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  1. Clete Omaha / NE Titleist ProV1x Got a pack of BOMBs and sure, they fly far, but unless you hit towering irons into greens, you'd better bet on the ball releasing every time.
  2. Clete Omaha, NE Titleist 910D3 8 108 TSi2
  3. Clete, omaha, ne Putting on carpet at home My parents had a simple 12" wide ramped mat, but once I flew the coop, I haven't used any Medium speed
  4. Clete / Omaha, NE / USA Prairie Golf Milled Blade Heppler Anser 2, I prefer the look of a blade putter and the feel of the lighter head.
  5. Omaha, NE Full spectrum CBD oil tincture - peppermint flavor Usually pretty calm and collected. Occasional talking to self (just to externally lay bad/missed shots to bed) and very seldom blowup (once every 7 or 8 rounds) Yes, Samsung GearFit2
  6. 8 HC, Omaha, NE MIZUNO MP58, 157yd 8i Sub70 is a DTC brand making affordable clubs that perform right up there with the big dogs!
  7. Clete, Omaha, NE Yes, GPS, have used TheGrint, GolfLogix, Golf Status, myRoundPro by taylormade Currently use Arccos
  8. Omaha, NE; 8 HC ball alignment aid (no extra sharpie lines) Titleist ProV1x with RED alignXL
  9. 8 HC, Omaha, NE Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/cdewispelare; Twitter - @cdewispelare; Instagram - @cdewispelare 12-15 rounds Titleist driver, Wilson FW, Cleveland 3h, Mizuno 3-PW, Cleveland wedges D - RH King SpeedZone, 9*, Project X HZRDUS SMOKE Yellow 60 X-Stiff (+1/2" LONG), Lamkin Crossline ACE Connect Midsize grip; 2h - RH King SpeedZone, 2 loft, UST Recoil 480 ESX Stiff (std length), Lamkin Crossline ACE Connect grip (+1 wrap); 3h - RH King SpeedZone, 3 loft, UST Recoil 480 ESX Stiff (std length), Lamkin Crossline ACE Connect grip (+1 wrap); 4-PW -
  10. Clete / Nebraska 7 20.5 (looking to replace my FW with 16-18 hybrid, too)
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