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  1. Not fixing ball marks on the green bothers me the most. Having a putt go off line due to a ball mark is unacceptable. Fairways are much larger and your odds of being in one are less. However they both should be fixed.
  2. I did mine with 1" PVC and slid a 1" EMT inside the top rail to prevent sag. But I covered the PVC with pipe insulation. It's the black kind with the slit that runs the length. Gives a good look and good protection.
  3. I get to warm up next week. Unfortunately it’s work and my clubs aren’t making the trip. Fort Lauderdale, then to Orlando, then over to Tampa. Home for the weekend then thrown into the cold. Providence RI, Hartford CT and finishing up in Boston. That should wrap up my travel for the year(I hope). Might need to have some of Kenny’s or Jason’s chili to warm up after my New England trip. Brrrrr I don’t do cold any more.
  4. I have gone back and forth between a gps watch and a laser. I did finally settle down this season with the laser. I use it for knowing how far I can hit on dog legs. I use it on second shots to hit to a specific distance to leave me a desired approach distance. I really need it to dial in the final approach shot. Gap Wedge is 100 yards, 54* is 80 and 60* is 60 yards. I find it helps to know how much to take off a full shot so I can visualize sticking it close for a one putt. Im one that refuses to use apps on my phone. Mainly because I don’t want my phone on or near me when playing. I’m on it so much for work, I need the distance. My wife complains all the time. Did you get my text? Answer, no I was golfing. You should know not to text me when I’m golfing. I ignore my phone until I’m back at the car.
  5. Exactly! Sketch, bill of materials. Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. My normal Sunday routine. Get up at 6:50am and get ready for golf. 8:00 be on the course. Friday it worked out well. Temps were in the mid to upper 50’s. Today, not so much. Got up, looked at the temperature and it was 38* Went back to bed. Never warmed up all day.
  7. Just an fyi Any markings or dirt on a ball will transfer to your screen. These are hard to clean off. Obviously any scuffs will also damage the screen. Kind of acts like sandpaper. I would recommend only using new balls. Pick up some cheaper 2 piece balls. Since it’s your garage you can have everyone use the same balls. This eliminates stains and damage to your screen. I walked into a simulator area at a club. This guy almost got the crap beat out of him. Evidently he went into a bay and put nice fresh black lines on his balls. Then proceeded to hit them into the screen. Moments later the screen had black lines all over it. The shouting match was getting pretty heated and I decided the outside range would be a more calming area to practice.
  8. Watching a PGA golf event on TV for me is just for entertainment and to admire the course. Looking at the conditions they get compared to what we get is drool worthy. But if I want to learn something or see how a shot is played I prefer to watch the LPGA. Their game is closer to mine.
  9. I pulled the trigger about 10 years ago. I am handy and did all the work myself. Every year or two I would upgrade something. The benefits are 365 days a year golf. You can focus on the entire game one piece at a time. I started out small with an Optishot2 and a pop up net. Then built a cage with a painters tarp and a king size white sheet for the screen. Then picked up a net to attach to the cage. Still utilized the white sheet. I won a Mevo so I use that in conjunction with the Optishot2. (The Optishot gives you club data and the Mevo gives me ball data) Then I got a projector which lasted 8 years. This year I replaced the projector and added an impact screen. I enjoy playing different courses so I chose the system based on the amount of courses and one that doesn’t have yearly subscriptions. If I want to work on something I can select the driving range. Saved a ton of money on eBay auctions. Alway picked the item that the bidding ended in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning. Also saved with Amazon discount coupons. My $300 projector cost me $28.00 and it was brand new.
  10. I have posted this somewhere before but here goes. I was working for a company that had a golf league. If you played in the league you got to leave work at lunch time on Wednesday. If you didn't you had to stay and work and also cover for the guys who left to play. After a couple months of 12-hour workdays on Wednesday I decided, I was going to learn to play golf and be ready for the next golf season. Then I went out and purchased a new set of King Cobra ll's, and signed up for some group lessons. Come the next spring at the age of 30 I was on the league roster and never looked back. Thirty-four years later I'm still at it playing twice a week. Fortunately, the two companies I worked for after that had a golf league. Over the last 10 years I have really worked on my game and my current company of 15 years sends me to represent them in lots of customer outings. For some reason they encourage me to take customers golfing to generate business and build relationships. I will say it works, and it is a great perk. I'm no tour pro but sometimes it feels that way. With someone paying you to travel around the country to wine, dine, and play golf what can be better than that. I'll keep the retirement thoughts on the back burner for a while. I encourage everyone to put their location on the community map. You never know when I'll be in the neighborhood. I've already played with a few spies by looking on the map and then sending them a message. Go up to the top bar, pick Members. From the drop-down box select Community Map then put your location in.
  11. I travel to many different states, cities, and towns for work. Depending on the weather and my schedule the clubs come along for the ride. I’ll either just show up to a course or call the day of looking to get squeezed in somehow. It has always worked out and I’ve been on some real nice courses. Even managed some high end private ones. Also met a lot of nice people. Just go for it!
  12. Sorry to hear you got the VID. Hope it’s a mild version and a quick recovery. I have managed to dodge the bullet so far. Even with all my travel and meetings. Just to make you feel better I played for you today. You played well with four birdies and three bogies.
  13. Thanks for the picture. I never heard of bullfrog style. My mind was working hard on that one. Probably should of just kept scrolling quicker. Im stuffed but looking at that I’m hungry again.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. For those who are traveling, be safe out on the roads.
  15. I’m down in Myrtle every year(probably been there 20 times). MB is split into three sections. North, Central, and South. From one end to the other is about a 1-1/2 hour drive. North and South are less crowded and more relaxed. I prefer to stay in NMB. SMB courses Caladonia, True Blue, Heritage, Pawleys Plantation are my favorites NMB courses Long Bay, Thistle, Rivers Edge, Barefoot Dye course, Tidewater Central courses Pine Lakes, MBN Kings North, World Tour (interesting but you get to play famous holes from around the world), Shaftsbury Glen Grande Dunes is supposed to be very good but I haven’t played that one yet.
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