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  1. Mine are nothing fancy like some that are shown in this thread (although I do have a Cameron Napa California, but its not a gamer). These are the two that I'm currently using. I cant decide which one I like better. Both are well balanced and feel great. Im just having a hard time deciding which one is best.
  2. Just curious of those of you that use Zing style putters, which copy is in your bag most often? The one I use the majority of the time is the Nickent Tour Prototype MP/03. But I recently bought a Cleveland VP Milled #2 which might finally kick the Nickent out of the bag. It feels amazing! Just curious which Zing copy (if you dont use an actual Ping Zing) is your favorite
  3. my old Odyssey Dual Force 992 putter. It was my first real putter purchase. Bought it new in like 95 or 96 and has been in and out of my bag ever since.
  4. I have a couple old Dual Force putters I will never part with. One is a DF992 and the other is a DF770. The 992 I have about 20 grams of lead tape slathered onto it to bring the weight up a little but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the weights of these old putters? Im assuming theyre in the 320-ish grams area but Id like to know what they really are just out of curiosity.
  5. the mod at wrx that drove me away was this guy who calls himself Mrparr1noid. He banned me for making a comment about a certain brand and stalked my account. I had been a member for a couple of years and had over 2000 posts until I got on his radar. Screw that site
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