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  1. DSG is closing out the 2019 Maxfli Tour online (maybe in store if you're lucky) @ 2 for $45 with free shipping. I grabbed 2 doz yellow. After the good reviews of both the 19 and 21 versions on MGS, I figure it was time to try these. I worked for DSG from 04-07, so there house stuff or "exclusives" were usually not great quality products. Really meant to be high margin products. Though occasionally there were some nice Walter Hagen branded stuff. This was also in the era that we would have 5 different TaylorMade drivers on the sales floor. Given their relationship with TaylorMade, both Pittsburgh based, I have a theory this ball may be very similar to previous TM offerings. If TM sold them the name, is it possible done technology ora patent came along with it?
  2. I've been playing MCC +4 midsize for the last several years and In like how much they've improved since their launch. I used Tour Velvet for years, which were a good value but their durability was low. When I first got my irons I had Lamkin grips on them, can't remember which style but I liked those too. If I switched from the MCC I would probably go back to the Lamkin.
  3. Took the day off, as it may be the last really nice day of the year, mid 70s and sunny. Shot a 78 at home, swing felt great and putted well. 1 bird, 1 double. There's still a lot of golf left as is usually nice enough into early December now, but it'll be in the 50s & 60s the rest of the way. The only question is, will this still be my home course next year.
  4. Yea, they shouldn't be able to though. Get all those cupcakes off the schedule for any major team. (yes I am aware of the huge financial implications for Southeastern Bama Tech showing up to get their heads kicked)
  5. Season winding down, so went out to home on a cool & windy morning. Not great but nothing awful. 80 on the number, 1 birdie no doubles. The birdie was a par 3 that I normally hit 7 or 6, I pulled a 4i and hit it pin high. That much wind this morning. Just wasn't a fun day though. Overcast, not great conditions, out by myself. Not so disappointed in the result, I know I can play better, but 80 isn't bad and I hadn't touched a club in 8 days.
  6. I dunno, I'm not looking forward to The Game down in Buckeye land. But still a lot of season to go.
  7. Rundown ACC is cooked, unless you believe in chaos and Wake Forest Big 10 has 4 undefeated and Ohio St. This conference is gonna be a blast to watch the rest of the way Big 12... Is Oklahoma State the great team no one is taking about Pac 12 had another hiccup, but still lots of good teams they're not out of it SEC as usual everyone folds to the only 2 actual good teams in this over hyped conference Cincinnati & BYU are for real. Coastal Carolina is not.
  8. Back home for a quick 18 this afternoon. Played in 2 1/2 hours, sent out after an outing and Ohio St. kickoff at 3:30 had the course empty. Shot 34 on the front with 3 birdies. Back 9 much tougher got a 41. But no penalties, 1 more bird.
  9. Unless there's chaos. There would need to be 2+ 2-loss of the power 5 champions or be the only undefeated school. I don't think it's right, but that's how college works. Then they'll make it next year as Big 12 champ.
  10. Went through a dozen of the BX this year, they were a pretty good X ball, and I'm not an X player. They weren't too clicky in the short game and I got good spin. I know the BXS is a good ball and one of the spinniest of the tour level balls. I also liked the older version of the RX, but now it feels like marshmallow. I have a 107 swing speed, so if you're a little slower it may still be good for you.
  11. Getting ready for Cincinnati to the be the best team in your conference???? Right Oklahoma is pretty good but not great, but they have good chance of running the table. This week's visit to KSU will tell us a lot. And Texas, oh Texas....good luck in the SEC next year you're gonna need it.
  12. ACC been bad for quite a few years, but luckily they've had Clemson running the table to keep them relevant. People been talking down the PAc12 for the same amount of time. And maybe over the last 3-4 seasons they don't have a team as good as Clemson but i'd take the top half of the PAc12 over the #2 ACC team
  13. I'm interested in any of the +4 line, and always been a Golf Pride fan. I switched from the regular Tour Velvet to the MCC +4 Midsize a few years ago. My biggest issue was durability. I do grip the club tighter, but I couldn't get through an entire season, 50-60 rounds without regripping my driver and main wedge. I hope that's been improved.
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