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  1. So I've been "experimenting" with the TC Pro head. I'm torn as I love it for everything it does well.. but hate it for what it lacks. Pros I love the shape and size! Ball speed and distance is pretty awesome! (Strike for strike, it's beating out my PXG Gen6). Face height is actually very adequate for the size of the head. Bottom of the club looks awesome. It's surprisingly forgiving all over the face. Cons The sound and feel weren't what I was hoping for. I was hoping for more of a TSR3 kind of muted crunch with a pop off the face. It's not completely off-putting but definitely more metallic sounding than I was expecting. The feel just doesn't quite match the performance results either. It's just not very "hot" feeling but the results say otherwise. Toe strikes - I'm not knocking the performance as it's still quite good off the toe.. but the sound off the toe is horrendous! It sounds like a cheap softball bat. It's kind of embarrassing.. as if the driver itself is telling everyone within earshot "hey everybody this dummy just hit way out on the toe! Everybody look and laugh". The glossy metallic black paint really isn't my favorite. I would have preferred a jet black or matte. TBH, if they had finished the top the same way they finished the bottom, this thing would look super kickass! Bottom line, if you can get past the superficial cons, the performance pros are very strong! I have this cut to play @ 45". Using the Maltby MPF Pro UL shaft in R flex (Otto Phlex 4 life!) I'm finding this combo to be low spinning but not like a knuckle ball. Maybe 2000 RPM range. High launch shaft + low spin head = bombs for days! SW is D3. Was D1 but I recently added about 4g of polyfill to the head. This makes a huge improvement to the sound. Probably voids the conformity but I'm not on any tour so I'm not too concerned. I'm keeping the club for now for practice and maybe to game on a longer track. Hopefully that helped some
  2. But then you find yourself with the dilemma of wanting to spend more time in the garage than with the family . True story! Great post and welcome to the forum!
  3. Of course I'm gonna be in camp Maltby . Unfortunately not too many who follow YouTube DTC reviews will get to know about Maltby because they don't provide free clubs for review. That said, I was able to connect with Gabe at LetsPlayThru and send him a set of my clubs to showcase. He absolutely loved them! These are considered their player's "distance" irons even though their lofts aren't ridiculously jacked like some others. I play their blade option (TS4) and they're the best blades I've ever played! Gabe will be reviewing the TS4's in a month or so along with maybe the Maltby putter that I just built. Here is the first video on the TS1-IM and here is the 2nd video where he compares them to the Takomos
  4. Put this together this morning. Had it shipped unassembled with the standard steel shaft. Substituted the Superstroke grip with an Evnroll Gravity Grip at no extra cost. Well... I had a Maltby MPF Pro graphite iron shaft laying around. I needed to add about 30g so I stuffed the entire shaft with polyfill. Cut it to play @ 36". So far just rolling a few putts in the garage, it's heavy but feels well-balanced and comes off the face very naturally which I like a lot. Heavy and well-balanced are 2 of my primary objectives. Not sure if 36" is where I wanna keep it or if I want to shorten it a tad. My Edel EAS 1.0 was 36" and I was fit for it. I'll take it to the range this evening to see if distance control and disbursement are what I'm hoping for. I know that a ferrule on a putter isn't too common but these ferrules and the grip match so why not? It's the same ferrules on my irons. Ferrules on my irons..
  5. I'm guessing that it's probably the difference between a randomly oriented shaft VS a PURE'd, FLO'd, or Spine aligned. Maybe a small difference?
  6. Man I didn't realize they did that. What other manufacturer goes to the trouble? None that I know of. So far the way I have it set up seems to be working great. Keep us posted on what you think.
  7. That's something I did not know. Sounds like they possibly spine aligning and mark the shafts? Or did you pay for Pureing? I just installed the shaft so the small Maltby logo on the back of the shaft is facing up. I use it for a visual alignment to make sure I'm not holding the face closed at address. My OCD might not allow for anything else.
  8. Assuming the "woods" is the area past the driving range? And not the woods to the right or left of the fairway you're on
  9. Yeah on the GWX shaft, follow the trimming instructions. Otherwise it would play too soft with the FW wood heads being heavier. As for SW, I've found certain shafts to be very stable at more standard swing weights. I played the PLB at about D3+. And my MPF UL is about D2+ and both are extremely stable. I would say for the sake of maintaining any feeling, don't go any lower than D0 for sure. Hopefully that helped
  10. Owning both sets, I am partial to the TS4's. That said, the differences are probably subtle but I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to nit-pick on the differences. I'd say if you liked the mmb's, imagine everything you wished was better about them, and that will be the TS4's. The IM's are a different animal so if you're looking for a fresh new look and feel, you can't go wrong there either. I'd say the TS4's edge out the IM's in overall function and performance. Forgiveness IMO is splitting hairs but maybe that goes to the IM's. Looks are a dead draw but for different reasons in their respective categories. They both look stunning for the type of club that they are. Feel, again is a draw for the type of clubs that they are. I personally prefer the feel of the TS4's but the IM's still feel ridiculously good! The TS4's are more of a buttery thud that you'll only feel with the purest of quality forged blades. The IM's are more springy and lively feeling but still have some of that pure feeling forged DNA. I'm finding distances on well struck shots are almost the same regardless of loft differences. The TS4 actually carries further for me but stops quicker. Both do very well respectively on off-center strikes but maybe the IM's distance loss and feeling is a hair better when struck out of the toe. Ultimately it's just a matter of what you're looking for out of your next set. Both deliver exceptionally in their categories. Good luck!
  11. Saw the Bat signal I'm not sure whether to say "that's awesome".. or to sincerely apologize to everyone for the potential log jam at GW. Hopefully long-term this will be positive for everyone
  12. UL means "Ultra Lite" and DR is their standard Driver line. Ultimately about 20 grams lighter and just a little softer profile.
  13. I'm back with a report about the Maltby MPF UL shafts. After about a month with the shaft I've concluded that this thing is kickass! I wanted to try something just a little bit more firm than the garofaloi PLB A flex but in the same relative weight class. I got this in R flex. This thing absolutely delivers on every angle. It still has a little bit of whip to it but it is so ridiculously stable and smooth and I would argue maybe even more consistent than the PLB. Not to take anything away from the PLB but I would say that I even prefer the maltby shaft just a little bit more.. and it's even cheaper! If you've been using any version of the PLB or even other OP variations, and want to either work on increasing your swing speed or just try something a little bit more firm, try this shaft!
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