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  1. I know what you mean, sometimes I wonder where they come from. What I will say is even though 37% GIR isn’t fantastic, if I have an iron in my hand I might not end up on the green, but I’m also not going to miss by much. My driver is a mess (working on that w a pro), so I’m teeing off on most par 4s with 5 or 6i and leaving myself 150+. It’s harder to hit greens from 150 out and I think arccos is considering that?
  2. I created this thread so that anyone who needed to improve their putting could get some insight and help. To your point, part of the thought process for anyone reading should be "how do I know if I need to improve my putting?" For me, specifically, I think I need to improve my putting because: Arccos putting handicap 25.7 (overall handicap 16, approach handicap 5) 37.7 putts per round, 2.1 per hole, 2.3 per GIR (arccos) I've had 3 3 putt bogies from 6 feet or less in my last 3 rounds (arccos) I've actually carded 0 birdies in 3 rounds with a 37% GIR (thats 0/20 getting them to drop when it counts with the flat stick) I 3+ putt on 22.2% of holes, and 1 putt on 13% of holes (arccos) I've never seriously or 'with intent' tried to learn or practiced putting. I think I could move my handicap by 3-4 if I turned putting from a weakness into a strength.
  3. My less than 40 yard wedge stuff needs work for sure. I always thought my short game was pretty good, at least in comparison to the guys I play with (all mid/high handicaps), but Arccos was another eye opener for me. With that said, I did see my "chipping" handicap (on arccos) drop over the last 2 rounds by just forcing myself to use the putter from the fringe/fairway. I've shaved more strokes by being smarter about what NOT to do, than getting better at what TO do on the golf course it seems.
  4. @cnosil inspired me to work on starting the ball on the right line as a first step to better putting. He talked about the Visio brand putting "gates" as one way to get feedback. Before spending any coin, I wanted to make sure this would work for me. Here's the DIY, very ugly, very "bubba" way I made myself a set of putting gates. Thanks to Covid, work from home, and boring conference calls, this whole project was done in about 2 hours while "muted". All you need is some scrap wood (I used a scrap piece of a cedar fence slat), and some basic woodworking stuff.
  5. I've been on conference calls all day, thank goodness for headphones and the mute button.
  6. @Getoffmylawn That's a really great story! Callaway FTW! I think some brand reps are considering the "long game", even if they are commissioned. What I mean is, they know that if they are honest with you and if they look out for what will help you play your best (instead of pushing whatever they have this release cycle) they can earn a customer for life. Having someone come to the demo day every year, even if they only end up taking home 1 thing from each demo day, has gotta be incredibly valuable. I know in our business we do whatever we can to earn and retain customers because lifetime value is the metric that matters to us, I imagine its the same to some degree with golf.
  7. Thanks for the tip off on the Visio gates, I think I can cobble a 50mm gate together to start working with.
  8. Based on the Visio numbers, if I can consistently get 4 out of 5 putts rolling off the back of a 48" x 2" ruler, that should mean I'm figuring it out? EDIT: I just did the math, NOT leaving the edge of a 2" ruler is the same as keeping the ball between a 93.5mm gate. A 93.5mm gate at 48" requires less than 1.19 degrees degrees of error to either side. That's probably sufficient for a not perfectly level surface? The first go-round with this exercise was a bit eye-opening.
  9. SO - the ruler "test" is pretty revealing... It now makes complete sense why I miss almost all of my birdie putts. I have a 2" wide x 48" club fitting ruler, and it's a real challenge to get from one end to the other without spilling off the side. This seems like a very sound place to start. I'm guessing the ExPutt sim will smack you in the face with the same reality, just delivered in a prettier, more high tech way :). It'll be interesting to follow along w the forum reviewers on that one.
  10. Joe / Cleveland, Ohio 3-4x per week, 25-30min at a time 3.996 (22.2% of holes according to arccos) If I could flip it on for boring conference calls perhaps my arccos putting handicap would drop from 25.7 to something a bit less embarrassing!
  11. Great podcast! I had a thought about: 5. Getting Fit? Good Luck! I started playing 5-6 years ago (at 27) and struggled mightily with irons the first 3-4. I had 3 “equipment evals” / fittings in those first 4 years for IRONS and I was fit into: (1) 2 up 70g graphite GI head (when I had a 4 knuckle showing strong grip to control a slice), then (2) 2 flat 105g steel (when I changed my grip and plane after a few lessons and ended up 6-8* in to out trying to work on it myself), then finally, (3) standard lie, 0.5” short 120g steel when I finally figured my path and release out. Irons are now the best part of my game (5 dynamic hcp approach on arccos). Hindsight being what it is, I think I would’ve been better served starting with whatever the wrist to floor chart prescribed (which is basically what I play now) and spending the money spent on fittings on group clinics and lessons instead? In this case, I don’t blame the fitter for giving me clubs that fit my busted swing each year, but I think fitting the clubs to my busted swing made the swing faults I was working through stickier than they needed to be. I also think I’m not a typical new golfer, and the fitter saw me as a hack in his late 20s, instead of a brand new player. It makes me wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve played standard clubs all throughout? Would I have figured it out faster? Would I have gotten frustrated and quit the game? An old 1980s dynacraft fitting manual I came across said to always fit new/developing players into equipment they should grow into (flex and lie). I understand the comment about how crazy it is to tell your kid to “learn how to run in an an adult pair of Nikes” - but, I think fitting every new player isn’t the right answer either. Part of the fitting should be considering where a player is in learning the game, what they are working to fix, and where they want to go?
  12. I really like that kind of offset or face angle, or call it what you will! It seems to work for me. I don’t know how to search for it except just trying to find topline photos?
  13. I’m playing a set of Cobra F7 Ones. I keep coming back to them. According to the specs they have a bunch of offset, but when I look down at them, they don’t look like there’s much offset at all compared to other GI irons that I have kicking around in my garage. The best way I can describe it is, it looks like the face is offset right by the hosel, but the whole face is pointed a tiny bit left (closed) which puts a portion of the leading edge back inline with the hosel toward the toe. Are some GI irons built with this kind of (shut)!“face angle”? Is this just my eye?
  14. What’s the best way to evaluate and improve putting? Lessons? Fitting? Practice aids/greens? What’s worked for those of you who have turned putting from a weakness to a strength?
  15. UPDATE on the 0811XF Gen 2 Driver: 1. This spins way way less than I would have thought for a max forgiveness design. 2. Ball speed all over the face are really consistent. 3. I should have taken the extra step and made the 2 hour drive to get fit. I ended throwing a PXG tip on my old gamer shaft (Fuji speeder), I was not clicking with the HZRDUS yellow smoke. 4. It sounds AWESOME, the sound and feel off the face on all but the worst hits is amazing. I got the cheap packaging, but I’m super happy with the purchase.
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