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  1. Funny that you should bring this up. When I had my Ping 425 head I replaced the head weight to get the swing weight down. The club felt really light. At the range yesterday, I was comparing the OP with the stock Hzrdus Silver 50 gram that is got fitted with when I got the Paradym and the Ventus Red 5s I had in my Ping and the winner was the Ventus. I hit some bombs with it. The OP didn’t feel noticeably lighter as it had in the Ping. (This is one of the things I’ve learned about myself through this experiment- that I really like the lighter shafts? Thus the 50 gram Hzrdus) I wasn’t getting great results with the OP- high pushes with less carry. I’ll be leaving it at home for my trip and bring the Hzrdus and Ventus to Florida. I’ll give it another test when I get back. Otherwise, it’ll be back to the drawing board with the OP.
  2. Posting this as an idea for others. I found an old Tour Lock (30 grams) in my garage- and my wife is always telling me to thro w things out- that’ll show her. I used to use them in my putters. I took the brass weight off and put a nut on and it was down to 17 grams. I drilled a hole in the top of my grip and installed it- used some crazy glue to secure it to the grip - it’s flush to the top and done. The nut being slightly larger than the brass weight makes it sit securely inside the shaft. 17 grams of counter-weight got me to D1. The beauty of this method is you can experiment with different nut sizes until you get it at the swing weight you want without having ti purchase different counter weights. Going to the range tonight to make sure the set-up works well in the Paradym, then off to Florida this weekend.
  3. I had the midsize grip on the old set-up with the Ping. So I’ll put a Jumbo grip on and that should do it.
  4. So I finally switched the adapters on my Grafalloy PLB and man the Callaway adapter must be so much heavier than the Ping- I didn’t weigh them before installing (I regret that now). The swing weight with the lighter Paradym head is D4 with the same set up as the Ping G425 (grip and length) and the Ping was D1. So I have to start experimenting again- I don’t want to get a lighter head weight for the Paradym so I may cut the length of the shaft. Thoughts?
  5. Of course the Grafalloy PL 45… the tried and true blue!
  6. Has anyone hit one yet? I was in Golf Galaxy hitting the 5’s. Since they had plastic on them, I’m not quite sure, but the feel seemed a bit more solid. The the 5.1 was really nice looking at address- the curved back made it seem real small, which I liked.
  7. Either driver head ended up being the Paradym. I finally pulled the trigger after a fitting session at PGA SS- my numbers with the Paradym were a lot better. So here’s the head weight of the Paradym- 2 grams lighter than the Rogue. Should be even easier to Otto Phlex it… so I have that going for me, which is nice.
  8. I feel so dirty… I ended up pulling the trigger on the Paradym. My Rogue experiment lasted one fitting session at PGA SS. The spin was way down with the Paradym and the misses were much better. The ball speed was better too- i was carrying the ball 10 yards farther with the Paradym. If I settled for the Rogue, this session would be in my head all season. I tried, but I gave in.
  9. I think this sums up the difference in membership very well- there’s a snarkyness on WRX that I haven’t experienced on MGS. I also do think the testing is better here on MGS- it’s more scientific because the methodology is so transparent.
  10. Here's a before picture- I'm putting the Nippon N.S. PRO 850GH's into my Callaway Apex 19 Combo set, which presently has TT Elevate Tour VSS Pro's. Looking forward to see what they can do.
  11. So I could not bring myself to pull the trigger on a $600 Paradym when I could get a Rogue Max St for $350 (Like New) on CPO. I’ll give it a try using their generous return policy, but I’m thinking the numbers will not be that much better- if I set it up the same as the Paradym, I bet they will be pretty equal. But I’ll be prepping my Otto Phlex with a Callaway adapter to prepare for either driver head I finally end up with. What I like about both Callaway heads is that they are lighter than my Ping 425 Max (which I sold). The Rogue is 194 grams compared to the 204 of the Ping. So it will be easier to get the Rogue to D0 or D1 without having to replace the head weight, which I needed to do with the Ping- replacing the head weight in the 425 defeated the purpose of playing it, because it reduced the MOI and forgiveness which is the key reason to play the Ping.
  12. I, for one, could not pull the trigger on the new $600 Paradym when I could get a Rogue Max on CPO for $350 (like new). Is 15% better dispersion really worth almost $300? For some the answer may be yes and I may regret my decision, but I can then pick up the Paradym on CPO in a year or more.
  13. Please lock- the item is no longer available.
  14. $299 I’m looking to trade my Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S with Ping G425 Adapter for a Ventus RED 5S with Ping G425 Adapter. (Velocore)
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