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  1. From lesson, book, TV, internet, friend etc.? Since I've been back swinging the clubs so far what seems to be working well for me is simply keeping my elbows tight to my body and rotating my shoulders so my lead shoulder is pointing down at the ball at the top of my backswing. Saw it on a Tom Saguto vid referred to as stack and tilt method I think. I'm at the point of setting money aside for some lessons. The question with that is, what is the minimum amount I should take to make it really worthwhile?
  2. A drive where you say "man I would give my left *** to be able to do that all the time." Within 5 yards off center line? 15? What is "Wish I would have done better but it's down there and I can recover" 15 - 25 yards off center?
  3. Regarding deleting mishit data. Were you able to do this immediately right there after hitting the shot or do you have to go back into the app after the fact while remembering or keeping a list of which shots were bad?
  4. The Lone Ranger was captured by a group of unfriendly indians one day. They tied him to a stake and were gonna execute him. The chief said "we will give you one last wish" the Lone Ranger said "I'd like one last cigar please" They gave him one and he started puffing away while tied to the stake. The indians didn't notice that he was cleverly puffing big smoke signals up into the air. About fifteen minutes later they all heard a distant rumble. As it grew louder dust started to rise over a very nearby hill. Suddenly there was Tonto at the top of the hill and with him was 25 or so naked women on horseback on each side of him. The Lone Ranger looked at him, rolled his eyes and shook his head and yelled. "I SAID BIG POSSE YOU A$$HOLE!!"
  5. Only been playing 5 months since I started again and I never have even broken 100(even years ago). My goal is to not just break 100 but do it consistently.
  6. Hello fellas, Garland Texas here. I played a bit when I was a kid with my grandfather but never got the bug firmly planted. I played for a couple years back in the early 2000's for a year or so. I picked up the clubs again about 5 months ago and am more excited about golf than ever at 53. I've heard this is one of the best if not thee best golf forum on the net, I look forward to learning as much as I can from ya'll.
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