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  1. That would be my ONLY complaint about them really, and it looks like Maltby took some queues from customer feedback and made the 1 improvement needed. Time will tell with the finish and if it ends up oxidizing and if the added durability factor if the DRM will impact the feel in any way. I'm hoping to take it for a spin this weekend
  2. Got the new wedge in and shafted it up with the Kuro Kage Black shaft that I had in my other TSW I'm loving the color and overall appearance of the DRM. Kinda pewter-ish in color. It will be interesting to see if the finish oxidises like the description says it might. Definitely more glare resistant..
  3. So I've been gaming the TSW 50° and 56° for some time (5-6 mo).. well in the club ho-ing business that is quite some time. These wedges are as good as they come IMO. I just ordered the newer TSW 56° with the DRM (diamondized raw metal) finish if anybody's interested in a comparison. Should be here by the end of the week and I'll build it up to hopefully put it in play over the weekend. My guess, like all Maltby products, the good looking pictures will look even better in person.
  4. So I think the biggest thing for me is the ability to really feel and control the putter as a whole. Before this endeavor, I didn't really understand the importance of counter balancing vs just having a heavy putter head. I always thought that a decently weighted head would allow you to feel the putter moving through the ball. IMO and what I've learned is that just having a heavy head at one end is OK if you don't have too many varying conditions and don't need to make any changes to your pace or swing throughout the year. Here in Arizona, and I'm sure in may other areas, we have a lot of temperature and condition changes throughout the year.. hell even throughout the day in a single round. Counter balancing and the overall weight of the putter allows for a better connection of the hands to the putter head and allows the ability to make controlled changes to the stroke.. rather than just the feeling of trying to slow down or speed up the head with your hands without much connection in between. Without the counter balancing and weight, the feeling of the club as a whole can get a little lost and I'm realizing that now whenever I go back to my old gamer. Muscle memory is telling me that my Cleveland HB #4 is much too light and lacks the overall feeling of control that I have with the Edel and it didn't take any time at all to become comfortable with the weight of the Edel. That said, I'm still toying with the idea of adding some extra weight down the shaft of the Cleveland.. but then again, another thing that I've really gotten used to is the length of the Edel. Most floor putters max out at 35" and my Edel is 36" and quite a bit more upright so I'm not sure if making all of these changes to my Cleveland would be worth the hassle. The whole purpose of this test anyway isn't to see how much I can get a stock floor putter to emulate a custom fitted putter but rather how a fitter putter is that much better than a stock floor putter. Sure I could try to make all of these changes, additions, etc to my Cleveland but then it would be me just messing with the putter rather than going through the process of having a professional fitter and Edel build the club specifically for me.
  5. Love the mix of Big Box AND DTC. Getting the job done while looking good, and raising some eyebrows is what I'm all about! Thad driver cover's the buisiness!! Love it!
  6. Final product.. Brisket style Tri-tip, smoked and fire roasted hot sausages, homemade herb and parmesan bread.
  7. And away we go! I'll post more pics at the 5 hrs and final product stage. To say that I love this thing like one of my children would not be a lie...
  8. I know a few of us have talked about the goodness of tri tip. Tomorrow I'll be smoking one up brisket style. Low and slow with the fat cap on for about 10 hrs. Injecting with clarified butter and olive oil to add some extra fat. 4-5 hrs at 220° and then 4-5 hrs wrapped to internal temp of 200°. It's a smaller tri tip so maybe less time. I'm reading that if you can pull it off, the results are as good or better than brisket.. ? Pics and results to come! Tonight I've got some picanhas (coulottes, sirloin caps) going in the smoker at 180 for about an hour and then straight to the fire to finish. 2 day dry brined with kosher salt adding pepper and Worcestershire powder right before going to the Pit Boss. This is easily my favorite cut of steak. It's lean but super tender and juicy with little to no inedible parts.
  9. man that's lights out! awesome job!
  10. It's been a minute since I checked in to post here so my sincere apologies. The past few rounds haven't been my most productive putting rounds. In fact, I've had back to back rounds with multiple 3-putts and I haven't seen that in quite some time so I'm feeling a little deflated the past couple rounds. That said, and being completely honest, I was feeling so confident in my putting with the Edel that I've gotten quite lazy with my practicing. For the first month, I was practicing daily working on setup, stroke, pace, and all of the things that we should all be doing all the time.. well wouldn't you know it, as soon as I took my foot off the gas, my putting starts to become an issue. This just goes to show, even the perfect putter doesn't mean diddley when you don't put in the time wield it correctly. I'm in no way looking at this as a fail, in fact, I'm seeing this as a testament to the fact that even the best equipment in the world won't fix your issues.. but what it will do though is let you know that you've got to get your act together and practice. Saturday was my breaking point, I played one of my favorite courses in the area (The Raven). The greens there are some of the best around IMO. They roll at about a 11-12 and are just groomed to perfection. They're not overly tricky but if you don't have a steady pace or confidence in your putt, its really easy to blow past the hole or leave them short if you give them too much respect. While I didn't shoot a horrible score (79) I had 2 doubles both with 3-putts and 4 bogey's (I did have 1 birdie hence the 79). Looking back at the round I had multiple chances for 1 putts that I just couldn't capitalize and the 3-putts should have never happened.. talking 1-3 footers that I just choked on. I actually spent some decent time on Sunday getting back to the putting basics and realized that I was skipping a few crucial steps in my setup as well as rushing the putting stroke. Basically falling into old habits. Yesterday I went out for a late practice round mainly to apply and continue practicing my putting. I was only able to get through about 14 holes before the sun was gone but I was able to completely shake the 3-putts and had a good number of lengthy 1-putts drop. I probably sunk a good 5 putts well outside of 10' and that's a huge win! I'm playing a scramble this Saturday and I'd really like to be the anchor man when it comes to putting.. driving too.. but mostly putting
  11. That's the 1 downfall with the Maltby/GW system. There's not really a way to be fit directly unless you happen to have a Maltby builder close by.. which is extremely rare. If you happen to have a PGATSS, Golf Galaxy, etc near by, you can go in and do a "mock" fitting. Find an iron that you think matches the specs of the TS-1 the best. I think I used the TM P770 when I did mine. In hindsight, there were probably better options but this is what I thought was the closest at the time. I was lucky to know the guys at PGATSS and they just let me have free reign over the fitting equipment. You may need to pay a small fee like $25 or something.. or they might be just as cool at your local store. I was able to narrow down to 2 shafts. The same shaft you have in the Modus 105 and the TT DG 105. I was also able to determine the best length and lie and then have them built accordingly. I chose the DG 105's only because they cost a hair less and had a tad higher flight and spin which I need here in AZ with rock hard greens. I say if you get along well with the Modus 105, you really can't go wrong with that shaft. You can also take that to PGATSS and have a lie fitting done. Again, for a very reasonable price, you can have them check your lie angle and bend the club accordingly. Some use a lie board with a sole scuff sticker (not the best) and others add a marker line to the ball and determine the lie with the angle the line leaves on the club face. These are also things you can do at home but at least they're checking the lie specs for you. You can then take your specs and have the rest of the set built off of that. In a nutshell, this is how I had my set built and couldn't be happier with the outcome. good luck man!
  12. I'll step in and give my experience with the DBM's and the finish. I played the DBM's for about 3 seasons. You may know that DBM isn't so much a coating like PVD but it's actually more part of the metal itself. After 3 seasons of all kinds of abuse, the most noticeable wear was just a slight lightening of the color from a dark graphite to maybe a medium graphite.. that's it! DBM should be the standard for black clubs but because it costs a few bucks more and requires a little more involvement in the process, and IMO lasts MUCH longer, it's not widely used by the OEM's. These really are beautiful clubs!
  13. I've dabbled enough with shaft pulling and have built a number of single clubs like a wedge here and a shaft swap there. That said, if it's not going to break the bank to have GW build you a set, go that route! Also, a queue from the 1 mistake I made when I had my TS-1s built is I totally forgot to have them built with the logo down. Now I've got my entire set with Dynamic gold 105 staring me in the face at each shot. It's not a sticker either. It's like a screen printed decal so it won't just peel off. Definitely a 1st world problem so I'm not too sore about it. Either way, good luck with the project and don't forget to post here
  14. as delicious as that looks.. The Mrs would 100% prohibit me from eating that.. Guessing Eggs, Cheese and of course Broccoli? ... imagine many covered wagons all firing RPG's.. That would be a guaranteed night on the couch for me
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