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  1. yea these HUGE bids are keeping me from getting waivers. Not sure i understand that theory considering those guys could get injured this week for all we know. Do we know if Collins is still playing?? Offered trades now and in the past with no response.
  2. whoa! amazing how draft position doesnt really matter (assume you were top 5 drafting). 1 play can knock out your key guys.
  3. Ha i was about to put DJ Moore (WR Panthers) as trade bait but he got my 20pts this week... Guess he keeps his place on the roster.
  4. Hats off to the guy who tried to get me to trade Nick Chubb this week for a WR2 or WR3....
  5. How does this waiver bidding work? I see you get “$100” and highest bidder prolly gets the player but does it reset each week to $100 or is it $100 for the whole season?? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. if you're going to attend the live draft, do NOT pre-select players in my opinion. Its like an autodraft.
  7. well there ain't any money on this, just some good fun. Got a 1:?60? chance of winning it all anyway. If you aint first, you're last...
  8. 12+ year scotch is good but im more of a bourbon guy myself
  9. Lets roll!! Can't wait to get Antonio Brown like 15 tds for me this season.....
  10. it used to say the same. Then recently asked me for pay to keep the subscription. I did so i can keep getting the info.
  11. Any other testers get charged for Arccos Caddie after 3 months now? I thought we had it through next year?
  12. Played thursday and once again shot my 6th consecutive round in the 80's (88). Been under the weather too so my strength and touch was def not 100%. My putting was HORRIFIC (39) and still shot well. Missed 2 very short birdie putts.
  13. Yea this will be real interesting if it pushes the Ping SFT out of the 'anti-slice' ring or is a new best choice for slow-swing drivers
  14. Got a round scheduled for Thursday! Looking to push it low again as I've had more consecutive rounds in the 80's ever in my life (5). But consistency is KEY! Would love to hit that dream of a sub 80 round.
  15. Call away just releases info on the new B-21 driver to be a 'spin killer' tailored towards those looking to reduce a slice. Jailbrake poles and a flash face look very promising for distance! Great looking color scheme! I am very interested to see how the esting goes with this in comparison to the Epic Flash and Mavrik
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