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  1. In case anybody cared to know, I left my TSW-DRM wedge outside during a 3 day rainstorm. I didn't leave it in the actual rain but it was under our back patio overhang on a table in the much wetter than usual air for a few days. Starting to see some different looking oxidation on the face and a few rust spots show on the hosel. I really don't know if it has anything to do with the layer of whatever potential protection wearing off on the face but yesterday I was spinning the ball like I've never done before. Short chips just off the green were doing 1 bounce and then coming to a dead stop. Every full to 3/4 length shot, I could visibly see the ball bounce once and then zip backward a good 5-8'. I've NEVER been able to do that here in AZ with a wedge!
  2. My guess is that you will NOT be disappointed. I love my DG 105's!
  3. For any of the tinkerers and hobby club builders, this is potentially a needle that I found in the golf club building tool haystack. I might even get laughed at for paying $35 of my hard-earned casholas but I think this could possibly be almost as accurate as a digital scale and 1/4 the cost of a weighted scale. I actually reached out to the designer of this system and he confirmed that it's accurate to 1/10 of a swing weight and he's verified countless times against regular scale. It's patent pending as the method to calculate is different than that of any online calculator but still extremely accurate. So if you require more accuracy than that, you might not be interested, but I don't know anybody who could ever tell the difference between D2.6 and D2.9 so that's plenty accurate for anybody. The disclaimer is that it requires the purchase of a digital food scale. ($10 on Amazon). It also is used with a free app that's extremely basic but very descriptive at the same time, and you use the app to plug in your figures and it spits out the swing weight. You can also save the SW of each club in the set in case you have to make some adjustments or just want to refer back. I will say that a major piece of the scale actually was removed from the package during shipping (Thanks USPS!) so I'm waiting for the aluminum arm to come in and should be here Thursday. I have however tried using the scale as it is and while the measurements won't be accurate without the arms, the scale itself and app are extremely easy to use. Once it comes in, I'll see about maybe posting a review and adding some pics of the process.
  4. I played the DBM's for nearly 2 seasons so am pretty familiar with them. the 1 major downside to the DBM's was that they hardly had any bounce to speak of. They had very wide and flat soles for a "CB" and turf interaction wasn't the best. Here in AZ, a blade that digs can literally wreck a club or shaft in a couple of seasons. The ERG v3's however had plenty of bounce and a notable cambered sold. The sole and overall profile is more compact than the DBM. The slick move on Maltby's part was to shorten the hosel and make the top line pretty thin so that helps disguise the overall size of the head. As for the weight, most of the clubs that I'm seeing and have played fall about 1 club different for each head and that's still the same for the DBM's. The feel of the DBM's was probably a little softer but I don't mean that in a bad way. The ERG's feel superb when struck well but I think they come with a little more solid of a feel due to the extra mass in the head. Not harsh or clicky at all. With the Maltbys I also really disliked the shape of the GW and PW. It's almost like they weren't designed with the rest of the set. They were almost rectangle-like. I don't have an ERG GW so can only speak for the PW but I really like the shape of it. It's almost like they blended the shape of the set with a nice 50*. It's got a more rounded leading edge that I find works really well with the grass and is very consistent and forgiving so far. It would also work well for a transitional wedge for low bump shots around the green as the edge is cut to just get under the ball. It also blends pretty well with my Maltby TSW 50* wedge.
  5. To be fair, I did have all of the lofts bent 1* strong on these. When I compared the stock lofts to my current set I was just about 5 yds short on my distance. 1* put them right in the sweet spot to keep my distances the same as my Maltby TS1's. To give an example, the shafts that I'm using were pulled from the TS1's. The TS1 7i is 32* so just slightly strong. The V3 7i was bent to 34* but still getting the same distance and well within the conservative loft range.
  6. I've been playing Maltby clubs for the past few years so resale value isn't really a concern. Usually I play a club with intent to get my $ out of them and not so much for the resale #'s. I figure if I can play a season with nice new clubs for $100, and enjoy playing them, that to me is worth the price. The only thing I've paid for in this case is the heads and new grips as I already had the shafts and do all of my own work. So far I'm seeing that the investment was worth it as I'm liking everything about them up to this point. That said, I'm YET to get them out for an actual round so I might be getting way ahead of myself. The holidays just didn't provide as much playing time as I had hoped for.
  7. Has anybody played, heard of, or seen these? I stumbled across a new set and have been curious about getting some graphite shafts to try out with these new heavier CB heads that I just got in. I've looked EVERYWHERE and can't find anything about them. Being that they're Rifle branded shafts, I'd have to imagine that they are decent quality? I just don't know anything about the playing specs, i.e. trajectory, disbursement, feeling, etc. Are these of the older school class of graphites that got the bad rep? Or are they of the new era with loads of tech that compete handily against the steel shafts? Looking at the shafts, it looks like they're individually torque and weight matched for each club and can be butt cut accordingly. If anybody has anything to share about these, please help. Cheers! Stu
  8. I've played hollow irons before and would put money on them being solid 1 piece. I'd be wildly surprised if they were hollow. The website doesn't mention anything about them being hollow and usually that would be a selling point. That said, there's not much info at all about the clubs so I'll say I'm 99% confident that they're solid.
  9. So I actually pulled the trigger on these heads. I paired them with some TT DG 105 S300 shafts. I'll be logging my first round with them tomorrow. I have had a good amount of time at the range and launch monitor and I'll say that this is a hell of a club! Feels and sounds premium when struck well. It's still somewhat forgiving and interacts well with the turf due to the decent amount of sole camber. I will say that the heads are heavier than average. Each head weighs about 1 head lower so I was kind of thrown for a loop when trying to work out swing weighting. Example: 9i weighs about what the PW should weigh and so on, so static weight per club is about 4-6g heavier than usual, and swing weights are in the D5-6 range. I ended up going with an MOI matched setup.. in other words, the swing weight gets progressively heavier moving from 4i to PW. I was able to contact the head marketing cheese directly and he provided some helpful info. The company's owner is actually part owner of 2 foundrys that stamp out some of the big name irons like Titleist, Mizuno, and TaylorMade. He has free access to the expired dye catalogues and in essence, owns the actual forging dyes and is able to make enhancements to designs to meet any specs that they are wanting to put in an iron. So it's like taking another model and adding their personal touch. He did also state that they intentionally went with heavier heads as that is what more skilled and tour players prefer. We'll see how my body feels after a round with this heavier setup tomorrow. I'll keep you posted if you have any interest.
  10. I'm the same way.. and when you putt the ability to make the changes ourselves in our hands, things can get a little out of control In 2 weeks I've taken shafts our of my old set to put in my new set of heads that I found down a rabbit hole somewhere, then removed the shafts to try out another shaft that ended up making the overall static and SW too heavy, only to remove those to put the original shafts back in along with new grips and counter weights after recently falling down another rabbit hole covering this same subject of MOI matching. I'm trying out a little experiment with my MOI project that could very well fall flat.. but you never know until you try right? I'm basically playing a split set of MOI matched clubs. The clubs are all the same head but PW - 8i are all playing at D5, and 7-4 all follow the .5" @ +/- 2/3 swing weight idea. They all still have progressive static weighting so it seems like it might work. I opted to go this route because generally speaking, I don't have 1 favorite or better played club, but I've always had quite a bit of comfort and success with my scoring irons more than any others through the set. After experimenting with swing weights, I found that D5 really puts the feeling in the head that gives me the most control at shorter distances. Historically, anything that's an 8 iron or shorter, I've got a good 90+% chance of hitting the green. 7 iron or less, my probability of landing on the green starts to drop so mentally, I've always just considered those as "get it to general area" clubs.. but I'd venture to guess that this is the case with most golfers. Weirdly though, I have my wedges (50* and 56*) both at D 3 but they are playing with a light weight 70g graphite shaft so D 3 actually feels really good and plays right in the sweet spot for a wedge. Overall, looking forward to following your thread and journey with the MOI set! I'll definitely be looking for pointers as I'm working through my new setup.
  11. I realize this isn't Golf Pride but I've got some of this brands grips on my practice irons and they're great! I'm convinced they use the exact compound mix and possibly even come out of the same factory as the GP's but just have a different name stamped on them. For $45 on Amazon you get everything shown here. It's a hell of a deal. Plus you can just turn the logo down and nobody would reall know the difference unless they looked really close at the pattern.
  12. So depending on the round or how badly the other clubs are behaving I use 3 very unconventional sets of irons Primary: ERG V3 Secondary: Maltby TS-1 Nostalgia: Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II Driver: Mizuno 3 wood and UDI: Cobra Wedges: Maltby Putter: Edel So 5 I guess?
  13. I really didn't want to lead off my own thread with my own WIMB but it looks like it's been crickets in here since I posted the thread.. so here goes nothing! Starting off with the actual bag.. I actually bought this about mid-year in 2021 but it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I absolutely love the versatility convenience, and quality of the Titleist Hybrid 14. It has perfect sized open front pockets to carry my JBL Flip 5 speaker. Putter: I'm rolling this beautiful Edel EAS 1.0. Thanks to MGS and Edel, the putter was custom fit and built for me and it's helped a ton on the greens. Wedges: Maltby TSW 50° and 56° paired with a higher spinning Kuro Kage Black shafts. D-5.5 SW so a good bit of weight added to the head. Irons: 5-PW - This is a set that I just built and am very excited about putting into play. The company is called ERG. They're a component DTC brand that caters mostly to individual builders and component shops who sell to builders. They are paired with TT DG 105 S300 shafts and Lamkin Sonar Tour grips.. all playing at D-5.5 and are just very clean and classic looking 1025 forged CB irons. 4 iron: I held onto my Maltby TS-1 as it just seems to round out the top end of the set perfectly. My ERG 5i is 26° so at 22.5° and a higher flight this is a perfect match to the set. 3 UDI: Cobra King forged 18.5° with Kuro Kage Black shaft. #fairwayfinder 3 wood: Cobra F6 at 14°. Paired with a Fujikura Motore X F1 6X. This thing is a rocket launcher on a rope! Still can't find a better club than this. Driver: Mizuno ST-Z at 10.5° paired with a Fujikura Motore X F3 6S. Went with Stiff to actually give some spin back. It's very stable even at 110+ mph and just gives a nice medium height with a baby fade. 2022 will be the year of accuracy over distance in hopes to get to mid single digits and I think this will be the set to get me there!
  14. I'm really leaning toward leaving the paint so I think just your 2 comments have pushed me further in that direction. I've also considered going the satin route with these. I like the chrome but it can be brutal in the AZ sun sometimes. I might just wait and see how the finish holds up before I decide to make any permanent changes. Thanks man! So far, to be considering these over my beloved Maltby TS-1's, to me definitely says something. At first I just thought about doing a fun project and at $100 for the set of brand new heads (essentially new clubs since I had the shafts lying around) just seemed like a no-brainer.. but now after spec'ing the clubs out to my loft, lie, and SW preferences, and hitting them, I'm realizing that these are some seriously great clubs! I think the overall profile is perfect for my eye. Heel to toe is notably shorter than the TS-1's. Top line is about the same at medium-thin. Offset is there but it's minimal and actually is slightly more confidence inspiring. At address, everything just squares up nicely to my eye and for the kind of club that they are, they are quite forgiving. I've easily hit all shapes of shots with all of the clubs so the workability of a CB/blade is definitely there. All that said, I've only had these at the range and hitting bays at PGATSS. I'm yet to play a round with them and plan to get out Saturday to play an "iron only" round. I'm guessing that the turf interaction will be similar to my Maltbys being that they have a pretty decent amount of bounce and camber on the sole which I also really like. The leading edge on the shorter irons PW - 8 is just slightly rounded to ensure better contact and movement through the grass. PW is more pronounced but not off putting and actually blends well with the shape of my Maltby TSW 50* wedge. The longer iron leading edge starting with the 7i squares up a little more with each club through 5i. I'll definitely post an "unofficial" review after a few rounds so stay tuned.
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