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  1. Biggest thing for me was using tape. Make sure it’s thick enough to feel where your stamp is going to settle. As far as spacing between words, I broke a q-tip in half and rolled some tape in the back so that it would stick while I hit the next letter. For the spacing between the letters I tested it out on wood and on some old copper ball markers that I had messed up. The spacing between the letters is really just figuring out where your stamps need to be and where the impression will go. It’s kind of trial and error. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Yes that's my oldest! She's getting the golf bug too! Small world!
  3. Hey everyone, I recently took my shot at stamping my first set of wedges. I did some for my cousin last year after doing a few ball markers and they turned out alright. There was definitely a lot of room for improvement. I learned that I'm not the most careful and a little impatient when removing paint. Plus there were some very small areas that needed to be cleaned out. Lesson #1 - Don't use anything metal to scrape the paint out. I used a needle and left some unsightly scratches that I didn't know how to remove from the wedge. I went through a lot of wooden toothpicks this time around. Lesson #2 - Use acetone instead of mineral spirits when cleaning up the paint. I had to repaint some areas a few times and I tried using a q-tip to clean some paint, but they aren't the most accurate paint cleaners. So, the lefty wedges were done back in 2018. I pretty much took a two-year hiatus and then the bug hit me again. I stamped my own wedges first and then worked on building two for my uncles and my cousin. My wife and two daughters picked their styles and colors. My wife liked the dancing letters graduated from Central Michigan, hence the color scheme, and her birthday and our wedding anniversary were on there. My oldest would have loved for me to have bought a unicorn stamp to put on this, but I didn't have one handy! I'm really surprised that both of my girls wanted the straight letters instead of the dancing ones. Go figure! Lesson #3 - Use tape to keep your lines straight! I used masking tape, but I had to put at least 3 layers on there so that I could rest or feel where the bottom of the stamp would be setting. Lesson #4 - Lay your stamps out ahead of time and put them in order! If you're reusing a letter, slide it into the correct place in your layout. It will help you from having to double check your spelling. Lesson #5 - Be confident and forceful when you're hitting your stamps! I get nervous about screwing up and tended to lean the letters a little or leave shallower impressions. You can see a few errors from trying to fix mistakes in the next couple of wedges. My cousin works at Mississippi State and this wedge goes with that. I got the head off of ebay for about $25, the shaft from Diamond Tour for $8 and a grip for $7. All the ferrules came from Grail Golf on Ebay and they were like $8 for 12. Lesson #6 - Don't try to get fancy and have a plan! I tried some different lettering here and didn't have an exact plan and I'm not happy with how they turned out. My one uncle is a huge Michigan State fan so that's where the color scheme comes from. The Scratch head was brand new on Ebay from Hole Out golf for about $30, $10 for the black shaft from Diamond tour and $6 for the grip. If you're a John Wayne fan, you should recognize the quote. If not, you should really watch McLintock! Lesson #7 – Keep your spacing even and try to figure out where your stamps should line up! I used a q-tip handle to space between words. Lesson #8 – It’s harder to get good impressions way out toward the toe or close to the heel because you don’t have the solid hitting area underneath the wedge (especially in the heel!). So make sure you plan on being far enough in on your stamps! Lesson #9 – Just know you aren’t Aaron Dill or Anthony Taranto! Accept the flaws and try to improve. You can make things worse by trying to fix something! Sometimes the little idiosyncrasies make the wedges that much more special! My uncle loves everything Ireland and he needed a replacement for his 588 gunmetal special 47. So, I'm really happy how this one turned out (except for trying to make a few letters deeper and ended up combining an H and an I). Same place for the head ($30) and I ordered a wedge shaft from Hireko that didn't ship with the grips and was also the wrong size; not a great look for my first order from them. Luckily, the repair guy at my shop ordered me an NS PRO 950 to go in there for around $18 and then the grip was $7. Sticking with the Irish theme was is his favorite quote from “The Quiet Man.”
  4. I took my 6 year old to the range once or twice last year. This year my now 7 year old and 4 year old have been to the range 5 or 6 times this year. On Monday we went out as a family on the course for the first time. I just bought my 7 year old a Tour Edge junior set and it was her first time hitting them. She drove the green from 100 and from 70 yards! We won't talk about what happened when she got on the green I took out the 7 year old on Friday with my dad and my nephew. She didn't hit it as well as on Monday, but that's golf! I think she's hooked!
  5. Congrats to [mention=91232]dlow206[/mention] for the shoutout on Facebook from Fujikura! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I would never fit someone with a launch of 18.5 and 3000 spin. Both of those numbers are high. My guess is that unless the fairways are really dry, you get no roll to some back spin. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Had one of my best driving rounds ever today. I drove the green on 1, had 100 left to the flag on 3 after cutting the corner (don’t ask what happened after that [emoji35][emoji35]), had 65 left on 6 and the. 130 left on 9. Granted these were wind aided, but I haven’t driven the ball that well in a while! I am getting a little more draw now, so I might play with the Cortex weights next time at the range. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. That seems odd. Usually TM has a full shaft lineup on hand for demo days. I see them have a tarp-like shaft holder that they unfold. Bummer! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. That’s a really sweet driver and headcover! Great work by Cobra on that one! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Had a good round driving the ball today. Made some bad swings, but the driver kept me in play on a very tight course. Couldn’t hit a 2nd shot today to save my life though. Motore X still going strong! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Having a trial program would be amazing! It’s tough in a fitting when you maybe get 5 swings or so in a particular head to say “This is totally worth $X upcharge.” I think that it would definitely help people feel more confident in the purchase. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. With the B marker, did you bevel both sides or just one of them? They look great! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Whenever I put a putter grip on for someone, I would always immediately bring it out to them. People’s eyes play tricks on them. I might think that it’s dead nuts square, but the guy wants it turned ever so slightly. I would lay it on the flat counter and see if the thing was square. You’d be shocked how many putters come from the manufacturers with the grips not square Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Thanks! You had posted the 4/4 before I uploaded mine! Great job as well!
  15. @Nunfa0I'm absolutely on board with Stu here. I wanted anti-left and I got it. I needed to make some adjustments both in my swing and the driver set up. The weird part for me is that I've always been an "in to out" swing guy and I used to hit up about 4 or 5 degrees. Whether consciously or unconsciously, my path became more neutral and so did my attack angle. I don't know if I can credit the shaft with that, but maybe getting a shaft that had these characteristics made me realize that I'd been doing things wrong for a long time.
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