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  1. I am a callaway guy through and through. However, I’ve struggled hitting the drivers with balloon slices. I tried the TM Mini 300 and have been smoking it down the middle of the fairway and longer than any callaway driver I have hit. Please tell me callaway is researching a mini style driver.
  2. But your swing with a wood and hybrid are supposed to be different than irons. It’s the nature of the beast. If thinking that they would remain the same, then that’s completely wrong. The shafts are longer, swing is more of a sweep and flatter then up and down while taking a divot. take a lesson and it will get better.
  3. Walk us through how you would get yourself fit? What questions would you ask, what ball would you use, etc?
  4. So this really hot chic asked me this question and I almost didn’t know how to answer. I said wherever she wants.
  5. Once the distance race is stopped by the USGA/PGA, where does innovation go? Seems like forgiveness is next with MOI limitations…but curious what your thoughts are..
  6. Is it possible to build a smaller driver head and maintain the same level forgiveness as a 460cc head?
  7. Great insight Tony. Completely spells out the game they might be playing.
  8. Nothing like smoking up some ribs for a post round meal.
  9. Cut down the length of your driver. Sounds like it is too long. You will give up some yards, but you will have more control and be more consistent. Would also consider what is making you be inconsistent. Is it inside /out swing, over the top, etc. are you over compensating, which leads to the hook. Have you thought about taking lessons just for the driver?
  10. Praying to the golf gods to get this one!
  11. If you live by me, I’ll gladly bring beer to practice both outside and on the simulator. If I had a room for one (low ceilings with max 8ft height is my issue), then no one would find me anywhere, but down there.
  12. Broke 90 Hole In One thanks.
  13. Yes. Can’t take new clubs to a dog track.
  14. More importantly where are you playing?
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