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  1. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Unfortunately I had to work so didn’t get to play. @Kenny B I had couple of craft beers given to me by my daughter, and a very tidy Cabernet Sauvignon with a piece of Wagyu rump. Finished the night with a shot of Ardberg 10yo out of a very nice whiskey glass my other daughter gave me.
  2. I'm really enjoying putting the 849 Pro through it's paces. Settled on the weight and loft combination that seems to fit me best. Starting to form some conclusions, just need a few more rounds to solidify things.
  3. First day of hopefully 5 rounds at 5 different courses. Played a course I haven’t played before, it was either awesome or awful, with not much in between. Started with a birdie, then it was a bit ugly. Irons were awful and short game was very rough. Multiple misses on the short side didn’t help. Highlight was driving the green on a short par 4 after playing through a group of 4 locals, they were suitably impressed. It was my Sub70 849 Pro, I’ve tagged it as a 2 wood during testing.
  4. Got another 9 holes in. On a golfing journey the weekend to replace an annual trip that has been cancelled due to COVID. Playing 4 or 5 country courses. Should have a good idea how the 849 Pro performs after that, as long as my body holds up.
  5. My intro is up. Played 9 holes with the 849 Pro on Monday. Good swings give good results, of course it didn't make up for a couple of horrible swings. Was getting good distance and accuracy. I think once we get to know each other we could have a lot of fun
  6. Reverse seared Duck Breast with grated beetroot, duck fat roasted potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and snow peas. Sauce is reduced homemade duck stock with a tiny bit of Hoisin sauce and balsamic. First time I’ve tried reverse searing duck, won’t be cooking it any other way now. Went a treat with a 2016 Lange Nebbiolo from Benevelli.
  7. Taking the 849 Pro out on course for the first time over the next 2 days. Wasn’t making great contact in the net, but after gripping down a bit was making consistent centre face contact. It’s the same length as my current driver,but it’s shaft is counter balanced. Going to do the odds vs evens with each driver, such a good idea, wish I’d thought of it
  8. 8 over 79. Had an ugly finish, bogeyed the last four, perhaps the beers kicked in. Drove it pretty well, putted well apart from a soft 3 putt. Missed a couple of 3 foot putts, but made a 45 footer. Struggled big time from 70 yards, and short game cost me a few shots. Lots of upside, a sharpened short game should hopefully shave a few shots off my score.
  9. I think my thoughts are already well known. I agree wholeheartedly with @MaxEntropy’s comments about the testing section rollout. Communication is absolutely the key to managing change. Having to actively look for review updates on a (technically) separate forum is annoying, and probably significantly reduces traffic on the reviews. To be totally honest, the AMA is mildly interesting at best. I was really hoping for a lot more from the Content Hunter role, although I understand that the forum changes have had an impact on the implementation of this role. One new thread with a handful of different topics has probably under delivered from the forums expectations. Hopefully any future significant changes to the forum will be made separately to significant staff changes. Managing both at the same time only magnifies any problems. There has been a significant lack of presence of most of the admin/moderator team on the forum since the changes in staff. It’s all well and good for staff to be working in the background(and I appreciate the work being done), but it would be great to see more presence on the forums from the entire team. It seems like the only regular moderator presence on the forum over the last few months is from @GolfSpy_APH, hopefully we can see the rest of the team engaging with the forum and its membership
  10. 9 over 80. Started with 2 birdies then had 2 very soft 3 putts. Drove it well except for my last hole when I tried to force things trying to save a couple of dollars. Greens were extremely slow and fairways very soft after 1 1/2 inches of rain the two days prior. Shot of the day was between a 7 iron to 6 feet on the first from 135 into the wind, or a lob wedge to 2 feet on the 9th. 9 Fairways, 9 GIR and 31 putts.
  11. A special bottle (actually a magnum) of Penfolds Bin 707 1996 to celebrate Melbourne Football Club’s first premiership since 1964.
  12. The Aussie Rules Football team that I’ve followed all my life has won the Grand Final for the first time since 1964. I was born in 1968, so to say that I’m happy would be understating it by a factor of 1000. After starting well we were in trouble during the 3rd quarter. Totally dominated from there. So happy I was able to enjoy it and share it with my long suffering (putting up with my disappointment)family. 57FA2032-89DE-44D6-B232-5430CC268760.MOV 57FA2032-89DE-44D6-B232-5430CC268760.MOV
  13. It’s on the way! Not sure how long it will take to get here, but got notified this morning that it’s coming. I’ve gone with a 10.5 Head with a Project X Evenflow Riptide 6.0 60gm. I’ve had Evenflow Blue shafts in my fairways for a while now and really like how they match my swing. From what I’ve read the Riptide should suit me well too. Looking forward to putting in some range time to find my best loft/face angle/weight combinations to optimise my settings. My clubs range has Toptracer, so comparisons between settings should be easy to see. Very much looking forward to testing this driver.
  14. Block is 1 acre, vineyard is about 1/3 acre, hoping to take yield from 120 to about 220kg
  15. If you picked DJ you may need to consider getting me to write it for you, otherwise you’ll confuse him (possibly most of both teams)
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