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  1. cool position but moving would be tough to move from Charleston.... Why did Sam leave MGS??
  2. Looks pretty good. Im around the same. About an iron shorter but my clubs may be a bit older (higher lofts too). My driver distance is the same. At the end of the day, only matters if it goes straight....
  3. Thats awesome! I love this. That is a very REAL set of clubs right there. Im sure Callaway or TM gave him some free ones to promote but its cool to see that even Mega-millionaires can have Joe-Shmo bags. How was his swing and game? Would the ERC II even outdrive any current drivers now anyway??
  4. Thanks for the link! This is really cool. Glad to be able to see that i'm getting the distance I should when i square one up correctly.
  5. Im basically the same stats; +/- 100mph swing speed and i was fit just last year for a TM M6 and average about 245-250. Thats with 1yr of real Arccos data (abt 20rds). My longest drive is 280. Any review i've watched has said the SIM will provide like 5yds more yardage. Could always request a demo club to borrow and try on the course. Otherwise their launch monitor is wack
  6. Its easy to second guess if something else could have been better. I did it last year when I got the M6 bc the Rogue was a good 10yds longer BUT I hit the M6 WAY more consistent. The rogue was all over the place on mishits. If you're hitting the SZ consistent and know where the ball will go more often than not, then its the right fit. Hitting more fairways will help your game much much more than getting 5 more yards. Take a quick lesson and make a slight adjustment to your swing and the Mavrik will work even better. Mishits will always be higher spin but if your center strikes are low 2000's then its great.
  7. I live in the area (Charleston) and go out to the course for lunch ever so often. The 17th hole (Par 3) is EXTREMELY daunting if there is a mild or more wind. It blows from the right side (ocean side). You have to hit the ball out over the water and have faith the wind blows it back across towards the green. You can't bail out left (if i remember correctly) bc its a big grassy hill.
  8. Im a big TM person as well. They just seem to work very well for me. Almost got put into a TS3 or Rogue driver but the M6 was too consistent.
  9. very cool! Well done. Great find regarding the Camry carpet! I'll have to keep that in mind
  10. Looks like Mevo+ takes a little dig/jab at Skytrak mentioning (5) courses at no additional licensing cost.
  11. Was it the original Mevo that required the small metallic stickers? I assume the Mevo+ does not?
  12. Though i will prolly never own PXG bc im not rich haha... I am intrigued with their business model and approach. But also find them kinda crazy for making $3000 irons. Interesting article from MGS though. The XP provide lower spin but more distance/carry for a club that is nearly identical to the P. Maybe the work-ability is much greater on the P's I'd love to try these one day.
  13. @JudgeSmails the club speed is missing from the 2019 testing. The club and ball speed will be similarly correlated. If 2019 testing was abt 99-100mph then there's an interesting difference in performance.
  14. I saw this topic headline and was hoping someone had clear (transparent in visibility) golf balls. Clear outer layer to see the inner core. Guys dont normally switch balls for the sponsorship so I guess its actually a good ball. Too rich for my blood so i'll take their word on it.
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