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  1. I should be available post-Memorial tourney. A few golf buddies and I are already considering the Fire Ridge/Black Diamond doubleheader. We got some fire ridge coupons from group golfer, and one of the guys said he wouldn’t drive to fire ridge and not play black diamond. So, great minds or something. I like it.
  2. Wish I could join you. Rumor has it Ashland is in great shape. I’m betting Deer Creek is similar.
  3. As of now I am most likely out. Mother has minor surgery slated for the 13th, I need to be in NY. There is a not unreasonable chance it is postponed, so I'll keep the thread up to date.
  4. Looks like Big Oak range! I got my first set there as a lad.
  5. I like the decision! I'm in for May 14 or 15.
  6. I played Mohican last year, it wasn't in horrible shape. A really nice track actually. Apple Valley and Manakiki both sound good, Deer Ridge may be most accessible (right off 71).
  7. Sounds interesting. What are you thinking?
  8. Resuscitating this thread as I have the same question. For those that carry...is there a strap system that works better than others? I have an Ogio and I'm not thrilled.
  9. My take, from virtually same position as you (age, ability, newfound desire to improve, coaching). I have been lucky to have a coach I can go see about every three weeks, and have been doing so for almost a year. He has tamed my gorilla swing to something far more controlled and consistent. It has been hard. What a great way to learn about muscle memory, the body's desire to repeat actions in spite of your brain's desire to do something different. I needed to learn how to roll my wrists, swing inside out, drop my hands, on and on. Gaining consistency across all these changes has been a long, long road. Coach does this without tech, but I try and add that other places (real feedback away from his expertise). All this to say, what I started out as thinking was a few lessons has lasted a long time. My focus now is on the process and not all on the outcome. This is hard stuff. I'll know when I have reached my goal.
  10. I actually find the Maxfli Tour surprisingly good, for 24 balls/$55 (last years model).
  11. If still available I'll take the SZ and the Aldila. I think I own your old Cobra Tour's as well.
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