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  1. Looks good but I still love my G400 Max. I hit the G410 Plus at a golf show earlier this year and didn’t see a reason the change to something new.
  2. Cloudy Haze New England style pale ale from Beer Tree Brew Company. Very tasty
  3. I love my Evnroll ER7. I fully agree on the face technology and I really like that’s a on the heavier side. It feels great. It replaced an Odyssey Metal X milled #2 putter. I can’t lie though, I occasionally find myself looking at Scottys and Bettinardis because of the looks. I might be guilty of being drawn to “wall hangers”.
  4. Yes, I’m a righty. My Ping irons that I was fitted for were Green dots 2 degrees upright. So I matched that when I ordered the 0211 irons. As a life long slicer, I’ll take left LOL. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I really like them so far. I only have 4 rounds in with them. I love the feel compared to my Ping G25 irons. I’m also in the middle of swing changes so it’s tough fully judge at moment. Shots are going left for the first time ever. LOL. Not sure why I love this game. [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I see your point on the looks I the CBX wedges. I’m trying to not let the aesthetics cloud my judgement to override the forgiveness/performance. I love the looks of my MD3 matte black wedges. (I even customized them with paint fill (Testers Military Flat) [emoji23].) But if I’m being honest about my game, I need the forgiveness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. How do you like the Glide wedges? I’m looking to replace my MD3 wedges and my first choice at the moment is the Cleveland CBX2. I’m in search of more forgiveness.
  8. You raise a great point. I think of it as a club rather than a number. I rarely use it for full shots. I tend to use my pitching wedge and gap wedge for full shots and use my sand wedge for full and partial shots. I’ll be practicing with it more before putting it back in the bag.
  9. Thanks. I’m leaning towards simplifying my setup. Go with a PW, GW and SW. Save my LW for practice sessions and get more comfortable with it. My GW is 50* and it’s the most reliable wedge in my bag on full shots. You do raise a great point on the data. I need to get better at keeping track of my shots in this regard.
  10. My most recent golf purchases have been a little light lately. Bamboo tees, a Birdiecorn ball mark repair tool, and a Bettinardi Veteran Golf Association towel.
  11. I’m thinking inconsistency is my bigger issue. More wedge practice is the fix if I’m being honest with myself. (But who does that? )
  12. I’m interested in seeing how Cam performs. Can his mobility overcome the lack of offensive weapons?
  13. How often in a round do folks use a lob wedge? I’ve been carrying a lob wedge for a years now. And honestly don’t find myself using it all that often. When I do carry it, I remove my driving iron. When I do that I more often miss the driving iron on the tight holes. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  14. It was great to see NFL back. So looking forward to more Jimmy G to Kittle and Mostert busting free for a long run. Go Niners!!
  15. Matt, Baldwinsville, NY, USA I use an Evnroll ER7 The Ketsch catches my eye. It looks to be similar to my current putter. I'm pretty intrigued by the solid face of the Heppler family and am interested in the idea of trying a firmer face vs. the feel of my Evnroll.
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