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  1. So I've done this a fair bit and I like it. It's not easy and when you screw up, there isn't much you can do about it. I've seen the big magnets, but for how often I do it, it's just not worth the money. I would suggest laying out some tape as a straight edge and that seemed to help a bit. I've thought about doing a sticker or something that I could use to make a pattern, but I haven't gone too far down that road as of yet. I got my block and a set of stamps from here https://www.clubstamping.com/ I read a lot places don't make stamps hard enough to get into the wedge and I've never had an issue with these. I don't love the text style, but I could purchase some more from somewhere else. It's a lot of fun and rewarding, but man it's stressful. Seeing what guys like Taranto and Dill do, just amazes me.
  2. Communicate with your fitter. Be clear on your goals, your swing, your budget, etc. Any fitter worth their salt, will ask you these things and more. Ask for an explanation of the data. Most good fitters are using high quality machines that take in a ton of data points. Based on your knowledge of the swing, they will walk you through these data points and what they are looking for in each category. Make sure that your swing is ready for your fitting. If you come in after months of not hitting or playing sparingly, you might get very different data than from when you are in the groove. Ask questions! Learn as much as you can. Come in with an idea of the type of iron you want, but give your fitter a chance to do their job. I know this is about trusting your fitter, but you have to do a bit of research and rely on the experts here. If you're getting a bad vibe, go with your gut. Don't just assume that you're being sold something. Think of it as you're paying for your fitter's time and expertise; not that you're paying for new clubs. Plus you can always take the data you're given and go back and try it out again on your own to see if you're seeing the same results before pulling the trigger.
  3. Definitely a sexy looking flat stick! Any idea if this putter is coming back to the US or staying overseas yet?
  4. I’m sure he would! I watch a lot of his videos and I watched him have to almost round the tip of a shaft to make it fit. Just wanted to be sure before I bought/got one either way. That’s awesome! Thanks!
  5. Hey Spies! My brother lost his 9 iron and doing a rebuild for him. It’s the original Cobra Forged Tec with the orange on the badge. I looks at the GolfWorks chart and it said “universal tip size.” I’ve rebuilt a few irons and wedges and haven’t run across this yet. So am I better off getting a .355 and putting a shim on it or getting a .370 and just going from there? Any special advice or tips would be appreciated!
  6. We carried the putters in the shop I worked at for a bit. I loved the look and feel of the original Arthur. I always regretted not buying the demo when we were closing them out. Seems like the 2.0 has a bit more of a flow neck, but all of their putters felt awesome!
  7. I know the feeling of letting golf slip away with two youngsters at home! I've got a 10 and 7 year old and I feel like 2023 was the least amount of golf I've ever played. I hope that this is accurate and it helps you get back to that low single digit number from before!
  8. Mine is still in good shape. It's not set up all the time, but we do some indoor and outdoor stuff with it. I need to upgrade the turf and launch monitor and get back to using it inside.
  9. True, but what's the cutoff? Across the entire PGA tour season for 2022, the average scoring on par 5s was 4.83. The top 50 guys were averaging under 4.5 strokes for all par 5s. The average at #13 last year was 4.85 after the addition of length. The lowest it's ever been has been 4.47.
  10. Good luck! I've asked Costco to bring back chocolate ice cream and it hasn't happened yet! lol
  11. I feel that takes away some of the risk/reward of the hole. I know most guys make 4 anyway, but there are big numbers waiting for guys that are too aggressive. Eagle is huge and 5 doesn't kill you. I think that will take a bit of mystique out of amen corner.
  12. Awesome review! Great to hear about someone from SE Michigan even if you've moved! I've always been curious about the Edisons, but I've never gotten along with a V sole in a wedge. I feel like they just skip and I blade everything out of the bunker. Good to hear about the Edels though, they are on my list!
  13. Agreed! They want to show the athleticism and power on tour, but now we want to roll that back? I don't get it. I know Tiger talked about not having enough land, but look at number 13 at Augusta as one example. You're telling me that ANGC couldn't cut some trees down or move that tee box 10 or 15 yards farther left to force a certain shot shape? and bring more problems into play? The courses don't want their setups to be considered too hard (minus the Memorial) because players might not come back. I feel like they haven't exhausted all their options, but they just said, "Here let's do this!"
  14. I feel like there are plenty of other things to do instead of rolling the ball back. Soften the fairways, grow the rough, narrow the fairways, use tighter doglegs with more trees, etc. The recreational golfer doesn't hit it far enough anyway. I don't think that companies will be happy with bifurcation either. That means more molds, more tech, more research at different levels and that will cost them more money. This could end up like the wedge thing where everyone freaked out about the groove rollback and now they spin as much or more than ever. I'll play the waiting game, but I will probably stock up for a while as 2030 approaches.
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