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  1. I rediscovered the awesomeness of 7 woods this past season after being very frustrated with my 3 hybrid - hookapotomous. I dug up my old Callaway Steelhead 7 (with a steel shaft) and hit it so much better than the hybrids I’ve owned. Great for approaches from over 200 or when I need to hit a high ball over a tree. The only thing now is I’m considering updating to a newer model. I play the 410 3 wood in the flat setting, so I would love to get a Ping 410 or the Callaway Epic Flash. Or I could stick with my “retro” steel shafted Steelhead… decisions, decisions.
  2. Right/Left and I’ve used center shafted and full offset and I get the same results. Most of what I’ve read has always advised right/left should use no offset/center shafted, but I can’t say that has been the go to for me. I have a Seemore Z2 (CS) and and Odyssey 10 2 Ball TT and I put better with the Odyssey (mostly due to better lag putting with the mallet). But I would say that I am very dependent on alignment aids- wonder I wonder is that has anything to do with being Right/Left?
  3. I’ve always been someone who tinkers. This past season I continued to tinker with my driver shafts, but tried to stick with one putter- an Odyssey Two Ball Ten Triple Track. I had a lot of success for me (Ive never been a great putter), averaging 32 putts a round. There were days when I wondered if I would have had better results with another putter, but I stuck with it. That thought of “what if?” is a mighty powerful draw and will probably result in me tinkering again- especially when my putting on a what keeps me out of shooting in the 60’s.
  4. Here’s a study: “Bassi’s lab at the UMSL College of Optometry tested Barrett’s idea by embedding a laser in a golf ball and compared the aiming accuracy of three lines versus the typical single alignment line found on most golf balls. The testing showed a 12-percent improvement in accuracy for the three-lined ball on a 10-foot putt.” - from an article in Golf Digest (https://www.golfdigest.com/story/those-arent-just-three-lines-on-phil-mickelsons-golf-balltheyre-science/amp)
  5. I like center shafted putters and I like the Two Ball- not sure I like the 1 & 3/4 look.
  6. Saw this on EBay. Is Odyssey coming out with a Two Ball Ten Center Shafted putter?
  7. Don’t be so elitist. Pack a jacket and go to Myrtle Beach- you might get lucky with a few days in the high 60’s.
  8. So, my Garmin 80 will now track shots like the Arcoss - no sensors, you just have to measure shot from wherever you hit and the app will keep the data. My free Arcoss subscription ended and now there definitely no reason to renew. The G80 is a very accurate launch monitor beside a GPS and now it tracks your shots- a nice triple whammy.
  9. That “idiotic hollering” makes watching regular PGA events unbearable at times.
  10. While I loved watching the competition and seeing the beauty of the course, listening to the fans was terrible. The way they cheered for the mistakes of the Europeans and could not applaud their shots was disgusting. The ugly American stereotype personified and on full display.
  11. For all those who are posting that they would be fine with less than 14 clubs:
  12. A second putter for sure. I would carry one lightweight putter for lag putting and one heavier putter for short putts.
  13. I would love to compare the OG 7 to my Two Ball 10- the 7 should save me 3 strokes because of the name alone. (I did that math in my head.)
  14. I would love to compare the OG 7 to my Two Ball Ten Tour Lined. After all, it should save me 3 strokes because of the name alone…
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