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  1. Just back from North Myrtle Beach. Day one played Barefoot Fazio. Just wasn't impressed, each hole looked like the last. I wasn't playing well, so that may factor into it, but the only hole i can remember was the 18th. Day two played Barefoot Dye and loved the course. Dye is set apart from the other 3 barefoot courses and there are many wonderful holes. I loved a par 3 on the front with water along the right,,,,,,even though i rinsed 2......hey it was windy. great hole. By the way I played at 2 both days, and the courses were empty. At Dye I played as a single so played my driver
  2. I booked Arrowhead as a single on my last day in Myrtle Beach. Its highly ranked by the pros on Myrtle. would love to have some on this forum join me.
  3. I enjoyed playing Thistle very much. Grand dunes is a pretty course, lots of nice views. I hope to be playing a couple of barefoot courses later this month. I will let you know. Have a great time.
  4. one hour north of Tampa Fl, are the World Woods courses, Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks. Highly rated great courses that outside of January through March are incredibly cheap to play. great practice facilities too. just had a buddy buy a condo in the area. hope to visit him each year to play these courses
  5. played Bay Hill in January 2019, cold and windy day. forecaddie was so so. they introduce each player on the first tee, first time i had experienced that and liked it. the course is fun to play. lots of challenging shots and you have to use every club in the bag. hoping to play it again some day. the lodge has an Arnie channel where you can watch his career highlights. fun place.
  6. for $200 a night in the summer, I would look at Innisbrook resort, playing copperhead (home of Valspar) Island and one of the other two (north or south). Arnie's place Bay Hill is another great possibility. I liked the grand cypress new course (ode to St Andrews) nearby. hope this helps. have a great time.
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