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    Golf and Photography. I am a semi-professional collector of pint glasses and have been known to enjoy craft beers and whiskey. San Francisco native and life long SF Giants, 49ers and Warriors fan.
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  1. I think the ruling bodies should reach out to John Daly and put him in charge of player fitness. If you want to maintain your tour card you must strictly adhere to the "John Daly Method" of golf fitness. Problem solved.
  2. Regarding the ruling bodies. I heard on a podcast not sure which one now as they have all been discussing this issue, that they exist due the will of the people. I'm not sure I fully agree but should the USGA and R&A get enough feedback that no one will abide by this change, and they start to see a decline in membership will they change the ruling?
  3. Good morning Spies, 31 degrees and light snow. 2 cups down. A rough night for our old pup. Another seizure. He is at the vet now. When he comes out of the seizure he is so disoriented and uncoordinated. After a night’s sleep, he is his good ole happy self. Right by our side as we eat breakfast ready to share whatever we are having. Hopefully there is something we can do to lessen the seizures. He is already on meds for them but the frequency has increased. If you have pets give them extra pets and treats today. Wishing all a wonderful day!
  4. I just remembered. I already have a smart thermostat, my wife. Her official title is Environmental Control Officer.
  5. Your last paragraph fully captures my approach to the game. Well except the old part. Of course that may be denial
  6. 8-11 yards with every club. What will that do for gimme putts?
  7. Sending prayers to your brother and his family.
  8. I’m more team “Chainsaw is my Rescue Club”.
  9. Good luck with the “smart” thermostat. My experience with “smart home devices” goes one of two ways. Either works flawlessly or it drives one bat crazy.
  10. Good morning spies, Morning cuppa was delayed because I had get up early for bloodwork. Seeing if my diet and exercise changes have yielded positive results. I’ve lost 15 pounds, so that’s good. Then I kit the coffee shop for a latte and biscuit egg sandwich. Ive been enjoying the robust dialogue on the leaked bifurcation information. I’m now waiting for the governing bodies to formally issue a statement. Also reading more “reports” that Jon Rahm is jumping to LIV. But nothing from the man himself. Golf “off-season” this year is lit. As the kids say. I’m looking forward to new equipment leaks. Scotty adding to the Phantom lineup? Not that I need a new putter but not gonna lie, if I had the means, I’d probably collect putters. Wishing all a wonderful day!
  11. But for every club? Unless I’m misunderstanding their definition of every club. That’s where my confusion comes in.
  12. I forgot about the smaller ball. No Laying Up did a great interview recently with Lee Trevino. He talked about using a smaller ball back in the day to keep up with the longer hitters of the day.
  13. I’m not saying there won’t be an impact on slower swing speeds but I think the 8-11 yards for each club is overstated even for average golfers.
  14. I have been reading and listening to more on this proposed change and the more I learn, the less it concerns me. Today on the Fried Egg Podcast they brought up changes as it relates to swing speed and one’s ability to compress the ball which I had not heard so clearly described previously. The distance impact on average golfers does not on the surface appear to be as severe as some are saying. MGS was stating numbers like 8-11 yards on every shot which I struggle to believe. Is that just clickbait on their part? By the time the rule change impacts amateurs, it will be 2030. Personally, I will be in my late 60s at that point. I’m not sure I’d notice a great deal of difference vs. the impact of the undefeated Father Time.
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