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  1. I shortened my driver 1.5 inches & lost 9 swing weight points. I am attempting to change out the heel weight (stock about 2 grams) & insert a 14 gram weight. There are many heel weights with 14 being the max. I am not attempting to change the rear weight (24 g) unless needed. My research says if not heated, the weight port screw can strip due to factory locktite. Has anyone attempted this weight change? Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Callaway woods are available in many lofts. The 3 is 15*. The 4+ is 16*. The 5 is 18*. I prefer the 4+, as the trajectory is much better (less ballooning). So I recommend the 4+ fairway wood.
  3. TaylorMade Sim2 Max 10.5 Driver - Tensei AV Blue 55 R

    Callaway 4+ Wood Steelhead XR - Tensei CK 65 R

    Callaway 5 Wood Steelhead XR - Tensei CK 55 R

    Callaway Heavenwood Steelhead XR - Tensei CK 55 R

    TaylorMade Rescue Mid 3 (19*) - SteelFiber i95 R

    TaylorMade Rescue Mid 4 (22*) - SteelFiber i95 R

    TaylorMade Rescue Mid 5 (25*) - SteelFiber i95 R

    Honma Beres irons (2020) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, AW - Nippon 750GH Wrap Tech R 

    Vokey SM8 56* D grind & Vokey SM8 54* bent to 52* D grind

    Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter

  4. For sure! Steve is sending me some of his clubs from 20 years ago. A few with Diamana shafts.... they will be new to me. Always looking for an edge, even if it stays for a little while. Also looking forward to your new driver tes
  5. Happy to hear you are in the zone with the best part of your game. Keep firing at the pins! Best to go for it when the striking is good. It is hard to play safe when it happens.
  6. Sam, how many years have you been chasing the "extra 20 yards" secret?
  7. Yes! I tried many, many shafts this past winter. Finally found the grail! I have the Tensei AV Raw Blue 60R in my Sim2 Max driver. Also Tensei CK Blue 50R in my 3, 5, 7 woods. It is like a miracle. Really enjoying the very smooth bending characteristics and mid-launch of the shaft. But, it took many hours of trial & error to end up with these shafts. It is something really unique, but the "feeling" when hitting a shaft is EVERYTHING. There is a "kick" and feeling in the hands & arms that screams "bingo" on the impact. I think it is much like meeting a woman. I am looking for one now. I am meeting many, many "ok' gals, but still looking for the one I can feel with my hands & arms & will yell "bingo" when we connect.
  8. Just a bad putting day. Looks like you could have saved 11 shots with average putting. No need to beat yourself up. It happens.
  9. One thing I have learned very recently and I am playing the best golf of my life is: for me, just feel the shot & do what is necessary to execute it. I always worried about perfect fundamentals. Now I just focus on the shot. Even putts, I just feel the shot. I do not take a perfectly squared stance. Sometimes I am open, sometimes closed, but I just sense the shot needed and put a good stroke on it. It is very unorthodox, but very powerful & effective. Today I hit 8 of the best shots in my life. A 136 yard 8 iron to six inches of the cup. A 22 yard green side bunker shot that was executed perfectly that danced on the lip. A 188 yard uphill to an elevated turtle back green, Heavenwood that stuck the middle of the green 2 paces from the pin. A 164 yard uphill par 3 nailed with a Callaway Warbird 11 wood that left only a 5 footer for another bird. It was like magic. Goosebumps were riddled all over my epidermis like never before. I actually thought that I may be dreaming at one point in the round, but alas my playing partner promised me it was all real. I am safely home now. Had pork & sauerkraut for dinner to bring me back to reality. Actually it was the horse radish that did that. Now I will polish my clubs as a reward for a day that I will always remember.
  10. Yes! The older I have gotten, the more valuable the high lofted woods are. I prefer the Callaway Big Bertha War Bird 11 wood (Ely Would), it is a classic & has a unique steelhead sole design. Easy to hit from any lie. My 9 wood is a Callaway Steelhead Plus. Same reason, classic design & easy to hit. I prefer those woods to today's clubs. They have a deeper face & are easy to work draws or fades. Also because of the deeper face they are easier to knock down the flight when needing a lower trajectory. I hit the 11 wood easily 170, and it comes in much higher than a 5 iron or a hybrid. I am surprised that more golfers do not play these higher lofts. When we see the tour pros hitting their 7 woods, with their swing speed, it makes perfect sense that average amateurs can benefit by 9 & 11 woods.
  11. Sam. I remember playing golf with you over 20 years ago. You use to light up a course. I am getting the feeling not much is different today. You are definitely an excellent short game player & your putting is some of the best I have seen. It will be fun to hear your score from your home course where the Phoenix Waste Management qualifier is being played. I am predicting -1 for your total. Can't wait to see your post.
  12. My goodness Sam. To come back so fast from a horrific accident is amazing! I guess that is why you were a top collegiate quarterback. Those barnacles are like thousands of razors. It easily could have been worse. Thank the Lord you lived to play another round.
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