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  1. I live here in Charleston. Sounds like yall had a great trip and hit a good few spots. Stono Ferry is a great one near the water for the money. I live in Dunes West and love playing my neighborhood course. Fortunately you are also near Kiawah if you wanted to 'splurge' and play some super nice courses. Obviously the Ocean Course is out there and that'll set you back but Osprey is amazing, Cougar point, turtle point. Ideally if you come around January the prices are great and sometimes you can snag golf/condo package prices which are exceptional.
  2. I got the Neato version instead of Roomba. The Neato works in a more uniform 'lawnmower' pattern as the Roomba is more sporadic. Set a schedule for it to run at night or while at work a 3 days a week and nearly never vacuum myself again! just remember to empty the dust bin each time. AMAZING how much they pickup.
  3. The real debate: Do you prefer a thick burger or smashed burgers. AND the bun can make such a big difference! I do not like dense bread buns. Personally, im a big fan of the smashed burgers; all the way lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, mustard, ketchup.
  4. New Equipment is needed every 3-5 years...? I love seeing tests of older equipment up against the newest (typically drivers). How much more you're paying for minimal gains in some cases. Or none at all
  5. I wish Morikawa would have won. The PGA tour really needed another star to step-up. Scottie is playing amazing right now. Hes a great great guy but the tour needs more firepower in their stance against LIV.
  6. I have the original Rapsodo MLM which is good for the range BUT def wanting to upgrade to the MLM Pro. So many options these days for different scenerios (indoor, outdoor, cheap, expensive, how much data, simulation, etc)
  7. I guess it comes down to Spiked or spikeless. But is style or comfrot more important??
  8. Instagram is really ruining my chances of winning everything with the limited # of comments im allowed to make hahaha
  9. Very rarely do they publicly announce the winner. Even for major giveaways. I am always skeptical people give things away or dont just give it to friends on some of the smaller status giveaways. I applaud the ones that do Live drawings and announce winners.
  10. Yea i usually do it really early in the morning and then late in the evening. If it only lets me 1x a day, then its just a daily thing. Sometimes if you dont do any tagging for a few days, you can do more at a time. I'll have times i can only submit like 3 entries then it denies me. Other times i'll get like 15 in.
  11. Having just won the Qi10 driver. This now puts me at $9,480 in golf (and a few bbq) winnings. If i include the 2 MGS items i've tested (rangefinder & irons), I am at $11,330
  12. Won the new Taylormade Qi10 driver and a fitting for it.
  13. ah good to know. Is that for all the courses?
  14. amazing how close in accuracy the BLP is to a trackman! And for a FRACTION of the price. That $500/yr is a tough swing with other options like Rapsodo MLM Pro out there for free. The BLP is more accurate but at what cost in comparison for the avg weekender.
  15. 100% agree. If you enjoy it; for price, for condition, for location, etc then its a good course. I play a muni in lightly-decent shape and i've also played Pebble Beach before. Pebble at $600 was incredible. But $30 at the muni is great too bc i can play it ALL THE TIME and i have fun and it doesnt change my score.
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