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  1. Looking forward to seeing the new Honda offering.
  2. This might be a dumb question but with modern graphite shafts like the Motore X is "puring" even necessary and is it worth it for an average golfer? I have not read in this review thread if that was done for any of the testers. I saw an article several years ago singing its praises and see that its always an option when buying a shaft from online retailers like the Golfworks. Reading through this thread I noticed a number of club tinkerers who seem to try a lot of shafts which seems like it would be fun but could get a bit pricey.
  3. I have modest goals really. Play enough to obtain an official handicap and to play in Veteran Golfers Association events in my area.
  4. This looks to be an amazing review. Can’t wait to see the results. My game is nowhere near good enough for this but I sure enjoy that MGS gives folks this opportunity!
  5. Very nice. Congrats testers. I'm looking forward to reading the results of the test. I'm particularly interested in the combo set. Will that include a UiHi utility iron? And not for nothing, I do expect at least one of the testers to be sporting the "signature" Ben Hogan cap. LOL
  6. I appreciate the simple beauty of a Mackenzie bag. What is the make make up of the clubs you carry?
  7. Those tools sound really manageable. Bagpipes?! You don't hear that everyday! My high school was the fighting Irish. We would have the occasional bagpiper. Can you pipe in the haggis?
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply. I love that you learned club building from your grandpa. That sounds like a wonderful memory to have. Other than the basic tools, do you have any club building tools? In my younger years I repaired medical equipment in the Army and worked on some xerography equipment for X-Ray. I may have dip my toe in the water of "club building". I'm thinking of ordering some components from Golfworks for a new driver shaft and I have seen some reasonable shaft prices on eBay. That is the cool thing about adjustable drivers.
  9. Those look great. I am a big fan of BB&F Co ferrules. I just don't as of yet have the skills to do this kind of work. How long did the build take? I have been watching a club builder on YouTube, Jim Mcleery of McGolf Custom clubs. He does a great job of showing the process. I am curious as to what level of detail went into your build. He weighs the components and does frequency checks for flex, spine and flow. That's what he does for a living but I wonder of that level of detail is needed for the average golfer. Thanks for sharing this build.
  10. I have 3 main brands in my bag. PXG, Ping, and Callaway. I have mostly been a Ping player. I made the switch to PXG while looking for irons that were a bit longer than my G25 irons. I switched to PXG due to the veterans discount they offered on the irons and 3 wood. I am completely happy with the change. I have a Ping G400 Max driver and a G30 hybrid. I am very happy with those clubs and don't have any reason to change either at this point. The PXG 0341 3 wood replaced a TaylorMade M1 3wood which I struggled to hit. I have Callaway MD3 wedges which I am very happy with and don't foresee changing these anytime soon.
  11. The ball testing is going to be epic. I am really intrigued by the examination of balls from tour players. I think we have been led to believe that there is a difference between tour balls and consumer balls. I don't think I have ever blamed a ball for a poor shot. Now we have access to a new excuse! Thanks MGS!
  12. I have not noticed a change in forgiveness. I have noticed a distance increase so far though and the ball height seems lower and more penetrating. Very pleased though. Now that the restrictions are lifting on play and the weather is improving, we had snow over the weekend , I will be able to better evaluate them.
  13. I went from Ping G25 irons to PXG 0211 irons. I’m very happy so far but it’s early on the change. Mostly range time and only 1 round of golf so far. I really love the feel of the 0211s. I’ve never hit the Wilson irons.
  14. I follow quote a few YouTubers including the usual suspects, Crossfield, Finch and Shiels. A channel I just found along this similar style is James Robinson For some humor and love of the game I enjoy Fried Eggs Golf and the golf adventures of a son and dad on a backyard 9 hole par 3 course, Golfmates (GolfVlogsUK) is channel that is all about the golf community. Alex Etches out of Australia is fun, he made club with a hose as a shaft (LOL) He also did a fun VLOG with Alice Cooper. They don't take themselves too seriously. The Average Golfer has recently done some videos with wonderful production values. His drone footage on some the UK links are stunning. Golfholics is another channel with really high production values and really good drone footage. SAS Golf has done some good videos on e-bay finds which are fun to watch. Along the same vein Stacked Golf is good. This husband and wife team from Florida hit Flea Markets and Thrift Shops in search of deals on clubs then try them out on the course. For club building Jim McCleery has a good channel McGolf Custom Clubs. Jim reshafted my 18* driving iron. Hmm I do watch of a lot of YouTube golf. Oh and the I have been enjoying the final rounds of the Masters as well as a lot of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf.
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