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  1. Peaksy68

    POLL: When's Your Next Round?

    I'm having a shoulder hydrodilatation tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get back on the course in a few weeks. It's been a frustrating year so far, new clubs and no golf isn't a good combination.
  2. I'm hoping to go for a look, it's just down the road for me. I've been a couple of times in the past, it's a great concept and is run in a very relaxed manner. Hopefully it continues to grow and can attract stronger fields.
  3. Peaksy68

    Course rating and Slope

    My course has just had some changes made to the first hole, reducing from par 5 to par 4. Par is now 71. Blue Tees 72/131 6670 yards White Tees 70/128 6520 yards
  4. My obvious lackof understanding of American Football is even more apparent. I thought we we were supposed to choose the option we didn't want, either that or things got flipped around due to me being on the other side of the world I should have followed George Constanza's example and gained success by doing the opposite to what I originally thought.
  5. Peaksy68

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    40 and very uncomfortable here, that s C not F. About 105F. Some bushfires already burning, hope the wind doesnt get up too much or it could be catastrophic. Pretty extreme everywhere at the moment. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Peaksy68

    What are you listening to?

    Chris Wilson, a local Aussie Blues legend who died a few weeks ago. Saw him live many times, a great live performer who seemed to always be thankful to his audience for letting him perform. We were always more than happy to indulge him. RIP.
  7. 52 for me. I'll be very surprised if I get anywhere near winning, I don't even know what half the questions mean
  8. Glimpse Recovery for me, about sums up the state of my golf at the moment.
  9. Peaksy68

    What/How did you practice today?

    Massive practice session, hit 6 3/4 wedges, hit about 20 chips and then finished with 6 full swing wedges. Probably over did things, shoulder pulled up pretty sore. Working on a solid stretching program to try and get some range of motion back. Not going to try and play until I can hit 40 full swings in a session Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Peaksy68

    Farmers Insurance Open

    I've been wondering how does it work when they play different courses. Are the 2 courses set up the same for the first 2 rounds? If the set up is changed hopefully they have some way of ensuring it's comparable, otherwise half the field could be really disadvantaged or advantaged by playing an easy set up twice or a tough set up twice, especially if the opposite applies to the other course.
  11. Peaksy68

    Iron Gapping/Bending

    If you get the RSI 2's bent, make sure it's by someone who really knows what they are doing. I had mine adjusted for lie angle, and they had to be taken about 3 degrees past where we wanted to end up as they sprung back significantly. I could barely watch. The guy doing it is a very experienced club builder and he knew how far to take them to get them ending up at the correct angle, but said he really doesn't like having more than one attempt at bending cast irons as they are much more likely to have problems if multiple passes are needed. Bending the TP's should be easier (I think they are forged?) so adjusting them rather than the 2's would be the logical way to go. Remember bounce changes in the opposite direction to loft changes, not to big a deal with small adjustments but large changes might cause problems.
  12. Peaksy68

    POLL: Mobile access to the forum

    At home I use the full browser on an iPad most of the time, only use the app for uploading photos as its easier. I always use the app on my phone as its easier, despite the thread titles not updating (for review and application threads)
  13. Peaksy68

    Happy thread

    Being very wary of too much self administered liquid anaesthetic, don't want to move things more than I should. The guy I work with who did the injection does some high end Interventional Radiology procedures, really ground breaking stuff. My little stab was a walk in the park for him (and me thankfully)
  14. Peaksy68

    Happy thread

    Just to add to it. My eldest daughter got into her first choice university course and residential college (it's a bit different system here) Needless to say she's very happy.
  15. Peaksy68

    Happy thread

    Cortisone injection done, having no pain in my shoulder (local anaesthetic only at this stage) is a relatively strange sensation compared to recent history. Hope the cortisone does the job and I get long term relief. One of the few benefits of working in a major hospital is being able to fit in procedures at short notice, and getting the best person to do my injection. Now to work out a rehab/stretching program.