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  1. Initially played gamers, they moved to gamer tours, and now play chrome soft as my game has progressed; be great to see how the gamers perform now
  2. Been playing the same putter for over 15 years, essentially my whole 'adult' golf career, but been getting the itch to get fit again and take the plunge. For those that rotate, worth the journey or should someone talk me off the ledge?
  3. Photos of the other two wedges if interested in the set, asking $175 Plus shipping for all three
  4. standard vokey wedge shaft, ordered it 1/2" long, F grind, believe 8* bounce and tour chrome finish; forgot to snap pics before leaving for work but will do over lunch to share and confirm bounce
  5. Unused 50 deg SM7; 1/2” long, (bought when I thought I was buying new irons and wanted it to match the 54 and 60 deg before it was hard to find, ended up using the set wedge); will provide photos in the morning; asking $70 plus shipping [would also consider selling the 54 deg and 60 deg as a set if interested, all have Winn dri-tec grips]
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