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  1. Had a great time today in the golf tournment I was invited to play in yesterday. My driver issues that crept in the last two weeks disappeared. I was hitting straight and long today. I hit all but 1 fairway so I was pretty happy. Irons and putting were good. Mr. Dependable showed up to play today. We played in a scramble format with 1 mulligan and 1 red tee per person. The team suggested to use a red tee on one hole which left 250 to the green. I said it's mine, I'll put it on the green! I teed it up put a good swing on it and it disappeared over the hill heading online to its target. We drove down and it was sitting just past the flag by around 10 feet. My putt lipped out and sat on the edge. That would have been a good one to have but nobody made their attempt either. But we were respectable with shooting 12 under. No bogies. We were out of the money but 6th place wasn't bad out of 18 teams. Good company, great weather, good golf. What else can you ask for. I hope I bring this game to Myrtle Beach next week. You never know who will show up.
  2. I had an unexpected invitation to be in a golf tournament tomorrow morning. Well if I must play during work I guess I must! Such tough decisions on a Thursday.
  3. Man, I'm always late to the birthday parties. Happy Birthday to everyone that had a birthday this week. Yup , that works!
  4. I installed two greens. One at my last house and one at my current house. Almost all the synthetic turf companies will send you a small sample if you ask. Find the one you like before ordering blindly. My first green was 15 feet wide by 25 feet long. I took the sample I liked then went to a discount carpet store that also sold indoor /outdoor turf. I matched it up perfectly and cost me far less than getting it from a turf specialty company. It also had a thick carpet type base not a rubber or vinyl base. It held up until I moved some 7 years later. No fade and still there when I left. This was an infill type and I used sand it did compact over time but it didn't matter as it was a chip and putt location. My second one was bigger, 24' wide by 35' deep. I used turf that was supposed to hold 150 yard shots. This was great for the first 6 or 7 years. Then the infill compacted and it wouldn't hold a 100 yard shot. Then mold issues were becoming a big problem. I actually tore it out this spring after 15 years. No fade and in was in direct sunlight. The base and cups are still in great shape. I just can't decide what I want to do with it right now. You have two big decisions, putting and light chipping only or something that will hold approaches. For the first one I would suggest a non infill type of turf. For the second you have no choice but to use a thicker turf that you infill to absorb the impact. Make sure you purchase the black and green rubber infill. This won't compact like a sand infill will. That was my mistake. This was not readily available then. Biggest advice I can give you, take your time, get the base right. A bad base will give you a bad green. I built my bases, used a compactor and let them sit a few days. Then rolled them and watered them every day for two weeks. After the first few days you can actually putt on the base. You can still push broom the base material to create breaks and perfect the putting surface. Once satisfied then put the cups in. Roll the turf out and let it sit for a few days. You want the turf to flatten out and settle before you cut the turf out of the hole locations. I'll see If I can dig up some pictures. Any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Must be breeding season or egg laying time or something. I had two turtles on my course on Sunday and I haven't seen any in the past 16 years there. I couldn't move the ones I saw as they were as big as a a seat cushion. Also snapping turtles. I give them a wide birth. Heck they didn't get that big without them knowing where they were going!
  6. I don't know if this was mentioned because I didn't go back and read all the posts. But what ever decision is made on three vs four make sure to check the clearance on the front wheels. I'm talking about the gap between the wheel and the top of the wheel housing. If you play morning rounds where the grass was cut and still wet, the grass will build up between the wheel and the wheel housing. I was playing a round with my boss and after the third hole it was hard to push the cart. We found out the the grass clipping were piling up. He wound up cleaning it out after every three holes. That was a pain in the butt. Its not like you had a screwdriver in your bag or anything. So it was a long golf tee. Poke and scrape and a mess on your hands. Just for reference it was a Caddy Tec three wheel.
  7. You can use a product know as Scotch-Brite. These are abrasive pads also called carbide hair. They are in a pad form. I will cut some up into circles and the put a hole through the middle. Then take a bolt nut and washers to make your own grinding wheel type arrangement. Put this in a drill and go to town. Once done then go to a finer grit to polish. I do this on clubs all the time.
  8. I wore a pair of baby blue shorts and a pink shirt to go play golf in last week. As I'm walking out the door my wife said. "Where are you going to a baby reveal party at the course" Not to be outdone I quickly replied. "You better hope it's a girl because I have to take the wrong color off"
  9. Just be sure to take into consideration how often your going to use any system. For me Optishot2 is only used in the end of January and February as its to cold to play. Then the ocassional rainy day or wanting to work on something. So justifying spending a lot more on a better system didn't make sense. Add the fact that I have a Mevo for more ball info or range use and I have what I need. My course is only 2 miles up the road and I rather play and practice for real whenI can.
  10. Well I found out the hard way that doing yard work every day for two weeks straight after work and all day on Saturday's wasn't good for my golf game. I parred the first hole with a one putt. Then 4 bogies in a row then parred out the front 9. Back 9 was a little better with three bogies and a birdie. My highest round in a long time with a 77. Poor driver performance today. I only hit 2 fairways on the front and 4 on the back. I know it was just me being all sore and stiff. Went to the range after my round and worked out my driver issues. Felt much better after the range work.
  11. I just keep this driver taped all the time as it doesn't make it out on the course anymore. The replacment turf is 1 inch thick and can take real tees. Easier on the hands. The original is 1/4 inch thick and hitting down into the ball kinda hurt. It forced you to be a picker which I didn’t want. Building the Optishot into the platform put everything at the same height. Tube attached to the light to give a spot light effect. You must use a florescent bulb according to Optishot. This way it won't mess with the sensors. I haven't tried an LED Bulb to see what that may do. I know incandescent messes up the data.
  12. The optishot2 has issues with dark club bottoms. It won't pick them up on the light sensors. I keep a roll of white electrical tape by the sim. I put a length on the sole of the driver along the length of the club face. Ihave no issues at all with the driver. I even replaced the hitting pad with a thicker one and don't have issues. Saying this, lighting is important. I mounted a can light in the celing right over the hitting pad. Then I put a length of drainage pipe on it the make a smaller spot light. This way it didn't interfere with the projector lighting. Give me a minute and I'll go down and take a picture or two.
  13. Thanks for the video. Looks like its going to be a fun challenge.
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