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  1. All those people with Wolff throwing the remote through the TV haha haha i'm the guy with Harris English
  2. appreciate it! Glad we have all formed a group that likes to try and win stuff!
  3. Take a look at my Roster and shoot me a message. My team is open
  4. Thanks, i had been looking at getting one of those Varispeed mats but never pulled the trigger. This saved me!
  5. Welp i kinda got sucked in... Signed up for MyBookie with my Father-In-Law and ended up betting on the WMPO final round. Put $5 on Scheffler, Thomas, Lee, and... Keopka! Well Keopka was like +2400 going into the final round. Won me $120! haha IF you're interested in giving it a go, can you use my link? https://mybookie.ag/signup/?reff=MB1666800 I noticed that the odds could be really good for anyone BUT the leader. I didn't think Speith or Xander would win down the stretch so i bet on the next 4-5 guys in contention.
  6. @Lacassemlet me know if a Rory trade interests you.
  7. Saw a few guys dropped Mark Hubbard this week (of no surprise). Gotta laugh at the boards when you see his name up there on the leaderboard. haha
  8. I'm ok with this.... You only need 3/5 players anyway
  9. HAHA laughs on me (whoever saw the text after day 1). I was riding high at #5 after day 1 but only had 3 of the 7 guys playing make the cut and fell to 40+ haha. Long season though...
  10. im going to start throwing down some $5 bets on some of these smaller name guys!
  11. If the player makes the weekend THEN gets injured, well that kinda bites. Comparing to fantasy football, some guys say they are going to play and then the game starts and they dont feel like it or pull a hammy getting dressed or see 1 touch and decide it was a bad idea. Its the gamble of sports.
  12. that definitley bites BUT if only the top 4 scores are counted for the week then it wont matter if they had points or not. (Or am i missing something with total team score?)
  13. Round 1 begins today! Not sure if i've ever watched golf more intently than now!!
  14. im in Insta-jail too w/ @xOldBenKenobiX hahaha
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