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  1. Got to go play today. My father-in-law was using my NX9 HD and i used my old Bushnell. The NX9 pulls distances so much faster and easier. Still loving it!
  2. Very interested to hear what you end up with and how it goes. Keep us posted.
  3. I am nearly the same hdcp and look at the exact same irons! A fitter once told me to start with irons that meet the 'eye test'. You want to look down on the club and feel confident. Once youve selected a few sets, youve got to try them out. The weight balance of each will feel different. You'll most likely hit one set much better than all the rest. Pay attention to your misses and how those look. Is it BAD misses or just a little off. With 2 or 3 sets selected, see if they will let you borrow some clubs or demos and hit them on a real grass driving range. I was able to do that with my last set and it made a HUGE difference. I put the clubs down, looked away and grabbed one and hit it. I didnt want to feel biased towards one brand or another, just wanted to have the best irons for me. Back at the fitter, they'll be able to then fine tune those irons into the best shaft for your swing.
  4. Was able to play for the 1st time since my wife had a baby. 1st round in over 2 months and shot a 85! That's one of my best rounds this year. Can't complain there. Now i've got the itch to play more and I can't haha.
  5. I got it as well.... Wondering if the "you've been selected from the random selection process" was more of a marketing scheme. They used this terminology to sound exclusive (like Augusta National) but in reality ALL people were selected to be able to buy tickets.
  6. I have an older set of TM Rocketbladz Tour irons that I still enjoy but would like to see if a new set of shafts would perform better. Is there any way to get fit for new shafts for older irons? I know they can use the Mizuno shaft optimizer and any new irons have interchangeable heads. How do you get custom fit for old irons...? thx
  7. these balls are great for the high handicap golfer who doesnt care what ball they play. Decent ball at a great price. Quality issues will plague it though. Sounds like the cover is tearing without even hitting trees or the path
  8. saw this too! For the money its a good ball when compared to other balls in its price range
  9. Jon / South Carolina 13 hdcp Taylormade rocketbladz tour 150
  10. I TRIED to lose the NX9. For those of us that play courses that do not have fully paved paths and take the cart over roots when looking for our balls in the woods, the magnet was amazing. I couldn't get that thing to fall off even once.
  11. @GolfSpy MPR I went ahead and dropped my 56 wedge (which i used to use for EVERYTHING) from my bag and only carry a 52 & 60 now. The 52, for me, will go no more than 105 on a full swing. From there i know the feel all my pitches of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. Then around the green if i need to land it soft i use the 60 but if i need it to roll out i'll go 52. Same for bunker play.
  12. I typically do not use a rangefinder for anything under 100yds. More specifically when i KNOW i am under 100yds (partial wedge shots). To me, those are more of a feel shot. Maybe i should be shooting the flag to know if its a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 wedge.... The PP NX9 will very easily tag the flag from that close.
  13. going to have to agree with @russtopherb. I played this weekend as well and would pick up trees and bushes behind the green quite a bit. A bittersweet feature but can be annoying if you play in a heavily wooded course. I did compare this issue with my old Bushnell V2 Tour and the Bushnell would grab the flag before anything else. Does it happen all the time, NO. But its that 1 or 2x per round when youve lined up perfectly with some trees behind the flag. Still a great product but just some minor annoyances like anything.
  14. Dang, i thought they used to have a great program. I wonder if they changed it within the past few years. I'm not a vet so ive never personally looked into it but always heard in side conversations how great it was. Greatly appreciate your service @Maltenator. Hopefully all wounds are healed up!
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