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  1. Just noticed the names in the who’s on line box are colour coded . What do the colours signify ?
  2. Good day , with all the time we have on our hands these days I have come up with a scenario of golf shaft questions . I am an active 62 year old who’s driver swing speed is definitely going the wrong way . I have stepped up my exercise program looking for a little more core strength and flexibility. Now my question is on the equipment side of things , I am currently playing a Ping G410 Plus , haven’t played too many games with it as I purchased it in late fall , lots of garage bay time though . I currently use a SkyPro , a 3 Bays GSA and a yupitoru GST-5 Gl launch monitor .Between the three of
  3. Good day , I was watching golf this evening and the commentator mentioned that one of the golfers had made 200 ‘ of putts on a particular round . Well now , my questions are . How do they measure the putts ? Do they track all the players putts per round ? Thanks for replying in advance.
  4. Well the season is winding down up here in the north and I did a lot of trial and error . Never did come up with a #1 ball , I could play any one of the premium balls and be happy . I guess basic economics kicked in and with all annual sales that the manufacturers have . Titleist is never on sale . Bridgestone sells last years model in the spring for $30 a dozen as compared to $55 . Taylormade and Srixon have 2 for 1 sale on last years model either in the fall or spring . My only complaint was with the Bridgestone yellow high vis is not really high vis as compared to the yellow of Srixon . TM
  5. Good day , my name is Sparky , I am a 62 year old retired electrician . I have been golfing for 40 years never more than 20 games a year til I got into my fifties . My game count has been rising steadily, since retiring at age 59 annual game count is approximately 120. After reading the latest articles on which ball to use I am still trying to find my ball . I have a driver swing speed of 90 mph , ball distance is approximately 220 yds. My 7 iron is 75 mph , distance 145. What are all you other older players using these days and why ? I have tried a lot of balls and to tell you the truth any o
  6. Has anyone ever tried to sand down a .370 parallel tip graphite iron shaft to fit into a .355 taper tip iron head ? Or should a guy ream out the .355 taper tip hole to .370 ?
  7. I’m in , just missed 5 birdie putts in my last round maybe some putting feedback is just what I need .
  8. Good day all , heading down to Alabama from Winnipeg , Manitoba, Canada . We are staying in a condo at orange beach and going to be playing GlenLakes golf course the month of February. Has anybody out there played the course ? Orange Beach gets some good write ups for hanging out and having a nice time. Planning on visiting New Orleans on an overnighter , any recommendations ?
  9. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs flying over a fence ? Homer! What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in an electric wheel chair ? Otto ! I would list the clubs I play with but I am like Taylormade and change them far too often !
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