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  1. Pitch shots and chipping I just tell myself to hit a good one. When I try to get cute and hit the perfect pitch it's when problems begin. Take Dead Aim
  2. I'm sold. Love any kind of original look that embraces classic styles of the game. Tired of seeing EVERYONE in blue, gray, black, and white all the time. Take Dead Aim
  3. Think box-Play box is the way to go. Take Dead Aim
  4. I do my best to keep my mind on external thoughts. Keep my mind off of golf, until it's time to hit the next shot. Look at the surroundings, listen to the animals, and talk with whoever is out there with me. When it comes time to focus I keep the swing thought simple, and never a mechanical thought. Usually it's just Take Dead Aim or Hit It Hard. Take Dead Aim
  5. Fox Den and a few others are starting to post times for the weekend Take Dead Aim
  6. 1,3,8. 4 is tooooo tempting though. Take Dead Aim
  7. Y'all loved him as CAPTAIN AMERICA in the Ryder Cup. Then he grounds one club in a bunker, denies it, and is the worst and most hated guy out there. He was assessed his penalty for his actions whether he admitted or not and the tour held him accountable. I think this is more media trying to tell a story or craft a narrative that he is a villain. Remember when ESPN and others were calling for Phil to be DQ'd be he hit a putt that was still moving at Shinnecock?? That's not the penalty for hitting a moving ball. He took his penalty as the rules dictated, 2 strokes - not disqualification. J
  8. Guess you just need to buy a sleeve and test them all yourself. Or there's really not that much difference in any of them so play whatever you like. Take Dead Aim
  9. Black or white. I've turned to belts if there's a place to add a splash of color. Take Dead Aim
  10. This offseason the two Northern Ohio sections merged (or Toledo was eliminated depending on pov) any way I'm building a list of all 18 hole courses in the section. I'll settle for just playing those. There's over 100 within an hour of my house. And who knows how many out closer to PA or IN. I know there's a few hidden gems on the fringes that are worth the trip. Take Dead Aim
  11. I've played around with a lot of the online ball fittings just to see what their algorithms were. It's really difficult on Titleist to NOT get recommended the ProV1. Same with Callaway and the Chrome Soft, the TP5, and on Bridgestone the RXS. It's really tough to get recommended an X ball. For example on Bridgestone to get the Tour B X I had to pick Drive +270, straight ball flight, distance is highest priority, average score under 80, and a medium ball flight. Take Dead Aim
  12. I wear a regular medium glove and use MCC+4 midsize. It really helps with my grip pressure and keeps the wrists quieter through the swing. Take Dead Aim
  13. I've been putting for eagle a few times every season, I maybe make 1. It helps my home course has a 460 yard par 5. I've holed out once from about 65. Take Dead Aim
  14. Here are the 2020 sand save leaders on the PGA. To answer the question, the numbers say copy Day. Of course you could try to copy anybody but you need to practice more than anything else. Though if you practice right, you won't be in bunkers in the first place. [emoji16] Take Dead Aim
  15. I always say outside. A launch monitor will only tell you so much. I think actually seeing the ball flight and being able to relate the feeling of a swing and impact to perceivable results is fantastic. If you can find an outdoor place with a monitor that is fantastic. I will 100% pick hitting balls outdoors. Take Dead Aim
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