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  1. I live in Las Vegas and our course conditions are mainly firm for both fairways and bunkers. I use my 60 most of the time for green side bunkers and shots as well as open faced shots. I am definitely a digger and my divots show it haha. That’s why I am considering going 56 full and 60 mid. I’m coming from SM6s where I was playing 54 10 bounce S grind and 58 12 bounce K grind if that helps. Thanks for the response!!
  2. I am going to use my PGA store playability in order to switch out my RTX 4 54/mid and 58/mid for 56/full and 60/mid. I just wanted to get some input from everyone to see if going full and mid respectively or should I just stick mid all across the board? I plan on bending the 56 to 55 in order to keep my 5 degree gapping from PW-LW. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey everyone! I recently joined the RTX 4 family changing from my SM6 50 8 bounce F grind, 54 10 bounce S grind, and 58 12 bounce K grind. My set composition is 50 and 54 mid and 58 full. I’m torn whether or not to get my 58 in mid rather than full? They’re pretty much the same with the mid making it easier to open the face. I’m trying to get some feedback from the group whether or not it’s advisable. The courses I play at are moderately firm as well as their traps. I love the s400 shaft but if I ever were to change, what shaft option would you pick and why? Thanks everyone! I appreciate any feedback!
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