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  1. Got my 849 pro about a month ago and like it more each time I use it. Hope all the testers enjoy it as much as I do.
  2. If not the same, very similar.
  3. Here goes my best for unofficial review. Took a little longer as there was an issue with the head and Sub 70 went above and beyond to take care of it for me. I was first alerted to Sub 70 when looking for something higher launching than my 3H. In my search I came across a list that had the best fairway woods and the Sub 70 Pro was listed. At $150/club and Project X shafts, I'm a bit of a Project X homer, with the $ back guarantee I order a 5W with the high launch shaft and it instantly became one of my favorite clubs to hit. I know that 5w being a favorite club sounds off but when you put it past people with their driver it's fun. I've been gaming my 910 for 11 years or so and have hit numerous drivers in passing but haven't really come across anything that made me feel like I should change. I decided to get a new set of irons this year and figured I would trade those in and give the 849 pro a shot at the $299 price point and especially since the stock options are PX shafts that I have been window shopping for a while. Also my misses are high with too much spin. Even though the 849 is tabbed as higher launching I figured the help in spin reduction would be ideal for me. I figured if we didn't like each other I could trade it for a pro 3w and a new wedge. Ordered the 849 Pro with Evenflow Riptide 60 6.0. 1st Range session. I had a great warm up but just couldn't get it moving as I would prefer. New shaft, new head shape, probably some adrenaline for a new boom stick, etc so I was a little disappointed as I had more of a fade than a nice little cut. However, it must be the combination of the shaft and the added weight, it was just launching right in my window with a piercing ball flight. The sound is really cool with a muted thwack, probably not the best description for the sound but I can't think of another word to describe it better. After this I figured if needed I can play with the weights or use the adjuster to get it where I need. 2nd Range Session Get warmed up and start reps with the 849. It's right in my window and now I'm swinging freely with my nice window and shot shape. Feel is great and feedback feel is excellent. My buddy comes over and starts admiring my ball flight and the looks and feel of the club. Great weight, and the top of the crown with the transition from solid to the honey comb from the carbon fiber looks real nice. There's no alignment markings on the top but I barely even noticed as with the way it sets up it was easy to get the club squared on my line. 1st Round with tha big stick Still getting used to it but all in all very positive outcome. You put a good swing on it and it wants to go straight and bores through the air. I was able to work a draw and bigger cut when needed. Again, I think, the sound is really cool compared to other drivers. Muted sound big drive. The course I played has a dogleg left Par 5 on the back that if you can elevate your tee ball, I don't hit my drives very high as I have more of a mid launch, you can cut the corner big time. This was the first time that I had actually tried or wanted to hit a higher launch. Teed the ball up ever so slightly and made a point to have a little more up swing and cleared the tree no issue and actually hit it through the fairway, still pin high in 2 though. Conclusion This is a really solid club that it now going to stay in my bag for a while. For the few that I did miss the center there is just enough feedback that you can tell where it was hit relative to the sweet spot and overall shot value was better than misses with previous clubs I had tried. You flush it and it is extremely smooth feeling with enough spring that you know you got it all. The looks are very understated and the performance is top notch. AND You can't beat Sub 70 customer service.
  4. Systems are go for launch. Going to try and get to the range this week. Also have a game on Sunday so I’ll have more info after. First impressions. It looks really good. Love the simple all black with honeycomb on the crown and the matte accents on the sole. Went with the 60g shift to get something close in weight to my current gamer (910D2 w 65g Diamana) and with practice swings it feels slightly heavier. Not enough to even consider changing the weight setup yet. Will update later
  5. Gamed a Taylormade Monte Carlo 7 for 12 or so years and just switched out for a ‘heavier’ Cleveland HB SOFT 10.5c premier. To my understanding center shafted are more for straight back and through strokes but to each their own feel. I tried other non cs putters when looking for a new one but I think that since i’ve been using one for the past few years that other shaft positions just didn’t feel like a solid hit. Love the new cleveland and don’t see myself switching from cs any time soon
  6. I'll just put this one in there as well. Can't find the actual scorecard but numbers here are accurate.
  7. Just ordered one with the PX Evenflow Riptide 60. I'll update after I get it on the range.
  8. Ordered set of T100 with PX LZ at the end of March. Fingers crossed they're supposed to ship Thursday.
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