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  1. Its taken me quite a while to find a good 3w i like both off the tee and off the turf. Used the TM M4 for a while and it was a rocket off the tee but couldn't hit it real great from the deck. Grabbed a Titleist TS2 off ebay for like $100 and can CRUSH it off the deck but not ideal off the tee. Would prefer off the deck since im consistent with my driver. Ideally i should get fit for a 3w and 5w but i havent yet. Really try out a few and get the right shaft in them.
  2. you're right, says M/M on the site. I could swear they changed it; my mistake
  3. Congrats. @Paul Hedrick @Firebird @KC Golf@goaliedad30 Yall will truley enjoy these the more you use them over time. I've had them for 2years and it really helps to get a better understanding of your numbers.
  4. Congrats @blackngold_bloodon a great season! You wheel'd and deal'd. Also major props for @Lacassem, @Berg Ryman, and @xOldBenKenobiXfor outstanding performances down the stretch! That 50pts for the regular season paid off BIG for @blackngold_blood.
  5. sorry, I should have been more clear; Go to unbiased/ Non-OEM/ local/ national fitters.
  6. I would always go with a national fitter/CC/TrueSpec bc they are making sure you hit ANY and all brands that will best suit your swing. They dont necessarily care which brand they sell you bc if those guys can show you how much better you are hitting a ball with Titleist, or Srixon, or TM etc, then they'll sell the clubs. In a way, the OEMs need to kinda convince you that their clubs are the best for you without having anything to compare to.
  7. $40 for a Program that i have to input my perceived data! Its not like we are utilizing time on a Quad or trackman.... Could you not give a recommendation to put anyone in some form of Titleist ball (AVX, ProV1, or ProV1x) and not be wrong? UNLESS a criteria is how much you wanna pay for a dozen balls...
  8. Ah man, my wife is tired of hearing about it this weekend but i had an AMAZING back 9! ...We dont need to talk about the front 9 much. Played Yeamans Hall in Charleston, SC, par 70 ( 35/35). Shot a rough 47 on the front (let s skip that part) and then turned around and shot a +2 37 on the back!! Best 9 holes i've ever shot. Closed it out in. style with a 12ft birdie putt on the par 5 18th hole too.
  9. Welp it was fun bu I would feel wrong if i won the golden ticket. I'd prefer to let someone else win. I'll bow out gracefully as a 16th place so others can keep playing. On to Fantasy Football!
  10. the fight for top 10 begins!
  11. Yea i just found this thread too!! Finally people that have some coffee AND golf interest. Since i become WFH (work from home) a year ago, i figured i gotta make my own coffee and enjoy it. Ended up investing in a Mochamaster drip machine and a Baratza Encore burr grinder. Signed up for Trade coffee subscription to get some good recommendations and its worked out well. Went with the Mochamaster since its 1 or 2 machines that dispenses water at the proper temperature and certified by some National coffee association. Seemed fancy. Typically stopped tinkering and stick with a 15:1 ratio.
  12. After the season, we'll need you to do a WebEx tutorial teaching us how to do this! haha
  13. I’m in I’m in I’m in!!! starting off in 31st place and jumping to 16!!
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