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  1. Kyle Fishers, IN Yes have used one previously, item got lost a few years ago in a move. No have not used any sort of LM with the net I had
  2. 1. 18 HDCP Fishers, IN 2: Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3-PW, 8 Iron distance is around 150-155 on a good day, last weekend about 50 on all irons as I chunked 95% of my iron shots..haha 3. Sub70 is an up and coming brand, have researched them while determining if I should buy new irons and their reviews speak for themselves. A very customer service driven company that has positive reviews on their clubs from all players. Anyone I read review wise that has purchased them comes away impressed by not only the club but by the personal touch they receive from the company.
  3. Kyle Grant-Indianapolis Golf Logix App on my iphone Golf Logix app for distance
  4. thanks for sharing, this would be a fun one to win!!!
  5. Kyle-Indiana HDCP: 18 Current Hybrid: Taylormade M1 17 deg, Titleist 910: 19deg Distance, I really struggle with my 3-4 irons a getting consistent distance, usually wormburner them or hook the heck out of it trying to kill the ball
  6. I love my 3 wood off the tee, absolutely crush it. I refuse to use it out of the fairway, I worm burn the heck out of it every time but dammit i keep trying
  7. I would agree, bought a used ST180 and LOVE IT!!!
  8. any suggestions on a used hybrid that won't cost me much? trying to determine if I want to add them to my bag but hate to drop a chunk of $ on new one before I know if I like carrying one in my bag on a regular basis. I know I might be a bit behind tech wise, plus a lot easier to tell the wife I bought a used one then a new one..haha
  9. Maybe they will send a free bottle with my prize win
  10. 1.Kyle 2. Fishers, IN 3. 18HDCP 4. Nike Vapor Pro 3-PW 5. T200
  11. 1. Kyle-Indiana 2. Hdcp-18 3. Nike Vapor Pro, stiff steel- 3-PW 4. 7-Iron Carry--155
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