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  1. Welcome to the club @Wilton! I've been out a bit using a cart and avoiding steep hills when walking to/from balls. It's been pretty good for me and I'm not showing any real side affects. Keep on the PT and you will be back out there soon enough!
  2. I've always wanted a pair of these! Link
  3. I found this chart the other day and it got me thinking about the percentages. In theory your PW is 50% of your driver carry, assuming clean and efficient strikes. It got me thinking about my clubs and my relative efficiencies with the various clubs. I am more efficient and consistent with my swing up to about a 6 iron (higher percentage). Then at my 5i - 3W, it looks like I'm less efficient and fall below these percentages. It could be that my driver carry is inefficient as well, which means my long irons are even more inefficient than meets the eye. None of this is shocking (long irons are harder to hit), but I thought it was interesting and I'd never seen the % breakdown before.
  4. I don't have any specific issues with my ball flight, I hit pretty hard so it seems to cut through the wind pretty well. Obviously there are times to "flight" a ball higher or lower. Mostly just curious what others think about it.
  5. Another question is are you happy with your current ball flight? Do you wish it was something different and why?
  6. I've been reading some various topics lately. Some people complain/brag about high and low ball flights. I have dynamic gold 105 shafts in my irons, which are billed as a low launch shaft. Still I hit most clubs in the 80-100' height (depending on the quality of the strike). I considered this a bit of a high ball flight, but after reading figure it is about average. From what I've read the pros typically have a peak height of about 90' for most clubs on most shots. My question is what constitutes a high or low ball flight? Is it peak height, how quickly it gets up or are we talking about descent angle? Are people hitting a lot higher than this on most iron shots? Are people hitting way lower than this on most shots?
  7. Looks like he apologized already: Edit: I like the comments it picked up.. haha
  8. At my skill level, I don't realistically have any hope of holding a green from 220+ all I'm looking for is nGIR (obviously, it makes sense to have the best tool to hold the green). I tend to hit pretty high in general, but it looks like my 5i has a descent angle around 35-38* That isn't giving me a great chance to hold a certain distance as it tends to run quite a bit after landing. So I think perhaps a 4H is the best option for me (and probably to replace my 3U with a 3H as well). The upper end of the bag is a challenge for me to find the right clubs.
  9. It's a bigger number, so of course it is better /s (honestly no idea, but I'm looking at it for a 4H. I'm torn between a 4H, 4U or a 4i. I need something that gets a bit higher in the air, so I'm leaning hybrid, but I don't know.)
  10. Looks like a beauty! Let us know how much you love it What is the adjustability on the hosel?
  11. Can't wait to hear how you like it!
  12. Sorry to hear that @RobyM. It is in fact a grind. I tore mine on April 22nd, I didn't end up having surgery given my age and the advances in functional rehabilitation. I also caught it really early and was off it quickly. The doc thinks I'll have a same/similar outcome to surgery, so it was a pretty easy decision. I'm now at week 11-12. I was out of the boot at 10 weeks post injury. I also did my left foot, so it is my front foot. The golf swing doesn't have a lot of push off on the front foot, so I got the go ahead to play golf wearing my lace up ankle brace. I've been to the range twice and played 9 twice (cart not walking). It gets really sore after nine and I can feel it for sure. It really hasn't effected my swing that much, but is a good excuse for playing poorly Just be careful, it's a long ways back and a re-rupture is my deepest fear right now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but still no light running until October for me.
  13. @Sub70What is the loft adjustability on the driver head?
  14. Update.... now out of stock (that was quick)! Good work to the lads @Sub70 hope to see some reviews soon
  15. Looks like you can now get a 9* head with your choice of shaft. While I have the swing speed to hit a 9, I'll probably hang on till the next ordering window to see what the options are. (A lot of this depends on when I can swing again after my achillies injury... I'm hoping early/mid July)
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