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  1. What do you think about the AMT shafts?... different weighted shafts seems counterproductive for one length
  2. Why was Takomo only tested in the player's iron test? Didn't see them in the player's distance or the game improvement Props to Inesis and unfortunate Sub 70 didn't score well I tried to see if this was already discussed and didn't find anything If it has been discussed and I don't know how to use the search function please post the link
  3. I think once they have multiple years of the new scoring system it will be much easier to compare different brands across multiple years. Especially when you look at a brand like Sub 70 who doesn't release a new model every year
  4. Have you tried posting them on the Sub 70 facebook page?
  5. I'm currently playing One Iron Golf Pro-lines irons... I'm interested in the woods... how do you like them? Specifically, how do you like them off turf?
  6. Currently playing one length irons. Had a conversation recently with my coach (he works with Mike Schy fairly regularly) and we got to talking about one length club length. It went something like this… ‘Why do we use one length?’ ‘Consistency.’ ‘Where/when do we want to be consistent?’ ’Approach shots’ ’Is 7i length the appropriate length for ME to hit consistent approach shots?’ After some conversations on body type, limb lengths, setup posture, etc. we came to the conclusion that I’m ‘built’ for PW length Long story short, my 7i - LW are all PW length. Once I get to 6i, 5i, and 4i I go variable length to get proper gapping - I’ve seen a lot of people do the opposite, 5i - PW are 7i length, then wedges are variable length For the people who don’t like OL because of long wedges, maybe take a look at making your irons wedge length
  7. Looking to buy a left handed arm lock putter. Preferably under $200
  8. I love this idea. I currently swing One Iron Golf Pro Line single length irons and have thought about doing something similar. Even went as far as reaching out to Sub 70 to see what they could do. Curious how it's going for you? I'm guessing gapping is better. How is ball striking?
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