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  1. Birdied the 6th today, made the most of the tailwind off the tee. Absolutely smashed my drive, over the newly formed water hazard that runs across the fairway at my usual driving distance. Blocked my 2nd, 60 yard pitch to 10 feet. Putt was straight downhill, glad it hit it straight, would have gone well past if it missed.
  2. Started poorly, 5 over after 3 holes. Finished 11 over after finding a bit of form. Drove the ball well, putted ok. Wind was very tough, 20-25mph, from an unusual direction,, with lots of crosswinds. When I finished only one person had played to their handicap for the day.
  3. I'm amazed at how few applications there are for this. Probably the best reward to effort ratio of the year, and a lot of fun to go with it.
  4. I was having temp control problems with the old UDS. It has horizontal intakes, but smaller diameter. I'm hoping the vertical intakes will hope reduce the impact of the swirling and strong wind I get here. I get it adjusted then the wind changes to blow straight in, or stops blowing. It's fine on calm days, but we get 2 of those a year! Intakes are 1.5 inch, exhaust is 2 inch. I'm installing a heat shield and block off plate which should help with efficiency and control as well.
  5. I'm on Smoker Builder forum, their YouTube how to videos are great. I got some plans with where to put everything from them. The yellow painted on liner came out reasonably easily, burnt out the drum and then scrubbed of the residue with a nylon scrubbing brush and powder cleaner. I had to get the flap disc out for a couple of patches that the fire didn't get first. My first UDS had a red liner that was impossible to get out. Once I'm finished putting it together I'll season it by wiping the interior with cooking oil and running it reasonably hot for a couple of hours. It works the same as seasoning a wok or cast iron pan.
  6. Note that I didn't include any close ups of the paint job Spray painting definitely isn't one my strengths.
  7. Almost finished building myself a new smoker, will get it done tomorrow before seasoning it and hopefully getting some ribs cooked. Sunday morning Monday afternoon Really happy with how how it looks, and hoping it cooks as good as it looks.
  8. Poor typing in my above post. It was our 12th hole that the club went up the tree. Probably would have been better for me if it was the 2nd
  9. No good. Started a bit scratchy but was putting well. Then I decided to put the ball as far as possible from the hole a few times, resulting in 3 putts. Probably the least engaged I've been for a long time, mostly due to one of the guys I was playing with. He was playing like crap, and behaving even worse. Several lost balls were followed by several club throws. On our 12th hole he hit his 2nd shot OOB, and threw another club. This provided my round highlight. The club went OOB, into a tree, from which he couldn't recover it. Thankfully he stopped playing after that. I can't believe how angry he was, and the difference between his ability and expectation was as far apart as anyone I've ever played with.
  10. Great stuff Penny. Also great stuff Kevin. Well deserved after a couple of really tough years. Penny can teach us all about resilience and strength. Wishing her all the best for the future.
  11. The guys who get picked should consider themselves lucky that I live on the wrong continent, I would have smashed them (at least verbally) Looking forward to watching this one again. Hope the mods have fun sorting through the applications, it will be a big job!
  12. First one I noticed was "The Cooks Companion" despite it being face down. Why isn't it in the kitchen I've given my oldest a copy, the youngest will get hers for her 18th. My copy is very well worn.
  13. How'd you hit them? How good was the weather for golf today in southern Victoria! It's great to get back out there, hope the course was in great condition after its "rest", Curlewis was a treat to play today. If you haven't played it, make sure you get down here when things get more relaxed, only an hour past Werribee.
  14. Ticked another one off, 4th hole, par 3 playing at 170 yards today. 5 iron to 5 feet, putt barely fell in the front of the hole, not the bravest birdie putt, but thankfully it dropped.
  15. The Replacements, Pleased to Meet Me My wife a semester at VCU in 1988. It had a lasting impact on her music taste, and by extension mine.
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