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  1. I know club was at the Show and was hit a bunch in a short time, but whomever it was that was claiming that over the course of a lifetime the average golfer would only hit their driver several hundred times, you are way off. Most golfers I know, including myself, hit their driver 10 - 12 times per round (possibly more if you throw in mulligans). Playing twice a week, hitting your driver 12-13 times a round, equals 100 or so hits per month just from playing golf. Throw in range sessions and you could easily approach 1000 hits a season. This face wear is enough to veer me away from the Stealth for now. I don't want to get half-way through the season and have my new driver face looking all beat up. I've ordered an LTDx and will be gaming that this year. While the Stealth technology is exciting, the face wear is a major concern in my book.
  2. I work at 2nd Swing. I know for a fact that all our locations and headquarters use air compressors to install grips. It's much faster, cleaner and works just as well if not better than the old way. Plus changing grips is a breeze and much faster if you're looking to try out multiple grips. I'd be surprised if the Tour Vans didn't use air compressors, and offered the old-fashioned way if a player requested it.
  3. Hunter W. Minneapolis, MN Odyssey Protype Tour Series #7 33" #2 Wide
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