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  1. i play in a lot of wind and i am a high spin iron player , just figuring out what would work best
  2. With the data , picture wide open par 5 what ball do you launch down the fairway . And then a 150 yard par three over water into heavy wind what ball does not balloon for you .
  3. I am still trying to figure this out , soft balls are slow but low spin, Foes this mean an iron into a heavy wind would be far better with a chrome soft over a pro v x?
  4. I have heard the pro's didnt like the early sets due to getting jumpers. Interesting the prices have now fallen below everyone else for certain pxg.
  5. I have 2 undearmour sweaters. Cold gear. Great stuff.
  6. Have not used the compact 3 yet but it's nice. Really light. Seems sturdy .
  7. I have one to use, they are fantastic. Better than I think sometimes. I ordered dots and now I realize it works really well without them. I am using it in my bk yard net and works great. I was on trackman all winter and this is really good.
  8. Added a o works 7s. Hopefuly golf is near.
  9. I have an old scotland. Full club and a half off now with the lofts..
  10. tjyorke

    SIK putters

    Great idea. For me i really can't tell how a putter rolls . I can see the technical stuff how its suppose to roll but i have never used one and i have had lots that i would say man that rolls well. Just me
  11. My post was more i simply didn't know. My thoughts are if you can afford them go for it. No one should care , just like the guy playing a 10yr old driver who cares. Too many judge by clubs.
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