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  1. Lots of Taylormade, yes, but the Taylormades in question are all descendants from Adams - they benefitted from ripping off Adam’s “Velocity Slot”. There’s a lot of good clubs in the mix here, Adam’s, Exotics, Cobras, Taylormades, Callaways, you just gotta find the one that clicks. I think one of the things people don’t think about with woods enough is lie angle and length. I have a tendency to “sole out” the club at address. If my hands are too high or too low, it can create a chain of events in my takeaway and then downswing that leads to inconsistent contact. I can hit a newe
  2. My unicorn is a Cobra LTD 3 wood. That head has worked for me with more active tip section shafts (Aldila DVS, RIP Beta Gamma, GD YS Nano Reloaded) in the 70g range. It’s a BANGER. My only issue with it is my best shots off the deck or off the tee are right on the heels of driver. Solved that problem by adding the LTD 5 wood at 19*, only to find that it also goes too far… so now I’m auditioning a Cleveland Halo 19* hybrid to slot between the 3w and my 22 4 hybrid!
  3. Everyone has their own sense of value I suppose, I’m just comparing $139 for the launcher halo now to what I saw at my pro shop ($279) 6 months ago. Half off seems like a good deal, even if the original price has creeped from years past. The sub 70 hybrid is $129, a new Ping G410 (last years mode) is $219, used 2018 Callaway Rogue’s cost $110 on eBay. The used price on the halo launcher on eBay is $110 + shipping from the big boys (pro clubs, 2nd swing). They aren’t giving them away, but in my mind this thing is both a great value (right now) and a great club. I really like it and ju
  4. I'm going on record saying this is the absolute best hybrid I have ever hit. I have the 4 hybrid with the stock Miyazaki C Kua 60 S. My previous hybrid was the Ping G410 with a KBS TGI 95g shaft. On specs alone, I never would have thought this thing would work, but it is by far the easiest hybrid I have ever hit. I am throwing the ball straight down my target line every time with a 7yd front to back carry dispersion. I can't hit this thing bad, I really just can't. From the stock grip to the stock shaft, to the impact, it is smooooooth. I have a 97mph swing speed with driver, 85mph with 6
  5. Just the concepts have been a game changer so far, I’m excited!
  6. I float between an 8 and a 12 handicap, I heard really good things about Decade, so I thought I would give the “Decade Foundations” app a shot. I’ve been using the app for 2 months and haven’t seen my handicap plummet yet on course (I play once a week), but my last few rounds have also been with rented clubs or on new courses, or casual/beer rounds (with no game planning), etc. Where I have recently noticed a difference is in virtual golf. I am lucky enough to have a skytrak and TGC2019. My average scores w 8ft gimmes turned on pre-decade we’re 6-10 over. This past 2 weeks I haven’t
  7. Here is my case: I'm 34, 6ft, 210lbs, pretty strong and I play regular shafts in my irons (KBS Tour 110), also with player's distance heads (I needed less offset and more height/stopping power). I'm a 9 handicap with 85mph 7i swing speed. Regular flex in the irons has been a game changer for me, higher launch, more spin, and most importantly, they slow me down, I don't feel like I have to oversewing on my takeaway, and something about them just smooths my tempo out. I was playing Modus 130 X flex before in a game improvement head. I was fit into both combos. With the regular flex KBS 110s, the
  8. A really fun way to "prove the point" that someone needs to go lighter weight or lighter flex is to rent clubs on a vacation with whoever you are trying to convince. MOST often those clubs will be regular flex, MOST often they will have a 50g driver, a 60g fairway, a 70g hybrid and an light iron shaft. After 2-3 holes it should be pretty clear if the lightweight, lighter flex stuff works! Plus, at 62, who wants to drag a golf bag through the airport?
  9. I just put a 5 wood back in the bag (in place of a 3 hybrid) to solve a gapping issue, and realized pretty quick on the course that the incoming 5 wood isn't a big fan of deep rough compared to the hybrid it replaced. I started looking specifically for a 4 hybrid to gap between my 24* 5 iron and the 19* 5 wood, with a high priority on using it from the rough and I stumbled across the Halo Launcher from a few years ago, I was going to grab one on eBay to mess around with and then noticed that they are still for sale NEW for $150 w tax and shipping. It might be the easiest hybrid I have ever hit
  10. If you are looking at the Cleveland RTX Zipcore, or the brand new Cleveland RTX Full Face, you may be curious about the stock shaft, dubbed the "Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue". From what I can tell, it is the exact same shaft as the "Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue" that Cleveland put in the RTX4 wedges, except soft stepped once. Photo below comparing the two, all the steps align exactly, the tip is 1/2 longer on the "spinner". I guess "Spinner" sounds better than "Tour Issue 8 Iron" . Not trying to bag on Cleveland with this post, I actually have a KBS 120 8 iron shaft in my R
  11. I was fit into Cobra Speedzones with Modus 130 x by a top 100 fitter in my area in November of 2020. I was pummeling those clubs, but if I would pull one, it would be a really low spinning, running hook that would go 20 yards longer in the long irons than my target number. That miss was happening too often. I went back for an equipment evaluation and bent the speedzones flat to try to get rid of the big left miss, that helped, but only to a degree. I then started trying other equipment and found that tip stiff and butt soft shafts with less offset heads were helping me avoid the big hook.
  12. I've had it a few months now, I love it. If I ever wear out the flight deck at $65/shipped its a really cheap "insert" to replace! My biggest complaint w CCE is it made me more of a sweeper because it will sting you if you hit down too excessively (at least for me)!
  13. The bottom is still the same plastic base as it had originally, i just cut off the outer plastic rim. It sits very flat and is held snug by the CCE.
  14. I got my 3 wood! It took 11 weeks from when the order was placed. My fitter said the delays were not due to component availability alone, it was that plus a huge COVID shutdown in Arizona (where the ping factory is). Apparently their factory was closed for 6.5 weeks, and they came back to an 8,000+ order backlog. Apparently Ping is still not caught up, and they are still not at 100% staffing due to the virus. My fitter said they didn’t get any heads up from Ping, and had to figure it out once customers orders were in the week 5-6 range. As a result they stopped fitting people into Pi
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