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  1. Noooooo! Seriously hope they show up. Not exactly the most replaceable bag. Fingers crossed, keep us updated.
  2. On the slow road, planning on building things up gradually with the aim to playing first week of August. You must have read my mind, I'm planning on breaking out something special from the cellar after my first round back.
  3. Just back from seeing my surgeon, he doesn't think he needs to see me again. Given the all clear to ease back into both golf and full duties at work. Big smile on my face at the moment. Still got a lot of rehab ahead of me, but being basically pain free for the first time in 6 months is great.
  4. The Bag Boy Compact 3 looks pretty good, especially at the price (Rockbottom $130 with coupon) I had similar issues with carts for my daughter. Anything much lighter than the Bag Boy is probably fail with not much use. I handed down a low end Bag Boy that I used for a while to my daughter when she outgrew her junior carts. She then got my Big Max when I got a Clicgear. At 11, she's probably growing so quickly that she'll adjust to a bit extra weight easily, and a 3 wheel cart will be so much easier than a 2 wheel, even if its a bit heavy to start with. It also looks solid enough to give her a few years use at least. I'm a bit jealous, my golfing daughter has gone off to university, and I din't get to play with her (bloody shoulder!) prior to her leaving. Anything that makes it more enjoyable for them is money well spent in my opinion.
  5. Hit a few 7 irons, and christened the new (2nd hand) 5 wood. I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the Cobra F8 fairways. I definitely need to work on my core, as well as my shoulder. Posture is decidedly ugly, not far off a pretzel at the moment
  6. Very excited by this opportunity to test something that looks to be very promising. @Kanoito and I in the same test again is a bit like getting the band back together, are you still playing the MLA? Thanks MGS and Puttout, looking forward to it. Now to plan the format of my testing to make it as useful as I can for my fellow golfers.
  7. Grant, Victoria Australia 7.6 Used a Sklz putting arc trainer a few times. This opportunity ticks a few boxes for me, 1. I can physically do it, 2. I will be focussed on short game as my rehab continues, 3. It's available to Australia, 4. It looks like a useful and well thought out piece of equipment
  8. Not back yet, but getting closer
  9. Hit about 20 full(ish) swings with my 7 iron. Got permission from my PT to start swinging again. Pleased to say it wasn't totally awful, contact was probably a bit thin, and pulled a few, but club speed was about 80mph by the time I finished. Pretty happy after 6 months of not being able to swing a club, and hopefully I'll pull up well tomorrow.
  10. Some putting practice, followed by about an hour of chipping. First real session on the chipping green this year. Really happy with how it went, felt like I really had control of the club face. By the time I get back to playing my short game should hopefully be really sharp.
  11. Great stuff John, you're getting yourself more solidly entrenched on my list! 83 after very little (if any) sleep and a lot of excitement isn't too bad. Enjoy the next few days.
  12. Probably user dependant, I play in a very windy area and the Z Star performs well for me in the wind, better than most other options I've tried (2017 model)
  13. Absolutely a great attitude to take into your game. I used to get frustrated with bad golf, even though the quality of my game didn't really justify it. Over the years I've seen some truly horrible things through my work, and now when I start to get frustrated on course (or at the moment when I'm physically not capable of playing) I take what I call a "perspective pill" . Bad golf is a luxury compared to some of things I see people going through. Good luck with the rest of your season, relax, have fun, and most of all, listen to your very wise daughter.
  14. @GolfSpy Barbajo, you are now officially on my list of people I don't like. I'm jealous of anyone who is getting to play anywhere, let alone of your trip. I'm not going to wish you a great trip, because I'm sure it will be sensational without my input. Hope you get the full spectrum of weather while your there so you can pretend your playing in The Open. One last thing, no toilet pictures this time.
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