tee and pin placement. Next, I look at the par 5s on my course. The front nine par 5s I can and typically do hit a 3 wood from the fairway for the 2nd shot, and on the first par 5 it's probably a lob wedge from there. But the 2nd par 5 is quirky so that I'll probably have the same irons into that green that I probably have on one of the par 3s. Back nine par 5s can be played several ways. I can hit 3 wood on both, or layup to a number on both, or something in between. Most of the par 4s on my course I won't need more than 7 iron for a 2nd shot, unless the wind is really strong into my face, then I'll need a 5 or 6 iron, but not that often. So when I sit down and analyze my round, I find that I rarely if ever use a 3 hybrid, 4 iron or 5 iron on my home course. But I keep them in the bag because I can have 14 clubs. I also rarely use my gap wedge. If I manage my way around the course properly I can eliminate that club from my bag as well. Not 100% guaranteed, but I should be able to eliminate it if I am playing well. So yeah, you are getting the long answer to an easy question. Ask yourself what you'll use each club for on the course, and then go from there. The pros will switch out clubs weekly, depending on the course they play. They rarely play the same clubs week in and week out, and will always vary based on what they think they'll need where they are playing. Everyone else should do the same thing as well, including you and me.
  5. It's hard to quantify from person to person. I just spent a ton of time testing the Bridgestone B RXS, and I did some videos in my official review where I tested it against a ProV1, a Titleist AVX and a Srixon Z Star. But those tests were on specific shots, from specific distances, and not during an official round. For me personally, it's honestly a bit hard for me to tell much of a difference between most golf balls out there. Now sure, hitting a Top Flite, versus a ProV1 will bring you dramatic differences. But when you put a urethane 3 piece ball in play, and hit 4 or 5 different brands of the same type of ball, I don't know that the difference would be detrimental to your ability to score on a golf course. My answer to the OP though is that I typically keep my gamer in a Crown Royal bag, within the ball pocket of my bag, and then any ball I find on the course that someone else lost, I toss in the ball pocket outside of my Crown Royal bag. I keep at least 9 balls in the Crown Royal Bag with the ball I am playing an official round with, and like I did last night, I cleaned out the ball pocket of the balls I found on the course. I've got a laundry basket here in the house full of balls I found on the course. And honestly, if I wanted to, I could pull from this basket, balls to put into play on the course, and I doubt I would ever run out. But I've tried to keep to only playing my gamer or whatever ball I am testing, so as not to have an excuse as to why I truly suck, at least from a golf ball perspective. On a side note, I started bringing my golf bag into the house overnight and when I am not playing. Leaving golf balls in the bag in the trunk of your car in extreme cold or extreme heat will cause your balls to lose consistency and the characteristics that make it what it is. Especially in cold weather, I don't need to lose 20 yards, just because my golf balls are like ice from sitting in a cold car all night.
  6. I just posted my full review for this golf ball in the placeholder on the 1st page of this thread. I am not really sure if I did it correctly, so someone please tell me if I am missing anything or need to do something else.
  7. Thanks! I am when there is no wind, break, or bumps or ball marks on the green. The video was an 8 foot putt, fwiw.
  8. Tiger is still the #1 golfer in the world. The OWGR are a fraud. Win #83 will happen at Augusta.
  9. I have neither, so I can't weigh in on the poll. I have however, had 13 eagles, including several hole outs from the fairway on par 4s. Wouldn't holing out from the fairway on a par 4 be essentially the same as a hole in one?
  10. This is one of many videos coming, when I finish my final review, but see if you can tell the difference in sound that the ball makes upon contact with the putter face. I hit a Titleist ProV1 first, then the Bridgestone B RXS, then a Srixon Z Star, and then a Titleist AVX. My apologies for the limited audio quality, as it's just the iphone speaker on the other end of the putting green on a tripod. I will probably do the test outdoors on a real putting green, and place the camera behind me for better audio quality, and try the same test that way outdoors.
  11. Tell him he needs to marry your sister before he goes on vacation with you to play golf. But yeah, it's ok to offer him some tips. Just keep it reasonable, and focus on one or two things. Anything more than that and it will overwhelm your student.
  12. Well, you certainly don't need two lob and sand wedges, or two putters.
  13. Don't overthink it too much. Their ball recommendation and online fitting tool was spot on for me.
  14. Nice looking bag. I think you're set for quite some time.
  15. Next time you decide to give up on your irons, call me. That's criminal what you sold those clubs for, because they were worth so much more then that.
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