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  1. Standard length Recoil F4 graphite shafts, with Arccos enabled grips (no sensors) professionally pulled at certified local shop, more photos and measurements upon request $SOLD shipped to lower 48
  2. motivated to clear out the golf space a bit, send me an offer if interested
  3. Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 5 wood shaft, stiff flex, with cobra adapter. Arccos grip in good condition currently installed. There is a small cosmetic blemish as shown in photos. Only gamed for four rounds. $50 shipped to lower 48 OBO
  4. Just confirming this is the one you are looking for AV Series 65 S
  5. I have the Tensei Blue 65 stiff. It’s an option if you look at their custom ‘stock’ options
  6. I have one I would be willing to sell assuming the replacement shaft comes through (long story but should be confirmed this week). It is already set with the Cobra adapter from the RadSpeed head. If you don’t find one within the week shoot me a note.
  7. fwiw, I've seen the same thing with an increase in accuracy with heavier driver shaft but it did not translate to the fairway wood during testing. I attribute that to the fact I like my 3 wood to be able to play off the deck. Not sure it I would see the same with the three wood.
  8. Heard from a customer service rep, should be April.
  9. Still something I would pay for. Any idea when it opens?
  10. I’ve been pondering the same. The cavity is a bit smaller on the Queen Bee, or at least appears that way. I have noticed it impacts my distance control on longer putts as I tend to explore the putter face, YMMV.
  11. Anyone know what the toe hang is for the Ping B60? Ideally the Vault 2.0 model but any would help. Thanks in advance!
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