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  1. MG Tour C4 - $20/dz online - only have in white so far. best poor man’s proV, for the money, I have played. I love Maxfli Tour as well, but is a little more expensive.
  2. Ah, I missed that, thanks! Makes a lot more sense now.
  3. Did you have your lofts weakened? Based on Callaway, Apex 21 standard lofts are below. This could also explain your increase in distance...but I don't know what "Wunder Spec" means either. 4 21 5 23.5 6 26.5 7 30.5 8 34.5 9 38.5 10 43 AW 48
  4. Many have been saying using armlock should be illegal because the locking prevents face rotation. The last time I checked, my forearms (radius and ulna) can rotate freely from the elbow with or without a putter attached.
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