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    Christian Golf Fellowship is a Tuesday evening golf league that goes from when Daylight Savings Time starts in March, to the end of September every year. We shotgun start at 5:30 pm at Golden Eagle Country Club in Tallahassee, FL. $30 gets you range balls, 9 holes of captains choice golf, devotional and dinner. Come join us!
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  1. The wait on a product like this would absolutely drive me nuts. I have no patience as it is, so this would drive me insane. You are a better man than I am.
  2. Come on, say it. You know you want to say it. You are missing your all time favorite golfer, the sand castle builder.
  3. I just ordered a Ft Worth 24° utility iron as a 5 iron replacement. We'll see how it goes.
  4. My old cliche, "the scorecard doesn't have pictures." Even though you sort of said some scorecards have pictures, but not of any of my shots or club selections. The best players in match play find a way to make par when they miss the drive, shank the approach shot, and chunk a chip, leaving an 80 foot putt. Meanwhile my playing partner stripes one down the middle and hits his approach shot to 15 feet for his birdie attempt. The guy who "Seve'd" his way around that hole can completely demoralize his match play opponent by draining that 80 foot par putt, while he watches the guy who hit the perfect drive and the approach shot to 15 feet, 3 putt for bogey to lose the hole. The scorecard doesn't care how you did it, just as long as you are honest about how many it took to do it. The teaching moment for all golfers is to never give up on a hole. I can hit my drive into a penalty area on a par 5, and still walk off of the green with a par, if I hit my 3rd shot down near the green, pitch on in 4, and make the putt. You will demoralize your playing partners by doing this. And if nothing else, you will mentally wear them out by making par when a bogey would have been a good score. Seve Ballesteros was the master manipulator, but hitting an approach shot from the parking lot to about 20 feet, and making the putt for birdie. Golf doesn't have to be pretty, just accurate when counting it up.
  5. Well, I just ordered it, so if I can remember I will let you know if mine is boring as well. Here's hoping anyway.
  6. I bought me one of these today, to replace a 5 iron that misbehaves too often.
  7. I was browsing that website and came across this... I mean, anyone have room in their group for these two cats?
  8. That's epic!!! I will have to check that place out.
  9. My perspective on JT's delay to get a rules official is that he was playing CYA with the drop. He saw the ball move, and wanted to have someone just check with him to make sure he was ok. How many situations have we seen where said player goes about their business on something like that, only to end up in the scoring trailer at the end of the round with that situation playing on an endless loop for them and then they are assessed a 2 stroke penalty after the fact because a TV camera with a telephoto slo-mo lens saw the ball move a fraction of a centimeter only visible to the player and that camera lens. I don't blame JT for being proactive in this case and getting a rules official to give him a ruling either way. But yeah, the rest of us on the course don't need to go through that, because we know what we saw and what the ruling is, but we don't have to worry about TV cameras and the entire world then reacting to the TV and making much ado about nothing.
  10. I was going to create an entirely new thread to discuss integrity and accountability within the game of golf, but I honestly just can't bring myself to do it. Perhaps it's posts like this where Kostis is mocked for pointing out past issues with Patrick Reed, and regular folks using all of this to equate cheating with increasing your bank account as an acceptable thing to do. Frankly, if more people did what Koepka and Kostis did, and brought more pressure and shame onto the likes of Reed, then perhaps regular folks wouldn't feel so inclined as to mock and belittle those who are attempting to uphold some semblance of integrity and accountability within the game of golf. Personally speaking, it's incredibly frustrating for me, because as I've sort of made my own personal quote recently in saying this... My quote refers to a known "sandbagger" at my club, and the fact that he's won several tournaments by padding his handicap to then goes out and play lights out when serious money is on the line. Sandbagging aside, for me personally, integrity and accountability are much more important than winning a golf tournament or making a million dollars. And if that means I never win a tournament, or never make any money playing golf, then so be it. But what really bothers me honestly is not the person who knowingly cheats getting away with it (for the most part) or using a pace of play tactic to disrupt the rhythm and games of others around him, but the people who seemingly mock the people who call out the cheating and other crimes and belittle those that stand for integrity and accountability in the game of golf, and in life. It's one thing for people to get away with their crimes, but it's another for others to glorify the crimes and essentially endorse them. That truly does beg the question of where someone's character really is?
  11. DeChambeau's group on Saturday, which included Patrick Reed and Erik van Rooyen, was put on the clock. Both Reed and van Rooyen were seen exiting the green late in the round, while they were on the clock, and walking to the next tee, while DeChambeau was still using his protractor around the green while he putted out. I kid about the protractor, but the overall issue remains. DeChambeau is very slow, and now he's causing his entire group to be on the clock, which now affects his playing partner's games. Perhaps it's why van Rooyen didn't play very well on Saturday, because DeChambeau was slow playing him (and Reed) to death. This issue isn't going away anytime soon, because he continues to be a problem with his pace of play. Perhaps if what I heard from the announcers on Saturday with regards to there being pace of play changes implemented, starting at Harbor Town in April, will correct this problem once and for all. But I will wait patiently to see if anything changes.
  12. Winter golf ain't no picnic down south either. We had a frost delay this morning, and with all the rain we've had it's mudballs everytime you hit it. Factor in a 15 mph wind that is constant at our course, and club selection can be a bear. Handicaps typically start rising in December, and only start to come down in middle March or later, about the time the time changes. I can't complain honestly though, because the thought of 100 degree humid days in August has me thankful for the weather we currently have. I'm honestly not sure what is worse, as playing in 100 degrees and sweating through your clothes by the 4th hole is almost not worth playing in either.
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