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  1. Definitely taking the 300 yards. It's rare for me to have more than 1 3 putt in a round, so that would save me minimal shots. Hitting 3 clubs less into the green would likely save me several shots a round. Unlike many people, I don't often hit it 300. It needs some wind or slope helping, or it's the extremely rare "how did I do that?" swing that I wish I could replicate. The only guys I've seen do it consistently have all been plus markers and they play a totally different game than me.
  2. Peaksy68

    PING G425

    Happy to put one through its paces if Ping and MGS are looking for an Aussie to help them out, purely to be helpful of course
  3. Had to get another mole removed. This one was smaller so I got it done in my skin guy’s rooms. Waiting on the results, but my surgeon is very confidant of a good outcome. He was pretty pleased with himself for even doing the biopsy, and it was a level below the 2 I had removed last year. The man does know how to sew things up nice and tight. My posture should be improved
  4. My latest addition. All I need is a couple of bolts and I could change my name.
  5. I’m in, hope I do better than my Super Bowl picks, almost can’t be worse. I’m thinking @GB13 is overdue to go low. I know he won’t let me down.
  6. 4 over 75 on a beautiful early spring day. Putted well on recently scarified greens. Turned even with the card with a couple of birdies. A few soft bogeys on the back hurt my score but I'm really happy with how I played after not touching the clubs for a couple of weeks.
  7. Another one ticked off. Par 4 16th after a slightly skinny 8 iron 2nd luckily hit the upslope at the front of the green leaving me about 15 feet from the hole. Putt didn't look like missing. 2 to go, 1st, tough par 4 with a very elevated and sloping green, and the 15th, a 450 yard par 4.
  8. I'm assuming the reason no one wants to play with me is the tyranny of distance and it's got nothing to do with the picture of me wearing a skort.
  9. Despite my earlier comment about playing dress ups, I decided after watching Lexi Thompson attempting to Reed her lie at the Women's Open that I just couldn't resist. Probably not my best look, my wife was worried the neighbors would see me Also gave me a chance to try on my new Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged shoes that arrived yesterday, courtesy of MyGolfSpy and Cobra
  10. Not sure if I can participate this week. Playing dress ups isn't really my thing, although the people I play with and @MattF may beg to differ.
  11. My challenge round was a massive struggle. Ended up 90 net 84. Par 71 rating 71/128. Conditions were about as tough as I've played in. My method for was to stick a piece of painters tape on the club once it had been used, then remove it after it was used in the next rotation. Wind was a solid 25mph when I started, and seemed to get stronger. Fairways were very soft with no run. To top things off the greens were very fast with a lot of difficult pin positions. It was virtually impossible to stop the ball downwind and downhill. Twice the ball stopped rolling after I had played my shot, cleaned my club, stuck tape on it, put it away and walked 30 metres. By the end I was drained. After spending 2 days rocking backwards and forwards in the corner I've finally got the energy back to post my score. The challenge itself was tough enough, but the conditions combined with it made it brutal. There is no way I would have played if I hadn't challenged @daviddvm. The weather has been even worse since, hopefully it improves and things dry out before next weeks challenge. I hope no one else had to put up with conditions like I did.
  12. Waiting for @downlowkey to chime in. My daughter has a couple of Tight Lies 2 hybrids, I love the heads and would love to try them wth a shaft that suits me.
  13. Just had a look at the forecast for Friday and Saturday when I'm planning on playing. Looks like it might be fun. Hoping I get finished before the wind gets up fully. 34kph converts to about 21mph, throw in some showers and it could get interesting. The things we do for the love of the game.
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