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  1. I used those foam rubber puzzle piece looking mats that Lowes and Home Depot sells for workout room floors. Each piece is 1 foot square and about 1/2 " thick. They come in solid gray or multi color. I went with gray as the colored ones look like they should be in a daycare.. Works great. I think they are in a 4 pack for $28.00. You can get thicker if you think you need it as well but 1/2" worked fine for me.
  2. Update I took her our for a road test today. Definitely replacing my Cobra Amp. I hit about 6 balls on the range and thats all it took. Great sound, great ball flight, and the distance I needed to fill the gap, and inconsistency of the club it was replacing. Went right to the first tee to play / practice. I stopped the cart at 175 yards and hit the Sub 70 hybrid on a few holes just so can dial it in. Then on hole #18 my tee shot left me 175 in. I hit it perfect and wound up 3 feet from the pin.
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the elusive "Bounce Back Club". This club is reserved for those that have been ripped apart by Yellow Ball and turned your game around to shut him up. I probably shouldn't have just opened that can or worms but he already beat me down and I bounced back.
  4. Thank's, I will pass that appreciation on to my son. It was completed for veterans day in 2017. It was a big event with the high school band playing, speeches, newspaper was there, and about 100 people. He raised the flag for the first time at the ceremony. One of the parishioners grandfather was buried there and received the medal of honor. He jumped on a grenade and saved his squad. Needless to say his story was told that day and there wasn't a dry eye. It was a great project that my son can be proud of forever.
  5. Here is my son's project for a local church that had a lot of veterans buried in their cemetery out back. We dug the hole, put in a sleeve for the flag pole, poured a 3'x3'x3' cement base that was flush with the surface. We got a monument that was engraved wrong for next to nothing. Then had a plaque made to honor the vets and mounted it over the original engraving. We had the 4 branches of the military stones cast in cement and painted them. Mounted the flag pole, installed a solar light. Then did the surrounding area in red stone and pavers. It was a pretty serious project and took a few weekends to complete.
  6. To get the most out of what you did already. You can use a king size sheet up against the net as the impact screen. Then mount an overhead ultra short throw projector. Thats what I did and it works great. That will save you $550 because you won't need the case and screen. The sheet will just come down or go up with the net. My set up is in the garage as well. I had enough space for just a short throw.
  7. Nice work. Now you can put your putting mat on it to practice your uphill putts. For anyone else finding themselves in a situation where you need one of these built check with your local Boy Scout troop. In order to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout the scout has to have a project. Manage it all himself. Scouts are always looking for a project to do. The scouts raise the money for the material and get the design approved. They also build the entire thing under supervision. I was an Assistant Scout Master and we built several of these for people, churches, and such. We also put up quite a few flag poles.
  8. Just received my order today. A Sub-70 939X Hybrid. Aldila NV 55 shaft in regular flex. Now I definitely have to play on Sunday.
  9. My course here in Tennessee has always been that way. No outside coolers or drinks. Outside beverages would take away from the clubs revenue. It would also can allow them to monitor someone's consumption if need be. You can get a cooler full of what you want from the club to take out on the course. You just have to purchase the liquor at the club.
  10. Black Friday starts the Christmas purchases tomorrow. If you can get one golf related item for Christmas what would you want. Limit on the price to $2000. For me finding a Titleist TSi1 driver that I was fitted for in May under the tree would be wonderful. Still haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  11. I got the food sweats! Antipasto for appertiser, Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, festive corn casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, biscuits, Mac & Cheese ( kids request and the youngest is 18) cranberries. Need to wait an hour then onto homemade cheesecake and apple cake. !
  12. After the ribbing he gave me for being in the sand a lot and not posting GIR's, I'm staying away from yellow balls.
  13. Sounds like a challenge was just thrown out.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Make sure to have some leftovers tomorrow before you play golf. Being a little lethargic will make you swing easy and swing stress free.
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