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  1. The fact that most of this thread is a discussion about P Reed’s* embedded ball on Saturday is it’s own commentary on P Reed*. The “IDGAF what anyone thinks” clown invites controversy every single time he plays in a tournament. My only experience seeing P Reed in person was at a Monday practice round at the Masters in 2016. We saw a ton of players that day and every one of them was in a threesome playing their way around the course. 99% of the players were done with their practice round by 4:00 pm. We were making our way towards the exit at the end of the day and decided to sit and rest for a minute in the grandstands by the 5th green. All the players had gone through and we figured that was it, but about 10 minutes later here comes a solo player with his caddie, making his way to the fifth green. It was P Reed all by himself. Both my brother and I thought it was both odd and sad that this guy played alone at the very end of the day when there were no other players and 99% of “patrons” had already left. I say all of this to say that at the end of the day, whether you argue for or against what P Reed did right or wrong with his embedded ball, the dude may win 50 tournaments and 5 majors before he hangs it up. But his legacy will be that no one will care what he did in golf history and he’ll be old and alone when he dies with zero friends and a mantle full of worthless trophies that he wouldn’t be able to pawn for 5 cents on ebay, because no one wants anything to do with a lifelong cheater and thief. Frankly, maybe he’ll go out like Clifford Roberts did.
  2. Ok, now he’s really screwing with me.
  3. My friend has a sick sense of humor. For the past year or so, both of us have become fans of mocking Bryson DeChambeau; mostly because we think he’s a giant toolbag. When Bryson huffs and puffs before hitting a drive we’ll text each other something like, “HULK SMASH!!!” When Bryson hits one in the woods we say, “HULK SAD!” When Bryson misses a putt we say, “HULK ANGRY!” Basically we enjoy mocking him because, well, he’s easy to make fun of. Anyway, he kept telling me he got me a Christmas present, and was all excited. He kept telling me it was delayed, and I was like, ok, whatever. Wasn’t really looking for or wanting anything anyways. So I show up this morning and he hands me this and says, “Merry Christmas!” And he tells me that I have to display this in the house. Like I said, sick sense of humor.
  4. So we tee off this morning behind a threesome. It’s cart path only, as we got a ton of rain yesterday. So when it’s cart path only I just walk. I think it’s more walking from the cart to your ball on every shot, versus down the fairway. Anyway, I’m walking down the 3rd hole, about 100 yards from the tee and there is a brand new AVX just sitting there. Cool! So I scoop it up and stick it in my pocket. We get to the 6th hole and same thing, a brand new AVX about 100 yards from the tee box. Cool! Another $4 nugget in my pocket. I’m walking towards the 13th green and notice a ball in the creek. I grab my wedge and scoop this one out and sure enough it’s another AVX! So in the course of walking 18 holes I picked up an entirely new sleeve of Titleist AVX! I found about 3 other balls as well, but I think the dude in front of me was just too lazy to walk out into the middle of the fairway for a missed tee shot. Thanks for the donations, dude!
  5. With regards to playing rounds solo, versus playing rounds with others, and not being able to post solo, I'll simply say that I play better solo, because I just hit the ball, and go to my next shot, and I don't have to pause and wait for anyone else to hit. So my tempo and rhythm are much better when playing solo (typically). Also, because you don't have to wait on anyone else to hit, or look for anyone else's lost balls, you aren't distracted from your own game. I believe the wait, and the distraction, and the pause between shots, waiting for others in your group to hit, is a HUGE factor in how you score, and why I play better solo (in general). It's also why I consider my personal best scores that I've ever played to be better when posted with playing partners, versus the rounds that I scored alone. For example, I've shot 71 six times in my life. Three of them were alone, and three of them were in rounds with others. A couple of those 71's were in tournaments. I value the tournament rounds the most, and the 71s I shot alone to not be as good, purely because of the intangibles I mentioned above when playing with others. Granted, I've broken through and shot 69 last month, so that round definitely stands out way beyond the rest, but it was played within a group, so it's easily my best round of golf ever. Taking it ever further, lately I've gone to not even keeping score when I play solo, and consider it just practice, and I'll intentionally throw down a 2nd ball from various spots, just to invalidate the round played by myself. I take that opportunity to work on my game, and refine certain clubs and shots. Heck, I went out the other week with two new wedges and played 9 holes where I dropped 3 balls from two different wedge distances, just to break in these two new wedges. I might have "played" nine holes, but I think I hit over 70 shots. And none of those shots were putts, as I just picked up all the balls on the green, and didn't bother putting, as that was not why I was out there. Sandbagging within clubs, and in other tournaments will always be an issue. There are a few guys at my club that I play with regularly and I know their GHIN handicap is fake. They refuse to post low rounds when they play them, and they'll often go 2 months between posting rounds, even though they play 3 or 4 times a week. But when we have money on the line we always negotiate the strokes and bet so that it's fair amongst us. I just refuse to play with certain guys in tournaments not at our home course, because I know these few guys will always wind up right at the top of the leaderboard of any net event. But it's also one of the reasons why I shy away from net events. I'd prefer to play someone straight up, mano a mano, versus me giving strokes and having to continually write down net birdies on every other hole from a guy who is getting 8-10 shots per round, and ends up beating me straight up. It's also hard to compete against that, because I just finished playing in a net best ball tournament, where the course rating was 68, and my course handicap ended up being ZERO because my 3.2 index was a 0 course handicap with that rating. I was playing a course I had never played before, against guys that knew that course like the back of their hand and were getting those 8-10 strokes. Well, their net 69 absolutely destroyed my 77. It's easy to shoot that 69 when you just par a hole and take the birdie, and keep the double bogeys to a minimum when you are stroking. But yeah, the USGA doesn't police the GHIN, and there will be sandbaggers for as long as the game of golf is played.
  6. I lived in Leesburg, VA back in the early 2000's and had good experiences with both the VSGA and their VIP card. The past few years I have maintained a handicap through the FSGA's online handicap account, and it's the same as what you would get if you belonged to a local club, and it's identical through the GHIN mobile app and website, etc. I would imagine that the VSGA setup is the same as here in Florida via the FSGA. I've belong to a club in Georgia, and opted to move my GHIN account through my local club, and the only difference now is that my GHIN is maintained through the GSGA. I had a login issue when they converted my account over to my local club, and the GSGA was the contact that fixed my problem, and it had no involvement by my local club. So essentially, even if you had your GHIN handicap with a local club, you'd still be dealing with the VSGA if you had issues with scores or postings, or whatever with your GHIN account. The entire USGA GHIN networked is maintained by state golf associations, depending on which state you live in. Hope this helps.
  7. A friend told me there was a bunch of one-sided crap about his affairs with blondes from Vegas. Thanks, but I'll pass on National Enquirer style trash TV.
  8. It's hard to interpret through your post, but you are basing your opinion on just a couple of swings on a launch monitor, one with each club? There are lots of clubs that cost less than $1k per set. The problem right now is supply. I tried ordering a few PING irons and their current wait time for delivery is 3-4 months. Screw that. I'll be old and dead before getting those clubs. Speaking of PING, if you get fit for their irons, you can order one club at a time to soften the economic blow. And at $125 per club you can pick and choose what and when you want to get. I'd suggest taking a look at Ben Hogan golf, but again, that's another brand that is out of stock on a lot of equipment right now. But you can get a whole set from them for much less than $1k. Here's a wild idea for you. I've got an old set of PING Eye irons that are standard loft and lie, and in decent shape, from the 80's, and still hit really well. I just had them regripped. Name your price and I'll send them to you. They will certainly cost you a lot less than $1k. Alternative #2. I've got a set of Callaway Razr-X Forged irons - 6 through gap wedge that are in great shape and will cost you a lot less than $1k. Same deal - name your price and I'll send them to you.
  9. Gotta love Spaulding. A great balance to the most uptight judge in modern history.
  10. Well, it really wasn't nerves, it was borderline stupidity. The 11th hole is a par 5, where I ripped a drive down the middle, and then smoked a 4 wood to the front fringe in two. I essentially had an eagle putt to a back right pin. I overcompensated on the fringe putt and putted the ball off the back of the green, which left me with a devilish uphill chip back to the pin, which was tucked tighter than virgin ***** against the back of the green. So I've got to flop something and hope it stops and doesn't take the massive slope that will send the ball towards the front of the green. I actually pull off the chip for the most part and it trickles about 6-7 feet below the hole. But I still two-putt for the bogey. In front of the green in two, walk off with bogey. I was pretty much done after that colossal lesson in horrible course management. Lesson learned - don't get greedy and want the eagle so bad as to cause a complete meltdown on the hole going forward. I don't think I could have played that hole any worse after two glorious shots to get to the green in two.
  11. I keep score on my Garmin GPS watch, and it tells you how many over or under you are. But at that point it wasn't too hard for me to figure out. I had two bogeys and two birdies on the front nine, and made a nice up and down for par on 10 from the bunker. But yeah, I get where you are going with this. Ignorance is bliss they always say.
  12. When you work and work and work, and you go out and play and all that work seemingly evaporates on the first hole when you slice a drive into the bunker. Oh no, but it's not good enough to be in the bunker, it has to come to rest right over the back lip, so you can't even get your club on the ball without taking some ridiculously stupid swing. So you take your best swipe at it in the back of the bunker and you barely move the ball towards the front of the bunker. Now it's sort of resting to where the front lip will force you to play a really high lofted club just to get out of the bunker. So you club up and pop it out, leaving yourself in the rough with some ridiculous lie about 30 yards in front of the green. You make your best effort at the chip, but the ball is so buried, and so muddy that you chunk it about 10 yards. Now you've got a tight lie to a front pin. Well, with your memory fresh from chunking your last shot, you overcompensate and blade your next wedge shot over the green, into the pine straw underneath the trees behind the green. Screw it you say, I've had enough of this impossible hole that I've dug for myself. So you huff and you puff your way towards the tree. Your ball is seated up against the tree now, so that you can't even take a full swing, and you'll be luck to get it on the green. Impossible you say! You take one big angry swipe at the ball and you top it and it bounces about 5 yards ahead of you into the rough again. You're still off the green and in nasty rough. Screw it you say, and grab your putter. You're so mad at this point that you just swipe at the ball and you let it rip. Once again your ball takes off and it seemingly looks back at you and laughs as it skips across the green like a virgin on prom night and ends up in the greenside bunker on the other side of the green. No, no, no. This cannot be possible. Your ball comes to rest against the back lip of the bunker, essentially unplayable. Your blood pressure is boiling now. You haven't even finished the first hole, and you've long ago lost track of how many strokes you've taken on this hellish hole. You look at your ball; you're ready to explode. You break your putter shaft over your knee, and you bend over, pick up your ball, and throw it in the woods. You march off in a huff towards the cart. "My ball's in pocket," you quietly say to your playing partners. Your group finishes out the hole while you quietly stew in the cart. Your buddy puts his clubs in his bag, and sits down in the cart next to you and asks, "what should I put down for your score on that hole?" "Give me a five."
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