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  1. I was able to play Yale a few times, but its been several years. The course is aweome, challenging and fair. Great layout. I have seen that Yale is opening it up to some nonmember play and it seems you have to have some affiliation to Yale, teacher staff graduate etc. Wish i could help you more but thats all i got. If you get the opportunity, play it.
  2. hope you and your brother have a great time. hope to get there some day
  3. thanks so much for asking how my trip went. I wish I could tell you. On Labor Day, after watching the Solheim Cup I had a freak fall accident and required surgery on my right knee. Recovery time is 4 to 6 months. I hope to tell you in a few months how my trip to AL went. Merry Christmas to all
  4. thanks playing the 3 turning stone courses in Mid September. sounds like it was pretty well booked up so happy to get it in.
  5. Looking for a course to play in Mid-November. Landing at CHS airport with the ultimate destination Kiawah. Its an early flight so not expecting to play my best. With the change of the clocks in early November need something relatively close to CHS. Thanks everyone.
  6. Kings North is a very nice golf course. Good assortment of par threes. Enough water to make sure you don't lose focus and as the guys above mentioned, you have the Gambler hole. enjoy
  7. Happy to give some ideas here. The Ranch and Crumpin Fox are both great courses, but might be west of your travel plans. if you get to Martha's Vineyard, Farm Neck is a wonderful course. Both Pinehill courses in Plymouth MA are also great. In Devens, MA is Red tail, it sounds like it may be undergoing some renovations but its a great course.
  8. Looking for input from other trip planners. When planning a trip, what sources do you use to determine the best courses in the area? I started out using golf.com and golf digest, best public courses in the US. Lately i have been using 1) golf week, best courses you can play by state 2) where2golf.com 3) top100golfcourses.com 4) local rankings when available. Most recently I have found this forum to be very valuable. thank you all. On the other hand, i have found golf now to be unreliable just based on how the courses near me are ranked.
  9. In a previous topic i received great advice about courses in Birmingham AL. and many directed me to Montgomery. Can i now get some advice on Montgomery AL and the three trail sites close by. 1) Cambrian Ridge is the Loblolly nine a step below Sherling and Canyon? 2) Capitol Hill is the Judge course the best? 3) How do the Grand National Courses compare to Cambrian Ridge and Capitol Hill ? thanks in advance
  10. i want to thank everyone for all of the constructive replies. there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum for AL courses. I learned that its well worth a trip to Farm Links at Pursell Farms and i hope to play this course. I also learned that Ross Bridge is highly rated course and i look forward to playing that course too. I plan to start a couple new topics based on what i read here. 1) what course rating sources do you use when planning a trip. one of the sources i uses gave Ross Bridge a 5+ and Farm Links only a 4. 2) i had always planned at least one more and possibly 2 more trips to AL since Capitol Hill courses were mentioned here, I will start a topic asking that you compare Cambrian Ridge, Capitol Hill and Grand National. thanks so much
  11. Playing three rounds in Birmingham at the end of October. Is it worth the hour drive to play Farm Links at Pursell Farms? Should i play Ross Bridge twice and one of the Oxmoor Valley courses or play Farm Links, Ross Bridge and an Oxmoor Valley? thanks in advance for any and all comments.
  12. Just back from North Myrtle Beach. Day one played Barefoot Fazio. Just wasn't impressed, each hole looked like the last. I wasn't playing well, so that may factor into it, but the only hole i can remember was the 18th. Day two played Barefoot Dye and loved the course. Dye is set apart from the other 3 barefoot courses and there are many wonderful holes. I loved a par 3 on the front with water along the right,,,,,,even though i rinsed 2......hey it was windy. great hole. By the way I played at 2 both days, and the courses were empty. At Dye I played as a single so played my driver from the black tees and three wood from the white tees. Day 3 i played Arrowhead which is near the airport and has 3 nines. The Myrtle Pros rated this course pretty high and i agree. I like target golf as opposed to grip it and rip it and Arrowhead was all about target, working your way around lakes and bunkers. The bunkers were in great shape sand nice and fluffy, better than the barefoot courses. I made 2 sandies. by the way for meals, I highly recommend the Parsonage and Villa Tuscana both right on Route 17.
  13. I booked Arrowhead as a single on my last day in Myrtle Beach. Its highly ranked by the pros on Myrtle. would love to have some on this forum join me.
  14. I enjoyed playing Thistle very much. Grand dunes is a pretty course, lots of nice views. I hope to be playing a couple of barefoot courses later this month. I will let you know. Have a great time.
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