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  1. Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give on which Maltby wedge best fits your criteria but it looks like @Popeye64 made a good suggestion based on Maltby's write up on the M Series Wedge. That said, I actually feel like the TSW is more forgiving than it may appear. I've had quite a few approach shots that I hit off the toe and was amazed at how little distance was lost. I'm with you though on the 56* only theory though. I've been playing the TSW 56* exclusively for a couple of months now and my short-game's actually improved! In my case, more options meant more clutter in my head. I will throw in the caveat though, to be sure and choose a club with good versatility. The grind on the 56* TSW allows for so many options so I'm really able to use it as a 52, 56, and 60*. The nice thing though is instead of trying to decide which club to use for the shot, it's which shot to use with the club. Keep us all posted on what you decide!
  2. Here is the link to check out their lineup. The TS2s might be worth checking out too. The DBMs are great and are my alternate set. They have woods, wedges, hybrids, and even putters. https://www.golfworks.com/paks/c/10015/ the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  3. I know it's probably not on your radar at all.. but another smaller DTC brand that's worth checking out is Maltby. They have a pretty broad lineup ranging from Players to GI's. Ralph Maltby designs all of the clubs and works a lot of game improvement magic into everything. You'll find a pretty enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of Maltby players here on MGS. Why haven't you heard of them? Because Maltby wants to keep it that way.. I guess. I just just picked up this TS1 3 iron and plan to have the rest of the set built by year's end. It's similar to a TM P760. Filled with polymer and has a tungsten toe weight. Lofts are stronger but no A full set of these will run $550 for 8 clubs with the TT DG S300 shafts. The other club you see is a 56° that I just built. It's the best wedge I've ever played! Their whole lineup is just outstanding and definitely worth a look. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  4. It came in! Actually came yesterday so I was able to build it last night. KBS Tour 90 S flex 3i shaft. With the GW collared stock ferrule. It's hard to know from the pictures on GW just how "players" these really are. Well this should hopefully give some perspective. I know it's not a 1/1 comparison but they'll be relatively close. The W/S are considered "player's" game improvement irons. The DBM are a hair smaller. Both are 4 iron heads. The Cleveland is a 3 iron. The Cleveland Tour Action MB blade is probably one of the most compact blades ever produced.. that I know of. The TS-1 is right between the DBM and Cleveland. This is truly a beautiful looking iron! Looking at it in person, probably one of the best looking on the market. Fit/finish and lines are just checking all the boxes for me. Top line and sole width are just spot on! I'll try to get it to the PGATSS in the next day or so to see if I need to adjust lie angle. As always, I'll have the guys there scratching their heads and questioning their own existence when I bring in a club that they've never heard of or seen and looks like something they should be selling for $2K for set. [emoji1787] From Left to Right - Cleveland Tour Action 3i, Maltby TS1 3i, Maltby DBM 4i, W/S FG Tour F5 4i TS1 v.s. Cleveland the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  5. If you're interested in just dipping your toe in the Maltby pond, I've started a thread that's gotten some pretty good traction. It's a review of the TSW wedge that was recently released. This wedge is probably one of the best looking AND performing in the market.. by market I mean ANY club manufacturer. You can have one built with a Stock shaft for $45 or go premium shaft for around $60. This club has very quickly elevated itself to "Cold Dead Hands" club and is probably my most favorite and most used in the bag.
  6. azstu324


    Hey man you ever pull the trigger on an instant pot? Or similar pressure cookers? the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  7. azstu324


    Just like a good cast iron, the real good flavor won't come for a few cooks when it's well-seasoned and broken in. Not sure what kind of heating element it uses either but it may also need a few runs to burn evenly and at it's intended temp. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  8. Now you're a guy who's brain o need to pick! I'm a few months from pulling the trigger on some TS-1's. How have they been treating you with the X100's? I'm on the fence between those and S300's. I'll be going the full set 3-PW. I'm currently playing DG (not dynalite) XP S300's in my Wilson Staff Tour FG's. The shaft are a little different in that they're a higher flight but weight is similar and I definitely feel like I could go a tad stiffer for some more control. Of course I'll be heading over to PGATSS to compare the 2 before pulling the trigger. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  9. I kind of took the unconventional approach and bought a Garmin Vivoactive 3. $130. Actually ended up being like $115 from Target with some discounts my wife had. My pops has the S10. For golf, they seem to function nearly identically and connect with Garmingolf for round and performance stats. The Vivoactive however has color AND the golf function is just 1 of many different functions as it's a smartwatch for tracking activity as well. Ultimately you get 10X the watch for less $ the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  10. Then this sounds like the ultimate prank of pranks if it's been going on for their entire marriage [emoji39].. if that's the case then that's just absolute cruelty. My wife and I have pretty much foregone giving big gifts. Instead of saying "thanks for buying me X" we just say "thanks for letting me buy X". It seems to work out much better that way. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  11. I did it, I pulled the trigger on a TS-1 3 iron head. Also ordered the ferrules that go with it. @Popeye64 if I might pick your brain, I've got a KBS Tour 90 shaft. It's .370 Parallel tip. Have you had any experience with the "universal" hosel? I've just read that you load up the inside with epoxy to fill the void at the bottom. Any other words of wisdom?
  12. This cry has only but fallen on deaf ears my friend. My conspiracy theory.. the OEMs are paying healthy sums to guys like Tom Wishon and Ralph Maltby to stay away from groups like MGS. One would think that a showcasing of smaller DTC groups like this would be right up MGS's alley. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  13. Always interested in hearing more about the Driving Irons! FYI, the Maltby shafts are wildly underrated! I had a 4 hybrid that I played for a little while and ended up giving to my dad but the shaft in it was absolutely beautiful. Both in terms of looks and performance. If Maltby made a low spin X flex driver shaft, I'd be all over it!.
  14. OK so I'm going to ask for a suggestion here.. I'm thinking about either A. Building a TSW 50* to accompany my 56*. My current Gap is a W/S 51* set Gap which works just great but for some reason is about 1" shorter than I think it needs to be. I'm just so damn enamored with the TSW wedge that I would rather just build another one than have the W/S extend 1". OR B. Building a TS-1 3 iron to cover my 220-230 yd gap AND to start using exclusively in place of driver at my exec. I've got a KBS Tour 90 3i shaft that would be a killer match up with this head. My current setup is only utilizing 12 clubs so I've got room to add another. $ permitting, I would easily just do both, but I'm faced with an either/or situation right now. The way I see it, is that I would use both equally at my course as there are 8 par 4's and roughly about 8-9 holes with either a tee or approach 130 yds or less that the 50* would come in handy. To add another twist, I'm hoping to be able to have a full set of TS1-s built by year's end AND I will at some point add the 50* TSW. So either way, I will eventually have both clubs in the bag.. it's just a matter of which one do I want right now? Cheers!
  15. I know I just recently posted about some shoes.. but this is a little different. My 16 year old nephew has recently decided to take up golf with the encouragement of myself and my pops. His dad knows absolutely nothing about golf.. or much of anything for that matter.. and keeps buying him crap gimmicks to magically "make" the game happen for him. Being the kick @$$ uncle that I am, I bought him these. Nike React Vapor II's. Found them at Ross of all places for $25!!! These aren't just crap bottom-shelf outdated shoes. They sell these right now at Dicks for $130. As far as I could see, they were brand new with no defects. For a beginner, these are some pretty dope kicks IMO. Told him one of the most important pieces of golf equipment are a good comfy but functional pair of golf shoes that will keep his feet in place while he's learning the basics. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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