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    Golf and Photography. I am a semi-professional collector of pint glasses and have been known to enjoy craft beers and whiskey. San Francisco native and life long SF Giants, 49ers and Warriors fan.
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  1. Januarys don’t seem to “work” for me. Four years ago in January my employer of 31 years eliminated my job. Fast forward to this year. The company I joined 4 years ago informed me that they weren’t going to renew my contract. My last day is April 28th.
  2. This fantasy build is some water I’d gladly leap into since I wasn’t the lone winner of the recent Billion Dollar Lottery. Driver: Ping G430 Max 10.5* 3 wood: Callaway Paradym X Hybrid: Titleist TSR2 #3 Irons: Srixon ZX Mk II ZX 4 4 - AW Wedges: Cleveland RTX 6 54* & 58* Putter: Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2+ Ball: Pro V1 (2023)
  3. I’m very happy with my Evnroll ER11v but there is something about the lure of a Scotty. The GOLO 6 has certainly caught my eye. I was pleasantly surprised by the pricing as given the increases in prices across the industry I was expecting to see a $499 list price.
  4. You do write the most thorough posts. They are greatly appreciated.
  5. My wife and I visited our son in Huntington Beach, CA. He was gifted this Ryder Cup bag with a full set of Ping Eye 2 irons. It belonged to his fiancé’s deceased father.
  6. That barrier is becoming the norm all over golf. I think this will only make things better for the DTC brands and the value offerings, like the 0211 family from PXG.
  7. My biggest bias is towards Ping drivers. I used to be strictly a TaylorMade driver player but two consecutive driver fittings put me into Ping drivers. My first was a Ping G30 driver 12* and after some lessons my driving improved and 12* was creating too high a ball flight. Then I was fit into a Ping G400 Max 10.5* set to -0.6. That’s been my steady gamer since. Other than that my bag is not 100% but I do have a slight bias now towards PXG. It certainly helps that they offer a great deal to veterans.
  8. I was looking around 2nd Swing and wandered into their Handmade Stix section. They sell wedges by JP Golf, which are priced liked the latest driver offerings, $595. They certainly look unique but has anyone ever seen these wedges or seen a review? I tried searching here but was unable to find anything. I suspect that part of the price is driven by the amount of labor that goes into each club but how do they perform? To steal from MGS, are these just “wall hangers”?
  9. The umbrella looked nice. The best kits were the Sunday bag and the den caddy. But I didn’t have the disposable income at that time.
  10. I looked yesterday and it was just an update on the changes to the membership program and that they were hoping to make it more equitable to join. Checked after dinner today and it was sold out. So much for it being more equitable. But supposedly they will offer another opportunity to join in 2023.
  11. My thoughts exactly. My game is only going to improve with lessons and practice. I understand the desire to buy new equipment because who doesn’t love shiny new stuff.
  12. Thinking about the latest driver releases. TaylorMade $599, Callaway $600, Ping $549, Cobra $549, Srixon $499.99. I’m thinking that I won’t be replacing my G400 Max anytime soon unless I win the lottery. But if something were to happen to it, I’d go with PXG. I can get an 0211 for $199 or an 0311 XF for $299. Am I alone in thinking this way?
  13. Congrats testers. Looking forward to seeing this one. I’m particularly intersected in how well it locks onto the flag. I don’t have the steadiest hands so sometimes locking on can be a challenge for me. I’ve gotten rather good at measuring the distance to trees behind the green.
  14. Spicy sausage, broccoli rabe and orecchiette.
  15. I started the new year to improve my ball striking and recrafting my swing. It was a driveway session with the hitting mat and net.
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