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  2. I'm travelling to New Orleans for business next month and will have time for one, mid-week round. If my pro can get me on at New Orleans CC or the Metairie, I'm thinking I'll go with one of those. If not, I'm thinking TPC or English Turn. Anybody have any insight as to how to rank those options? I'm not a great golfer, so anything with lots of forced carries and hazards is not a fun day for me.
  3. It's got a Recoil 780 ES F4 (S) on it. I'm thinking I'm going to seek out a PTx Pro (possibly Icon scoring irons) set on the secondary market. But if what I find already has a 4-iron, I'll reach back out to you.
  4. I was demoing some Ben Hogans and sent them back with the included return shipping label just before the news hit. Was a shame, because I was close to pulling the trigger on a blended PTxPro/Icon set. Even with my high handicap, I hit them incredibly well. Low and behold, the FedEx guy brought the package back to me today - returned, undeliverable. So I guess I bought a UiHi 4 Iron, an Edge Ex 7 iron, a PTx Pro 7 iron, and a 56 degree wedge for the $25 trial fee?
  5. I think this course will demand a mental stamina not many in the field posses. Cam Smith had ice in his veins at the Players despite a questionable tactic on the final hole. I also expect Tiger to be in the top 5 going into the weekend, fade a little on Saturday, then rally as only he can to challenge on Sunday.
  6. I am part of the wave that got back into golf during COVID, partially as a result of taking a job that put me over 13 state park courses that I thought I should have at least a passing knowledge of. Low and behold, I enjoyed the game much more than when I was an easily frustrated teenager. Fast forward a couple of years, and I've gotten more serious. Taken a few lessons, tried to find moderately priced (used) equipment that matches my swing better than hand-me-downs. Joined a weekly men's league at my club. Established a handicap that dropped from 39 to 24 last season. So I thought it was time to enter a tournament at my club, so I entered the relatively low-priced individual stroke play tournament for members and invited amateurs, knowing the club's signature member-guest was no place for me yet. Now it was time to get ready. Coming out of the off-season, I was struggling with the driver, which was surprising given how well I'd hit it in the fall. So I got fitted into a new driver (Ping G425 Max). After the sticker shock, I took home a used G410 with an aftermarket shaft for barely a third of the price and only about 5 yards difference on the monitor. Some range time and my casual Thursday evening 9s later, and I'd gotten my driver game more-or-less tuned up. My handicap increased slightly, but I chalked that up to playing aggressively on league nights. I had a different course management strategy for the tournament (hit driver, but if you chunk it, stick with middle irons until you can reach the green, advance the ball in the air). I had no hopes of winning, but thought maybe a net skin was a possibility (getting two strokes on most holes helps in that department). My club is known for its greens. A Champions Tour player recently disclosed he thinks they're the best greens in the state. They're bent and normally roll 11. Sticking approach shots has not been my strength, opting instead to aim in front of the green with the hopes of rolling up onto them. But putting has been a strength, averaging around 36 putts per round. Not bad for a high-handicapper. I show up for the Friday tournament to find completely different conditions than the evening before. The greens had been shorn tight and rolled hard. They clocked in at 13.8 that morning, and they only got firmer and faster as the day progressed. And here's a lesson I learned the hard way: if you're putting well, don't pick up the new putters at the shop and give them a try days before playing a tournament. Dance with the girl who brought you. Still, I wasn't doing terribly. I was sticking with my game plan and carding mostly doubles and avoiding huge numbers. At the last of my group's first nine, a par 4 with a big risk-reward opportunity, the tees were considerably forward. I played it safe with 4 iron I've hit well off the tee in order to avoid the mid-fairway tree 225 yards out, and the perpendicular creek bed just beyond it. Hit it well, straight, and right of the tree, just as I'd planned. But as we get up there, I can't find my ball. It should have been in the fairway, but where was it? Turns out it was in the creek bed, 245 yards from the tees. I wasn't mad; I was thrilled. I'd hit an iron a distance that is normally a good drive for me, and I had a lucky lie to boot! This was my turning point. I was going to have a great second nine! Two holes later, I stick the green on a 165-yard 3. Here we go! Pin is slightly below me, but in a little trough that I can use to roll it close for a chance at birdie, and a par at worst. But the ball wouldn't stop. It kept rolling. To the front of the green. Off the green. Another 20 feet past the green. Ugh. So I putt it back up to the ridge just short of the hole, but it doesn't hold and rolls back. Try again and same result. Finally I get it to stay, but a few difficult putts later, I'm reporting an 8. I stopped short of throwing that ball in the woods, but in retrospect maybe should have. The wheels came off on the next six holes. We'll pretend they didn't happen. On the final tee, I wasn't sure I had enough left in me to even swing the driver. With a goal of just advancing the ball through the air, I made contact. And boy did I. I piped that final drive over 300 yards, straight down the middle of the fairway. An 85-yard approach shot hit the green and helped me finish with my best hole of the day. My score was nothing to brag about, and was the worst turned in that day. Having intentionally avoided a running tally, I honestly expected it to be worse than it was. But I learned a lot about myself and what I could do better. The group I played with (another high handicapper and two senior members) was supportive. And we were constantly waiting on the groups in front of us, so I never felt I was frustrating their pace. I may not be proud of my performance, but I am proud I got out there and that I finished. And I finished on a good hole. I'll be back for more.
  7. Getting back into the game, I feel like I've gotten my swing consistent-ish enough to seek out clubs that actually fit me. The problem is, I am at a complete loss of how and where to start this journey. There's a Club Champion close enough to me to not be inconvenient, but the just-released MSG driver survey has me doubting they are worth the money. I've also got a regional chain nearby that Golf Digest ranked in the top 100, but I'm hesitant about doing everything indoors off of matts (more so with irons). Then there's the golf coach I've used, but he seems to be brand (TM) specific, so I'm skeptical I'd get fitted for what's truly best for me. Same with brand fitting days at my course. And if I can somehow do it outdoors, how do I do a fitting with "real" balls rather than range balls (see ball test) without sending $500 worth of Titlists down range? But more than anything, I'm cheap. Just about the only thing I'm willing to buy new are the things that anchor me to the ground (tires, shoes, and mattresses). I don't mind to pay for the fitting, but given my skill level, I'd much rather seek out a good lightly used clubs from 2-3 years ago than fork over $1500 dollars for new clubs. (Not to mention the backlog in new clubs.) I know I'm over-thinking all of this, but with a big commitment of resources (time and money), I'd like to do this right.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Life got in the way, and golf didn't happen, but we'll be back and I'll keep these recommendations in mind.
  9. I'll be in town next week, but will probably only be able to squeeze in one round. Short of my pro getting me on at the Dunes, what's the one course I should play?
  10. I'm going to throw a shameless plug for three of our Kentucky state park courses: Eagle Ridge at Yatesville Lake State Park Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest Design with dramatic elevation changes and outstanding vistas, needs to be played at least twice as the visuals will mess with you. The Cullan at Mineral Mound State Park This Michael Hurdzan/Dana Frye track built onto a peninsula of Lake Barkley is a sleeper with awesome lake views. The eagles are more frequently bald than scored. Dale Hollow Lake State Park This Steve Ault course is Kentucky's answer to North Carolina's best highland tracks and is consistently ranked among the best values in the country.
  11. I'm not really sure, to be sure. All it said was "ALDILA ASCENT 46 STIFF." The image displayed was gray (so I'm guessing ultralight), but the specs on the UL for a stiff flex are 48g, not 46.
  12. My 98 swing speed just got matched to a TSi1 with an Aldila Ascent 46 S. I'll try to track one down to try, but this seems like a very odd choice, considering the target swing speed of that driver is in the 80s. Any mid-swing-speeders have experience with this setup?
  13. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I played every day during the summers when I was younger, but basically quit when I was in high school and easily frustrated. Started back in the fall of 2020 and am now hooked. Handicap established at 40, but down to 25 now. I expect it to level off around bogey-golf. What do you love about golf? It's a great escape by requiring focus on a stupid little white ball that won't go where you want it to! What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? The equipment has changed a lot since I last played. I love the data-driven approach and crave the trustworthy data when deciding what's right for me. Where are you from? What is your home course? I live in central Kentucky, my home courses are Lexington Country Club and all of the 13 Kentucky State Parks courses. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Great variety of courses and turfs, year-round golf is possible, the humidity can be hell, though! What do you do for a living? Deputy Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Parks (also, a recovering attorney) How’d you pick your user name? It's my name...?
  14. I'm getting back into golf after laying off for a decade and a half. Sitting on a 25 HI, but it's dropped rapidly from 40. I imagine I'll level off around bogey golf. As always, consistency in ball-striking is my downfall. On to What's In My Bag! Driver: Titleist 915D3 3W: Titlist 917F3 Irons: Taylormade SpeedBlade (4-AW) Wedges: Cleveland RTX3 56-8 Taylormade Milled Grind 60-10 (the only new-to-me club in my bag) Putter: Wilson blade (it's something ancient, but I'm averaging 34 putts per round) Balls: Pro V1 Bag: Srixon stand
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