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  1. tempo, ball speed, and peak height A rule of thumb for optimal carry, your peak height in feet should be similar to your 6 iron swing speed. Example, 6 iron swing speed = 80 mph, the peak height should be 80 feet +/- 10% for most/all clubs The AMT line is for a smooth tempo, what's your tempo, slow, smooth or fast? Both optimized will provide better contact and increased ball speed.
  2. Here's a good video comparing these types of balls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKkQZKBbmRw&ab_channel=TXGTourExperienceGolf
  3. I have played the Srixon Q Star Tour all summer. It's really good for my game. I purchased the 15 pack of Taylormade Tour Response. I have practiced with them compared to the Srixon. I have only played 9 holes but here's what I have observed. Short game, pitch, chip, etc ... - about the same Putting - the Taylormade putts a bit firmer ... rolls 12-14 inches more on flat staight 9 ft putts. I have a practice green in my basement. Irons - both fly high straight and distances are close, only have nine holes with the Taylormade Wedges - Srixon has less spin, I played ProV1
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