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  1. It's funny I would have bet $100 that I'd be reading Tom Wishon's name by the end of your comment It really is awesome that these guys are so accessible. That plays a big part in why I will always be using their equipment. It's apparent that with each new design batch, they're actually listening to their audience.
  2. Holy holy rusted metal Batman! That's like an actual article! Not just a forum chat.. I wonder if he's actually read what we have going on here. I personally would pick the PLB to throw in the ring against the real deal and believe that a good majority of us would concur. Maybe he missed that part?
  3. To answer your first Q, I think L would technically be your frequency but A would probably work too. I'd be curious to know if anybody playing L has gotten their SS up to 110 and maintained good control. I also don't think that it would hurt to get the flex to match the SS you're aiming for either.. so I guess I didn't really answer your question being that both of my answers cancelled each other out And yes GW will prep and glue a tip but at an extra charge of a few bucks. They'll even build the shaft to plug in with a grip if wanted.
  4. Assuming the PLB is what you've decided on, the instructions call for butt trim only. That said, I trimmed 1/2" from the tip on mine and it's just fine. It's got a shorter 2" tip section so that's why it's not advised to do any tip trimming.. so I'd say 1/2" max if you want to tighten up the tip section a hair. As for your buddy, maybe have him take a few swipes with yours. Sounds like R might be the right flex for him.. but then he might get along with the A flex just the same. Not knowing his level of control, slowing things down a hair may or may not do him some good. He might find that a 116 mph and dead center of the fairway isn't such a bad thing.. but again, I don't know what kind of control he has at 120ph.
  5. Yeah I'm really excited to see how the TS4 and TS1-IM look..the TS3 look good too but maybe not quite my flavor. One disclaimer about Maltby clubs and their catalog, is that they always look 10 times better in person than the pics and these look great just from the basic photos so that's VERY promising. All of these look like they could easily be interchangeable as combo sets and that's pretty baller if you ask me. I've never played a combo set and I'd seriously consider the TS4 and IM being that they could be bent to flow together and look like they could be siblings.
  6. So in other words your "fitting" will consist of you hitting golf balls until you decide if you like the driver or not..
  7. And yet another fitter who will be looking at you cross-eyed and questioning his/her existence when a $50 shaft gets better #s than a $300 option Cant wait to hear the results! Have checked out the stock options to see if they might have an OP equivalent?
  8. The way that the can, who was born confined to a medicine cabinet with it's original purpose of making bad air smell better, is suddenly trying to discover it's new purpose in the freshest of air.. the potential seems limitless for this little guy! Life imitating art is beautiful
  9. Hey y'all! This is a last minute bat signal reach out. Has anybody here tried this using the Riptide 40g with a Cobra XB head? AND playing at 45"? I'm going to let my dad try out the Riptide A flex just to try a lighter shaft. He's probably a true Senior flex SS so this isn't for the sake of OP so much as to have him try something lighter and maybe more stable. This is on the fly so I'm just trying to see if I need to bring any lead tape to the course this afternoon. Trying to keep him around D1 with this setup. If not, no biggie. I'll sort it out either way. Thanks!
  10. Honestly I'm not sure if there would be a difference. I'd say give it a whirl for experiment sake. This whole thing is all about venturing into the unknown so why not?!
  11. Like @carter18mentioned, the Garafalloy GWX is a great metal wood option. It plays a little bit stiffer and comes in at 52g vs the PLB 44g. It has a 4" tip so can be tip trimmed to dial in stiffness but probably wouldn't be necessary. The lightest flex is A so again, adding to the stiffness coming from the L flex PLB.
  12. Having started down the same path together, I really think you'd dig the PLB 45g. Such a different shaft from the Riptide 40g.. but good different IMO. The Riptide is still a great shaft and I'm purposely holding on to it for another project.. I've even tried plugging it back in a time or 2 just just to keep reminding myself that the PLB is just that good. And it's just that good
  13. It's awesome that you saw enough potential in this not to give up after your first round. Here's to many more fairways and added distance to come!
  14. Thanks to this thread, I've got two of my buddies suddenly intrigued at the idea of me doing a little club-build for them, just for fun, to see how they like it (both playing 10+ year-old irons). As if I need MORE golf-related things to be looking at From what I've been able to gather, TS3 should be released for sale any day now. The TS1 IM maybe shortly after in a month or 2 to come, and the TS4 a month or so after that. I was really REALLY looking forward to the TS 4 release just for the sake of something new and different looking from my TS1.. but damn son.. those new TS1 IM's just look so fine! From what Britt has posted on the Maltby forum, the new TS1 IM should have a similar top line, a fraction wider sole, and a little less offset. Additionally, the construction is a little different and might prove to be a hair more forgiving. They also opted for a different finish which I'm thinking looks like maybe a soft white chrome with some pearlessent tones. As for the release of a TSW with full face grooves, that might just be talk right now. I wouldn't hold out for that because it might just be talk at the moment. I haven't seen anything about actual production as of yet. As for having an "in at Golfworks", I just check into the club building forum from time to time.
  15. I can't imagine a putter with more tech, craftsmanship, and personal attention than the Edel EAS.. and for $450, that's pricey but worth it. Man that's some spensive paint fill..
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