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  1. I just replaced my irons and wedges, so in theory my bag is set for next year. I like my current putter, but putters are never safe so we'll see if it makes it through the year.
  2. I cut out of work early to take advantage of the 60 degree weather and try out my new irons outside. I absolutely love the height I am getting and my tendinitis did not flare up afterwards, so I'd say the graphite shafts are doing their job! I had a great round with a 6 over 76. Gotta love that honeymoon phase.
  3. I don't know what I was thinking, butI told my wife at the beginning of this season that I was so happy with my bag that I would not need any new clubs this year. I only have 2 clubs left from that setup.
  4. I've been looking at irons for a few weeks now as I stitch over to graphite shafts. I ended up with Srixon ZX4 irons and CBX Zipcore wedges.
  5. I wasn't too sure when I saw the cavity view that has been floating around online for a few days now, but that topline view on the website is super clean! I just got my remote fitting results yesterday. I was leaning Mezz Max, but I might have to wait until January now.
  6. So I had a chance to dive into the number from my fitting over the weekend. I lost 2 MPH ballspeed and 5 yards of carry with the HL which is understandable with the loft difference, but the peak height betweend the HL and regular HM was only 0.4 ft. I really expected it to be a bigger difference than that. Either way, my new 923 HM should be delivered tomorrw!
  7. Maybe this is the motivation I need to actally use my Superspeed system I've had for several years now. I know my swing speed is right around 90 mph, but I can test it when I get home tonight to get a solid baseline number.
  8. I had my fitting yesterday and was surpised by the results. He fit me into the regular hot metal with a stiff recoil 95 shaft. I was expecting the HL would fit me better because I tend to hit a lower ball flight, but I could not stop hitting it left. I don't know if it was the extra offset or what, but as soon as we switched to the regular hot metal my ball flight straightened up. I also did not expect to be in the heavier stiff flex recoil. He really wanted me in a steel shaft, but I told him the only reason I was buying new irons was to go to graphite for my tendonitis. Either way, every shaft I hit had better results on the graphs of the software he was using. He said my regular flex KBS tour 90 shaft in my current irons was not a good fit for me at all.
  9. My layout depends on if I have the 6 iron in the bag or the 6 hybrid.
  10. I scheduled a fitting for Thursday with my local fitter who just happens to be a Mizuno dealer.
  11. I have the Heppler Fetch. The shaft length can be adjusted between 32" and 36".
  12. I demo'd the 923 HL yesterday against the Srixon ZX4. I was impressed that I was able to get similar ball speeds out of the HL even though it was 2 1/2 degrees weaker. It also was spinning around 2000 more than the ZX4. I wanted to hit the regular Hot Metal as well, but they limited me to 2 choices for some reason. I really liked both irons, but the extra height on the HL would probably be a huge benefit to my game even though I am giving up a few yards. When I plugged the numbers into the FlightScope Optimizer the difference in ball flight was really shocking.
  13. I just placed the order for my demo clubs. I live about 4 hours from the sub 70 HQ, so hopefully I will have th when I get home on Friday.
  14. I am looking to switch to graphite shafts in my irons to see if it will help with my tendonitus. I tend to lean towards thicker soled irons, so I am going to demo the 799's and the 699u/699 combo irons next week.
  15. Hey @ole gray, did you remove the couterbalance wight from the Halos like you did on your XL Launchers?
  16. I tend to stick with hard rock music from the 80's all the way through till the early 2000's.
  17. Was that the Killer Bee clubs? I loved those and think I still have a driver and fairway wood in the garage.
  18. I still carry 1 fairway wood, an 18.5 degreree 5 wood turned down to 17 degrees so basically a 4 wood. I love my 4 hybrid and tried the matching 3 hybrid, but I could not get the launch I needed out of it, so it didn't go any further than the 4 hybrid. You have more clubhead speed than I do, so I wouldn't be surprised if a 3 hybrid would work in that spot for you.
  19. I was really hoping that they were moving away from the turbulators.
  20. I have a slower swing speed around 90 mph. I have been using a senior flex shaft for a while now even though most companys recommend regular flex for my range. Now you've got me thinking about ordering a ladies flex shaft to experiment with!
  21. I'm 90% sure with the 2020 model they put the black line over the Q-Star Tour logo on the side of the ball. Other than that I do not know how to identify them without the original box.
  22. Looks like you are a Ping guy. Throw a ChipR in the bag and call it a day!
  23. Here's a shot of my setup. I started with a Skytrak, but have had Uneekor QED for a couple of years now.
  24. This is why I should not read this thread. I was not pondering new irons until I read this!
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