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  1. Clete/Nebraska Project X Blue 70g Stiff 108mph SS Less spin, better dispersion Pay-to-play launch monitor access is available locally
  2. Clete, Omaha, NE Arccos or other phone app GPS Technology allows golfers to improve their game dramatically, especially when they have a proper knowledge of their personal distances ....and club gapping.
  3. Clete - Omaha, NE On long putts that require more accuracy to start the ball on the correct line Use the markings on the ball Titleist Pro V1 Align XL, red, "NANANA"
  4. - Clete - Nebraska - Prairie Golf Milled Blade - Elevado Single Bend
  5. Clete / Nebraska 9.2 HC Mizuno MP58 4-PW 165 yd
  6. cdewispelare


  7. Clete/Nebraska 10 HC No devices (unless you count tees)
  8. Clete/Omaha, NE 10.1 HC/110mph SS (driver) Cleveland 588 20.5* 3H 17* to gap between (and possibly replace) my 15.5* FW and 3H.
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