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  1. Carry, pull cart, push cart, electric push cart!! That's the progression! I am quite athletic (swim, bike, weight lift, etc.) and in great shape) and the electric, remote controlled push cart is what I have used almost daily for last 5 months here in Oregon! It is amazing what it does for your posture and performance! I even use it around the practice areas and range! It carries a lot of weight so I am always ready with extra balls, alignment sticks, ball retrieval, radar ball/swing/distance sensor, and distance device, etc.! I won't mention the brand because I don't want to appear to be pro
  2. Hi, this is an addendum to my post above under Michael J Lee with more info! I am based in Portland Oregon but have traveled to eastern Oregon and northern California to golf this last year! I used a 2 wheel pull cart and switched to the 3 wheeled ClicGear4 when it came out last year! I then ordered the Stewart X9 Follow which I started using 3 months ago! I have lots of experience with electric push carts in soggy conditions we have here in Oregon! All of our courses allow them! And two courses I know of sell other electric push carts or the motor to adapt one to electric! I kept my 2 wheel
  3. Hi, I have golfed almost every day for a year (rounds, range or chip/pitch practice). I acquired the Stewart X9 Follow three months ago and love it! I would be a good tester candidate since I would use it often and have a lot of experience with the Stewart X9 Follow to compare with! Electric push carts are the healthiest option because they save your posture and let you concentrate on your game! Good luck to the lucky winners! Looking forward to the results if I am chosen or not!
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