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  1. I just missed the good morning but for a good reason. Woke up at 7am and realized if I get out quickly I coldget 18 in before the rain came. I did manage to get 16 holes in before it started. Then I heard some rumblings and headed to the car. My play is improving now that the jackets are off for the year. I even had my first chip in birdie for the season on the 10th hole. Now relaxing watching the golf on TV.
  2. I didn’t start playing golf until I was 30. Breaking 100 didn’t take long. Probably less than a year. Breaking 90 was probably the next season. Breaking 80 I remember that very well. Buddies trip to Myrtle Beach on the Wizard course with a 79 in 2000. It took 12 years. But I will also say I only started taking golf seriously in 1997 when I joined a company golf league. Breaking 70 was in 2020 with a pair of 69’s at my home course. Then in 2021, I peaked with 12 rounds in the 60’s with all being either a 68 or 69. All but one were at my home course. In 2022 I had a few in the 60’s but I decided at the beginning of the season that I was going to have fun and not take it to seriously. I got consumed chasing scratch and lost some of the fun.
  3. Thank you for saying stroke instead of shot. My interpretation is only one stroke per course.
  4. I went to my daughters track meet yesterday and today. On my way home today I might have just happened to drive over to the three courses we will be playing!
  5. The manufacturer is claiming 5 to 7 days to sprout. The existing grass was centipede grass. It does not tolerate short cutting so so expect it to die off or get choked out in a month or two. Then I’m going to add a growth regulator. This limits upward growth and increases density. That will kill off anything left. I did purchase enough seed that I can over seed if necessary. I believe this is a longer term project. It might take all season but you never know.
  6. I just looked at the community map. @JohnSmalls it looks like I will be in your neck of the woods. My daughters track meet is a Winthrop University today and tomorrow. Leaving my house in about 40 minutes to head over.
  7. I with you on this. The market is crazy. A friend of ours is a realtor and told us what we could sell our house for. It doubled over what we paid for it 10 years ago. It took about 10 minutes before we said list it. We were able to pay off the balance of the mortgage find another house out of state and buy that one cash. My oldest son is looking to buy a house and he stopped because how ridiculous the market is on Long Island. He said he was having to get on a line 20 couples deep to walk through a house and you only had 10 minutes to look at it. People were paying 10 to 20 percent over asking. Then you still had to put a lot of work into it. Stupid money for some crappy houses too.
  8. Sorry if this has already been posted. I haven't been keeping up with this. Kostis and McCord's off their rocker pod cast episode three gets into this and very enlightening because the guy who builds all the robots for ball testing for the entire industry is a big part of the discussion. This segment starts about the mid-way point in the video. You can watch it on YouTube.
  9. gm everyone. I will be getting a couple hours of work in this morning then off to my daughter's two-day track meet. Looks like Sunday will be my golf day. It's supposed to be a good weather weekend. Sunny and in the 80's It will be good to swing without a jacket on. Hopefully that will fix the 5 yards I have been short lately. Just thinking out of the box. Maybe some of it was related to the 20 pounds I lost too?
  10. Good call today. Looking forward to next week.
  11. The seed delivered last Saturday. Today it was 80 and sunny and next week is all up in the 70's. I seeded today and raked it in. Then spent some time watering. And away we go.. Grow baby, grow.
  12. Welcome aboard and than you for your service. I think we all started just lurking, reading equipment reviews and such. Then one day something grabs your attention and you reply to a post. Then your hooked. Great bunch of people here.
  13. I thought we were going to have to send out a search party for you.
  14. All sorts of tips and first-time user start up information on you tube.
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