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  1. Praying to the golf gods to get this one!
  2. If you live by me, I’ll gladly bring beer to practice both outside and on the simulator. If I had a room for one (low ceilings with max 8ft height is my issue), then no one would find me anywhere, but down there.
  3. Broke 90 Hole In One thanks.
  4. Yes. Can’t take new clubs to a dog track.
  5. More importantly where are you playing?
  6. I got a shot scope for $199. Compares favorably to the bushnell v5 shift. No issues so far.
  7. Don’t hit driver. Hit the hybrid and a full PW to center of green. Hopefully, you can make a birdie, but at least a par and move on.
  8. Ocean Course Bethpage Black The Dunes Caledonia Taconic Pound Ridge Golf Club TPC Scottsdale Bethpage Red
  9. You got a great deal. That now is $1225 by me, includes 10-30min lessons, 3 months of practice limited to 90 min per week, and golf fitting for driver or irons.
  10. How was it? Loved that course when I played it 20 years ago.
  11. See my signature
  12. Broke 90 badge Hole in One badge USA badge Please
  13. 1) Snell 2) Vice 3) oncore
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