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  1. Take lessons if a swing issue. Watch swings with fairway woods on instagram after you take the lessons so you can equate to what you learned and identify what you are doing wrong then to make those changes.
  2. Go get fit. Sometimes it’s the club doesn’t fit your swing and you should be looking at a different brand.
  3. It’s the standard shaft the club comes it’s. Will upload shaft photo when I get a chance. Where the crown meets the face is tape to prevent damage which I like to call idiot prevention on my part. I have the headcover as well to include. SOLD
  4. Moved to Cobra LTDx driver. Looking to sell 300 mini. Can send photos.
  5. New MCC 4+ Align Grip Cobra tip about 44.375” tip to grip. Played 2 rounds with it. I moved to Blue velocore. 6S. SOLD
  6. This drill seems a bit confusing. He probably gets it to work with people live.
  7. Are you sure it’s not counterfeit? I get worried about eBay products.
  8. Just keep practicing and playing. Take lessons too. I have dropped 6 strokes off my handicap in last year and likely will get it to drop a few more before this year is out. And if you hit a bad shot, use the Ted Lasso adage of be a goldfish.
  9. Again, it depends on what you have in front of you. If in the neck, sure take the shot with the least chance of error. If trap could cause an issue as pin is tight, then you need a lofty club.
  10. Feet close together, try ball position a little forward and make sure you use the bounce of your club. Weight on front foot too. Do not do a heavy shaft lean toward front side. You are delofting club too much. Club being used shouldn’t matter as it’s about your distance. So, longer might be 8 iron, shorter might be 58.
  11. Also the Cobra LTDx line is sweet. No one should write them off when testing or getting fitted.
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