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  1. I would love to compare the OG 7 to my Two Ball 10- the 7 should save me 3 strokes because of the name alone. (I did that math in my head.)
  2. I would love to compare the OG 7 to my Two Ball Ten Tour Lined. After all, it should save me 3 strokes because of the name alone…
  3. No thanks- can’t be better than what I got…
  4. Although I haven’t had nearly the difficulty you’ve had with shot detection- I use my Apple Watch, I have found it to be bit distracting. It hasn’t interfered with my rounds- I just had trouble getting to started. Today, I played a course with 27 holes, and it had difficulty recognizing which 9 I was starting on. That said, I’ve really enjoyed the data it’s collected after 6 rounds. I almost never listen to the Caddie, which I hope will get better at clubbing me after some more rounds.
  5. I’ve heard quite a few say that. For me, it has a very pleasing click and this feel to it. I also really like the closed holes compared to last year’s version of the Ten- makes for a nice look with the Two Ball. Since I like yellow balls, got Triple Track stickers for mine. I’m a big fan.
  6. Yes. I was four rounds into my free trial and it worked flawlessly using my Apple Watch for shot detection. Fifth round on Sunday and I had the same exact problem- it didn’t detect a flop shot I hit on the first hole. I didn’t have to reboot- just add the shot. The rest of the round was fine. I think it was the fluffy lie and that the impact wasn’t loud. It was a pain to add the shot- I hope it doesn’t happen much moving forward because it becomes a distraction and I don’t think I would continue with the subscription once my free trial is over. Now that I’m 5 rounds in, I’ve unlocked the Caddie feature- I guess there are enough shots recorded. The data has been valuable - I had my AW adjusted from 50 to 49 degrees to have less of an overlap with my 53 degree wedge. It shows that my 7 and 8 irons are similar in distance, but I think that’s because I had a couple of anomalously long 8 iron shots (downhill tee shots).
  7. Just had a terrific round while playing the Evenflow Black- part of it was my ball striking- I hit 17/18 GIR. But the Evenflow felt great- stable yet smooth.
  8. With a full time job, no club membership and 3 kids, I barely have enough time to get rounds in- forget practicing. I have to rely on my good looks and talent to get by in this dog eat dog world.
  9. You know that new driver feeling? The one where you can do no wrong with it for the first few rounds? Then the magic is gone. Does anyone use a rotation of shafts to regain that “new driver feeling?” I have a G425 Max with a Rogue White 70 grams, an EvenFlow Black 65 grams and the Alta Slate at 55 grams. I like the mix of different weights and profiles- two counterbalanced, one not. Anyone else try to recapture that new driver feeling in the same way?
  10. I've suffered with the shanks for longer than I care to admit usually setting in each winter. Thankfully I'm bloody stubborn and have invested too much cash into gear to give up! What has worked for me over the last two years are 3 thoughts/drills whenever I feel they're getting close: 1. Miss on the inside of the ball. Consciously setup as normal, then swing and hit turf/mat inside the ball. Repeat. You can play slapping it off the toe all round, not from the heel. 2. Start your downswing pushing your right butt cheek (RH golfer) towards target to force weight over your lead foot. Gives loads of 'space' and allows an in to out path. Trust me when I say this will make sense when you get it right. 3. Drill, assuming you're probably a slicer too, practice all of the above swinging MASSIVELY in to out and out to in. Like 45 degrees in one swing, 45 degrees out next. This gives me the sensation of both extremes and is easier to settle on one. I find swinging in to out keeps the club of the head behind hands and encourages a toe miss. 4. The latest cure I’ve used ithat worked for me was thinking of trying to skim a rock on a pond (helped my over the top tendency). In order to do it consistently, I moved my right hand into a strong position, which helped me really feel like I was as keeping my right elbow close to my body. This has worked really well with my irons, but I’ve developed a pull hook with my driver. When I really concentrate on getting my right elbow in I hit absolute bombs- hit my first 300 yard drive without the help of a hill the other day. I just have to figure out how strong a right handed grip to take to prevent the over the top move while at the same time not pull hooking it. To the GolfSpy community…
  11. Let me beg some more… please, please please
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