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  1. Good day all, any new word on the Launch Pro release date or pricing or stats or anything?
  2. Helpful Information on Golf Club Fittings discussed by PGA Tour Experts and Miguel with Brown Bear Golf.  With the stunning growth of golf during the pandemic beginner golfers are looking for new clubs and have access to the greatest technology in club fitting ever.  Skilled golfers are chomping at the bit to get fit into the latest and greatest equipment offerings.  PGA Tour Superstore can help you get the best clubs for your swing and ultimately help you be a better and more confident player.  Intimidated by a fitting?  Wondering what they measure?  What data collection do they analyze?  Can a fitting be for more than just new clubs? Can a club fitting help you improve your current clubs?  Are fittings for kids too?  What’s the difference between hitting demo clubs in a hitting bay vs. a one one one fitting in the STUDIO?  What do you need to do to be prepared for your fitting?  Miguel and the experts Joe and David from PGA Tour Superstore. 

  3. Yes, I saw that also. Well I ended up buying the BlackJack. I've only played with it for 27 holes but I really like the head, the heavy head, the sound and feel. I don't like, at all, the stock shaft. So I'm getting a BGT Stability Tour shaft put in. Hoping that will be the right shaft. The stock shaft is just not robust enough for the 380 gram head. It feels whippy. Yeah, in a putter. During a lag putt it feels like the head is left behind. Weird. And maybe it is not at all whippy. It just feels that way to me. My fitter said he has not heard that once. But the shape and muted matte finsih I love and it just feels good. So, I went with what felt right all along. I didn't get the Spider X because I saw so many postings about the paint chipping off.
  4. Have you had any concerns with the weight being too much for the stock shaft? I've been considering upgrading to a BGT or KBS shaft. The shaft seems to flex slightly on longer lag putts. Don't think it should do that.
  5. Hello!, That't too bad about there not being any fitting locations. Sometimes they go to courses to do off site fittings. Take a look at that. It's hard to order something sight unseen. I totally get that.
  6. The $15,000 golf equipment raffle I think it was.
  7. I have the same thought. I thought there was a giveaway contest for members and donors. Did that ever happen?
  8. Is there a way to put a clear protective layer over it to keep it from chipping? I see a lot on eBay have chips on the white alignment area at the face as well as on the tail edge in the blue. I really want one but the price is steep for something that might have the primary feature I like, alignment stripe, getting ugly
  9. I’ve been reading that the paint job on all Spider X models does not last and that the white visual line starts to chip near the face. I’ve even seen it on used models on sale on eBay. Anyone else experience this?
  10. For every three to four rounds I walk I get another round in with the money I saved. Especially during the winter early spring here in Phoenix/Scottsdale I can only afford to walk the muni courses.
  11. Carts are also good in the 105+ degree heat. They keep a breeze when you drive and if you soak your sleeves and neck periodically that breeze helps. The cart also provides shade and keeps a true cooler with ice and the gallon of water I need and my Gatorade cold and my wet towels cold. I walk in the winter season here in Phoenix. However some of the courses in the outlying suburbs have literally half a mile to 3/4 miles between the hole. So if it is that type of course or higher than 100 degrees I ride. But prefer to walk when I can and when it’s not dangerous to do so.
  12. Yeah, I get that. I also thought things were on a two year cycle so to cut it off after just one year doesn't make sense to me. Also, they have so many models that I never actually see on the course that I would have thought you cut a model out that's been around before one that has only been out a year. Oh well. Just surprised is all.
  13. It’s official. Odyssey will not make the #10 putter anymore. This is a putter that was only a year old!! Any info or ideas or conspiracy on why they would cut the production after just a year?!
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