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  1. i've got him already but he's actually quite good lately... 3 top 10's (4 top 25) in his last 6 tourneys... He's a sleeper going into the Fedex i think
  2. Wait so the Brian Harman drop is getting approved?? I've had some serious trade offers for him but didnt do them bc hes THAT good. Hasn't won but has 2 top1's since May 27. A few top 25's too. Nearly 1000 FedEx pts.
  3. I tried to make a few trades (i know, they werent exactly the greatest) but in the end, i kinda like my team. No BIG names but they have performed well. I have been able to sneak in there and get good finishes with them. As long as i can make the playoffs, i've got nearly everyone in the top 70! ...i think
  4. thinking about this... if Bushnell is going to claim "tour level accuracy" and this will be for indoors and outdoors... what will be the difference between it and the GCquad? And if a GCquad runs ya $15-20k, then what are they changing to bring the pricing down to $5-10k (guessing)???
  5. Those are player si have looking to trade away from my roster
  6. look to make trade away the following players off my roster: Chris Kirk Matt Jones Joel Dahmen Phil Mickelson if anyone is interested
  7. Yea, Costco sells a full Sim-in-a-box with the GC Quad for like $16,000. GC Quad is considered the best by most but if you have a mix of lefties and righties, maybe a Trackman would be better. Or Mevo+ is the cheaper alternative.
  8. already got one last year but am interested in others opinions.
  9. ok i got a full roster for The Open! Time to make some moves! ...or can't wait till all 6 miss the cut haha
  10. yea you're right, its mid-mid. Not sure where i got low-low unless they changed their site...
  11. dropping to $175 (MSRP $250) + free hat (still never worn)
  12. Just trying to find a way to cut off like 3-4 strokes from my scores. Eliminate the 3 putts and maybe make a few more from 10ft.
  13. @cnosilwe worked with a tool called the Putting Arc just to get the feel of a putting arc and not a direct straight back, straight forward swing. As much as i wanted straight back/forward, i was out to in a few degrees. Then we laid down some alignment sticks to make sure my putter didnt go above the top one or much below the bottom one. I have a Taylormade Spider Interactive putter which is actually used for fittings (unbeknownst to me) and the Blast Motion sensor that fits in the top gives all of the same metrics (just not the visual like the LAB system). I'll be practicing with that to get more consistent.
  14. After @Watchnut33 inspired me to finally go get a putter fitting, i scheduled my appointment yesterday to give it a go! I went to a local fitting place near me in Charleston, SC (David Ayers Golf) where they utilized the LAB system to review my putting stroke. Real cool info to see. I attached a sensor bar to my gamer putter and putted 5 balls. Gave analysis of the tempo, speed, stroke arc, stroke path, impact on the face, face angle, and some other info. Come to find out I had an out-to-in stroke, my face is open, but cutting across closed to the path. Respectfully, my fitter did not necessarily recommend a new putter (dont tell my wife) but wanted me to work on a better putting path. He thought the putters i had worked well as any new putter would be based on personal feel. Essentially he provided some putting lessons.
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