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  1. Great effort, not a lot of filler in those 10,000. Are you going to be giving away all the clubs you've used over the last 3 years? That would mean something for everyone
  2. I'd like to see a breakdown of what points are awarded for each category. I find it a little bemusing that style is a category at all. Style is very much "eye of the beholder" and doesn't relate in any way to how a shoe performs. Including it in overall rating seems to go against the MGS way of rating golf equipment.
  3. Don’t like your chances Kenny, pretty sure “That’s a long commute Golf Course” isn’t going to attract many players
  4. I know a guy who swaps between stiff and regular depending on the wind. I’m very unsure as to the science behind it, but I think his theory is to swing easier when it’s windy. Only in his driver, so I assume he always swings his irons the same
  5. A similar thought to mine, comparison of hybrid/utility iron with high lofted fairway wood (7,9 even 11)
  6. Unfortunately Tiger’s got a long and difficult road ahead, even to get back to normal for the general population, let alone perform at the elite level. Shattered ankle potentially has some really difficult healing, as blood supply issues can relay cause some problems. Add a compound fracture and the probability of it being bilateral, it all adds up to a long and arduous rehabilitation, even if everything heals well. Undoubtedly Tiger will have the best possible surgeons and rehab team available, but even with that it’s going to be tough.
  7. Update time. Was told it was a 15 working day wait, so I patiently waited my 3 weeks. Sent an email 5 days ago and got no reply. Rang this morning and was told they were expecting them from Srixon towards the end of the week, and that Srixon had told them incorrect information as to availability. I asked why no one had replied to my email, and that I was pretty unhappy with their lack of customer service. My complaints were worth the effort, they are throwing in a box of Z-Stars to keep me happy. Only saving grace is I won’t be playing this week while recovering from yet more stitche
  8. No ferries to King Island, only Melbourne to Devenport. When I go to Barnbougle I’ll probably take the ferry and combine it with a Tasmania holiday
  9. Price has gone up as we’ve decided to go with a charter flight from a local airport. AUD450 more, but 40 minute flight after a 30 minute drive and leaving when we want rather than getting up at 4am and driving 2 hours followed by 2 hours over 2 flights sounds like value to me. Might have to sell some more stuff out of my shed to cover the difference. 4 rounds, flights, accommodation and hire car for AUD1800 still amazing value with the quality of the courses. After shoulder surgery and 4 melanomas removed in less than 2 years, I feel like I deserve to splurge a bit.
  10. Barnbougle is most definitely going to happen, I thought I’d play there before King Island but a mate organised this trip so I jumped at the chance.
  11. Booking a 3 day trip to King Island, which is in Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania. Day 1 is fly over (about 45 minutes) and then play Ocean Dunes https://www.oceandunes.com.au on Friday afternoon. Saturday is 36 holes at Cape Wickham https://capewickham.com.au/ In carts for both rounds, with a good gap for lunch in between rounds. Sunday back to Ocean Dunes for a morning round before flying home. I will try to get some good photos and write a review of both courses. Cape Wickham is rated 2nd in Australia (after Royal Melbourne,21st in world) and Ocean
  12. 33 degrees here, that’s Celsius , so about 91F, a rare hot day this summer. Very pleasant having a beer in the pool. All that aside, really feeling for those of you suffering through crazy and unusual weather for where you are. Stay safe and hopefully warm.
  13. Practice at home in the shed this weekend as we’ve gone into a 5 day lockdown. Frustrating golf wise as I’m starting to feel a bit better about my game. Played 9 holes of matchplay on Thursday and was getting more confident in my swing before lockdown was announced Friday. Putted extremely well, my reading of putts was back to its best. Spent some time using my homemade downunder board, and a good putting session with the Puttout system. One bonus of being locked down for the weekend, my shed is much tidier now.
  14. I think I've already commented on it not raining but pouring for you Kevin. Look after yourself, hope things start settling down for you. Those wedges look pretty good. I'm waiting on some new Cleveland Zipcores to arrive. Different V-Sole to the Scors that I loved but have worn out.
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