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  1. The other thread got locked by mistake. I couldn't figure out how to unlock it.
  2. Callaway 2018 MB Forged 3-pw with Project X 6.5 shafts standard LLL. There is probably not a set of these out there that are in better shape than these irons are. These are almost brand new as you can see from the pictures. The 3 iron was never used and the 4 and 5 hit maybe a few balls tops. The irons were used for 2 rounds and mainly the 6-pw. Even then you can see from the pictures they only have very slight marks on the face. There is no bag chatter at all. They were protected from such. The only dings or nicks I could find were the ones that came like that straight from the factory (yes believe it or not these are forged and came with a couple nicks straight from the factory), I tried to take a pic of one of the nicks which is on the leading edge of the 6 iron. The other one I found was on the 8 iron on the sole which is a similar type of nick but wouldn't show up on the picture. I had the Project X shafts put in after I got the clubs and are as you can see new also. The shaft labels are perfect as the pictures show. The grips are Golf Pride tour velvet round with the logos down. The clubs are for sale for 875.00 shipped. No way you will find these and if you do not in this condition. Only reason I'm selling these are I went with a different company's forged irons. I believe these new sold for close to 1600 or so tax included. Next is the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero tour issue 3 wood with the TC serial number. It was barely used as you can see and it has an X stiff MMT shaft as you can see in the pictures. It is for sale for a great price for a tour issue club of 180.00 Shipped. It comes with the original head cover also.
  3. If it doesn't say Sold they are still for sale.
  4. Yes, still for sale. If it doesn't say sold it's still for sale.
  5. Yes, unless it says SOLD in the title the clubs are still for sale.
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