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  1. So my dad bought one of these a a few months back. As usual, before consulting with me, he just threw $175 at a guy for another piece of golf wizardry. We went out one morning and he got up to the green, put the putter on the ground standing up and stepped away to line up his put. (Just like the commercial). I think he played out a scenario in his head where I would be amazed and awe struck. I'd seen these before so I asked him if that magic putter also came with a magic golf ball that rolls right to the hole.. we laughed.. he 3 putted.. I digress.. I took a few swipes and was very underwhelmed. Especially when he told me what it set him back. It just felt clicky, cheap, and not very well balanced or stable. In order to make the putter stand up, they use a really cheap foam grip (one that you wouldn't find on any high-end putter), and a full graphite shaft to take as much weight out of the top 3/4 as possible. IMO, you really are just buying a very expensive party trick. I use a Cleveland HB #11 and for nearly half the price it's 10 times the putter. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  2. I would think that for Brandel's sake and most instructors, 2 of the more difficult moves in the golf swing are turning the club head over, and the in-to-out club path. Of those 2, the club path is probably the hardest to correct so starting with a stronger grip than usual can at least help get the ball off the ground and moving forward for many. I'm not an instructor but I have an eye for grip, swing path, and their impact (literally) on the ball. All of this from breaking down and building up of my own swing like a man possessed. I play with my dad and friends and see a lot of 90° strong action because at some point they were all instructed to do so or somehow it feels more natural. Many repeated times they can't figure out why the duck hook shows up. Then I have to play grip police and remind them to go more neutral and it works. The great thing about the grip is that it can be a fine tuning mechanism for when the rest of your swing seems to be stuck in the mud. Normally I try to keep a neutral to 1 o'clock strong grip. If my shoulders or hips are playing lazy, I can just move to a 2 or 3 o'clock strong and it seems to do the trick. Once the rest of me is warmed up, back to 1 o'clock. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  3. Man those PTMs look slick! So clean and simple yet so Maltby/non-OEM! And that's what we love about them [emoji51] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  4. Holy snap! These might officially be the sexiest blades.. ON THE PLANET! Not just because they look gorgeous but because they're Cobra, and RF's. Who both have my full support. [emoji1786] the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  5. Oh the memories!! I loved the PG links when we lived in PG. Another really fun track is Monterey Pines. True story: When playing some of the other courses in the area, I had run into some folks from across the pond in both directions. They had come to play Pebble. Unbeknownst to them, you can't just play Pebble without some major pre planning and some major mullah. They were both nearly heart broken. I told them both to make a point to play PG before they left. I gave them my email to let me know how the round went. Both wrote me back thanking me for saving their trip. We also really miss the peninsula deer. Such a magical place. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  6. I suppose that without knowing much about me or my past, you really don't have much to go on and these comments could be justified. Just to be clear, my family is my #1 priority and always will be, no questions. @chisag can probably attest that just as the golf community can be very family oriented, the same can be said for BJJ. It's a sport that families can participate in and something that I would love to see my 2 kids be a part of should they decide it's something they want to be involved with. Prior to getting married and starting a family, I probably could have been considered as an excessive hobbyist. Besides BJJ and Muay Thai, I also golfed, played competitive volleyball, snowboarded, rode moto cross and quad cross, surfed, skateboarded, wakeboarded, played guitar, bass, and drums in 3 different bands at once (not all at the same time of course). These were all my passions and I was rather good at them all. This isn't in any way a brag as it's not my character. When I made the decision to start a family, I was also deciding that I was ready to give the majority of these things up as they just weren't sustainable if I wanted to have a successful family life. It was another crossroads that when I reached, I never looked back or had any regrets.. and I have a truck load of memories from them. I don't have any issues holding on to 1 passion for myself and becoming as much of an expert at it as I can. Everything else in my life is dedicated to my family. We have formed many traditions, and have our own hobbies that we do together that I wouldn't trade for anything.
  7. Oh man! so far these are the comments and support that I really hoped for. Even considering this change is a big deal for me. It's not that I've lost the passion and love for golf but like all of you have mentioned, I have a window to still accomplish something with BJJ and golf will always be waiting for me. I plan to respond to each of you individually as you all have taken the time to give me some personal insight. Thanks so much! Stu
  8. Hey all So I've come to a crossroads in my life. One that I take very seriously as I'm forced to make a choice between 2 things that I love dearly and the loser may have to take an indefinite back seat. I realize that seeking advice at MGS may yield some biased results but I've come to trust and rely in the folks here like family and friends so it can't hurt. Those of you who know a little about me from previous MGS tests, know that in my past life (before marriage), I practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. I was also very regimented in my health and exercise routines. I still have a great love for these particular martial arts and have a very strong desire to get my body healthy again. I was more or less forced to box these passions up when we were having our first child, due to finances and priorities (damn them both). During all of this, Golf was kind of 3rd string to BJJ and Muay Thai. This is when my passion shifted however to golf and it has since been my #1 outlet and personal interest. I've worked very hard over the past few years to improve my score, knowledge, etc and MGS has been a tremendous help all along the way. Since I've given up practicing BJJ and Muay Thai, and pretty much most things highly active, I've gained quite a bit of weight (80 lbs total over about 10 years), my body constantly aches, I'm not sleeping well, etc, etc. On top of all of that, I turned 40 last year, and as much as nobody wants to admit it, when you turn 40 these things can really start to catch up (and they are) when you haven't maintained perfect health. All that said, in 2019 I was able lose about 45 Lbs with just diet alone. Here's my situation: I'm really missing BJJ and all of its mental and physical health benefits and want to get back to it. That said, if I decide to commit to doing it again, It's a FULL commitment both financially and with time and one that is not just a short-term endeavor considering the level that I hope to achieve. I'll more than likely be forced to give up golf almost completely. Being married with a family and being a sole provider, time is nearly equally as important as money and expenses. When I began my more serious journey with golf a few years back, I had made a personal goal to soak up as much knowledge as I could as well as maintain a handicap around 10 or less. Although not officially registered, I've reached what I feel is an admirable handicap (around 11), and level of skill and knowledge with my golf game. I'm not 100% satisfied and feel like I have areas for further improvement that could still take a few years to reach. If I decide to pursue BJJ further, the time and financial commitment is nearly equal to what I'm investing in golf.. and is about the max that I/we could afford. Again, time being equally as valuable as actual money and is the reason that I couldn't just have a foot in each pond. Of course I would maintain my status here on MGS and would play, practice, and learn every chance I'm able but it would be much more restricted. I'm really torn and just looking for some motivating words and advice. Thanks!
  9. Don't forget about the most dangerous AZ predator of them all... The Cholla cactus. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  10. Hey total wacky non-golf related side question.. how does the torch do with finishing a sous vide steak? I've been curious about any possible propane flavor on the meat but I'm the only person in my own crazy world who even knows what the hell a sous vide even is so I can't really ask around. I use a cast iron pan but it's really easy to further cook the meat by the time you get a good caramelization.. and I've seen a bunch of videos recommending the torch approach. "Sous vide everything" is a fun YouTube channel. Excellent job on the wedges BTW! the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  11. Like the others, it's hard to know without a video. It does sound like a descending strike. Keep in mind that even with a driver, you need to create the flight. 15° loft doesn't mean anything when your -12° on your connection. This may be a shot in the dark but next time you're hitting, practicing, etc, pick a target way up in the sky (cloud, sun, tree line, etc) Focus on it through your swing and attempt to send the ball to the target. This might help you with making an ascending strike. I do this when I'm really trying to hit a high ball over a tree-lined corner. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  12. Always good to see another fellow Maltby fan It's only a matter of time before MGS does a Maltby test or set up a member testing.
  13. I know this probably isn't on anybody's radar but for the price, quality, and playability.. oh and just for the sake of being able to try out this style of UDI without digging too deeply into your pockets you should look up the Dynacraft Driving Iron. You can put one together online for less than $40 or buy the head for $17 and throw your favorite Hybrid or iron shaft in it. I have the 18° shafted up with a KBS tour 90 S flex and it will without a doubt hold up to ANYTHING on the high-end shelf. https://www.hirekogolf.com/dynacraft-driving-iron-custom-assembled.html the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
  14. Is Josh Freese relevant any more? I know he was kind of branded as a punk genre drummer but he was in a perfect circle and gigged, toured, and recorded with about a million different groups. I was a Vandals fan back in the late 80's early 90's. Oh.. that reminds me.. Tim Alexander was pretty awesome in Primus.. I say that because he drummed in a perfect circle for a minute too. Yeah, I'm old
  15. Hey folks! Anyone interested in these at this price, with these shafts, and grips, you better snatch them up! Once you play a Maltby DBM (assuming the shafts work for you), you won't look back! @SmoothG, I realize it might be a tad late but have you considered Nippon shafts? I play the Nippon 950s S in my DBMs and they feel awesome! A bit higher flight but not ballooney at all. Technically they're probably soft for me as I've got decent swing speed.. but a fairly smooth transition and tempo so they work great. the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..
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