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  1. I actually play a 6 degree gap between my pitching wedge and gap wedge, 46 and 52 respectively. After that I keep it at a 4 degree gap for my sand wedge and lob wedge (56 and 60). I looked into changing my lofts to 46, 50, 56 and 60 but the yardage gain with the two degree increase was almost nonexistent and not worth the change. I have been playing the 46, 52, 56 and 60 set up for more than 20 years and for me, I am comfortable with that set up and right now not willing to make the change to anything different.
  2. For me, it all depends on the course conditions. If it’s going to be wet, I’m going with spikes, if it’s on the dryer side, I go spikeless. However, my overall preference is spikeless.
  3. This is a no brainer, the PING Golden Putter Vault all day long. It was a back up for Tiger, not the gamer. That’s like saying you want the losing teams super bowl champions memorabilia. It just not the same!!!
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