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  1. A mate of mine works for Titleist Australia and has met him a few times. Says he is a really nice bloke, no hint of a big head.
  2. I hated him even more when he was going out with Ana Ivanovic. She made women's tennis worth watching.
  3. You just had to buy something, I call a lack of self control Seriously though, I hope you flush it.
  4. Really solid round, best I’ve played in a long time. Conditions were strange, very fine misty rain for most of the day along with blustery wind. My whole game was solid. 12/14 fairways, 12 GIR, no 3 putts and shaved the hole lots of times. 2 birdies, 5 bogeys and the rest pars. Course management and concentration were both better than normal. Getting the report in early as we got around in 3.5 hours (as a 3) would have been even quicker but we ran into the back end of the field for the last few holes.
  5. For those who don't know what a SLDR-C looks like, here's a picture. I've heard, not sure where exactly, that with an after market shaft they are perhaps the greatest driver ever made.
  6. Can't believe you didn't buckle them up in the back. You can't be too safe.
  7. Plus 1 for what @hckymeyer said. I'd also let him know that he shouldn't expect to be able to score well straight away, golf is difficult to be good at. Stress that it should be fun, and that any good shot should be looked at as a win.
  8. 83 (12 over) in very tough conditions. Started well but lost my way a bit. Driver was ok, hit one in the water, irons were inconsistent. Hit wedges well and putted ok. Struggled to read cross wind putts. For an idea of the conditions have a look at the coverage of the LPGA event on at the moment, ISPS Handa Victorian Open, which is being played about 15 miles from my course. The wind was particularly tough as it was blowing in the opposite direction to normal.
  9. Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli Hi 4 iron off Ebay. Project X LZ 5.5 shaft which matches my irons. Pretty happy with US$102 delivered. Fingers crossed it's genuine.
  10. The reduced size makes it a much more attractive option for me. I usually wear a watch, and this is only marginally bigger. It's also likely to be lighter.
  11. Another thought I had (a thought that pre dates this report) Pros should have to look for their ball in the same manner amateurs do. Only their group and caddies. No spotters, crowds not allowed to help, difficult to enforce, but we don't get any help, why should they! The increased chance of losing balls would be likely to change the bomb and gouge approach.
  12. I'm seeing a lot of comments "scores aren't lower" , the reality is, most courses used for professional tournaments are significantly longer than they were 30 years ago. Augusta National for example is 500 yards longer than 20 years ago, about 28 yards per hole on average. Imaging what the winning score would be if the moved every tee forward 28 yards. On the other hand, distance is not a problem in the majority of amateur golf, and I can't see having the pro's use different equipment working. My suggestion to reduce the impact of the pro's hitting it further is pretty simple. Pro's can only carry 11 or 12 clubs, with a maximum of 3 with a loft greater than 42 degrees. This would create a need for more creative golf. Course setup should create some doubt as to whether driver is the right option, without taking driver off the table. The idea of an equipment roll back is ridiculous, but there should be a way to keep the game from outgrowing courses at the top level.
  13. Hit 50 or so balls at the range with my 5 and 9 irons. Worked on taking the club away less inside. It felt like I was taking it away well outside, but I was definitely coming through the ball much better. Ball flight was better, with significantly less left to right.
  14. I'm just hoping I didn't come dead last (again)
  15. The head cover matches your hat. For some reason I've always hated Manly, even though Rugby league hasn't been of much interest to me until the last few years.
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