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  1. Congratulations to all you fine testers. Roll them true.
  2. Tom , Greeneville TN I practice on carpet during the winter. My living room only rolls to an 8! I had a putting mat that I won. It was too slow and developed wrinkles. Poor quality. I would like to test the medium speed.
  3. I couldn't say what I would use because it depends on the course ( wide open, long course, short course, dog legs, and such). But I have played in a couple two man, three club tournaments which was real fun. So between the two players you got 6 clubs and you could share. You really had to study the course to choose the correct clubs and come to an agreement between the two of you. You would be surprised at how low the scores were with less clubs to choose from.
  4. That's funny, my brother lives in Franklin Square.
  5. I lived in right next to you in Babylon for about 10 years but grew up in Elmont. The traffic in Nashville is the same as Long Island. Nashville area is also pretty expensive.
  6. Thats funny, I live just off the Nolichucky River. But he lives in Limestone. I'm 30minutes down river. Good smallmouth fishing.
  7. I have played over 150 courses but one that always stuck out in my mind was "The Witch " in Myrtle Beach. The course had over one mile of wooden bridges. The course was built in a swamp and many of the holes were their own islands with the bridges connecting them. There were also island greens. Had a bunch of gators too. 71.2/ 133 rating. Totally a different experience.
  8. I was lucky. Got to keep my NY salary in a relocation to TN.
  9. Move to East Tennessee. $245 a month would get you full family membership at a private country club. Pool, tennis courts, unlimited range balls, unlimited golf with a cart.
  10. If I come up short I look at the club face before I clean it and put it back in the bag. This lets me know if I hit it good or not. If I did then I know it was either club selection, wind, or rough. I havent experienced any fliers out of the rough but once in a while I'll see additional roll out. For the wind thats an easy fix. Move away from the lake!
  11. GolfSpy MPR have you been tracking your short misses to where you hit the ball on the club face? I know if I miss slightly toward the toe I would come up short. It might be as simple as moving closer to the ball in your set up to remove a good portion of the short shots. That is of course if you are hitting toward the toe.
  12. Take the cheap way out. Take a piece of electrical tape and place it on the sole of the club and make a few swings on a piece of cardboard or an upside down welcome mat or anything handy. You will see the scratch marks on the tape and you will know for sure if the lie is correct.
  13. Didn't know these were out there. Thanks guys. Looks to be a binge watching day.
  14. Glad to hear everything went well.
  15. Played 18 today on a course I haven't played in a few years with three friends. The irons performed well again. Even one of my playing partners commented on my iron flight being much better with these irons. Nothing spectacular, but a solid round. 36 on the front and 37 on the back for a one over 73. One bogey due to a drive which ended up on the right side of the faiway but the green was blocked by a large tree. The rest of the holes were even par. Missed three birdie putts. But still very happy with these irons. 14 greens in regulation today.
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