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  1. -Kyle -Indiana -Odyssey White Hot Center Shaft Blade -Strength---its the one thing I typically do well on a golf course and usually my key contribution in scrambles
  2. I went to GG to try the TA putter and just couldn't hit anything with it consistently. Ended up hitting the Odyssey Stroke Lab 7S and couldn't miss. When I did miss it was super close, just love the feel and distance control with it. Took me awhile to get used to a fang putter concept but it hooked me quick. Now I just gotta replicate that on the course.....
  3. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Mizuno St180-Aldilla RIP Green Eyes-Regular Flex, Adjust to 9.5 3. 18HDCP, 105-110MPH Driver speed, Do not use any sort of LM on a regular basis don't have one available to use 4. Have never played a Tour Edge driver before, have hit their irons(which felt great) but never a wood
  4. Man the groups are loaded this year, these contests are so much fun!! Tier 5-- Freddy Boom Boom Couples Winners Score-- -14
  5. 1. Kyle-Fishers, IN 25-30 rds per year 2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 3. 18HDCP, 105-110MPH swing speed 4. Taylormade R7 driver(9.5), Cleveland Launcher 3W, Titleist 3 Hybrid, Nike Vapor Pro combo-4-PW, Titleist vokey Wedges(52,56,60-even though I can't hit it), Odyssey white hot center shaft blade putter, Callaway stand bag 5. Desired: Cobra 9.5 fastback driver, 3-fairway wood, 3-hybrid F9-conventional Irons 3-PW stiff flex King Wedge(52,56, and 60 Stand Bag(blue or black) This would be awesome, thanks for the opportunity!!!
  6. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Iomic Sticky 2.3 3. MCC Plus 4 Align
  7. 1. Kyle-Indiana-US 2. 18HDCP- 105MPH-110MPH 3. Taylormade R7 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  8. 1. Kyle-- Indiana, US 2. 18HDCP, 105-110MPH 3. Taylormade R7 4. G410 SFT
  9. Had a chance to demo the I500 at the range the other day, loved it!! Really hit the ball well with them and the feel was great!! Now how do I sneak a set into my bag on the credit card without my wife finding out?????
  10. 1. Kyle 2. Indiana, USA 3. 18HC 4. Callaway X-12 3-PW, RCH 96 Stiff flex graphite (love my classics!!) 5. Ping I500 The pro at my course had a fitting I500 out on the range the other day so he let me hit a shot with it, wow it was nice. I striped it with sandals on(my son was taking lessons so I wasn't even really there for me), really felt great. Would love to play a whole set of these and see how they all play.
  11. Those are great looking irons!! 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Age: 41, Handicap-Down to 15 3. Callaway X-12, Graphite shaft, Golf Pride Grips
  12. 1. Rory McIlroy 2. Alex Noren 3. Brian Harman 4. Kyle Stanley 5. Thorbjorn Olessen Winning store: -12
  13. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. 52 Cleveland wedge, 56-Nike VR, 60 titleist vokey oil can 3. 52,56,60
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