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  1. Where the analogy falls apart is that you can find the performance, options, and lower price you’re talking about without leaving the PXG brand. Just go with the 0211 line or Gen 3 instead of Gen 4. If you were to look in someone’s bag and say he/she paid an extra few hundred bucks for a logo, you could be way off.
  2. I had them for a short time. I really liked the heads, but the standard 80g MMT shafts were a little light. I ended up sending them back under their 30 day return policy.
  3. TEC71

    Miura QPQ

    How is the QPQ holding up with play?
  4. Roughly the same sq footage as the green monster with different dimensions.
  5. They’re really good working the design. I sent them pictures and detailed measurements of the space. They took what I sent and did their best to optimize what I had available.
  6. This winter was my first with a Pro-Putt + True Strike custom setup in the garage. Worked great. Todd
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