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  1. these days golf ball fitting is becoming more and more popular just like a driver or iron fitting. The large diversity of balls will play differently for different players just like clubs. I know the kirland golf balls from Costco were so close to Pro V 1's that Titleist sued them. Since they had to change their formula, the new Costco Kirland balls are still good. Great for the money. The Taylormade TP5 is an excellent ball and is very similar to Titleist. Good enough that pro's are switching.
  2. Yea they should experiment trying to add a 3rd screen you can slide to on the watch for pin location.
  3. I have loved the Arccos as well and the iwatch app works well. One thing i noticed is that i still need my phone to adjust the position of the pin on the green. Though most of the time the pin is located in the right place and i probably do not care that much about my average distance to pin and putting distance.... Im interested in that Link module though... Ive caught 3-4 times that the impact isnt detected though...
  4. Big difference in a good way or bad way? I am in the market for a new putter. Been using an original 2-ball forever now and putter tech has actually evolved quite a ways over the past few years. EVNROLL seems to have an excellent product and the details that the add make a difference. Very interesting videos they have on their webiste. Interested in this gravity grip coming out too.
  5. Jon South Carolina 34" Odyssey original 2-ball strength
  6. Noticed you have the Tensei shaft, I have it in the Blue 65 for my new TM M6. Great shaft. I guess any shaft can be good though if it fits your swing. Also, i am getting to love the Arccos system as well. Great for understanding tendencies.
  7. 324! Whoa! Wind behind ya on that one??? haha Thats beast mode for sure. Whats your swing speed?
  8. Was browsing amazon and the Voice Caddy website yesterday. The review for the SC300 are not very good. Not that there were many reviews but a little cautious on it at the moment. I do like the iphone integration and some visual data though. But if the SC200 provides the same info for 1/2 the price then why spend more.
  9. THAT.IS.AWESOME. especially the headcover!
  10. Looking forward to seeing how much better the G410 is than some one their current equipment. Its great club and in some instances, the guys could benefit from the tech but most importantly getting the right fit with the shaft will make a world of a difference.
  11. What speed classifies as too fast for the SC200? 90+? 100+? Or should it only be used for the steel sticks (iros) and not the boom sticks (driver/3w/5w)? Ive been eyeing one of these for a while and maybe the SC300 but have yet to pull the trigger.
  12. Any Lefty that is also a Taylormade fan will be disappointed to see that the Taylormade Pre-owned website has now been combined with Global Golf website... This means no more extra discounts for lefties! No Bueno. Looks like my brand loyalty is out the door boys (and ladies). Im a free agent to the marketplace!
  13. wow i got my butt kicked in this. The top seeds all fell apart! It was a lot of fun to watch though!
  14. congrats all, looking forward to the content. Very interested if improvement is seen.
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