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  1. Oh Randy and Fried Eggs Golf.. we need you more now than ever!
  2. or.. perhaps as a mortgage Underwriter?.. (me)
  3. Man I look at where I'm at now with my measly 1000+, and considering myself a fairly regular contributor to the forum. I've got mountains to climb and oceans to cross just to be half the forum stud that you are Rob! Congrats brada!
  4. Try living within 15 min of a PGATSS, Golf Galaxy, and Van's. It's a wonder I'm not divorced and/or homeless the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  5. I can't say anything about specific data that I've collected, or comparisons to other brands that you've named, but I can definitely confirm that the Cleveland SOFT tech works. As long as the putter face is square, off-center hits seem to still roll true and loss of distance is weirdly minimal. I've holed 10'+ putts hit off the toe more often than I'd like to admit or deserve. Immediately you get that "damn I hit off the toe" feeling, but the ball seems to roll just like you centered it. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  6. A little while back I posted my new golf bag. I had bought the OGIO Woode. Well after a couple rounds, I realized it wouldn't work for me so I returned it and swapped it for this.. Had to order it through the in store kiosk.. and while I was placing my order my finger slipped and I accidentally ordered these too... coincidence would have it that the shoes just happened to be my size and I've been thinking about getting a putting mirror to accompany my Puttout.. so it just made too much sense to not cancel the order..
  7. you, me, and the rest of the golf world It seems there will never be the "Perfect" bag. In case you cared to know, this is what I ended up swapping the Woode out for.. It was listed was the MGS best "Hybrid" stand bag for 2021. Not sure who it was in the ring with but it won nonetheless. It should be arriving sometime next week.
  8. So I'm so very sad to report that the Woode has gone back to the store When I bought the bag, I had intended to use it for about 75% "riding dirty" and 25% carrying. Living in AZ, I do play a fair amount of summer golf in 90 - 110* weather that just isn't conducive to walking without passing out dead. I was hopeful that the "Hybrid" title meant that equal thought was put into the riding as it was the walking. The first 9 hole round was played on my little exec with very little undulation so the arrangement of the clubs through the round didn't seem like much of an issue. This past
  9. If you were to stir the bubbles into the coffee, would that have any different result good or bad? I think I may have posted a while ago but if a cold brew is the starter for the Nitro, I highly recommend the Ninja Cold Brew machine. Yes, it's $200 ($150 if you don't get the steel carafe) .. but the results for cold brew are pretty outstanding. And it literally makes about 32 oz of cold brew in about 15 min. All the other coffee or tea that makes is great too! I have a buddy who owned a coffee shop years back(knows his $#!t) and he was skeptical about the quality of the brew. I made
  10. Safe to say the forum testing serves the participating OEMs just as equally as it does the forum members? The way I like to think about it is that Most Wanted is the "here and now", what's available.. or soon to be available and forum testing is for the future i.e. clubs/equipment that hasn't come out yet and the OEMs are looking for consumer feedback before putting the final stamp on next year's product. Am I far off?
  11. man I'm definitely interested to see the long-term results on this.
  12. The Odyssey OG line would be really cool I always like to see underdog brands like Wilson, Srixon, Bridgestone, Mizuno, etc, get involved with perhaps clubs they're not the most known for. Especially if they aren't usually on people's radar. I was a part of the Bridgestone wedge and Lynx iron testing over the past couple of years and had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the process about some brands that we don't necessarily get force-fed all the time. I know these may not be possible due to the complexities involved but here are a couple test/contests that I think would
  13. Rob you make me sick... With envy[emoji12] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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