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  1. Not a pic but a little vid. Graduating Kaylen from the putter to wedges, irons, and a driver this year. This one made my whole week. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  2. Menthol CBD roll-on and KT (kinetic therapy) tape worked wonders for my elbow/forearm pain. Hasn't returned since. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  3. You bring up a very important point with AZ golf. I've lived here most of my life. Many of the course's layouts are either fairway or wasteland with rocks, cactus, the occasional rattlesnake, javelina, coyote, etc. We have a lot of wasteland areas that aren't OB but worth avoiding at all costs. These areas won't only likely cost you a stroke but a replacement club in the process. Another factor about AZ golf is that if you have a lower spinning drive, you're probably going to get more runout than anywhere in the country. Hence my 290 total yardage claim. Yeah I might have a 260 - 270 yd carry but the runout here is a little ridiculous. Another factor is that the greens here on most local budget-friendly course are like landing a ball on a pool table. If you don't learn to play the ball high with some extra spin, you'll have a good share of shots bounding and running through the back end of the green. For me, this is a mental hurdle and can cause hesitancy on partial shots which often result in an inconsistent shot that goes too long or lands way too short. Still, I'm sure this is something that can be remedied with some good old fashioned practice as many have mentioned. There are many mental hurdles on the course, i.e. water, sand, desert, etc that I've seemed to find a way to manage so this shouldn't be an issue if I just put in the time to overcome. One final comment, When I play I'm usually playing with friends, including my dad who haven't put in the time that I have with this game. Needless to say, they're just not crazy obsessed like I am. We mostly play from 1 up rather than the tips. From the tips, I rarely find myself running out of room and actually am more at ease with the full-throttle approach, but this is just the dynamic that my playing situation offers. Sure I could be the guy that says "well I'm playing from the back because I'm better" but that's definitely not me. Ultimately, I'll take the consensus advice and put in the work to dial in my mid-short game this year. The "play from the hole" method is definitely something to keep in the back pocket though when hazards threaten my driver shot. I played a round yesterday and went for it on all par 4's. On nearly all holes I found that a bump and run PW really was the approach shot for me. At address it's not as mentally straining, goes straight every time and actually gets enough height and spin to get a little check on the green. The outcome was much more predictable each time. Didn't miss one green with that approach and is right in line with what I'm after as far as the approach/GIR/Proximity goes. Not to mention with my new/old set (Cleveland TA-1's) , the PW profile almost looks like a short wedge anyhow and works perfectly for those shots.
  4. Tons of great input and thank you guys sincerely! I'll try to sit down later this evening to digest a lot of this and respond. My wedge game has been interesting. Full shots are good. Green side is good. It's the in between that gives me the most trouble. Ultimately I'm looking for ways to eliminate my green side wedge shot and gain a better proximity with my approach. Putting in the work to dial in partial shots is definitely not an idea that I'm against. Another method that has yielded good results is work on more controlled knock down PW shots from shorter distances. That's what we all can appreciate about this game is that there are 100 different ways to skin the cat and none of them are wrong. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  5. Star sidewinders are my go-to's! The factory is down the street from my house here in Chandler. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  6. I nearly pulled the trigger on the mmb-17s last week and at the last second jumped on the train to crazy town and bought the Cleveland TA-1 cutlary set. I've got no reason to replace the DBMs because they're such a phenomenal club and realized the MMB-s would just be a lateral move. The TA-1s are more for practice and novelty. 2020 needs to be a big year for my golf game. The PTMs are such a clean looking set. Will be looking forward to your feedback on them. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  7. Definitely appreciate both of your responses. Therein lies the rub. I'm kind of stuck between both schools of thought. My typical driver distance is around 290+ including roll out with about 80% accuracy so most of the time I'm hitting from a decent lie. That said, I'm usually hitting a partial wedge shot to the green. My 3i will roll out about 230+ and I'm just about as accurate as I am with driver. My 4w stops at about 250 and it's a fairway finder. Ultimately I'm more accurate with a full shot over a partial shot so whether it be an 8 iron or 60°, give me a full shot and I'll take it home. The questions are: do I just work on buttoning up my partial shot wedge game and just bomb every par 4 over 300 yds? Or do I continue down the other path where I try to create a full-swing approach shot? My rough formula so far goes something like this: par 4 under 350, use 3i. Under 400, 4w, 400+ Driver. I know it's not perfect but time will tell. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  8. No I don't mean teeing off from the green.. although that would be interesting wouldn't it? I'm talking about subtracting yardage from the green to determine how you play from the tee. Doe anybody use this strategy? I've just started and it seems to be helping my game. Any tips, advice, success stories, etc would be greatly appreciated. My goal in 2020 is to shoot at par. I broke the 80 barrier and have been shooting fairly consistently in the high to mid 70's. I've worked quite a bit on my driver and putting consistency which has helped. At the moment I feel that my biggest area for improvement is my approach. With a fairly consistent and lengthy drive, I've found the 3/4 60* shots aren't all that consistent. I'm trying to be more conscious about leaving myself a full shot to the green. Whether it be 8, 9, P, or a wedge and I'm starting to see some good results. I'm trying to create some rules to help my decision making. Thanks all!
  9. Great topic Rob! I know I've read and have been influenced by other reviews for certain products. Knowing what quality of content is being provided has really helped me in the few reviews that I've done. My very first review was the 2018 Bridgestone XW-1 Wedges (still in the bag!). I do specifically know that 1 friend purchased a full set of wedges just by golfing with me and trying out my set. I know of at least a few others who didn't necessarily purchase the wedges but found unexpected interest in Bridgestone as I had mentioned being highly impressed with Bridgestone clubs while researching their lineup. Just as much as I had hoped our review would influence MGS readers and fellow golf buddies, I'd like to think that the reviews played a part in the 2019 lineup. One of the most mentioned/discussed visual aspects of the club was the large mass badge placed on the back of the club. While it was a functional piece of the club, many found it off-putting. I actually like the way it looks. Well wouldn't you know it, 2019 models came out without the badge. I'm sure Bridgestone has other mediums of test groups to help conclude their decisions, but I'd like to think we were the most important.. Lynx Prowler VT - This testing was interesting to say the least. While the clubs were beautiful and fun to play, there is literally NO market for Lynx Clubs in the US at the moment. Even their website was mostly under repair while we were testing so there was just little to no reference throughout the whole process. Because there's no benchmark or established presence, people just can't get excited about something that they don't know how to get their hands on.. with little effort anyhow. The hardest part of the process was trying to get people to take the clubs seriously. The people that I showed the clubs to were honestly more interested in my Maltby's. I'm chalking this one up to Lynx preparing themselves for the US Market and the testing was intended to be more part of their R&D rather than marketing. Additionally, when I had ended the testing and determined that the clubs were better suited in someone else's hands rather than mine, it was nearly impossible to find someone even interested in taking them. It left me with a pit in my stomach because they are such wonderful clubs. Here's a twist... It's interesting that you ask about influencing others to buy.. but what about to avoid? When I did the Bridgestone e12 ball review, I was very up front and open about my dislike for the ball's wear and overall cost per ball when only being able to use 1 ball max per round due to excessive poor wear. I've discouraged quite a few friends and I'm sure reviewers from purchasing this particular ball.. that said, I absolutely LOVE the higher end Bridgestone line. Specifically the Tour B XS and have encouraged many others to look into them. All of that said, I wouldn't have undone any of the testing opportunities. Good, bad, indifferent, it's an experience that we're extremely fortunate to be a part of! Thanks MGS and keep up ALL of the great work!
  10. I just realized the the entire club could almost fit inside the cavity of the Maltby. [emoji1787] And the Maltby is not a large club by any means. That's all the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  11. Played a round with my new/old set of butter knives. Not sure what drove me to this madness but I recently got an itch to get my hands on an older set of MB blades. The general theory was to find something smaller in profile to practice with, to help with strike consistency. Shot 2 over on the front 9 and was at par through 13 before it got too dark. Man what a fun set of clubs to play! Playing with them again tomorrow and can't wait! 2 - PW for $120 and couldn't be happier with the find. The pics are showing my Maltby DBM for profile comparison. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  12. I'm a regular at PGATSS.. that said, I'm primarily there for the hitting bays and some occasional re-grip or adjustment work. I've got nearly the entire staff questioning their own religion with my Maltby DBMs. Nearly half the staff there has hit them. From time to time I'll have guys stop by the bay to say what's up and ask to take a few swipes. These are guys who have access to every big name club the modern world has to offer.. yet they remain hilariously intrigued and thoroughly impressed with the Maltbys. I kid you not the last guy that hit them said "these play better than Mizunos". I've hit most of the latest Mizzys.. he's not wrong. [emoji39] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  13. These days, greenside and +/- 100 yd full shots get the lob. Depending on the lie or how I'm approaching will determine the shot, i.e. open, hooded, chunk, etc. Anything in between I've been having a ton of success with a bumped PW or GW. I can keep those shots at half swing or below and have a much better outcome. It's when the club needs to get over half-plane is when I lose my control. Give an 80 yd a half PW and see how much easier it can be. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  14. Hey @Chisag While I have your attention, and to change brands for a second, any experience with Mizuno MP-54's? I've also got a possible change to land a set of these. They seem to possibly fit in that aforementioned category. Thanks again for your help!
  15. While I'm not eligible for further testing this year, I will say that these putters are AMAZING!!! Looks are killer and they feel superb. Good luck folks this is a fantastic opportunity! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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