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  1. Loving my Fujikura Axiom shafts!!! Changed the stereotypes surrounding composite iron shafts for me.
  2. I bought the Rapsodo MLM2Pro when it first arrived on the scene to use at the range. Then I turned a small spare bedroom into a simulator but did not have enough room to use the MLM2Pro. So I bought a SkyTrak+ since it didnt need to be behind the ball. I also bought a PRGR due to starting Stack Speed Training. The Rapsodo then upgraded to where it can do swing speeds without using a ball and I seem to have enough room behind my swing area for it to capture adequate swing speeds. So I stopped using the PRGR and will sell that soon.
  3. Went to try out some drivers because I just love trying the new stuff. Had the TSR2 with ventus shaft previous to the fitting and didnt plan on getting anything new. After trying most of the major brands’ new driver, the fittter handed me the Ping 430 LST…smh. It was going 25-30 yards longer and way better dispersion than any other new club and my current TSR2. Sooooooo, I will be gaming the Ping 430 LST with the VA composites SYNYSTR shaft this season!! Love it so far!!!
  4. Haha! Just sold the meez.1 max yesterday. So im down to two!!
  5. Ended up getting the DF3 with TPT shaft! Only rolled a few putts indoors, but so far I like it!! Will keep you posted if I like it better than my Meez.1 max with TPT and white Link.1 with accra shaft.

    • FOR SALE
    • Used

    $500 or best offer (free shipping to continental US) - This Titleist TSR2 Driver is a high-quality golf club designed for right-handed players. It features a sleek and sexy all black color with a 10 degree loft that is adjustable and an extra stiff flex. The club has been UPGRADED with a Ventus Black 6X Velocore shaft, which measures 45 inches in length. The club is ideal for golfers who want to improve their accuracy and distance on the course. It comes with ORIGINAL BRAND NEW HEADCOVER (I used a different headcover during rounds) for protection when not in use. Also come with WRENCH. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, this Titleist TSR2 Driver is sure to enhance your game. Has a blackout No. 1 grip that feels great in the hands. Great tackiness!! This club has been great to me and Im sad to let it go. It helped me improve my handicap from a 12 to an 8. This club is looking for a good home. You won’t be disappointed all your playing partners will be in all at the south at this club Maques off of the tee!!


    Chicago, Illinois - US


    • FOR SALE
    • Used

    SELLING FOR $750 or best offer, SHIPPING INCLUDED to continental USA. Normally this putter costs $958 on the Lab Golf website and would take 6 weeks to receive the putter. To get this putter in a week would be another $250 for a total of $1208 for this putter! Great value price here!! The right-handed 35-inch club features a red color and a mallet head shape to provide precision putting. The upgraded TPT shaft material adds durability and feel. Best shaft Ive ever putted with, so good I got it on my next putter!! TPT shaft is a $400 upgrade!!! This putter is in great shape and is ideal for players who are looking for an exceptional putter that does not compromise on quality. The red color adds a touch of style, while the 35 inch shaft, 70 lie angle, and other features make this putter perfect for any golfing situation. The grip is the Press II 1.5 degree textured Lab Golf grip. Great feel in your hands. Alignment marking is the 3 lines. Standard head weight. Comes with the black headcover that is basically new (I used a different head cover for the putter).


  8. Awesome!! Guaranteed you’d love it!! Enjoy!!
  9. Sounds good! I ended up purchasing the new DF3 with TPT shaft. So Ill compare the DR3 to my current Meez.1Max with TPT shaft once I get it. Ill probably end up selling the Meez.1 Max though.
  10. You are going to love it! I guarantee it!! Lol
  11. I couldnt agree more! Just echoing this...finding the shaft for my woods (and hybrids) has completely improved my control with these clubs!! It took some time and money (and being honest with myself about my swing limitations with 3 woods, lol), but finally comfortable with my setup of paradym super hybrid 2h (245 yds), TSR2 4 wood(230 yds), TSR2 5 wood (220-225 yds), u505 2i (225 yds), and TSR3 3h (215-220 yds). I dont have all these clubs in the bag at one time though.
  12. I kind of had the same problem with 3 woods myself. Couldnt hit them, would buy the "newest, most forgiving" and it never worked out. Actually didnt even carry any woods (other than driver) for a while, just hybrids. Decided to get fit for a TSR2 4 wood with Titleist. Love my TSR2 4 wood now. Loved it so much I got a TSR2 5 wood too (I dont usually carry the 5 wood in the bag though). Also got the callaway paradym super hybrid in a 2hybrid (dialed it down a degree as well to mimic a 3 wood). Super hybrid is very easy to hit and I get the distance of a 3 wood and it is my go to club on par 5s out the rough or fairway. I use the TSR 4 wood out the fairway and off the tee. I do want to mention that I think the shaft is really important for all these clubs!! I got fitted into all my shafts, I ended buying them on ebay/facebook/2ndswing to save a few dollars though as I got fitted into premium Ventus shafts (love them though). I know you cant swing a club right now, but I dont think it will matter what head you buy, but when able get fitted for the shaft you need/like.
  13. I have the blacked out T200. I havent had an issues for 2 seasons. Buuuuuut, I will be double checking now, lol.
  14. The cost of shipping the putter to Oregon was pricey from Illinois, I think another $50-$60. Thats fantastic!! You definitely want to stick with whatever you are comfortable with. “The grass isnt always greener…” But for me, I was willing to take the chance, that at bare minimum, the TPT wouldnt be any worse than the Accra shaft. I was okay with the “financial loss” if it wasnt better. Luckily it worked out and I am super happy about exploring the unknown!!
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