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  1. For a minute there I thought it was too stiff for me even though its not that typical block fade you'd see if the shaft was too stiff haha. I think youre right though, the TX is really tripping me up. It makes me feel I am not worthy to use that shaft HAHAHAHA! Most of my shots with the 7 wood with the 85TX have a tendency to draw/hook. The shop I bought it from told me its tipped 2 inches that's what got me worried it might be too stiff haha. I appreciate your feedback!
  2. Hey everyone! I recently got a 7 wood that came with a Tour AD GP shaft but unfortunately the shaft is all sorts of messed up from the previous owner. I ended up grabbing a Tensei White Raw AV 85 TX shaft instead. I was looking at the specs off Mitsubishis website and noticed the only difference between the 85 X and TX is 0.1 torque. Im curious is there really any difference between the X/TX? Here are some numbers from the simulator today. The 85 TX is on my 7 wood (21) and my 4 wood has the same shaft but in 75X. Based off this small sample size do you think I can get away with using a TX in the 7 wood? Thanks!
  3. I will make the switch to the 16.5. I am leaning towards getting the 16.5 head so there's no adjustments necessary. In your opinion, is it safer to get a higher lofted head and if I want to drop it down or just stick with the 15 I have now? I like where your heads at HAHAH!
  4. Thank you for the reply! I fit the demographic of distance off fairway and second tee option. I consider my 3 wood the best club in my bag. I have a great deal of confidence with my 3 wood. I tried my 16.5 on my 15 yesterday and i definitely like the ball flight and how much easier it was to stop on the green. But as you mentioned I am concerned that I would be compensating more than i need to in the event my draw turns into a hook. I managed to hit the simulator just now and here are the numbers between the 15 and 16.5! Thanks again!
  5. Hey everyone! I wanted to get some feedback on an idea im trying to put in to motion. I currently have a TSi2 15 3 wood and I am replacing my TSi2 21 Hybrid for a 7 Wood. I found a great deal on a brand new TSi2 16.5 but for a preowned price. Is it worth it to get a head that is neutral 16.5 or should I just adjust my 15 head by 1.5 to achieve the same loft. I understand by increasing the loft I effectively close the club face. My normal shape is a slight to mid draw. I worry that it might accentuate it and it'll slowly start to turn into a hook. I appreciate any feedback! Thank you MGS fam!
  6. For the guys who tested the T100S set, how did you go about the wedge gapping? I have a set of 2020 T100s up to GW and I am debating if would be better to play stock pw and gw and have just a 54 and 60 or could I get away with a 8 degree gap from my 9 iron to my 46 and play 52 58? I feel that the stock gw comes a little too hot off the face. Thanks for taking the time to review the new sticks!! I can't wait for the t100s to come out in black!
  7. I currently play T100s 6-GW. My stock PW is 44 while my stock gap is 48. I just purchased a 50 SM8 but I’m debating if I should revert to the 46 degree SM8? The face on the t100s is a tad bit hot when it comes to bump and runs but I’m holding off for now until I get some input back from the community. Thanks everyone!
  8. Oh man such a hard life hahahah congrats again to everyone!! Hopefully there is a U505/T200 utility testing soon! Hahah
  9. Man I’m salty for this one hahahah if only I could give up my titleist ball test for the t series testing hahahaha congrats to the testers!!! I thought there were only 5 testers or are my eyes playing tricks on me on list announced? I can’t wait to see your reviews!
  10. Thank you for the opportunity! I am beyond excited to see how this ball plays in the desert! Congratulations to my fellow testers!
  11. Thank you bro! I added the pics now! hahah UP UP UP!
  12. what degree is the driver?
  13. I'd love to get a chance and try this out! Let's see if this get can my bettinardi out of the bag hahah!
  14. Hey everyone! I currently have a TSi3 9 degree head. I realized that I need a 10 degree head and would like to trade my 9 degree for a 10 degree. I would also be open to selling my 9 degree $425.00 if that would be easier. Thanks everyone!
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