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  1. Currently playing 50 pxg 0211 and 54/58 pxg 0311 forged. The 50 I mainly using for 90-100 yard shots. I love the 54 and 58 as they are very versatile and can use them both around the greens. Use the 54 out of the trap as it has a little more bounce. Chip/pitch with 58 unless i need more roll out and then sometimes go to 54. The 58 replaced my 60 vokey which i could not get consistent with. The pxg 58 is so easy to hit in all types of situations. Huge upgrade for me that has paid off.
  2. You are probably already doing this but make sure that you get fit. It can make a huge difference. It certainly did for me as I was moved to 1 degree flat and it got rid of my hook. i went from TM R7's to PXG 0211's via fit and I love my clubs. If you're looking at players clubs and need to get fit, consider the new PXG 0211 ST. Fitting is free if you live near a PXG fitter and the 0211 ST's are forged but very reasonable (they are on sale now for $119/club). I recently hit them and would hands down buy them if I hadn't bought new clubs 6 months ago.
  3. Would really like to get picked for this. Currently evaluating outdoor putting greens.
  4. I think the Snell MTB Black and Vice Pro are just as good. Play both regularly.
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