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  1. I have similar plans with my PuttOut/WellPutt combo while we're waiting to get fitted and receive our Edels. Maybe not as meticulous as trying to hit the perfect putt but just to see how consistent I am at making the putt as well as keeping proper pace for each distance. You can see that the WellPutt has 3 separate distances ranging from 3', 6', and 8'. I'll record 30 putts at each length and will be alternating each length of putt so I don't fall into a perfect rhythm. This way each putt is completed strictly on mechanics and not because I've repeated the same put 30 times in a row. The
  2. You get a chance to take the rest of the irons for a spin yet? Just curious to see if you noticed any difference at all and if you have any further thoughts on the set as things are coming together. I honestly feel like I've found my set with these. I look at other clubs and even new clubs coming out and just don't see a need to consider anything else. After a year, the TS-1's still check all of the boxes for me.
  3. We're back from our vacation to the Monterey Peninsula and like all of the other testers I'm super anxious to be engaged and get the whole process going. Something that I learned just this past year, and with all of the extra "at-home" time that we had, is that my most natural and repetitive putting stroke (or at least I think it is) is pretty straight back but with a moderate arc past impact and through the release zone. I also incorporate a good deal of shoulder turn where I lift my left and drop my right and keep my right elbow tucked into my rib cage. I ended up putting well with a p
  4. Last pic of the trip. My favorite run/hike at Morse botanical reserve. Fog was out doing it's thing.
  5. Thanks for the reminder.. we're driving back to 118° tomorrow..
  6. Yeah the weather has been perfect almost the entire trip. Just the first couple days it was overcast.
  7. Played Poppy Hills yesterday. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful courses I've ever played!
  8. I had this one in mind.. but it's all relative. Everyone sharpen your blades!
  9. Looks like I'll be playing Poppy sans-driver
  10. Oh it's SO on!! Not really sure how.. or by what standards but it's on!
  11. Oh I'm sure it's by design.. knowing that a few of us probably need some extra special adult supervision they had to have someone make sure we weren't including driver distance #'s and tee to green strokes with a putter in our reviews
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