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  1. Current chart is back to 1 deg - it’s all a part of the fitting process. Other factors certainly come into it.
  2. Here’s an older chart with yellow and purple added in. I don’t have the years it applied handy
  3. The enjoy watching the quick sprint to catch up to the carts on their forward-advance setting by mistake. Also watched a buddy push a dead one the last 4 holes. Seemed heavy and the wheels weren’t a large diameter.
  4. Looking to finally make the move into upgrading my circa 1980 Ping EYE irons to the i210’s. (Orange dot to the more appropriate Black dot for my dims). As I started with wedges last summer, gaming a Glide 3.0 50*, I question going with the continuity of the irons or wedges. Any thoughts/ help deciding on the PW of the iron set vs. Glide 3.0 46*? I’m not worried about the 1* difference in loft or bounce, rather the feel of the irons (only tested the 7iron of the i210). I hear that the i210’s are based on the Glide 2.0 tech. Probably not that different, right? Planning to complete the new wedge set with a 54 or 56 Glide 3.0. I’ll stay with my original Big Bertha 1, 3, 5W for now. I love my 61* EYE2 Gorge LW - so buttery in green side funk
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