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  1. As a long-time user of Project (a), I'll definitely be giving the Tour Response a whirl. I want to say that the P(a) was a mid compression around 85 so it will be interesting to see if there is any feel/performance difference. I wouldn't want to see it be any softer than it is though as it feels and plays outstanding. Too much softer and it would definitely be a different ball. My guess is that Taylormade needed a reboot for the marketing for these balls. IMO, they've been a "under the radar" ball ever since they've been released and they're such a good ball that discontinuing would be a shame. Additionally, my hope is that they're not trying to push higher ss players 105+ mph into the more pricey lineup TP5/X by lowering the compression. Nothing wrong with the TP5 in the slightest but I've always noticed minimal performance/feel/durability difference with the $30 box of P(a)'s vs the $50 TP5's. Time will tell..
  2. So here's what we're lookin at: @revkev F3 50 R, Tour Velvet 1 extra wrap , regular tip 45” @dlow206 F3 5S @Rtracymog Motore X F1 7X Tipped 1” 45.25” MCC standard grip with 3 wraps total @goaliewales14 F1 6X 45" (not tipped) Tour Velvet Standard @azstu324 F1 6X 45", Lamkin Sonar Tour standard with 3 lower hand wraps. Looks like a pretty good mix of shaft models, weights, and flexes. This is gonna be fun!
  3. Just so everyone knows, the club techs are all at an event this week at Myrtle Beach and won't be able to start putting things together until next week. Probably looking mid to end of next week before they're sent out. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  4. It was indeed a GA area code 678 the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  5. In all honesty, It kind of started out with "what shaft would you like to play" so I think he really just wanted to get a feel for my level of knowledge about what I play and what I'm looking for. I told him that I didn't form any pre-conceived ideas because I wanted to be guided by the professional rather than convince myself that a certain shaft would be better. I ended up giving him my swing speed, ball speed, back spin, launch angle, and dispersion variance from center. I also explained my swing characteristics. We discussed the specs of my current shaft and what works for me and how the Motore X might improve certain numbers. He also was good about taking time to answer my questions.. and I had a few. I will say that if I were to have pre-conceived what shaft would suit me better, I would have been spot on.
  6. It was weird.. he asked what my favorite cereal is, boxers/briefs/or commando, and what super power I wish I had.. and then hung up the phone.
  7. So I just got off the phone with someone... folks have your stats handy! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  8. I'm sorry man but you're coming to the wrong group if you're looking for people to talk you out of buying golf equipment[emoji14][emoji1787] Maybe there's a "my husband/boyfriend buys way too much golf equipment" support group out there that you'll have better luck with. But seriously.. buy them if you have the chance! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  9. Will be interesting to see if it's a "one and done" fitting.. or if there will be some follow up with suggestions to tweak loft angles, etc. I'm going back tonight to see if maybe a lower loft (8*) might help pull my spin numbers down a hair. My goal is to really have my current driver/shaft maxed out and swing dialed in prior to getting our Fuji's. This way there's very little "what if" factor when comparing the 2. I'm almost tempted to go the 3rd shaft route and order the V2 Black in XS.. for now I'll just keep that as thought.. the Mrs. probably wouldn't be crazy about it.
  10. I pulled a total bonehead move and accidentally posted this in the wrong place. Sorry for the testers who have to see this twice.. So I very recently (as in since being picked for this testing) made some swing changes that I'm very happy about. In turn I have picked up about an extra 3-5 MPH which I think officially might put me in XS land at 110+. It will be interesting to see which shaft suits my new swing and #'s. I've always been on the line between S/XS. My transition and release is fairly smooth so I'm able to control a softer flex and bend profile. My launch angle, SS, and ball speed all changed for the better, but my spin jumped way up. It's interesting how a few hundred revs in spin can lose that much roll out and the end results are only 1 yard different. These 2 sessions are literally within 3 days of each other and show Old vs New. I also have videos of both swings. Such a subtle change made such a big difference and now I'm even more stoked to see how either shaft recommendation will possibly improve my stats. Would be interesting to see if I can tighten things up further and bring spin down to the lower 2K's. If I can accomplish that goal, I'll be a VERY happy camper. In watching the video that @GolfSpy Stroker posted, it was interesting that the 2 leaned more toward the F3. I'm sure we'll all learn more as we go as to why the F3 worked better for them. @Rtracymog this is one of the things I was talking about earlier. In preparation and throughout the process, you'll find yourself looking at your own numbers and swing and realize little areas that even you as a lower handicapper can find improvements. For my first LM session video that I recorded, I realized that I had a very abrupt takeaway that I'd picked up over time and I was standing very neutral which was causing a very low and flat flight. I had to force myself to slow way down which wasn't slow at all.. just more natural looking. In the 2nd session, you can see that I slowed down my takeaway quite a bit and I was able to set my transition much better and more efficiently and became easier to hit up on the ball. I'm posting these here because they're all simply prep work to get my swing ready for "game time". It's like training camp for a boxer/fighter. And yes, it might be overkill.. but I know no other way
  11. I know this sound super cliche' but while the equipment we're testing may have a monetary value, the experience is absolutely invaluable. I've learned quite a bit about myself and my game through these. Not to mention, you get to know other forum members on a more personal level. The forum value increases exponentially because you really get to see the kind of folks that your rubbing elbows with. When all is said and done, you look back with your comrades and say "we did this together". It's a pretty awesome undertaking. OK, so between us, all that sentimental sappiness.. never happened.. Just to make things clear and as far as anyone's concerned, I'm rough and tough and eat glass and nails for breakfast.. and shave with a bowie knife..
  12. Let me guess.. you slowed down the arms and hands by speeding up the hips and shoulders? And got your legs more involved? That's what I had to do when I developed snap hook-itis. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  13. I've been looking for mine for 25 years. Still haven't found it[emoji12] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  14. Not sure if you'll see any more or less spin but I find the Srixon Z star XV and Bridgestone Tour B XS are extremely controllable. On any given day I could game either as they are that predictable. Also, they both perform excellently in wind and seem to punch right through. IMO they both feel similar and are slightly firmer feeling than what you're playing. Not bad firm but solid firm. I feel like I can get a nice roll on bump and run shots and put stopping spin on them without zipping backward from longer range. They also both check up nicely from shots off the green. For a less expensive 3 piece option, I love the TM Project (a). Slightly more spin but a very consistent ball with a nice flight and feel. This is my usual gamer.
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