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  1. Srixon Q-Star Tour or is the Titleist Tour speed >$40
  2. The link below is the tool you'll need. https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-air-powered-golf-grip-removerinstaller/p/gw0103/ Of the OEMs, Ping does a great job taping and gripping. This making it easy to remove and replace quickly with air. I haven't read all 14 pages but safety doesn't seem to be mentioned. Removing a grip with air, the tube/cylinder is designed to prevent explosion of the grip. The goal is to apply air pressure to just remove the seal of the rubber to the tape. Much too, pop or boom and too little your just making a lot of noise. Once the seal is broken, half of the grips blow off and the other half require a twist/force to come off. Some factors to consider, that will be unknown until the grip is off ... type of tape, how much tape, type of grip, age of the grip ... Tape - masking v. double sided, double sided when activated will provide very good adhesion to the grip, masking tape will not. This was started as a Pure grip conversation, no tape required but other grips can be put on without tape. Challenge breaking the seal. If done correctly, the tape should go the length of the grip, if not the grip can adhere to the shaft. Harder to break that seal compared to the tape and grip. Grip - most rubber grips can be removed. The multi-compound or engineered (Winn or SuperStroke) grips can pop or separate. Corded grips are bombs, I seldom try to safe or remove by air. Hopefully this is helpful.
  3. I have seen my share of tour van videos and worked with tour pros. I've never seen them use air. I can turn around a set in 10 minutes with air. To use solvent ... 30+ and a lot of clean up. They can be a bit anal about how things are done. Most like 3 wraps under a 58R Tour velvet or velvet cord. NO more NO less
  4. Yeah, supply and demand. Today's newer equipment like Vokey wedges use new/rare/exotic materials like tungsten or triple coat for the slate blue finish. The Titleist TSi drivers use ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium, not cheap or available. So as club junkie ... super bargain or unicorn finder, I will wait for MGS or other reviews and wait until seasons' end or next for sales. I know with Covid, there currently isn't any new inventory (2020 or 2021) but there a ton of inventory from 2016 - 2019. In some club types there isn't much improvement from todays' new.
  5. I bought a dozen because they were out of 2019 ProV1x I wanted to compare the TOUR SPEED to the TM Tour response and Srixon Q star tour. I saw no major differences practicing with each pitching, chipping and putting. I don't like the double arrow on the side. Played 27 holes with the TOUR SPEED and I would agree with most. It has good stopping power with scoring clubs, 7i - wedges. Maybe equal to ProV1 but for me the TOUR SPEED had a lower flight. The short game was very very good. Pitching/chipping, I drop 6 - 8 within a foot. Putts very true, similar to me like a ProV1 or x. I cannot really commend on distance, I just reshafted my irons so I am still dialing them in. I played in windy conditions too, I am not sure the TOUR SPEED is as good thru the wind. I haven't lost any yet. The price is okay but not low like the TM Tour response and Srixon Q star tour.
  6. The Titleist TS3 weight is designed to adjust the CG of the club, given more fade or draw bias. Draw bias helps the face close, fade bias stays open. Impacting the heel, could be a setup and for sure a swing path issue. I have been there this year and well ... Setup to close to the ball can force your path to be "out to in" because of lack of room back into the ball If your not hitting the toe, try setting up away from the ball until you make toe contact. Then work your way back to center. Sounds hard to do but your mind and body will learn a toe hit. You already can find the heel, learn the toe and the center will be easier to find.
  7. Taylormade Tour response Titleist Tour speed Bridgestone RX Srixon Q-star tour Costco - approx. $12 per dozen
  8. Yes, some if not all manufacturers are behind. Good luck finding any grips. If you're interested to have in stock items. Check out 2nd Swing, 100k of used and they have a lot of new inventory. If you know your specs, they may have it and free shipping. I got my T200's in a couple days.
  9. I build customer clubs daily and have for 20+ years. Know your game, be honest Get fit - flex, grip, length/lie/loft, turf interaction, miss Fill gaps, not club #'s Have a budget, stick to it Folks have mentioned great combo options, Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Srixon (very sexy choice), Titleist (my choice I play T200's with AP2 718's and a CB mixed in too) Benefits are irons are easily bended and personalized for your game. Troubles I seen are having a players' iron in place instead of a game improvement or vice versa. The miss match can cause numbers of issues. Or having too many combo/models within the set. The game is fun, there isn't a perfect set, don't mortgage the farm to find it.
  10. tempo, ball speed, and peak height A rule of thumb for optimal carry, your peak height in feet should be similar to your 6 iron swing speed. Example, 6 iron swing speed = 80 mph, the peak height should be 80 feet +/- 10% for most/all clubs The AMT line is for a smooth tempo, what's your tempo, slow, smooth or fast? Both optimized will provide better contact and increased ball speed.
  11. Here's a good video comparing these types of balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKkQZKBbmRw&ab_channel=TXGTourExperienceGolf
  12. I have played the Srixon Q Star Tour all summer. It's really good for my game. I purchased the 15 pack of Taylormade Tour Response. I have practiced with them compared to the Srixon. I have only played 9 holes but here's what I have observed. Short game, pitch, chip, etc ... - about the same Putting - the Taylormade putts a bit firmer ... rolls 12-14 inches more on flat staight 9 ft putts. I have a practice green in my basement. Irons - both fly high straight and distances are close, only have nine holes with the Taylormade Wedges - Srixon has less spin, I played ProV1 since it was introduce. I was unaware of the continuous improvements to it over the years. The lack of spin is okay for me. The Tour Response has a more than the Srixon and lower compression. I have hit some hot wedge shot with the Taylormade, very high and long 10-15 yards. Driver/ FW off tee - distance maybe better with Taylormade but does seem to spin more. I need to play some more with it. I'm not long but have better than average mechanics with the driver. My club head speed is 95 and ball speed is 145. I may have seen 5 yards but is the do to compression, spin, hard ground ... both found the fairway. Durability - Both are very have robust cover and makings. For me, putting is most important then distance control. I have some work to do.
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