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  1. The Srixon Z-Star is only 2 compression points softer, and has all the same qualities as ProV1 (3pc, mid flight, mid spin) per the MGS ball labs. And regardless of their 0-100 metric, it was only 3% worse in the True Price rating.
  2. I've actually thought about this over the weekend. How many times have any, public golf especially, lost a ball where we know exactly where we hit it? I did this on #5, no trees/water, nothing between #5 & #9 but grass and could not find the ball. Yes, officially rules say go back to the tee and hit 3. In the real world all the decent and fair playing partners say "we know where the ball should be, there's no good reason for a lost ball. Drop one in the area and hit your second." So this most certainly is a penalty that effects anyone that didn't have spotters, caddy, or fans following ev
  3. Penick's advice is great, get the ball rolling as soon as possible. If you have to chip with a 3i to do this, so be it. But one of the few golf lessons I've had is chipping with a 7 iron with the same idea. Once I was able to put it in action I've used this shot successfully for years.
  4. 37/41 this morning at home Cossett Creek. Birdies both par 5s on the front but 3 bad penalties on the back. Found hazards on 12, 15, & 18, two of which were poor execution by me. What's more concerning was plastering the driver all over the place, I couldn't keep it on my hole expect one that I smoked on #13. Typical day where one part of the game just isn't working.
  5. 76 this morning. Eagle on #9 at home, very short par 5 split in half by a lake, I hit Hybrid-5i. And a birdie on 18. Couple rough holes and ugly tee shots on the back 9. Basically every tee was set up on the side of the box I don't like. Bad double on 16 where I snap hooked the drive into trees and a couple holes I mis played a wedge into the green. I don't feel like I've seen my A game yet. Just my home course and I know how to get around. Getting ready for my first tournament next Monday.
  6. I'd actually say my wrist experiences getting paired up are as a twosome, getting put with another. Mostly this was hot deal tee times or a last minute booking on a Saturday morning. Getting paired with lots of non golfers. Or the starter forcing us to go together even though the course is kind of empty.
  7. I found a local course that doesn't get the most play and I bought a membership for several years now. I can get out early on Sat & Sun mornings by myself and move around at my own pace. The pro knows me and works with me so I can play, like last weekend there was an all day outing and he let go out before. Most of my life I've played the majority of the time alone. I don't mind, just avoid the busy hours.
  8. That course was fun and in good shape, played Wilkshire too. I've got family in New Philly so played a lot down there.
  9. They stopped making my wedge after the SM6, L grind 58, so I keep tracking those down on ebay.
  10. That's awesome!!! Trying to catch up to you!
  11. Semi rainout this morning but still got in 9. Tees off 1 hour late and started on #5. But it was play 5&6 find shelter, play 7 shelter, play 8 then shelter. Played 9-11, then 14&15 to finish. The last holes weren't fun as the back 9 has low holes that were just soaked. And I was soaked and it was getting incredibly humid very quickly so decided to stop. Hit the ball fine but it was decidedly not golf today.
  12. 75 this morning. My plans for cancelled twice so I called my home course knowing they had an all day outing starting at 7 AM but the pro said I could play as long as I tees off by 630, I got there at 6 and just went. Moved up to play the whites just to make sure I stayed out of the way. Left the yardage book in the car and range finder in the bag, just went by feel. I wonder if that tells me something... Front was -1 35, could've been lower. Missed 2 birds inside 8 feet and had some wedge shots I could hit closer. The birdie I made was a 40 for bomb though. 4 bogeys on the back. Back
  13. Cool on all accounts. Lots of fun courses down there. Get south of Canton and you get a little bit of the mountain golf.
  14. The only thing I've seen around my area is that the courses that are very long, say 6700+ hardly ever have the tees set back that far. There's a course by me that's 7400 from the tips, last time I played it, they had those black tees up two boxes. I understand it from pace of play issues.
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