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  1. Clete/Nebraska Prairie Golf Milled Blade 10 HC
  2. cdewispelare


  3. - Clete - Nebraska - 10 - Mizuno MB58 - 7i = 170yd
  4. Clete/Nebraska 10 HC No devices (unless you count tees)
  5. Clete/Omaha, NE 10.1 HC/110mph SS (driver) Cleveland 588 20.5* 3H 17* to gap between (and possibly replace) my 15.5* FW and 3H.
  6. Clete, Omaha, NE 107mph Driver SS Titleist ProV1 I've played a few Snell balls I've received in tournament grab bags and liked them. Haven't pulled the trigger on a new set yet, though.
  7. Clete/Nebraska 9 HC/110mph SS Titleist ProV1 Yes, I got a box of last year's XV and it is very comparable in my game to the ProV1
  8. Clete/Nebraska Prairie Golf Milled Blade Righty I want to see if it truly is as good as the Most Wanted testing says (and for $100!!!)
  9. Clete Omaha, NE 105-110mph SS, 9.7 HC 15.5* FW, 3 hybrid (20.5*) Right Hand
  10. Clete Nebraska Prairie Golf Milled Blade Strength
  11. Clete/Nebraska Titleist 910D3/9.5*/Project X Blue 75g/Stiff flex 9 HC, 110mph SS, started hitting on monitors this year to get more feedback and shot shape analysis Have NOT played a Tour Edge driver, but would love to kill the stigma of the brand being "value" only with no real playability.
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