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  1. That stinks, hope you heal up quick. I had a groin strain last year but played through it. Took alot longer to get better. Your doing the right thing taking a few weeks off.
  2. The private one is even better, but you have to be with a member. I got on about 6 months after they opened and they were still recruiting members with a limit of 300. Said my company was transferring me to the area and I wanted to play the course once before I committed to anything. They let me play a round with the pro. After the round I told him i was interested and would get back to them once i got moved into to the area. Then I drove 15 minutes to my house. It was true though, i did get transfered to the area and I was interested until I heard the dues and initiation fees. The public course is still top notch. I got to play that a few times before I transfered from CT to TN.
  3. If you plan on taking I95 back toward home I would also recommend Lake of Isles at the Foxwood Casino. Plenty for the wife to do there while you play on a great course. (and they really take care of the course, they have the money. Probably some of mine. They have two courses one is private (South Course) and the other public (North) but they are very similar. They have a course fly over if you go on their website. One of the best courses in the area. I used to live over that way. They also have the Mashantucket Pequot Museum on site. You can leave the motor home there and take a shuttle over to the golf course. Then meet up later catch a good buffet and still be home in two hours from there.
  4. In Vermont look at Green Mountain National in Killington or Neshobe Golf Club in Brandon.
  5. For everyone having to play on public courses that are just poorly maintained in the summer months, I'm sorry. I was invited to play with a couple guys about an hour away from me and welcomed getting out with them. I decided it would be a fun day and would not keep score even though I always know what I shot for the day. Well on the first tee I needed a drill to get the tee in the ground. Should have packed a small phillips screwdriver to pre make the hole. It was the same for all 18 tee boxes. Well the fairways were in the same condition. Any attempt at taking a divot resulted in a bounce of the club off the fairway and into the ball resulting in a skulled shot. I was hard pressed to find a green spot in the fairway. Much of the grass was burnt out. Then when you got to the area around the green it was over watered and soupy. You had to watch your step or you sank past your ankles. It took me about 6 holes to adjust to this. If you didn't hit the green you plugged. The greens were ok so it wasn't a total disappointment. Hit 13 of 14 fairways. Thanks to firm fairways I was getting about 275 yards so getting to the green was easier even though I was playing back a set of tees than usual. I finally had it all figured out on the back nine and made all pars except for one bogey. I need to go back and be spoiled at my home course. No wonder my scores have been low there. I can truly appreciate my courses conditions.
  6. I'm about 2 1/2 hours away from you. If you ever want to head up and spend a day working on your game let me know. I'm here for you. I have access to a private course. Range, short game practice areas, and of course the golf course itself. Not to mention all the crap I have at home and the simulator. We can put an 8 hour day in with breaks and lunch and get you off to a good start on your journey.
  7. Interesting.... I'll check the diameter of the balls when I get mine. The only thing I can think of for the excess vibration would be ball diameter since it worked for the Pro V1's.
  8. I don't know if it's just a guy trying to show his buddies he's cool, or if he thinks he is gonna get lucky with a young lady trying to make some money for college. But they are just inappropriate jerks no matter what the their age is. There is no reason for this. Be respectful, thank her, and tip her.
  9. ok, ok... The Yankee headcover was not mine. It was borrowed from my wife's bag she's the Yankees fan. I'm from NY so I'm a called a Yankee now that I live in TN. I purchased a club without a head cover and used it until I could dig one out of my golf room. I'll post a current photo when the reviews start. I'm actually not a big sports fan except for golf. Don't give me crap on that too now. But ya'll need to stay out of the trees...Just sayin! How's that for a Yankee pretending to be from the south! Now if I only can acquire the taste for sweet tea and biscuits and gravy they might accept me and I can graduate to a Yanka- Billy!
  10. When I tested the Gamers I tested against the Pro V1's. The end result is I'm still playing the Gamers. For me and my game the difference was minimal except in cold weather. Anything under 45 degrees the Gamer was pulled from play. They just died in cold weather. Big distance loss. I actually have about 5 rounds in the 60's with the Gamer this season. I don't have an issue adding the Pro V1's back in the mix but I know how they compared to the Gamers already. The cheaper balls won't have a urethane cover so I know they won't spin as much and will roll out much further than I would like. But I was surprised by the Gamers! Probably due to a softer ionomer cover. So my expectation would be that the Maxfli should perform as good or slightly better. But that's what the testing is all about. Time will tell. Still waiting on our ball arrival but looking forward to getting started soon.
  11. I noticed the same thing. It reverts back to the review tab as soon as you change the page. Then you have to click on the comments tab again.
  12. No I'm challenging you to stay out of them. Unless of course you are looking for some shade.
  13. So I created this long comment on what my testing will consist of yesterday, and when I saved it Pffff it was gone. Then I clicked the comment box again and it all came back. Saved it again and Pfff gone for good. So lets try again today with a shorter version! My testing will consist of the following: 60 yard shots with a lob wedge. Checking spin stopping, and distance consistency. 125 yards with the PW, looking for stopping and accuracy. 160 yards with a six iron into par threes. Distance control and any potential roll out. 3 and 5 woods off the deck to check for distance and trajectory. Driver, distance and accuracy Sand shots for ball durability Putting. Fell and sound. I prefer a softer feeling ball and I don't care for balls with a clicky sound. I still have a sleeve of Top Flight Gamer balls left over from my last ball review, so I will do a comparison against those as these are in the same category and price range. My course doesn't have cart paths except right at the tee box and at the greens. We do have a good amount of trees but fortunately I'm not in them. So I won't be able to check durability against those type of objects.
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