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  1. I purchased the PXG Gen 5 driver during the recent PXG sale. Paid $299. My prior driver, which I love, was an Epic Flash 10.5 with Project X Evenflow Stiff flex. Side by side, I carry the PXG Gen 5 10- 15 yards farther and total distance seems to produce 20 extra yards. However, I am a bit older and went from the above stiff shaft to the Tensei Raw Blue R-flex and 55 grams. At the end of the day, I am much happier with my new set up. So far, I ve played about 7-8 rounds with the new driver.
  2. I have simply convinced myself that my body knows what to do and that my mind needs to be quiet in order to let my body do what it knows. Any mental noise over the ball is a detraction from the ability to hit a good shot. The other thing is that I have bought into the concept that I do not step into a shot until I've completed my analysis of the situation and what type of shot I need to play. Once i figure out the shot, I hold a clear picture of it in my mind. Then, I step into address, look at my very specific target, clear my mind of everything else and let the shot go. If for some reason I ever have thoughts over the ball, they will be more of rhythm or tempo or getting to the desired finish position. Nothing else.
  3. My $0.02. I've played the MMT 70R shafts in my PXG Gen 3 T irons for the last year. A friend of mine lent me his Gen 4 ST irons with the Recoil dart 75 F3 flex. I like them both. I like the feel of the ST's better, but I cannot tell if this is due to the club head or the shaft. I spoke with a Club Champion filler and he had no hesitation is saying the MMT is a better shaft. He said it is much more "stable" -- which I take to men it has lower torque. He also said he thinks the QC is better with the MMT. My cousin played the the Recoil Dart 75 F3 and he traded out for the Project X Cypher 60 R. He likes the Cypher much better. He feels he is hitting it higher and farther. At any rate, in a couple weeks I will be hitting the Recoil Dart 75 R, MMT 70 R and Cypher 60 R side be side in the same club head (PXG ST). It seems like you may have all the info you need to make the decision, but if you want me to come back and post my thoughts just let me know. At the end of the day, I don't think you can make a bad choice. I agree with passing on the SF. By the way, I am 63 and my Dad is 90. We play a lot of golf together - twice a month. He still plays 3-4 times a week. A few years ago, I bought him an XXIO 5 wood (he uses it off the tee) and he still loves it. Great to mix golf in with our parents, if we can, as we go through the role reversal you mention.
  4. I play 4 degree gap: 46, 50, 54, 58. Works out great. Not sure about 6 degrees. However, 46, 54, 60 sounds pretty nice. Maybe the thing about 6 degrees is less confusion over which wedge to play.
  5. US Resident. John iPhone 11 or Mac Book Pro 16" (Also have iPad (1-2 years old) not sure the model. Primarily outdoor testing. I prefer not to use a net, but I can if needed. I play PXG 0811+ 10.5 driver with Evenflow Riptide 50g 5.5 shaft PXG Gen 2 woods 16 and 18 degree with the same shaft ad driver but 60g PXG Gen 2 Hybrids 22 and 25 with MMT 70g shafts R flex PXG Gen 3 P irons: 6-P with MMT 70g R flex shafts PXG Sugar Daddy Wedges: 50, 54, 58 degrees with Elevate 95 R flex shafts Putters: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 at 35" and PXG Blackjack at 32.5" with double bend face balanced shaft.
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