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  1. Do you have a hole on your local course that always seems to get the best of you? Here is mine, lets here about yours. 2nd hole, dog leg left. The hole is 344 yards from the white tees. Hole plays 200 yards straight out. Then almost 90 degrees and uphill to a green guarded by two bunkers in the front with about two yards between them. If you hit to the middle of the fairway from the tee you are at the 150 yard marker. It plays about 2 to 3 clubs longer due to the hill. You really want to hit over the last tall tree on the left in order to have a short iron into the green. In these photos. I did clear the trees and was left with 112 yards to the pin. I still had to hit a 9 iron (140 yards for me) due to the severe uphill slope. You can see the slope better from the green backwards. When I par this, it is the start of a good round. Usually I'm trying to recover from bogey.
  2. In the end it's all about what looks and feels right for you. I've posted on this a few times already but here is the broken record again. I play game improvement irons even though I currently have a low handicap. I get enough feed back and can still work the ball when needed. I want to get the ball up in the air and hit it straight. I appreciate the forgiveness on a not so perfect shot. See if you can demo a 7 iron from each set and go to the range and you will know what works better for you.
  3. Tom, Greeneville,TN I practice putting once or twice a week. Typically before or after a round on the golf course practice green for about 30 minutes or until I reach a set goal or complete a drill. I might have 1 or 2 three putts per round. This seems very interesting as I have an Optishot2 and you can't putt with that at all. I like simulators and one just for putting seems great. I also travel for work and get to take customers golfing so my clubs are usually with me. Seems like this would work out well in hotel rooms too. I think I would get a lot of practice in that way. I never heard of this system but I will be researching it momentarily !
  4. First time I typically look back at them with hands raised in a what the heck. And i didn't mean heck! Second time, they know what they did, so I stomp the ball into the ground or drive over it with the cart. Third time either I pick up their ball or if I can tell they are doing it on purpose, I hit the ball back at them, then call the pro shop. Only had to do that once in 30 years.
  5. I really got started on a par 3 course. It was a big par 3 course if there is such a thing. Yardages from 95 yards up to 250. I started because you got to leave work at 2:00 on golf day. If you didn't play you had to stay to 5 and cover for the golfers. One year of that and I took up golf! I really enjoyed it and after several weeks / months of playing in a work league I started venturing out to the big courses. The rest is history. I've been practicing for group therapy. " Hi, my name is Tom and I am addicted to golf" Have fun on the par 3 course and you never know where the future will take you.
  6. You can always get the score card on line if you don't have one for that course. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, water hazards and such. I typically go by yardage. Try to get on par 5's in two, then look at long par 4's to give you a wedge in for the reds. Blue I would pick short par4's or 3's
  7. I know I sound like a broken record. I play game improvement irons. I'm not getting younger. I want to get the ball up in the air and hit it straight. I can still work the ball if I need to with what I play.
  8. GHIN Handicap Index is 2.4 # of scores 20 High of 76, Low of 68, Avg 72.5
  9. Here is another link https://www.mggolf.com/golf-club-labels/
  10. These are my thoughts Alignment sticks for foot alignment Foot spray or impact tape for checking ball impact position on the clubface Zepp 2 for full swing mechanics. Which gives you an overlay from your swing to a model swing. Its easy to see inside / outside / over the top swing paths. Orange Whip for full swing feel with lag Pool Noodles for swing path Any type of matt for putting with at least a centerline.
  11. If you can get to a PGA Superstore, Golf Galaxy, or Dicks they can get you fit. You just really need to know if you can use a standard set, meaning, shaft flex and length. If you are standard then you can shop around. The Callaway Edge as previously reccomended is a good start. You can even find good deals in pawn shops. Full sets with bag and all can go for $125.00 or less. You just need to know what you are looking at. Look the model up on line to see what they are worth and how they were rated. Sometimes you can find sets for sale posted on the buliten board at golf courses or you local golf shop. My local golf shop sells used sets for people I'm sure there are some in your area that do the same thing. Congrats for getting back in the game, good luck on your club search.
  12. I remembered the gps watch this morning. I got the Tectectec for fathers day. Worked great and took no time getting comfortable with it. Started off with bogey but then got my act together finishing the front with two bogeys and a birdie. Was kicking some butt on the back nine with one bogey and one birdie going into 18. Hooked my drive, tried to be creative with no luck. Wound up with a double on the last hole. Was not going to leave defeated. Went back to the 18th tee and played the hole again and made par. Wanted to leave on a good note. Shot 37 /37 on a par 71 course. The best part of the day was playing the 3 toughest holes for me even par. Now I've done it twice in the same round. Both times this season.
  13. So the wife and kids were out of the house. Perfect time to go play yesterday and try out my fathers day gift ( a golf gps watch ) I get to the course and get to the first tee and realize I left the watch charging at home. So I'm off to an annoyed with myself start. Still managed to play ok. Shot 38 on the front nine and called it a day. I'll play 18 tomorrow and remember to bring the gps watch.
  14. I have not had any problems with going from mats to grass. I have an indoor stimulator which obviously requires mats. Perfect lie every time! The only concern is if you tend to take a larger divot. This can potentially cause you to injure a wrist or elbow due to the turf not giving way as grass would. Repeated hits will take its toll on you. If you hit to far behind the ball you will bounce into the ball and still pull off a shot that looks good but actually isn't. I take a shallow divot so it is not an issue for me. I did find out the hard way that even though I have settings on my simulator for no ball, foam ball, and golf ball, you should not play very often with no ball. You need impact to transfer force to something or all that force is pulling on the elbow joint causing a golfers elbow. Had to stop playing for a few months. Lucky it was winter time. On some of the older driving range mats they used a plastic type of turf. This actually melted and adhered to the sole of your irons from the friction. All you had to do was look at the sole of your club and you could see if your lie angles were correct for you by the location of the green residue. If you think about it, all your simulators, fitting sessions, PGA superstores, Golf Galaxy, Dicks, and others all put you on artificial turf to hit and reccomend clubs for you.
  15. That is certainly a strange layout. having 3 par 3 's in a row. Are they at least mixed yardages where at least one or two with a short iron in? My home course has the standard 4 par 3's but the yardages are almost the same. 164, 176,175, 164 from the white tees. The first one playes uphill so you have to add a club which puts it right back at 174. Robert Trent Jones missed the mark on these! I would like at least one short iron in. Trying to achieve the elusive hole in one on these yardages is tough for me.
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