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  1. I got some numbers for y’all! Both weights felt fine and it didn’t feel like I was losing the head in the back swing! Thanks for any input!
  2. I just recently picked up a Ventus Blue TR 6x for my TSr3. That shaft was 43.25 from grip to tip without an adapter. With the adapter and head it measures out to 44.75 playing length. Only strange thing I've noticed, is the swing weight of my driver. For the weight of my TSR3, I have been playing +2 gram weight (10g) but swing weight with the Blue TR is D5.5 (D6 to make it easier). I was always under the impression when you play a shorter shaft you have to account for more weight that needs to be added to compensate the length lost. I checked my driver swing weight with different weights and it revealed this: 6g D3.5 =4 8g D4.5 =5 10g D5.5 =6 12g D7.5 =8 Since the stock swing weight is D4 at 45.5 playing length, would you go with the -2 (6g weight) or Standard (8g weight)? I understand it goes against the normal convention of adding weight to the head to bring it to the stock swing weight. Any input for would be helpful!
  3. Hey everyone! I am debating upgrading my 5 hybrid shaft to either a Ventus Blue 8x or Tour AD DI 85x. The current shaft Im using right now is a Tensei White Raw AV 90x. I recently made the switch to Ventus Blue Velocore in my driver (6x), 4 wood (7x), and 7 wood (7x). I was able to try both and got very similar numbers with both shafts. With that said, would it be best to keep it consistent with the blue or go DI? I appreciate the input in advance! Thank you!
  4. I actually went ahead and got the 130 ZNEs installed on my 50,54,58 and I must say on full shots they are extremely solid! The weighting and the stoutness of the shaft feel great as the head cuts through the turf! When it comes to green side chipping and pitches, I like the feedback it gives. The way the shaft performs out of thick rough keeps the ball on my target line. My old DG TI S400 wedge shafts would get caught up in thick rough and my usual miss is left. For the ZNE's, it keeps it steady on whatever my target line is. With that said, I can definitely see people seeing this as a gimmick but for my personal game, I definitely am sold on these! Hope it helps!
  5. Hey everyone! I just recently tried the Ventus Blue Velocore 6x in my TSR3 and absolutely loved it! Definitely feels better than the 1K black 65x I currently play! My question is would the ventus blue translate to my 4 and 7 wood as well? I included the numbers from todays sim session. I currently HZRDUS Black 4g 70 and 80 6.5, respectively. Thanks in advance for any input!
  6. Thanks for clarifying brother! I went to a local club champion and that was my takeaway that the Tensei White Raw AV I was playing was a retail shaft etc. If anything, I am trying to find the closest match with the shaft I currently play. Thanks for your input!
  7. Hey everyone! I just recently switched over to the TSr3 9 degree with a Tensei 1K Black 65X and TSr2 16.5 and 21 degree with HZRDUS Black 70 6.5 and 80 6.5, respectively. I was wondering if Ventus Black Velocore would be considered the "closest" to my current set up for the top of the bag? I know that I am comparing retail shafts vs aftermarket but having hit the Ventus Black in the past, it is extremely solid! Driver swing speed is about 108 for me. If I were to put the ventus black in the bag, I probably would match my current weight set up 65, 75, 85. Thanks in advance for any input!
  8. whats up man DLow! It's JR from betti talk HAHA
  9. Thanks for all the responses everyone! I agree that it should be installed in a versatile wedge like the 54 or 58! My buddy is giving me a deal on three of these 130 shafts for 360. I’m just unsure if the 50 really needs one. Also 130 would make the most sense since I’m playing s400 currently right?
  10. Hey everyone! I currently play DG TI S400 for my 50,54,58. I just recently watched TXGs Ian Fraser do a wedge fitting with this new BGT Zne Shaft and it definitely got me curious since I am firm believer of the stability shaft on all my putters. I’m curious, if I were to try one out what wedge would you pick to test? In the video, it was on Ian’s 54 but I want to get the MGS fam input on the matter before pulling the trigger. Thanks very much everyone!
  11. For a minute there I thought it was too stiff for me even though its not that typical block fade you'd see if the shaft was too stiff haha. I think youre right though, the TX is really tripping me up. It makes me feel I am not worthy to use that shaft HAHAHAHA! Most of my shots with the 7 wood with the 85TX have a tendency to draw/hook. The shop I bought it from told me its tipped 2 inches that's what got me worried it might be too stiff haha. I appreciate your feedback!
  12. Hey everyone! I recently got a 7 wood that came with a Tour AD GP shaft but unfortunately the shaft is all sorts of messed up from the previous owner. I ended up grabbing a Tensei White Raw AV 85 TX shaft instead. I was looking at the specs off Mitsubishis website and noticed the only difference between the 85 X and TX is 0.1 torque. Im curious is there really any difference between the X/TX? Here are some numbers from the simulator today. The 85 TX is on my 7 wood (21) and my 4 wood has the same shaft but in 75X. Based off this small sample size do you think I can get away with using a TX in the 7 wood? Thanks!
  13. I will make the switch to the 16.5. I am leaning towards getting the 16.5 head so there's no adjustments necessary. In your opinion, is it safer to get a higher lofted head and if I want to drop it down or just stick with the 15 I have now? I like where your heads at HAHAH!
  14. Thank you for the reply! I fit the demographic of distance off fairway and second tee option. I consider my 3 wood the best club in my bag. I have a great deal of confidence with my 3 wood. I tried my 16.5 on my 15 yesterday and i definitely like the ball flight and how much easier it was to stop on the green. But as you mentioned I am concerned that I would be compensating more than i need to in the event my draw turns into a hook. I managed to hit the simulator just now and here are the numbers between the 15 and 16.5! Thanks again!
  15. Hey everyone! I wanted to get some feedback on an idea im trying to put in to motion. I currently have a TSi2 15 3 wood and I am replacing my TSi2 21 Hybrid for a 7 Wood. I found a great deal on a brand new TSi2 16.5 but for a preowned price. Is it worth it to get a head that is neutral 16.5 or should I just adjust my 15 head by 1.5 to achieve the same loft. I understand by increasing the loft I effectively close the club face. My normal shape is a slight to mid draw. I worry that it might accentuate it and it'll slowly start to turn into a hook. I appreciate any feedback! Thank you MGS fam!
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