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  1. FYI I finally got my Hybrids too. Ordered July 17th Arrived in Seattle Sept 25th. Those may have been delayed because of the Tensei shafts...
  2. Congrats to the winner. I pulled up the rear. I thought that the euros would make a better showing. Whew that was intense.
  3. I actually just received and order from Ping that I made July 17. G710 5-U with Alta CB shafts. Originally I had specified the GP MCC+4 in orange but after a call to them last week I switched to the grey. My order was sitting at the end of the line waiting for grips for weeks. If you are flexible, give them a call and see if there are any options that you are open to. After the fact I am quite glad that I changed the color on the grips. The orange would have clashed with the red script on the shafts and bothered me. This all being said, I am still waiting on my hybrids and fairway wood. Hopefully they come in today.
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