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  1. azstu324


    Oh the world of sous vide is more broad than just steaks. Pork chops ,chicken, veggies. Yesterday I made perfect poached eggs in the shell. So awesome! And ridiculously easy Sent from my LM-G710VM using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. azstu324


    Anybody here every try a sous vide machine? I just picked one up.. the steaks I've made with it could be life altering.. try it if you haven't! 125° and then flash sear on the grill @ 900°. Sent from my LM-G710VM using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. azstu324

    Has losing weight affected your game?

    I think it's safe to say that I'm back to my old form.. which is a good thing. I did some research on the old interweb and came to find out that my snap hook was caused my my body turning to quickly. Losing 35 lbs of mostly belly can definitely have that kind of impact. I had initially thought the opposite, that maybe my hands were ahead of my rotation.. hence why I was beating my head against the wall to figure things out. That and re adjusting my takeaway to keep my hands closer to my waist line giving me better body rotation made a huge difference. The photo is from 16 drives. I wasn't so much concerned with distance as I was direction, trajectory and spin to groove a nice repetitive swing. As you can see, I had no snap hooks and my direction was just on either side of center with spin right in the sweet spot. Tonight was a very productive night. Can't wait to play on Saturday. Sent from my LM-G710VM using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. So I know that there are other topics covering weight loss and weight loss goals. This one's more of a post-weight-loss topic so please feel free to participate if you have any stories or gems to offer. (disclaimer) Usually when I post a new topic, I do my best to vet out any similar or same threads out there and I couldn't find any specifically addressing this topic. If this is a "double post" I do apologize. For those going into 2019 with weight loss goals, I wish you success and may you reach your goals while keeping your sanity in tact. I'll be trudging right along side you all. I'm going into the new year with my goal about half attained. I've lost about 35 lbs and plan to lose about 25 more for a target weight of 210 lbs. Now for those who have had a substantial weight loss in 2018 or previous years, I could use your help! I've found that as I continue to lose more and more weight, that my timing has been completely thrown off. What used to be the most effective part of my game (driving) has now become an absolute catastrophe. I'm almost fearing the tee box now. My miss is now a snap/duck hook and I just can't seem to find that "loving feeling" in my swing. Almost like I'm getting in my own way somehow.. So strange as there's less of me now to get in the way of. I've researched and have found videos and commentary on possibly my body now turning too fast and creating a hip thrust which can pull the club face closed and drastically de-loft the face. The result sounds about right but I'm not really sure if this is my problem. I haven't done any recording of my swing to know. I'd rather just try and sort it out through different swing drills or thoughts and possible advice from MGS friends. Additionally, my irons are not nearly as drastic but I seem to be drawing all of my shots with not as good of compression. Almost a sweeping feeling which is definitely losing yardage, height and impacting shot quality. All advice and comments are welcome. Thanks!
  5. azstu324

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    super huge congrats! I was seriously considering applying but after a discussion with the Mrs. it was decided that I've got too many other projects going on to be able to be as effective as I'd hope to be. Looking forward do 2019 gents!
  6. azstu324

    What are you listening to?

    Any Instrumetal dorks out there? Polyphia is a pretty interesting group. Really enjoying their stuff.. kinda metal-rock-funk ish
  7. azstu324


    It was really an idea that I conjured up and just went with that worked marvelously. I scored the skin before placing the bacon on. Not only did all of the delicious bacon fat render into the turkey breast but bacon then became an actual side dish. There were 0 complaints.
  8. azstu324


    So I told y'all I'd try to dig up a pic of the turkey I smoked a couple of years ago when we lived in Pacific Grove CA. This is the best that I could find.. Yes that is a blanket of bacon [emoji16]
  9. azstu324


    That Alton sure does make some "good eats" :P. I too have used his turkey recipe along with many other of his gems. He's definitely a food network/cooking channel staple. Happy thanksgiving! I'm off for a round and the tri tip will go in the smoker this afternoon. Sent from my VS985 4G using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Hey gang! So I have a chance to buy some Nike Lunar Swingtips brand spanky for $25. I know they're a little outdated as far as release date but I think the style doesn't really have an expiration date. I'm a big fan of spikeless and have been wearing Adidas Adicross 5's for the last 3 years. The pair I have a chance to get are Dark Grey and red (see pic below) Does anybody have any experience with these? Any possible insight would be helpful. Worth it? Comfort? Durability? Performance? Thx! They look exactly like this
  11. azstu324

    Technique for short pitches on soft ground

    I still find that the technique is applicable all the way out to full shots. The only thing Might do differently on a pitch is widen the stance to about shoulder length and maybe neutralize the weight on both fee a bit.. maybe 60% pressure on the front foot. Would still place the ball in back half of my stance somewhere and lead with the handle. Hit the ball first as it will cause the ball to ride up the club face and you'll get some good height and not lose any distance. Regardless of whether or not this works for you, it looks like you're getting some really good variety of recommendations here.
  12. azstu324

    Technique for short pitches on soft ground

    and it's PM.. I don't think that anybody can argue his status in the short-game world. As simple as this is, it's helped me tremendously!
  13. azstu324

    Technique for short pitches on soft ground

    So it looks like a pretty good field sample of similar advice/practices. Keep us all posted if you have any breakthroughs that seem to work. I think that a big key is no matter what position the ball's in, keep most of the weight on your front foot. Even more so if you play the ball further forward.
  14. azstu324

    Technique for short pitches on soft ground

    I'm assuming you're talking about the actual ground and not the grass correct? When the ground under the grass is wet and muddish (could be a word), I don't think that hitting down at the ball is a bad thing. A few others made comments about lower lofted clubs which does work and I'll use a 9i if I'm trying to bump and run across a long green. When the pin's closer and I want more control, I've always had success with a de-lofted 60* or 56*. Unlike a bunker shot, I'll stand up a little taller with my feet closer together (inside my shoulders) and place the ball inside my rear heel. 90% of the weight on your front foot. Apply the hinge and hold technique ala Phil Mickelson. Hinge the wrists to create the back swing and then lead with the butt end of the club to keep your hands in front of your body. Very light grip as you want to feel the heft of the club doing the work. ALWAYS be sure and connect with the ball first and taking a chunky divot after the ball is in the air isn't going to hurt you. Even though the ball won't go way up in the air, it will check up as you're creating extra spin and is a very controllable shot. This video is such a fundamental for the short game. Cheers!
  15. azstu324


    Being the meat man is a blessing and a curse isn't it? Making people happy = good... People expecting delicious meat for every occasion = not good I'll see if I can dig up the bacon-wrapped turkey that I smoked a couple years back. It was a thing of beauty.. Felt like I was eating a Rembrandt.. :-P Sent from my VS985 4G using MyGolfSpy mobile app