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  1. I did NOT do the power spec lofts. These lofts are already like 4-5deg stronger than my current gamers so i get like 1.5 more clubs out of them. I used to hit a 7-iron (33.75 deg) 155yds and now i hit the new G710 7-iron (29.5deg) a good 170 yds. A lot will depend on what gamers you are coming from. I'm a very strong advocate of getting fitted so changing your shaft might help you as well. The key is the trajectory and decent angles.
  2. i got the s*** Tracer app recently since im working on the G710 reviews and it works decently. I've spent $1 on worse things. I had someone take a video of my shot during a round and then when i was home i uploaded it into the app and it worked decently. Prolly needed to be a little further back but ppl could get the idea of the ball path. For $1 its not bad.
  3. haha thats hilarious, we might need a side chat about that. Yea these Ping G710's came JUST in time. Was always hoping i'd get picked bc i needed irons BAD (playing old TM rocketbladz) and just not hitting the # of greens i've wanted to. They do seem a little on the Super Game Improvement side of things (slight spoiler alert) as opposed to just Game improvement but at the end of the day i wanna score well. I've got a lesson package and fitting with Golftec whenever they finally open back up so im interested to see how well the G710's compare with my current gamers and my consistency with compared to other competitor offerings too!
  4. @Lacassem How do you like your current P790's? TM rep tried getting me in those last year but i just couldnt hit them well that day on the range. Looking forward to hearing your experience with these G710's as well! Swing'em well!
  5. did get out there and play a round on Thursday. We had a good bit of rain the day before so i was a bit nervous playing on soft soil. Didnt get much warm up time too... I typically shoot abt 90... shot an 84!! had 3-4 legit birdie attempts. My driving wasnt real good as im normally a 50-65% fairway hitter. Still saving my scoring to a later date in order to give them a fair shot. Lots I do like, a little I do not prefer. Obviously hitting new clubs that you've never hit before is a change so im working on minor adjustments. Im def not a pro or a single digit hdcp'r so my ball striking isnt as pure. Kinda remember what is the fault of the indian and what is of the arrow. Still loving the wedges (PW, SW, UW) as I hit some awesome shots. Im about 75/25 on the 4-iron that i was loving on the range. Hit like 2-3 awesome 4-iron shots abt 205-210 (gamer 4 iron was removed from my bag. Only went 180-190 anyway and rarely hit it well). My putting was very good too; less than 2 putts per hole. Great solid feel. Many guys mention like a wood bat and I agree; doesnt matter if its dead center or off the toe/heel.
  6. The sole of the G710 is abt 1.5x larger than the Vokey. This helps sweep through instead of dig in. I very rarely intentionally TRY to aggressively dig down and spin the ball. Helps me a good bit since I occasionally duff some chips. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  7. The Titleist 56 SW IS 56 deg and 10deg bounce. ‘S’ grind. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  8. Quick Recap Date: 5/13/2020 Webfit/Zoom call with Bill Iseri (Head Master Fitter) from Ping. Awesome guy, very knowledgeable and wanted to ensure my transition to the G710's was a smooth one. We talked about Ping and the strong Family-feel environment; from my impression, its a tight-knit group and they truely appreciate their employees and those playing Ping clubs. Set: 4-W, UW, SW stiff KBS tour shafts (same as current gamers) Blue dot D1.0 swing weight Tour velvet grips w/ Arccos Initial First Impressions Clubs arrived: 5/19/2020 (greatly appreciate the quick turnaround!!) (Picture dump w/ thoughts) Box arrived quicker than expected; 1 week.including assembly and shipping from Arizona to South Carolina. Especially with all the Covid stuff going on AND a smaller staff at Ping. They made it known how much they value reviews and appreciate the MGS community. Club heads protected from banging into one another and pre-maturely scratching one another. Make sure im the first one to do that! Arccos sensors in the Tour Velvet grips Black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Hydropearl Finish. What the heck is PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a process to produce a metal vapor (titanium, chromium and aluminum) that can be deposited on electrically conductive materials as a thin highly adhered pure metal or alloy coating. A coating applied by PVD is durable but not invincible. Scratches will be much more visible simply because of contrast between the usually dark coating and much lighter base metal. Unlike stainless steel, PVD is more expensive to repair. Initial top-down address: Looks GREAT. The black does make it seem smaller. Its a sleek look! I prefer a thin top-line look and these seem to match that profile. I was worried bout being able to see the cavity behind it but i do not notice it. The below picture is of the SW and the one below it is the 4-iron. I like the address, I feel confident already. 4-iron. The offset is more than i thought it might be. But maybe thats what i need in order to hit a 4-iron haha. The overall size of the G710 clubhead is larger than my current gamer (TM Rocketbladz tour) BUT the actually groove length is the same (2.125") SW squared up with a ball at address. The white line on the bottom does help to align. As you can see, my driving range was heavy on the sand... Quick Range Session: Had 1 hour to hit the range real quick after the clubs came in! Brought both my current gamers (TM Rocketbladz Tour) and the new G710's. Stopped by the putting/chipping green first.... Hit 10 shots with my Titleist Vokey 56deg SW to a pin 10-15yds away (pic below). It was Ok... The Vokey wedge feels like you gotta clip it just right. I couldn't get real consistent on it. Duffed like 2 shots too. (the balls on the back fringe were from the G710 SW shots) The G710 SW felt great on the next 10 shots (2nd pic below). Very surprised how well I liked it. It does have a larger sole which improves the turf interaction. I consistently hit chip after chip in a tighter dispersion. Almost holed out 2-3 shots too. Range Session: I was able to hit the range for about 2 small buckets of balls. As you can see from a photo above, the range was heavily sanded so that didnt help. On top of it, there were 10-15mph winds into my face the whole time. Tough to make determinations on distances. Compared shots from my gamers to these back'n forth. ** I'm going to leave the scoring to a later review when i've had time to evaluate on the course ** Sound/ Feel: Sounded and felt GREAT. They are a softer stainless steel and feel very much like a forged iron no matter where i hit the ball on the club. Never felt any stingers. The G710's have a very solid sound on contact. (Hear the sound in the video above. Video makes them seem a bit more 'thud' then they really are. The feel is excellent to that helps too) Looks: Slightly larger in size than i am used to. I can get over that as long as they perform well. The black PVD finish is a cool look but not sure on its durability. It does seem smaller due to the black 'stealth' finish. Top-line is thinner than I anticipated. Offset is greater than I am used to. I do like the look overall as it is something different than the normal chrome finish that everyone is used to. Distance/ Forgiveness / Accuracy: I started with the Wedge (PW) and moved to 7 and then 4 iron. Very tough to judge distance due to the wind in my face as strong as it was. The ability to get the ball off the ground and airborne was very easy. Turf interaction is great as long as i hit down and through the ball. A lot of my issues are the indian and not the arrow. I had a tendency to fade the ball quite a bit which i will need to work on. Not sure if its a fitting issue, a change in the amount of offset im used to, or just bad swings... My real question going into these clubs was whether or not i could hit the 4-iron... I replaced my current 4iron with a 4 hybrid bc of my inability to hit my current gamer. i LOVED this G710 4-iron. I was crushing it against the wind. When id hit a good one, it was 190-195 carry into the wind. The height on it was great! Forgiveness seemed very good. I know I do not always hit the center mass but most shots seemed to have a solid distance for my inconsistency. Trajectory: Very easy to get up and airborne. The Height was remarkable and consistent. The trajectory was a bit higher than my gamers yet provides more distance at a lower loft! We'll see how well they stop on the greens soon but im not too worried. *Update to hitting balls at the range. Was able to hit some old balls from my father-in-laws yard and hit them GREAT. Slight draw today. Hit a bunch of great 7-iron and 4-iron shots. Hoping to hit the course tmrw. Conclusion: A lot to like here. Looking forward to seeing how they perform on the course. Obviously get out to the range and hit them even more. Looking forward to working with them more. The finish has held up pretty well so far. I've enjoyed the shorter clubs/wedges so far; very easy to consistently chip and pitch with. The 2 wraps of tape under the grip seems to feel comfortable for me too; something i've never tampered with. Consistency is king for me so i'll keep yall posted as I put rounds on them! **Please ask questions if I may have left out info you're looking for**
  9. BIG NEWS! To my surprise the G710 irons arrived yesterday evening! Working on an initial first impression. Stay tuned!
  10. haha @Berg Ryman we are set in nearly the same specs. Blue dot 4-UW but i am in the KBS Tour Stiff and you went Nippon S.
  11. Yea im not worried about spin loss on these. Ping and other companies seem to have done a great job maintaining the proper launch and decent angles that should be seen in each iron BUT increasing distance. My swing tends to generate great spin already (not by design, just happens to be that way) so holding greens has always been easy. The KBS shaft i've used and will be using again is a higher launch shaft as well. If we had gone with a lower launch shaft then I might lose some holding power.
  12. After all of the anticipation... I have content!! This afternoon I was able to meet with Bill Iseri from Ping for a Zoom web-fitting. Bill is the Head Master Fitter for Professional Athletes and Celebrities. Little did he know, I am neither... Regardless of my status, Bill was a great guy to talk and interact with. Very personal and informative. We spent a full hour talking Ping, golf, and life. I was able to learn a bit more about Ping and the pride they have being a tight-knit family company. Pre-fitting: Before getting on the call with Bill, I wanted to provide him with the most information I could in order for him to be knowledgeable about my swing and golf game. I sent videos of my swing down-the-line and face-on. I also sent screenshots of my current Arccos data, floor-to-wrist measurements, hand size, driver swing speed, and current iron setup. The Fitting: As previously mentioned, meeting Bill was a treat; class-act guy. A good bit of our discussion was based on my current iron setup. For me, I currently play Taylormade Rocketbaladz Tour irons from ?2013?. Being that I am 5'10" I fit very well into the A-typical profile for height. Very little to no lie adjustment needed. I believe that placed me into the Blue dot. As for swing weight, my RB Tour irons are a D2.0 weight. The G710's come standard as a D0. In order to maintain a similar feel, we decided to bump up the G710's to a D1 swing weight Shaft selection. I thought this was going to be an opportunity to change. After talking with Bill, he recommended I use the same KBS Tour stiff shaft that are in my RB Tour irons. This will maintain a similar feel as well. We debated if a lower trajectory shaft was needed but its tough to tell without launch monitor data or knowing current launch data from my irons. Ping utilizes a software database to help narrow down and optimize recommended shafts. Club selection. Not much to talk about as we wanted to see 4-SW in the bag to try them all out. I currently use 3 and 4 iron hybrids so I was very interested in trying out this G710 4-iron. The SW and UW will help prevent gaping issues with my other wedges too. Grips: I don't even remember which grips are being put on haha oops. I current game the Winn Grip Excel Wrap grip. I like the tacki-ness of them. I mentioned the Arccos sensors for the grips and will be getting those too. He mentioned that we add 2 wraps of tape since i tend to grip the club harder than normal. Conclusion: Very cool experience talking with a very intelligent professional. Web fittings seem to be kinda tough... In my honest opinion, web fittings might be best if you have experience, data, and are particular about certain aspects. If it is your first time ever being fit for clubs, you NEED a launch monitor. The data that is available to fitters is exceptional. The added aspect of interchangeable shafts for clubs at a fitter helps out too. I would have liked to TRY different shafts but I do not have any complaints about my current shaft (KBS tour stiff) so we stuck with it; it was also recommended by the software. The launch monitor at a fitter would also help me learn my new gaping as these G710's are expected to be approximately 13yds longer. All in all, very cool experience meeting a great guy. Always fun talking golf and tech with another golf nut.
  13. Fittings are being scheduled!! Stay tuned! Mine is tomorrow (5/13) Very excited
  14. I appreciate the birthday wishes!
  15. Yea thats a legit concern to review. Looking at the line-up on G710 clubs, I would need to include the UW into the bag. My typical wedge setup (besides PW) are 52/56/60. The UW is 49 deg and the PW is 44. I prefer my Titleist Vokey wedges and know the feel of them better. Unless they tell us they want us to try ALL the clubs 4-SW then throw it in an we'll see. Maybe and extra forgiving SW is needed and i didnt realize it.
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