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  1. 1.Kyle 2. Fishers, IN 3. 18HDCP 4. Nike Vapor Pro 3-PW 5. T200
  2. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Hdcp-18 3. Nike Vapor Pro, stiff steel- 3-PW 4. 7-Iron Carry--155
  3. 1. Kyle - Indiana 2. Yardmarkers on the course and when my battery holds up app on my dying iphone 3. I love the technology improvements, GPS has been awesome for golf when it is on the cart it is great
  4. Kyle-Indiana Odyssey Stroke Lab 7S Frontline Elevado Slant Neck
  5. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. 18 HDCP 3. Nike Vapor pro combo-3-PW steel Stiff shafts 4. 7 Iron- 155 Carry
  6. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. 18 HDCP 3. 53-Cleveland 588 Tour Action, 56-Nike Wedge, 60-Titleist Oil Can Vokey 4. Bump and Run
  7. 1. Kyle Indiana 2. Lucas Age 9 3. US Kids Golf--Green set 4. Profile JGI Yellow 5. Kid kills it with the putter, his golf instructor watched him putt twice, said not much I can teach him stroke/distance wise so lets work on his irons/woods..haha
  8. Kyle- Fishers, IN -Use good old eye ballin' and yardage markers
  9. -Kyle Indiana -HDCP- 18 -Currently use the Sklz indoor training mat(not an actual device but has training lines on mat)
  10. --Kyle/Fishers, IN -HDCP 18/ SS: 105-110MPH -Titleist 915 19degree -19 degree, that is what I currently play and the biggest need for me in a hybrid
  11. Kyle-Indiana Swing Speed: 105-110MPH Primary Ball Bridgestone B330RX Snell Experience: Found one on a round, played 3-4 holes with it and really liked it, then I shanked a shot into the water....no more Snell ball. Would love to try some more of them.
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