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  1. The only thing I think about is ball position when setting up and my intended target line. Nothing in the swing, it's just automatic.
  2. Yes this is still correct. I just modified mine a minute ago to add the Sub 70 JB wedge.
  3. Click on your name in top right hand corner Then click on account settings Then to the left click on signature. Then if you want to add the manufacturer icons click on the emoji and scroll down to them.
  4. I would have thought they made more than that! I guess you have to have a goal to be a territory manager to get the bigger bucks.
  5. A suggested gratuity for a caddy is $100 bucks or you can just get a forecaddie for $50. I love golf and I appreciate great courses but some of them are just an absurd amount of money in my opinion. I believe if you sign up for Golf Pass you can get 49% off at the Ocean Course. Golf pass will cost $99 a year. It is definitely worth looking into to save a hundred bucks. At least you have a year to do your homework.
  6. I know you didn't address this to me but I also went with the JB wedge over the 286. The JB has a different grind that allows you to open or close the face without changing the amount of turf interaction. So you can play different type of shots easier. On a typical wedge with standard grind and bounce, once you roll the face open the leading edge gets further from the ground. I just got to try mine out this past Sunday and I really liked it. Everything came out of the sand well, even wet sand and off the fairway was easy.
  7. When I do decide to pull the trigger on replacing my TM SLDR, I'm leaning toward the 939X 3 wood over the Pro. Figured I could use all the help I can get to hit it higher and straighter.
  8. Close to $400 for the round and then you tip the caddy. Work on keeping you ball flight low because it's always windy. But it is one of those bucket list courses. Ten of the holes are along the ocean. The other courses on the property are less expensive in case you want to get in another round on another day.
  9. Big old goose egg. Not the norm for me but the rainfall all month kept me off the course. Rained so much the course closed a lot. Never had that happen at my course before.
  10. At my club there are a lot of lazy golfers. Hit a ball off line and just leave it. Our grounds crew goes out around 5 am. When they rake the bunkers, mow the greens, rough or fairway, they toss any found balls into the fairway. I'm the first one off on Sunday morning. I pick up the balls and toss them into the basket on the cart. When i finish playing I'll sort them. Someone's name on it goes into the pro shop on the counter. Good high end ball no name in my bag, the rest into the range ball container. I get about 6 to 8 when I play and keep about 2 to 3. Sunday after a Saturday tournment is l
  11. Have that in my Bag Boy Chiller cart bag too. And like yours it is empty!
  12. I'll stick with the orange whip. Pretty much the same idea but you just can't actually hit a ball with the OW. Many years ago when I was helping my wife with her swing I grabbed her driver. And with a smooth tempo it went to the back of the range. That was a very whippy shaft for me then. The harder I swung the worse the results. Good lag and smooth tempo created great shots. Which is exactly what the LagShot is trying to get you to do. Option, go find an old graphite women's driver from a bargain barn, play it again sports or something like that and save some bucks.
  13. I really would like someone to drop off one of those finn cycles. I believe playing my course would put this through its paces. Just a suggestion
  14. Rained all night, course closed and 48 degrees.
  15. Having just finished testing the Top Flight Gamer ball, I can tell you i was impressed with the performance. I would recommend you give these a try. At $20 something a box there is plenty of value for the money. Trust me, these are not the rocks of day's past. Look at the reviews in the tester section.
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