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  1. I guess I meant to say both fit me well in terms of being able to put the ball online and distance. I haven't been able to note any substantial differences there. In theory the SOFT face tech will help with distance control but I haven't really seen it yet during playing with them at the store.
  2. Because why not ask the internet ! Looking at either the Cleveland HB Soft Premiere 11s or the Minuzo MCraft V. But match my specs with a heavier toe-hang putter. Cleveland offers the SOFT face tech while Mizuno offers the weight kit to dial in and adjust over time. I would give the very slight nod to feel to the Mizuno but splitting hairs. I think both look sharp, maybe pick the Mizuno if you put a gun to my head but could happily game either in the looks department. The Mizuno runs $120 more. (If Cleveland's custom shop was open and I could get my daughter's nickname stamped on the ba
  3. Always have wanted to, but my Ping iN ZB2 has too much junk in the trunk for that maneuver....
  4. I haven't officially switched into the CBX2 but will as soon as I get fitted for irons in a few weeks (coming from Vokeys). That said, I have extensively demoed the CBX2 outside for chipping and pitches and find the S shape sole to be great. The heel relief allows for opening the face a bit, yet the sole still offers plenty of love out of bunkers with width. I'm a big believer to the point that is has tested my patience to wait until my iron fitting in order to link up shaft choices as I want to get them in my bag.... Since I'm not coming from the old CBX, I can't fully speak to a direct
  5. The vokey vs the T300 SW will also allow you to play with different types of shots with each and see how the bounce/grinds work for you. That’s what ultimately sold me on the CBX2. The grind on the CBX2 gave me more comfort to open or close the face, lob it high or hit a low runner, compared to the ES21. I found the sole too much for the ES21 for me but it might fit you, your course, etc.
  6. Would love to roll that. What a thing of beauty!
  7. I have similar specs (+1 and 2 up). When I got a 58 deg LW in the same specs it didn’t agree with me much, although the 54 deg SW I got along great with. I attributed that to the 54 being the last club I really used a full swing for. I struggled with any consistency with the touch pitches and chips with the 58. It felt like I struggled to manipulate the club face around the green and ultimately went back to my old 60 deg that I bought stock. It may have just been comfort level with the old specs but that was my experience. I’ve read that some folks prefer wedges to play a little flatter.
  8. Ping iN Zb2, circa 2009; although as I dove into golf equipment forums during Covid, coupled with a growing tendency to drift outside on the takeaway, we may have to sleep in separate beds this spring if I bring a shiny new partner home
  9. We’ve had good luck playing across the groups for low net based on handicaps over several rounds, either official or developed by the committee. We use the same setup for our Ryder cup style matches. Nine hole matches make the Ryder Cup great as more points are scored. We play for bragging rights, the two trophies (for the Ryder Cup and individual tournament), and the embroidered jacket. If you handicap it it keeps most interested. Gambling certainly happens amoungst individual foursomes throughout the trip. This gives folks flexibility to gamble how they want, plus the joy of being there
  10. Thank you both for the feedback. The rounded bottom had me feel like the face was pointing up (adding loft) upon initial setting the club down to address the ball. Glad to know you’ve been able to adjust well. Like you, I struggle with drifting outside on the takeaway and am looking to move on from the blade.
  11. How does it sit for you when you rest it on the ground? I had initial perceptions from rolling it in a big box but would appreciate your input from being in the bag.
  12. I need to find a golf buddy willing to try. I broke the 80 barrier this past year and now am trying to do it more consistently. I wonder if folks here would be up for a little virtual scoreboard/competition? Sure courses and such won't make it apples to apples, but playing for a bit of forum bragging rights and working on our games could be fun.
  13. The ‘max’ full swing I’ve gone is 58. I say ‘max’ in that I always try to swing at say 90% with my approach shots for control. I’m comfortable cranking that up to 100% on P and up if needed. For whatever reason can’t get comfortable with anything outside 50yds with a 60. Probably mental but that’s my strategy.
  14. Have a friend getting into the game. Looking for a 50 deg wedge for him. If anyone is looking to move one of have an extra hanging around it would be appreciated.
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